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 Are we in Konoha or Asgard, who knows (P/NK)

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PostSubject: Are we in Konoha or Asgard, who knows (P/NK)   Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:00 am

Kaya watched the sunset from a mountain top. She was alone on this high hill, where the winds threatened to push her off. Before she know it, night befell her and the temperature dropped significantly. She was cold and scared… did I mention alone? She heard the footsteps of someone nearby. With a sudden spin of her heel, she turned around to witness some sort of beast with horns staring back at her. Her large hazel eyes stared at it in fear, but sudden awe. Her body shivered from the various emotions that she was feeling. The beast did nothing more than stare at her with it devilish eyes. “You… You're the one who holds me? Pathetic.” Kaya failed to respond to the beast’s questions, only staring back and trying to understand his words. “I…” Was the only thing she could muster before the thing charged her. Her little voice screamed, the sound echoing across the lands before she was rammed.

The sounds of the wind bristling against the leaves tickles Kaya’s ears as she slept on the branch of a tree nearby the cottage. A little snot bubble danced along with the child’s breaths as she inhaled and exhaled. It was finally the sounds of the chirping birds the slowly awoke her from her slumber. It took her a minute to analyze her surroundings as she recovered from the dream that she just had. She was surprised she didn’t fall out of the tree like she had on previous instances where the beast had plagued her dreams. The girl slowly rubbed her eyes, trying to get herself to fully wake up. With a slight push, she hopped off the high branch as her tiny frame headed towards the ground. She landed a little messily but without any harm. Her gaze fell upon the cottage where her family was probably still sleeping, or just beginning to wake up just as she was since it was only dawn. Kaya was typically the one who usually fell asleep until noon, but the beast in her dreamed haunted her and prevented her from getting her typical 14 hours of sleep (the necessity of beauty sleep).

Taking a moment to reflect, she thought about the beast, of how it spoke to her and what it possibly meant. She hadn’t known what it was or what it wanted, but it had always made an appearance in her sleep; now more than ever. She never bothered to mention it to her parents or brother since she figured it was just some sort of weird dream connected to her love for animals, or her tragic experience with that panther that attacked her; Stupid panther, it sure made for a lovely dinner that evening though. Kaya didn’t want to beat herself up too much over it, so she figured she’d go for a little walk through the forest in order to clear her mind before heading into the house for breakfast. The green haired girl reached into the hollow log near the tree she rested in and pulled out a makeshift bow that she made when she was five along with her sad excuse for a quiver. It was probably rather useless against most things, but she’d be damned if she wouldn’t shoot a bitch in the eye with it. Besides, it made her feel superior to the meanie animals that didn’t play nice. With a confident stride of a pretend warrior goddess, the little munchkin headed off into the woods.

Now a little girl heading off into the forest where literally the big bad wolf from little red riding hood actually resided? You must think she was crazy. You must think that her parents were out of their minds. Well, it was a little of both. The girl had a lot of courage for her young age, even if she looked like a toddler who just learned how to walk.  Getting into the deep wilderness, the luscious green hues of the forest covered most of the area. In the distance she could spot the wildlife living in it’s natural habitat. The birds caring for it’s young within their nests. The deers frolicking around. Wolves eating those deers. It was rather lovely indeed. Entering an open field, Kaya welcomed the animals that began to approach her. They had become familiar with her over the years, so much so that even the dangerous ones didn’t attack her anymore since she played with them as babies. The bunnies tickled her at her feet while the blue jays and mocking birds rested on her arms and shoulders and the other just stood nearby waiting for their chance to be pet. She felt like a damn disney princess. Kaya: The Enchanted Kunoichi, coming to a theatre near you

Suddenly, something pounced her and knocked her onto the tall grass below her feet. It was the Tiggy the Tiger! The larger cat licked her face, practically getting all of it as she was now covered in its saliva. She giggled as it continued to lick and hug her.  The girl along with her animal pals played a while before she collapsed from exhaustion; though it had only been half an hour. It was her stomach that was pleading for food that prevented her from continuing. Before she decided to head back towards the cabin, the girl closed her eyes for just a moment, basking in the sun when she saw it once more, the beast.

Before she realized it, she was somewhere else. She didn’t notice it at the time, but Kaya was known within her own subconscious. By looking around, she could come to the conclusion that she was in a desert. There were a few cacti that spread across the sand, a large moon hanging over her  like an all watchful eye. She remembered poppa told her that Uncle Koroshi lived in the sand. Was she suddenly there? “You!” A voice echoed loudly, startling the poor girl as she now realized the sudden cave that appeared out of nowhere. The girl was either dreaming again, or she took some serious shrooms, or maybe it was acid? Slightly afraid but convinced it was a dream, she approached the cave from where the sound originated from.

The large structure quickly led to a rather large open space that was poorly lit. The only source of light came from the open roof where the moon stood directly above. “ahhh, there you are little girl. Finally come to pay me a visit after all this time!?” Kaya squinted, trying to get a peak of the source of the voice. “It’s you isn’t it! The beast from my dreamth!” she responded as her eyes continued to adjust. A booming laugh erupted throughout the cave, shaking the very structure while also giving the little girl a slight headache. This Jigaboo better pipe down before Kaya sacked a bitch. “Yes, I had to get your attention somehow.” The voice spoke slowly as if on drugs… at this point, Kaya was pretty sure she was on drugs. It must have been the tiger’s saliva.

The Munchkin’s eyes finally began to adjust as the beast began to take shape. It was in fact the beast that she knew all too well. Though, it was much larger now than she had remembered it. The poor sap sat still behind a large cage that trapped it at the opposite end of the cave, the gate being sealed with large golden chains. “Say little girl. How about you open up these gates hmm? I can grant you wishes upon your wildest dreams.” As if the creature knew how to speak her language, the girl’s eyes lit up like a christmas tree. “Reaallllyyy!?” She asked, thinking about all the things she could wish for. “Wait… poppa told me not to talk to strangers, especially those who offer me stuff. He says they will try to touch me in my cooter.” The girl scratched her soft chin as the beast just stood there in an awkward silence. Would the girl take the deal? find out next time on Kaya: The Enchanted Kunoichi!
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PostSubject: Re: Are we in Konoha or Asgard, who knows (P/NK)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:45 am

Life was perfect. Kurisu was taking a short vacation to spend time with Ari their latest kids the twins Kurisu Jr and Kaya. Of course they'd had the kids and mostly raised them in Asgard in order to prevent time from passing in the real world but just a few days he'd moved them back out into the real world. They were staying a large cabin out in the woods just as they had in Asgard, his intentions being to keep the twins in the dark about things such as Asgard for now. During this time he'd aged seven years, now older both physically and mentally he had more self control. He no longer drank all the time, saving that for at night and had calmed down with his destructive behavior, of course the changes didn't happen right away and it was likely that the twins had picked up some bad habits from how he was.

He underestimated how kids could be, not having anything to worry about in Asgard but that was different now that they were outside of Asgard. Ever since he'd mentioned they'd be 'moving' to Konohagakure no Sato the kids seemed to take an active interest in seeing the village. He had no clue that Kurisu Jr had decided to go see the village and he was still unaware of a certain issue that Kaya was dealing with. Waking up early in the morning he'd notice that he couldn't sense either of twins in the house. 'Hopefully they didn't run off too far.' he planned to take them to the village so they could get settled and start seeing it as home.

If Ari was still next to him asleep then he'd carefully get out of bed and sneak out to see if he could find the twins. If Ari was awake then he'd just let her know that he was going to step out and bring the twins home so they could pack up and go to their house in Konohagakure no Sato. It wouldn't be very hard to find them, having a good idea of where they liked to go. The first one he'd sense was Kaya although the chakra signature seemed a little different. After walking for a while he finally reached Kaya who appeared to be taking a nap; however, as he got closer he could sense something else going on.

'Kurisu, there is a bijuu in her.' his own bijuu Yonbi informed him of the bad news. Kurisu was worried about all the things that could go bad with Kaya having a bijuu considering their default nature seems to be malice. The biggest concern was the beast taking Kaya over which would result in his youngest daughter's death. Leaning down he'd close his eyes and place his right hand on Kaya's shoulder doing something he wasn't entirely familiar with but had learned to do when helping Koroshi master the kyuubi.

In a second he was next to Kaya outside of the beast's cage. He was not in the mood for playing games with the beast right now, he needed to take some time to explain the situation to Kaya before even beginning to deal with the beast. His eyes changing to the eternal gaze and looking at the beast he'd use the power of the Sharingan to push the bijuu's chakra back deeper into the cage out of sight which would also force Kaya out of her subconscious. Opening his eyes he'd take his hand off Kaya and look at her, "You okay?" 


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PostSubject: Re: Are we in Konoha or Asgard, who knows (P/NK)   Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:19 am

Kaya: The Enchanted Kunoich
Episode Two, Enter the Fifi!

The beast stared and Kaya who just shared his glare. The girl felt a slight temptation to let the beast go. Could one blame her? she was just seven years old and this magical being within her subconscious was promising her wishes upon her wildest dreams. The only condition was simple, just let the thing go. The girl took on step forward towards the wild beast’s cage as a low chuckle let it’s lips. “So you’re saying you could give me all the food in the world!?” She asked, feeling her belly rumble to just the thought. “Of course, all you have to do is let me go.” The girls eyes lit up with joy, but her mind was feeling something.. else. Like if this was wrong. The girl took another step forward towards the cage, still not fully sure of what she was doing. Her steps became much more consistent as she was now making a steady pace towards before she suddenly stopped.

Before she knew it, her father had appeared inside the cage next to her. She looked up at him and saw his sharingan. Unsuspected to the beast, he looked into his eyes and let out a loud howl before submerging himself into the cave’s depths. The girl looked up at her father in awe before she opened her eyes and found herself back in reality. All her animal friends had fled making it a good chance she was probably just imagining them. She was by herself in the open meadow besides her father that stood next to her. She got up from off the ground and stood back up, dusting herself off in the process. Her green garb was already in need of a deep scrubbing but preventing more dirt was always beneficial. “Poppa!” She exclaimed, happy to see him as she threw her arms around his waist. “Yeah, I’m fine. I think?” She sounded unsure. She did have an ominous beast living within her after all. “Poppa, what is it?” She asked, sort of worried about what it could do to her. Surely, she was a strong dependent white child, but it still frightened her a bit. “It keeps popping up in my dreams, and now I find out it’s inside me!?” An odd realization hit the girl right then and there. With a terrified look on her face, she looked up to her father, and asked, “Poppa, am I pregnant with a beast?” This had to be where babies came from, except her baby was a monstrosity with evil intentions. That was it... she was giving birth to the devil.
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PostSubject: Re: Are we in Konoha or Asgard, who knows (P/NK)   

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Are we in Konoha or Asgard, who knows (P/NK)
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