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 Ascension to New Heights (P/NK/Artemis)

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Anri Uchiha

Fame : 9
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Fire, Lightning
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : None
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 15300

PostSubject: Ascension to New Heights (P/NK/Artemis)   Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:21 am

The Uchiha solemnly sat in the center of a meadow. It was quaint and soundless, other than the occasional breeze of wind that rustled the trees surrounding the calm and lush greenery that consumed her vision. Her onyx optics were slammed shut, and her hands were folded within her lap, her legs folded as well. A pair of bladed weapons, both unsheathed, stood upright with the tip of each blade shoved into the ground to hold them upright.

Anri wore a white kimono with the collar to it thin and red. The rims of the rather broad sleeves were red as well. A red sash, as well as a skirt that went down to her lower thighs resided beyond the kimono itself, to cover what it couldn't. Beside her was a shadow clone that sat in a similar position, though instead of it's hands being folded like it's owners, it's palms were pressed firmly to the surface of the ground, pressing long blades of green grass to the firm and solid earth.

Her hair flowed down to her lower back, it's jet-black silky exterior flowing in the wind with each breeze that coursed by. Despite how peaceful her settings and her own frame was, there was an underlying tenseness. Her shadow clone could not only sense their surroundings, but also the conflicting chakra signatures within one single entity, Anri's.

She had invited Artemis out to train, but it had been hours and the fellow operative still hadn't arrived. Therefore she took this opportunity to train on her own. Since it would've been too dangerous to go all out in actuality, since that would end up with her destroying thing(s), Anri had simply decided to battle her long-awaiting inner self, Nanase.
-------(Italicized text = fight inside of Anri's mind)
The mental battle took place on what seemed to be a vast beach with a pinkish-orange sunset with matching sand and water. Both Nanase and Anri stood across from one another on the vast beach, Nanase standing upright with a fully-matured Sharingan, as well as pink eyes and hair. She was a slender-framed, slightly curvaceous individual with a black blouse, a white lab coat, and no footwear.

Anri stood with her vastly-immature Sharingan, with black hair, black eyes, and a ripped-up black, high-collared shirt with short sleeves and pants that are now shorts, due to being ripped up. She lacked footwear as well. Anri was crouched down on one knee, hands pressed to the surface of the sand and her half-lidded, desperate gaze set on the pink-haired individual.

"Our eyes would be the same if you weren't such a 'kind-hearted' weakling. Now you see why the Curse of Hatred is something you should've embraced in the first place. It wouldn't have had to come to this." The voice stated, casually cackling with it's rather menacing, but enticing tone. The Uchiha let out a pained groan, slowly standing up with her arms lying at her sides.

"S-shut up..!"

She lifted a single one, beginning to gather chakra to a single palm and bundle the chakra into a slowly-spinning sphere. As she pumped more chakra into it and manipulated the chakra into a shape similar to the sphere it continued to spin quicker and quicker. Anri broke off into a dash towards the pink-haired female, until she suddenly vanished right before her eyes.


In one instant the pink-haired physical manifestation of her Curse of Hatred struck her in the stomach with a bare fist, practically closelining her in her mid-torso. Her arms and legs were involuntarily extended out, the Rasengan dissipating. She gasped, a mouthful of blood spewing onto Nanase's lab coat. The female kept up her acceleration while her arm was still pressed to Anri's torso.

With a minor application of strength she whipped Anri away from her, sending her skidding across the sand and uncontrollably spinning and bouncing off of it dramatically before smashing into a pile of it.


"ANBU never die. . . nor forgive."
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Ascension to New Heights (P/NK/Artemis)
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