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 preparation. (p/nk within the fae)

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Amber Nara

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PostSubject: preparation. (p/nk within the fae)   Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:06 pm

The quiet click of heels on stone filled the long hallway, the rhymic tap of the Hells angel's steps followed by the gentle swish of cloth against the faux stone announcing her presence long before she entered the target area. She entered the meeting hall with poise, her determination meeting the confused glance of the demon of chance. They'd been called to the Fae for something Amber was assured was of dire importance, and something that the young shinobi felt needed addressing only in person. that was never a good sign. "Kira. What's going on. I cant help but feel like I'm missing something." The girl was beyond lost. Their mental connection provided by the Fae ritual that brought herself and the spirit of her scythe into being  granted her insight into the status of she who for lack of a better word was the leader of their trio, and through constant checks of it Amber had felt nothing too far out of the norm, which meant either Kira had been hiding something, had some very important information, or there was more issue with the power of the omega then she'd expected. Beside her she held gently the scythe of sorrow, it's weight rested against her fingertips at just enough of an angle that the base wouldn't slide against the stone to send the weapon to the ground. It wouldn't matter of course. Even had she lost control of the scythe a simple mental command would send it directly back into her hands, however she found the balancing act between the top heavy weapon to be almost therapeutic.

"Well. Some things have.... happened. First you're aware of the shift in my eyes. They've felt strange lately. Sometimes When i'm studying something intensely it almost feels like they're twitching uncontrollably. My vision starts to get blurry and my heart rate becomes more rapid. I've used every medical jutsu I know but I just cant seem to fix the problem. Every technique I know to monitor my body process and health state shows I'm in the clear. " The way she explained things, the subtle tone specifically in how she described the issues with her eyes was a dead give away. There was something much more important that needed to be addressed, though whether she would lead up to it or simply wait for them to catch on and ask what this was really about was unsure. This fact troubled Amber more then anything else.

"Some things. The issue with your eyes is probably just your body getting used to the new power. Do you remember when you first gained the sensory of the Sharingan? It caused quite a bit of issues. The added information easily overwhelmed you for quite some time, coming with headaches and split vision. It did however become better with time, and you simply disconnected until the problem was fixed. I feel that this isn't actually why you brought us here is it....." Kira was taken by surprise as the girl read her like a book. She knew immediately that something was up far beyond the initial small talk that she'd began with. That was kind of Amber's style. even with the cold darkness eliminated from her soul she retained her guarded facade, breaking the almost disinterested neutral glance when it was truly necessary. As she watched Kira's eyes shift about the large near empty room awkwardly her fingers shifted, allowing the scythe blade above her head to begin to spin slowly as the weapon rotated, rolling down her thumb and across the bridge between her thumb and pointer finger before meeting the point where the two fingers met once more.  Several moments passed as Kira considered how long she could delay the inevitable, but finally she succumbed to the glare of the demon of chance.

"Fine fine. There are other things. I simply assumed this would be a good segue to the greater issues. The power is coming at a much more rapid rate. At first it was a trickle of black woven in the edge of my aura but now.... Now it's all I can do to hold back the darkness. I can hear it's voice in my head. I've nearly lost control twice now. First Kiru then the boy Jace. I could feel my resolve beginning to slip with every comment it made, reminding me of the past, of the uchiha. "

"I see. So you finally found out the boy was an uchiha. " The statement found the silence she expected it to. Kira was awestruck at how simply the demon of chance stated something that came as such a surprise to her. How long had she known? Before she got the chance to allow her paranoia to reach it's peak the woman continued, taking her mind from it's internal monologue. "Shuurin told me. Apparently the boy wore the crest of his clan right up to the point when you mentioned your hatred for them, or maybe she simply noticed it.... There was also something about tea and three indigo dragons... maybe a vacuum? The girl's thoughts shift about as easily as rainfall through the canopy so..... You know how it is. That is unfortunately the way the Omega works Kira. Had i realized I'd be reviving its power in you I would have done things very differently. Still. You have the strength to overcome this. You hold the same strength I did without the corrupting fear. " Kira's eyes shifted away at the thought. Was she really over the fear? She'd spent years dealing with the struggle for survival, a problem only made more difficult through the addition of Youka.

"Kira. You do not have need to be afraid. " Selene broke the silence, calming the girl with her almost emotionless eyes. Selene was quite the oddity among this world and those connected. Her statements were  point blank always and generally missed any emotional connection that the problem seemed to have. Still she meant well. At least there was that. "You have a strength unknown in this world for some time. I've not heard of another user of the sage arts in my time either walking alive or protecting you. Along with that and the two of use the entirety of the faewilds including the high court is willing to come to aid for your cause. If ever there was a situation where fearlessness could be achieved would this not be it?" Her tone made it clear that as usual Selene was lost in understanding. From an analytical point of view it made sense. Amber had survived on much less then she had for years, facing any obstacle and easily overcoming it. Still The strength in the demon of chance within the multiverse dwarfed Kira's extensively.

"Selene. There is more then strength at work here. Do remember that your understanding is from  a purely statistical point. There are things at play that you do not understand."

"Of course miss. Appologies." Turning, the avatar of sorrow took hold of the padded arm rest of the chair behind her. Gently she eased down into it, her hands placed in her lap, legs crossed. The girl was an interesting thing to experience. Even having been completely corrected, knowing the two before her considered her opinion not only wrong but rediculous through a combination of their body language and simply knowing them, she showed no signs of distress or sadness. For Selene it was simple. She was incorrect. It happens. With the avatar of sorrow out of the convorsation for the time being Kira shifted uncomfortably. Her left hand reached out to brace herself against the doorway, a large portion of her weight pressing against her wrist which held the pressure easily. For a girl too used to performing acrobatics in combat the slight shift in weight was nothing she couldn't handle.

"Come Kira. Sit down. I know for a fact you did not in fact take our suggestion to take a few days off. How long has it been?" Amber's voice sounded genuinely. From behind her, deep within the ebon void of her shadow rose a long thing tendril of powerful shadow. It was their strongest technique, the shadow sewing jutsu, the single jutsu that'd saved their lives more often then they could count. Daily Amber gave thanks to the goddess for Kira's heritage. It was dumb luck that found her within the hidden district of Amekagure, meeting with what was at the time the last two living relatives of the hells angel on her mothers side. It was only through  training and convorsation with these two that she learned of the fear she had to face.

"You have much to fear. There are people hidden in the shadows who seek to extinguish your light. Even now it wouldn't surprise me if there were ninja within the village you call sanctuary who actively seek to eliminate you. However. Your life ha..." She paused as she reached back, the shadow sewing tendril having taken hold of a chair similar to the one Selene had taken and drawing it back so that she could take a seat. Where there should have been a seat however.... There was now only empty air. "What."

"...Amber." Her voice shook with fear as she looked on in fear. The shadow sewing jutsu Amber had used sank back into the nothingness of her shadow, "Amber. Something happened. " Her eyes shone bright read, the intricate detailing of her eternal mangekyou spinning quickly. The design within her perfected eyes slowly began to change, the latice work design over the symbol of the demon of chance almost seeming to peel itself back.

"Interesting..... What did you see Kira." Her mind was in overdrive taking in the information before her. Somehow she'd managed to deconstruct her shadow sewing jutsu without thinking. More importantly it seemed this new effect had done something strange to her sharingan. As the shift continued Amber noticed that it seemed almost as if they were.... shifting down? Yes. Finally they finished their shift, the symbol of the demon of chance setting back in place in the exact same style as her standard Mangekyou.

"Um. Well I could see you forming chakra and then.... You just stopped? LIke in my mind I could see the technique and then the mental image of the jusu seemed to unravel. The last thing I saw before your jutsu disappeared was your shadow sewing chakra design helix with my own. Then it just stopped. " She moved  quickly over to a seat near the doorway, trembling finger tips took hold of the arm, drawing it behind her as she leaned downward, landing heavily against the plush cushion.

"If I might. It sounds like it was an effect of the eternal mangekyou sharingan. " Selenes words were simply and almost obvious.... But incredibly useful.

"LIke to the hidden techniques of legend.... The eyes evolve to give aid to their user. Could this be a sharingan specific technique? I'm sure you've heard of the techniques of legend...... If this is the effect your eyes have created then. This could be excelent."

"I've experienced one of them. The Tsukoyomi. Maku used it on me in taki. I can only barely remember. " Her eyes burned with the effects of this new jutsu. It felt almost as if a large portion of her power was sacrificed to an unknown force. Her body quaked violently as the effects flowed through her form. Then she heard it.

"Yes yes. Come little bird. Feel the fear of the unknown. Let it flow through you. Through fear comes power child..... Embrace it. you were born for the darkness" The creatures tone was cold and dark, spoken in a hushed tone with snake like lisp that held the s sylable far longer then felt comfortable. She hated the moments when the voice of the omega entered her mind. It sent chills down her spine and fresh tears to her eyes.

"No. Shut up. LEAVE ME ALONE"

"Kira. come back to me. Ignore the omega. If you listen to it's words it will consume you. Remember. Together we can defeat this." The black cloak began to form as Amber spoke, Dark black pustules forming across Kira's skin. larger they grew, pure plack semicircles raising up to finally pop, spilling ichor across her flesh that spread out quickly. "...Kira. What's going on." The words barely met her ears. Long strings of the strange substance spread down her arms, her hands reaching up in fear to claw helplessly at the nothingness. She could feel the sharp lines of red across her skin as she put higher pressure against her flesh. The burning pain was intense, but still the black cloak continued to form. As the modified cloak of shadows reached up her neck Amber pushed off, closing the distance between herself and the younger girl quickly. "Kira. talk to me. Kira?" Her hands flew through the hand seals, rat followed by bird as she tested once more the most powerful weapon in their aresenal. Once more the black tendrils of shadow flowed from her body as a cold cackle filled the girl's mind. The sharpened tip of her jutsu was barely past the pool of shadow before once more it simply sunk back into nothingness.

"Do you honestly think these two can protect you. See how easily I cut off their attempts to protect you.... But are they truely protection? Have you ever used the shadow sewing jutsu for protection?" Her screams ressonated down the hallway as the voice continued to pick at her fears. It knew her better then any other. It was Kira in the same way that Amber had been. Hope was gone as her featured disappeared fully beneath the cloak of shadow.

"Kira. Concentrate. WE can beat this... come back to me. If The omega can use your eyes to cancel my jutsu... You can too. Concentrate on the void consuming your body." She lost sight as the cloak covered her head, reaching downward to consumer both her eyes and her nose. Her breath came in short gasps as she convulsed, "Breathe Kira. Only you can resist the call of darkness." The words echoed over and over in her head. Once more her eyes began to spin beneath the shadow once consuming her body. Time seemed to stop as she concentrated her entire essence on the powerful eyes. It was ironic she thought that that which she'd feared for years was her only hope. She saw for a moment in her minds eye the formula for the cloak of shadows, realization hitting her. This wasn't an eternal darkness. It was her own power in a new form. The cloak dissipated into nothingness quickly as she sacrificed the jutsu itself to cancel it, and as her face once more peaked out from the void she took a long wheezing breath.

After several moments taken to calm down she turned to amber once more. "I... I understand what that was. The cloak of shadow. It seems to have morphed. " Now under her own control the cloak of the demon of gelel rose from her skin, the opaque black protective later pouring from every inch of her skin.

"Very good. Now. What have you learned." As the exchange happened, though unnoticed to the duo, Selene sat nearly motionless, her hands folded upon themselves in her lap with her head turned slightly in interest at the scene.

"The effect. It dismantles a technique at creation. Every time it was activated I saw another jutsu... One of mine along with the jutsu targeted. it would seem it forces my opponent to fight on my level or something? I've lost a jutsu equal to each that I canceled." Her hands rose as she tested her chakra. She still found herself unable to mold the chakra, even as she felt the supressive effect cease. "Amber. See if you can use the shadow sewing jutsu again. " WIth ease the black tendrils curled around Amber's body, running a long line of blackness up her leg to point at the hells angel.

"Ok. So I can use my jutsus again.. Can you?" She was answered near immediately. She expected it of course. This felt like a puzzle, they had the pieces, but now she simply needed to figure out how to put them together. "Well. You've proven strength in resisting the darkness. It wont become easier of course.... But you can do it. Now. We need to figure out what is going on with this jutsu. See if you can train with it a bit.

"Right. I'll have this figured out quickly." Her mind reeled from the trauma of the omega, but through the haze of confusion her nara blood shown through. Her chakra called out to the doujutsu, but she found no answer. Try as she might the eternal mangekyou would not come. Thinking through the what had just happened she searched for the answer, speaking out her thoughts. "The first time I used the effect was accidental. My vision went blurry for a moment..... And the power of my doujutsu weakened. It felt almos....."

"Your eyes shifted down from eternal state to imperfect mangekyou miss." Ever one to be useful Selene, who had been silently watching the situation offered a small tid bit that the two had not quite pieced together.

"Did they shift down to the three tomoe state the second time?" Things were finally making sense. With a nod from the avatar of sorrow things became clear. "Alright. I think that i've got it. The eyes shift down each time I cancel. I cant currently activate them so it would seem that three is the limit. "

"Excelent job Kira. daruku. Shuurin. Will you come in here please?" At her call the two pixies appeared, though the time it had taken them to finally traverse the large castle and meet up with her confirmed that it wasn't via verbal communication that they were summoned. Through the ability within the Fae for them to speak telepathically she'd called the twins, expecting them to be out of ear shot.

"How may we help miss?"

(Twc 3031, mutual destruction trained with half cost from ems and 25% reduction. exit)

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: preparation. (p/nk within the fae)   Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:04 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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preparation. (p/nk within the fae)
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