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 On the Road to Haven

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Kenshin Uzumaki
Jounin of Hoshi
Jounin of Hoshi

Fame : 83
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Element(s) : Earth, Water, Fire, Wind,
Clan : Tau Clan
Bloodline : Earth Grudge Fear
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PostSubject: On the Road to Haven   Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:47 am

As Kenshin neared the borders of Waterfall country a small frown made it’s way onto his face, he would actually miss this place, he supposed it was only natural, considering how much he had accomplished in the relatively short amount of time that he had spent here, he had learned quite a few new jutsu, as well as a handful of useful skills that would be more than useful a great deal of time to come. But without a doubt the most useful things that came out of his time spent here was the Water Element heart that was beating within his chest, and the pair of dojutsu that he had taken from the same person whom he had taken the heart from, he had no idea just what the dojutsu did nor how it worked, but just based on the fact that it was a dojutsu he knew that it would be immensely useful to him in the future. He had also met a rather interesting person here, Keito Uchiha, granted the two of them had met under less than favourable circumstances when Keito fire attempted to kill him and Kenshin was forced to put the young Uchiha in his place, but in the end the two of them had parted ways in good terms, although he had to admit he was a little concerned that he and Keito may never get to have a reunion in the future because of just which village the young Uchiha was planning to go to

But as Kenshin neared the border he saw something that made his frown turn into a small glare, the one and only thing that he had truly hated about his time here in Waterfall Country, bandits, Waterfall Country was positively crawling with them, and during his time spent here he had been more than happy to lend a hand in purging them from the land, bus based on the fact that his path was blocked by a group of thirteen armed men he assumed that his services had not been appreciated.  Even from here the silver haired teen was able to see the sadistic smirks that the men had on their faces, each of the men was armed with some form of heavy weapon such as an axe or warhammer, and he had no doubt that such a sight would make a lot of people think twice about continuing down this path, but Kenshin was not one of those people, and this sight only caused him to smirk in mild amusement. It was rather obvious to him that the leaders of the bandits had found out that he was the one behind all of their recent casualties, and they had sent this ragtag group of bandits to ensure that they never lost any more people to him, but little did they realise that they were about to lose another twelve men, thirteen if you counted the one that he was planning to seriously maim and send back to the leaders as a message.

As Kenshin continued to walk towards the group of men, who by this point had gotten a better look at him and began sending various insults and jeers at him, not that he cared in the slightest about what any of these poor excuses for men could say to him, in fact he found some of what they were saying to be rather amusing. “Hey, are we sure that the bosses found the right person, I mean seriously it’s only a fucking kid, he can’t have been the one who wiped out so many of our teams” one of the men would say to the others, something that caused one of the group to sneer at him “Are you fucking stupid or something, it’s obvious that he’s a goddamned shinobi, age means nothing to those demons” the man would reply gruffly, something that got the other man to give him an incredulous look. “Well then if he’s a shinobi then why the fuck are we trying to attack me, and don’t try and bullshit me here, you yourself said that shinobi are demons, the shit that they do is just fucking unnatural, and they’re trained killers, so why are we going out of our ways to attack one” the man would say in a rather nervous tone, something that made the other give him a look of anger “We’re going to kill the bastard because he killed at the very least 17 good men and women of ours, and most of them were my fucking friends, so I suggest you shut the hell up before I do it for you, and if I do it you’ll be eating all your food through a straw for the rest of your life” he would shout in anger, something that only got Kenshin to release a small chuckle, but by now he was close enough that they were all able to hear him.

“Oi, why the hell are you laughing, we’re here to kill you bastard, you killed a lot of good men and women and you’re gonna pay” the man who was just speaking would yell at the silver haired teen in anger, something that only made him laugh harder “I’m laughing because you fools think you could kill me, as well as the fact that you’re calling the weaklings I killed good men and women, they were trash, and I made sure that they understood that before I killed them” Kenshin would say through laughs, something that made the bandit who was talking see red. “Dies you fucker” he would scream before charging at the silver haired heart thief with a war cry, his axe raised over his head and ready to strike down, something that caused Kenshin to stop laughing and instead give a cruel and sadistic smirk “One down” he would say with an insane grin splitting his face, before simple stepping to the side and allowing the axe to slam into the ground where he had been standing. Kenshin would waste no time and give the man a rough punch to the gut, causing the man to double over in pain, and once he did so Kenshin would simply grab the man by the head and give a rough twist, something that caused the bones in his neck to crunch and break, killing him instantly and causing his body to fall limply to the ground, his face forever twisted in an expression of pain

The other bandits were speechless, their target, who at first glance appeared to be nothing more than a weak child who was over his head, had just killed one of their own with barely any effort on his part, all that the pale skinned teen had done was punch him in the gut before grabbing his head and twisting, that was all, in two moves their friend and comrade had been killed like he was nothing, and the boy had done it all with a dark smile on his face. Rather than be scared by this display it only made the other bandits angry, and anger generally makes people do extremely foolish things, thus why the group of twelve decided that it would be a good idea to charge at him, never noticing that his smile only got bigger with each and every step they took towards him. As the group neared him the silver haired heart thief lowered his head and his whole body began shaking, the bandits took this as a sign of fear and began yelling louder as they charged, but that all changed when he threw his head up and began cackling insanely into the sky, seeing that the bandits began to slow down, but it was already too late, the group was only three meters away from him, meaning that they were all in range of his threads, but despite that Kenshin had no plans to take them out with his threads, instead he planned to kill them all using nothing but his bare hands, something that would make this fight a slight bit challenging and fun for him. The second that he noticed they were slowing he struck, he charged into the group of bandits like a bat straight out of hell, and before any of the bandits had a chance to react he was upon them

The pale skinned charged right into the centre of the group and grabbed two of the bandits by the throat, using the momentum he was moving at as well as his natural strength to rip their throats out, causing them to choke begin choking on their own blood while attempting to scream in pain, but due to the blood pouring into their lungs all they were doing was coughing and spluttering blood. Kenshin looked over his shoulder to the rest of the bandits, who were taken aback by the sheer brutality he had just demonstrated, but he was nowhere near done, he quickly threw the throats to the two bandits that they belonged to, or to their bodies now as they had already drowned in their own blood. Kenshin quickly spun on his heel and launched himself at the group again, this time, aiming for two bandits who were starting to back away from him, once he reached them he took their feet out from under them and let them fall to the ground. He was already bored of this and decided to just finish them off, and what better way to dispose of them than to use his threads. Kenshin gave an insane smirk as threads burst out of his torso, going in every all directions, the threads extended to their full length of five meters, something that made Kenshin look a bit like a porcupine. Almost as soon as he had extended the threads he retracted them, not caring in the slightest that a great deal of them were completely covered in blood as he took them back into his body.

Kenshin looked over his shoulder to check whether or not any of the bandits had managed to survive, but just like he had every last one of them was filled with holes, their blood pooling onto the ground beneath them and forming a massive puddle of blood, with a group of dead bodies in the centre. With his task done Kenshin continued down the path, determined to reach the land known as Haven Country, and hopefully along the way find a small stream or something to get the blood off his body

WC: 1760

Travelling to Haven County

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Akihana Akari

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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
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PostSubject: Re: On the Road to Haven   Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:48 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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On the Road to Haven
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