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 It's been a long lonely loney lonely time

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Tori Uzumaki

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Wind
Clan : Uzumaki
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PostSubject: It's been a long lonely loney lonely time   Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:47 am

Hello again everyone! I apologize for our recent absence. You ever heard the expression when it rains it pours? Well We had a hurricane!!! or a flood...but regardless it was BAD. It started with my fiance going to jail And then childcare went down the tube because I had some assistance from a program (Please dont judge me for that, a lot of people do) and suddenly, they stopped assisting me. Now I have 6 kids, and those who have been on this site a while know this. But I am a working mother of course. Well 2 of my kids are in school, the third is in a preschool program and the rest were n daycare ranging from age 7 months to 4 years. You all also know I am Prims rl sister and my neighbor is Jayden Terumi, and my other sister is Hotaru Aburame. Everyone offered to somehow help because our father is NOT in any condition to be watching my  kids unless it is an emergency, and my mother is typically with her twin sister in another city helping her deal with medical issues as well. On February 2nd or 3rd, after finally receiving help while my fiance was in Jail, I got a phone call from the Emergency Room down the street. Prim had been rushed there with severe chest pains! After getting there I Learned it was due to her allergies to cigarette smoke. Her room mate had friends over to watch a movie and they were chain smoking. Prim didnt have an inhaler so i knew instantly she had developed severe bronchitis. Of course, they gave her a breathing treatment and our other family friend "Miz Hozuki" (yep he was a former co worker and lives in the same city) had been the one who called me. I didnt agree with the diagnosis of an upper respiratory virus and the way she sounded when she coughed and the fact she couldn't go a minute without something to drink or a cough drop in her mouth. But whatever, they are doctors right? And the next couple of days she rested and then was back at work. A week later she was back in the ER and couldn't catch her breathe, and to be honest It sounded like the deep barking cough of WHOoPING COUGH! My fiance had just gotten out of jail, and I went to get him and he had been staying home with the kids, but I wasn't getting enough hours at work, now I had gotten this call at a job interview for a second job, this time from Stacy and John (Dante and Sephora) They had been talking to Amber via Skype (until she lost signal on her phone) when the call came in. As I stood at the hospital with my dad, who was there they diagnosed her with supposed "Allergies". Seriously?  You gotta be kidding me, she better get better this time, and if it is just ALLERGIES how did her room mate get it? Yep, her room mate caught it. You cant catch Allergies!!! we all rolled our eyes but whatever, she was coughing so hard she couldnt catch her breathe, she couldnt lay down and she coughed until she would vomit! I don't know how she lasted! SHe STILL went to work! She would manage for two or three days at work until her body gave out and she would fall asleep leaning over the toilet coughing with Hot water running in the bathtub trying to brethe in the steam!
Now on my side of the world, I was again having child care issues. Yes me and my fiance got a job at the same place (Walmart) and we told them we have 6 kids and we need two different schedules! one of us could work mornings and one nights. No...they gave us shifts where we both had two hours working the same time. Mrning and night yes, but they crossed. Which meant...child care. CRAP! my oldest is 7 second oldest 6 then 5 4 2 and 7 months....I felt like I was banging my head on a wall....Prim is sick not getting better only worse, she got our dad sick and Sephy, Miz and Jayden (how he got it I don't know he wasn't even around her as much.) This was not allergies!!! Now my kids need someone to babysit a couple of hours and had exhausted my resources!!!
Well, I found child care. The people who were foster parents for my kids (Yes CPS took my kids for a few months a while back, no I am not a bad mother, and I got my kids back) offered their services o babysit a couple of them! YES! Then I got a call,Prim wasn't answering her phone, and when someone checked on her, her eyes were swelled up with green matting on them, she could barely hear because her ears were congested with green stuff, she couldn't breathe out of her nose, green stuff was coming out and she had green stuff coating her lips...which were outlined in a bluish hue (lack of oxygen, she is asthmatic) And she had been vomiting so much all the small capillaries in her face, on her chest and even on her neck and half way down her arms, were broken, she looked like a zombie from the Walking dead....thats how bad she was She was rushed to a hospital on March 1st in a city near here, the big ol city of Tyler, Texas. She was diagnosed with Severe Bronchitis and A Bacterial Infection! They prescribed her some Antibiotics and steroids and a new inhaler, and she started to get better, as soon as she was fit enough to work again, her hours went up at work they loset 4 people. But now that my issues have been solved and so hae hers, all of Team fukutaichou will now return! Zsorry for any mistakes in typing I did this in a hurry! Its good to be back, we all missed you guys!!!


I love you  Haru Hyuuga  I love you

V6 Tori Uzumaki

" Keep your chin up. You are part of the Uzumaki clan. There isn't a mediocre member among us."
-Shinji Uzumaki
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It's been a long lonely loney lonely time
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