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 Enter The Flash Flood [p/solo]

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Enter The Flash Flood [p/solo]   Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:39 pm

Taking another walk around Kumogakure, Hikashi's hospital band hung down on her wrist as rain drops splattered around her. A midnight walk, a walk for clearing thoughts and finding yourself. With the constant, moving dark rain storm constantly overhead, you could only think to ask what the Raikage could think about the weather issue. With this in mind, Hikashi felt a bit embarrassed to draw so much attention to herself. In the pitch black darkness and the flow of rain over rooftops, she had to question what kind of new found power she had gotten. Sleep was impossible because all she could do was think of becoming stronger every second. Wide awake and unable to hold it much longer, the rain lady looked all around her to see street lights and darkened houses. With her slow steps across the empty town, wind rushed through her hair. Why was she even breathing at this point, she wondered. Memories of leaving Kanshi all alone and then returning a day later to explain she had a heart attack haunted her. Who knows where Ashur was too, the boy had left to go hang out with Kozan apparently and came back only for sleeping every once in awhile. Something was driving Ashur to break his body to pieces in training and she didn't dare want to know what it was. Sometimes she caught him bench pressing weights she didn't think were possible to lift. Giant, black blocks of weighted metal that looked as if it was going to crush him any second. Ashur's training swords had gotten to be much larger and the boy still seemed to swing them as if they were some kind of toothpick. Feeling the rain around her, she remembered the Book of Water talking about a rather interesting technique. With a quick hand motion, the book was formed from water into her hand. She turned the pages slowly to enjoy the moment. Every second out in the storm felt like some kind of heaven to her. She then put her thumb upon the page in which it details the Meijin fusing into the rain.
"Here it is, Hiding in the Rain Technique."
The last jutsu this hard to accomplish was Rain Tiger at Will jutsu. She had improved a great deal since then, and with this knowledge she began to practice first with the hand signs to get some sort of muscle memory. Re-reading the pages she gawked to see it was any three hand signs of her choosing. What kind of recipe calls for any three ingredients? She felt almost annoyed by the entire situation.
"Fuck, well then lets just make them up."
The Toru awakened, pinned to Hikashi's dress as some kind of accessory as the teenager began to take out scrap pieces of paper within the book to brainstorm. Scribbling left and right and crossing lines through each, she suddenly put a circle around three different combinations she knew could work. The Toru then looked around to see what Hikashi was doing before letting it all out.
"Lady Hikashi, you have hated me so much and yet you keep me around. Why is this?"
Hikashi was not annoyed or angry at the Toru, because she had reached an understanding for the familiar in the hospital. With a smirk and a grab, she took the Toru off of her and set it by her notes and book resting on the ground before her.
"You aren't someone I hate, I just didn't agree with you earlier on. I couldn't leave you no matter how much I hated you because you were the only person watching and dealing with my life all the way through. You understand my path to becoming a stronger ninja and for that I can't stay mad at you. I apologize for being such a pain in the ass earlier. I beg for your forgiveness, Toru."
The Toru, taken aback by what Hikashi said, began to feel almost happy for it's partner. Hikashi wasn't going to make such a big deal about it all because that was no longer her style. Reading her notes she tried her first combination of hand seals. Bird, Ox, Snake; she started with these hand signs as they were the most likely to work. With her knowledge of suiton and mastery over rain, she knew very well the chances of failure where slim. With a feeling of her entire body of research in front of her, she closed her eyes and felt the rain around her after the hand signs were done. A weak sort of infusion in the rain made her realize that she had got the hand signs right but needed to balance out her chakra expending. Too much chakra and the rain is overburdened and harder to control, thus making the jutsu much harder to fine tune for the desired effect. Too little and it would all be very self explanatory. She needed the happy medium or the base in order to accomplish the jutsu perfectly. With a heavy focus on infusing the rain around her to the base power, she began to practice the hand signs with her chakra being more reserved and controlled. As all of this occurred, the Toru would begin to speak happily.
"I forgive you Hikashi and this all really means a lot to me. You have come a long since we met up. I still remember the time when you thought learning jutsu was too hard and that water was the worst element for you to learn. Now I see you finding complicated jutsu as a small challenge. Even though I was a jerk earlier, Lady Hikashi, I wish to fight by your side for the rest of my life."
Hikashi paused for a moment from her training and reattached the Toru. With a caring smile, she began to speak to the Toru.
"You are completely fine Toru, but if you want to fight with me you need to become stronger than you thought was possible. If you would like, I can release you to the ground and we can train to ourselves to the bone together."
The Toru was mystified by the sudden increase in their relationship then nodded to Hikashi to be let down to train. Who knows what kind of powers the Toru possessed, but it seems as if they were about to come out. Hikashi set down the Toru and the two got determined looks on their faces in the shadow of midnight. 

Exhausting, absolutely exhausting. Hikashi sat on the ground breathing heavily as she had tried countless times to preform the jutsu. She had only very basic water style jutsu under her belt so this was a bit more difficult for her to grasp. With her thoughts racing, she quickly wrote down what she did wrong to keep a log. It seems she was doing every step somewhat well at this point, but there was something preventing her from continuing. Analyzing her notes and rereading the passage in the book, she realized it had to be the feel she had for the rain. The rain that followed her and the rain she could create with the jutsu made everything much more difficult for the lack of feeling in them. She looked towards the dark clouds overhead before taking a peak at the Toru's training. The white doll looking creating was in some kind of deep meditation Hikashi was not ready to disturb for even a second. 
It was her time now. Pulling out a few giant scrolls, she began to unravel them with a look of satisfaction. Fuinjutsu seals covered the thick scrolls and she ran her finger down to a specific point where she released a few pages of notes. These were the notes on Rain Tiger at Will Jutsu to refresh her memory. Quickly skimming through them, she quickly realized there wasn't anything she didn't know written down within the 20 front and back pages of notes. Hikashi was very large into studying because she knew the real test was a fight. Some people consider her obsession with orderly notes to be ridiculous until they see how she can do every single jutsu perfectly and much better than anyone else. Sealing the notes away and putting back the two scrolls, she began with a whisper to herself.
"Okay, this will be easy. Bird, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rat, and finally Snake."
Weaving the hand signs she took a deep breath as her chakra was perfectly formed for the jutsu to every millimeter. The hand signs she weaved were quickly done and perfect to every last detail. She was thorough in her process as the rainstorm overhead was replaced with a much more advanced one.
"Rain Tiger at Will Jutsu cast perfectly to the very last detail. Now let's get this going."
Going through her 15 pages of notes for Hiding in the Rain technique, she breathed in and out to get a perfect grasp of her chakra network. With the large amount of preparations for the technique, it was a much more do-able task. With her ability to multi-task, she prevented herself from focusing too much on her thoughts and being unaffected by the sensory overload of the rain drops. Everything she did was deserving of an S-rank grade. Weaving the Bird, Ox, and Snake hand signs, she used her knowledge of the Hiding in Water technique to help her use the jutsu. It was easy, all too easy to merge into the rain with her preparations and research. She smiled and giggled as she blended into the rain and moved through it without a trace.
When ready, she solidified her body out of the storm and seemed to almost just appear out of nowhere. Again she practiced again and again until the process was much quicker than before. Anytime she appeared or reappeared it seemed to be faster than she could even move! She felt a sense of mastery over it after a few tried but felt more exhausted by the second. Suddenly, a black figure came out from the shadows and stared at Hikashi before speaking.
"Hey, green eyed bitch, why don't you come over here and give me everything you have or things may get ugly."
The Toru awoke from its meditation as Hikashi sighed to herself. The voice was familiar, a student she had shown up with her mastery over water. The Toru flew and attached itself to Hikashi in the spot it usually hung as she readied a single kunai. With a demonic glare she stared the thief in the eyes.
"You have broken into my house three times and stolen some of my more prized notes on the Suiton element and now you threaten me for everything I have. But you don't stop there, you tried to convince me to end my life when I was at my weakest and acted like you were my friend. You have been consume with jealousy and for that..."
She held her Kunai towards him as the Toru was shocked by it all. Her voice grew deep as she continued.
"...you will see that this "alien eyed toothpick" is going to be the strongest storm Kumogakure will ever have over it."
The thief kept silent and held a katana masterfully. A suiton swordsman vs an entire storm was about to take place. The Toru began by secreting a gas Hikashi would be immune to. The effects were almost immediate as the thief would begin to feel feverish.
"Damn it, your rain is causing me to feel sick to my stomach. I knew you had some dirty tricks."
The thief covered his mouth and plugged his nose as he breathed a bit heavier. Hikashi had thought this had to be the Toru's doing and could smirk knowing the fight was over before it started.
"Fight me and I will kill you. If you weave a single hand sign, you are done for."
The thief had its pride at stake and began to charge at Hikashi with his katana drawn. Water began to drip from the blade and sharpened the katana a great deal. There was no fear as the man rushed at her with his own use of suiton in his blade. Within a moment the fight seemed to have ended as it began with Hikashi vanishing into the rain and reappearing onto a rooftop. With blood running over her white gloves she stared into the back of the ninja and looked angrily at upon him.
"You let your guard down and did the oldest trick in the book. I was using Rain Tiger at Will jutsu so beating you was easy as pie. Maybe someday we can fight again."
With that, she twisted the kunai and dug it deeper into him before round house kicking him off the rooftop. Once it was all said and done, she appreciated the love the man had for water and set him in front of the hospital in his wounds. Another day, another jutsu learned. She gathered her notes and items then headed home to get some sleep alongside the Toru and her large stack of notes.

11 Stats for Hikashi and her familiar.
Hiding in the Rain Technique Learnt for 2,115 words (185 words from another thread plus the 700 word deduction from Wave One)
85 words towards Suidanha
[Exit Thread/Training Complete]
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Enter The Flash Flood [p/solo]   Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:48 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Enter The Flash Flood [p/solo]
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