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 To Grandmother's House I Go.

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Brooke Uchiha
Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: To Grandmother's House I Go.   Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:57 pm


There was a knock on the door as Kirino was making her breakfast, turning off the stove and removing the eggs from the heat the girl fixed her robe and approached the door. Opening the door quickly the person knocking began knocking on Kirino’s chest, the girl who was doing the knocking seemed quite distraught as she had tears rolling down her face and she continued to knock. ”Can I help you miss, you seem to be quite troubled?” When the unknown woman opened her eyes and lifted her head, Kirino recognized the woman as one of her neighbors. Rather quickly and irately the girl began to talk. “My grandmother didn’t come to brunch, she always comes to brunch and I don’t know what to do.” The speech was very unclear and Kirino placed her palm onto the girl’s shoulder. ”Sarah calm down and tell me what happened.” After that Kirino invited the girl in to sit.
”All right Sarah tell me what is wrong with your grandmother.” Wiping away her tears and still sniveling every so often the girl began to tell her story. “Well yesterday my family had brunch and my grandma was supposed to be there, but she never showed up. We put a request to go check for her, but the village said the mission approval could take hours.” Handing the girl some hot tea Kirino began to talk to the girl in a calm manner. ”Well you don’t actually know if anything is wrong with your grandmother, so that is a plus. She could have just forgotten and is safe.” Sarah was about to dispute the claim that her grandmother was okay, but something on Kirino’s dresser had caught her eye. When Kirino turned to look at her dresser she spotted her leaf headband. “Kirino can you go check on my grandma, you’re a ninja right?” Walking over to the dresser Kirino put the headband around her neck and tied it loosely. ”Well I didn’t have anything better to do today, so I guess going to take a look wouldn’t hurt.” Sarah stood up and began to hug the ninja. “Oh, thank you Kirino I will give you a map to where my grandma lives.” After that Sarah left the house and returned to her own.
While the girl was away the Kaguya continued to make her breakfast, when it was finished she ate her meal slowly cutting each bit with a knife and fork like the classy person she was. Then throwing on her kimono a ninja appeared outside of her door, she had seen him behind her cardboard window and noticed his jacket. Opening the door before the ninja could knock the man was surprised. “Well, you are quite the perceptive one.” The ninja stated while handing the genin a mission envelope. I kind of just saw you through the messed up window. She wasn’t going to tell him that though. After handing the girl the mission he waved goodbye and in a flash he was gone.
When Sarah returned with a map Kirino was looking through her mission file, the file was about a missing grandmother and included a map to the location and other information like bandits in the area and an increase in the local wolf population. Kirino looked up and accepted the map from Sarah without telling her of the mission she had been given to search for her grandmother. I don’t want to worry her and tell her about the wolves and bandits. ”All right I will go and check out the cabin and then take care of this mission.” After that the ninja walked Sarah out of her house and locked the door and ran toward the village gates.
At the village gates Kirino showed her mission packet to the kunoichi working the gates. ”Hello, I am Kirino Kaguya and I have permission to leave the village for this mission.” She only handed the lafy the signed statement by one of the leaf higher ups and the kunoichi nodded and let her pass. Outside of the gates were an entire forest, covered in trees and bushes. Running along the trail the kunoichi passed by a few travelers carrying goods and supplies into the village, they waved and Kirino waved back and continued her movement.
Looking at the map as she moved she noticed she needed to go through the dense forest of the fire country to get to the grandmother’s house. This place is pretty far off; I wonder why she wouldn’t want to live in the village. It is much safer and there are ninja that keep the place free of bandits and wolves. Hopping from tree to tree Kirino heard the sounds of barking wolves and from the way the others kept barking it sounded like they were on the hunt for something. Stopping in one of the trees Kirino looked around spotting several different wolves digging into the dirt. Moving to a another tree the girl noticed what they were after there was a small little fox in the hole, that the wolves were after.
Jumping down from the tree one of the wolves looked at Kirino and started to snarl alerting the other six to her presence. Pulling out her spine she snapped the thing like a whip. When one of the wolves sprang forward she threw her spine forward wrapping the thing around the dog’s neck. Once captured the ninja tugged hard tugging the animal forward and tossing it into a tree with enough force to knock it out. The other six barked as their ally yelped and lost consciousness. It got harder to keep track of the animals as they began to take up positions around her. After barking another charged forward stretching the whip in her palms she let the dog bite into it, apparently the dog didn’t like that too much as it bit into the whip it yelped and opened it jaws, Kirino saw that it was now missing some teeth. She then pushed the spine forward into the dog’s head knocking it out. ”Two down and five more to go.” She said that with very little excitement as she just wished the animals would run off, but they didn’t and only continued to circle.
The wolves were getting smarter by this point as they realized the girl wouldn’t be easily outdone by the girl. Barking orders the silver wolf which appeared to be the alpha looked at the wolves behind Kirino. As expected the two behind the girl jumped forward whipping around quickly she dodged the first set of teeth and sent a foot to the head of the other wolf before it could lock down its jaws. The kick sent the ferocious canine flying and it stood up, only to fall over right after. The other dog had taken a position next to its companions once more. When two more jumped forward Kirino locked the bone whip around one of the animals bodies and dodged the others bite, then grabbed its leg and tossed the thing along with the other about twenty feet away. ”And then there were two.” Barking at the other the alpha turned around and the other followed it started to nudge the other unconscious wolves. Some of the animals stood while the others still were on the ground passed out. All of the wolves stayed nearby and the blood on the alpha’s mouth indicated it had recently eaten. Spotting a fox carcass Kirino realized the little fox pup, no longer had parents to look after it. Growling at the wolves like an animal she walked over to the den as the animals looked and put her arm into the den picking up the little fox inside. After that she ran up the tree and jumped into another, the wolves didn’t follow whether because they couldn’t or because they were afraid.
While holding the young fox the fox continued on her way to the cottage where Sarah’s grandmother resided. It is a very real possibility she could have been attacked by wolves, those wolves from before had no fear of humans. I will have to report that to the village after this mission. Kirino pet the little orange fox as she ran forward finally coming across the cottage she had been looking for. The door was closed and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the place, but Kirino felt like she should make sure the woman was alright.
Walking up to the door Kirino was going to knock when she heard the voices of two men. “So what do we do with the old lady out back?” One of the men said. After that another man spoke. ”Well I was hoping the wolves would have eaten her by now and we could use this place as a hideout, but it looks like we will have to off her.” Moving away from the door the ninja went out back and tied to a tree was Sarah’s grandmother she looked okay, but it seemed as the bandits wouldn’t keep it that way. Approaching the woman Kirino flashed the head band and untied the poor woman. The woman began to speak, but the ninja covered her mouth quickly and whispered. Mrs. Conners I am going to need you to tie me up loosely and go hide somewhere and here take my fox.” She handed the elderly woman the animal before making seals for the transformation jutsu and turning into the elderly woman. After transforming the grandma took the rope and loosely tied it around her double before heading into another direction. After a few minutes the two thugs exited the camper and approached the disguised Kirino.
“Well I know it’s wrong to disrespect your elders so I’m going to make this quick.” The man then pulled out a sword and was about to stab, but the other man grabbed his shoulder. Wait! This isn’t the grandmother, the ropes are loose and she would have run away by now. No this a ninja. The man pointed to a set of tracks in the grass that Kirino had made. ”If we look the other set of tracks would be the grandmother’s.” Kirino stood up and de-transformed at this point. ”Very smart now can we do this the easy way where you guys just go to prison or do we have to fight?” Moving his sword the man responded to the question. “Fight.” I thought he was going to say fight. Throwing out her knee she pushed the hard bone into the man’s sternum causing him to lurch over and fall. Kirino shot her gaze over to the other man who raised his arms and dropped to his knees. ”Good choice.” Tying up both men the unconscious one to the back of the other the Kaguya went to retrieve the grandmother bandits in tow.
”Man please go lock your door, I am taking you back to the village for medical care and these two are going to prison. After that the ninja and elderly woman went to the cottage and locked the door. Then the old woman retrieved her horse and she rode the creature as the genin walked with her prisoner. The young fox walked next to Kirino while on the way to the gates, it seemed to have grown attached to the girl after being rescued.
Once at the gates she looked at the ninja she had seen before who approached seeing the men who were tied up. “I will watch them a ninja should be here in a few minutes. I summoned them when I saw you coming.” Kirino nodded. ”These guys broke into this woman’s house and were planning to kill her. I am going to make sure she gets to the hospital and someone can get her statement there. Also, there are many hostile wolves in the area. I was attacked by some. Please report this to someone. Thank, you.” After that the ninja and grandmother went to the hospital. After leaving her with a medic the kunoichi ran off to go inform Sarah of her grandmother’s safety with her fox in her arms.
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: To Grandmother's House I Go.   Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:45 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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To Grandmother's House I Go.
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