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 Strange and Sadistic start to awonderfulfriendship

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Strange and Sadistic start to awonderfulfriendship   Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:28 am

I throw a single chakra enhanced left jab. My sparring partner uses the substitution technique and vanishes about 2 meters to my right. I turn and sprint towards her sliding into a punch into her cross just like I have practiced a hundred times. She manages to throw a single gentle palm strike against me disabling the use of my left arm. "Damnit that's my dominant arm and now I can't use jutsu!" I thought to myself. She crumples but gets right up and i stand a bit weirdly without the use of my left arm. I start to focus chakra into my right fist and I deck her straight in the face she does a flip, and as she does her flip she kicks me under my chin sending me flying upwards. I try to get up but it's hard to get up with only one arm. I start to think to myself " I can't lose, not now, not ever!" As I thought that an subconscious part of my brain decided to flood my left arm with chakra. The sheer amount of chakra going through the point re-opened it. Feeling weak from expelling so much chakra I decide no more chakra enhanced attacks. I get up thanks to the use of my left arm, and my opponent is surprised that I can even move my left arm. She gets up and starts to sprint at me. "It's time to end this!" I yell. And I sprint towards her I weave Tiger-Boar-Ox-Dog-Snake as fast as I can, and as I finish weaving the last sign she hits me... POOF! I appear slightly above her and I use my momentum and my arms to slam her into the ground. She lays there unconscious for a bit.

I wait about 10 minutes for her to regain consciousness and as she does I ask if she wants to goto the Forrest for a nice refresher. She agrees thankfully because truthfully that exhausted me. She asks me how I got so strong. I simply tell her "It's because I'm an Uchiha." Her pale pupil-less eyes don't look happy about that answer. I tell her "Your good... for a Hyuga" She gets ticked off by that and punches me in the stomach. As we got to the beginning of the forest I thought I noticed some sketchy people around. So I asked Clair (My partners name is Clair Hyuga) to use her byakugan to search around for any people. She stopped and her eyes started to look strained and she replies "Yes but their chakra levels is comparable to our own." I say "Alright it's on you if we get beat down." As we started walking through the woods I noticed a group of Academy Students bullying an odd looking wolf. Kicking the wolf and cornering him.

I yell out "You cowards how about you try to kick me!" The oldest one who looks about fifteen steps away and yells out " How about you do something then!?" He then turns around and kicks the wolf square in the ribs. The wolf lets out a yelp of pain. Mason sprints over with a speed of 12 and strikes the teenager in the back of the head. He lets out a cry of pain similar to that of the wolf's. I start weaving Tiger-Boar-Ox-Dog-Snake as fast as I could. After that one of the cronies decides to tackles me. POOF! I appear behind them ready to take action. As this happens I notice Clair sneaking around to get one off guard while I handle the other two. I quickly slide down under the cronie and kick straight up into his crotch sending him into the air. The older boy is now under control of his pain and kicks me in the kidneys as I'm on the ground for that second. I let out a loud "F**K!" and start holding my kidney. As this is happening Clair uses her gentle fist to take out the third cronie that I didn't deal with. The big Academy Student picks me up and puts me on my feet so he could start punching me in the stomach. After the first two I grab his wrist and twist it to the left then jerk it to the right surly at least fracturing it if not breaking it. As he looks at his now crooked hand he starts to cry begging me not to kill him. I told Clair to take the wolf and meet me at the entrance of the Forest. She nods and starts to lead the wolf away.

"Why do you deserve to live?" I ask. The boy responds "It's the honorable thing to do.." his voice is quivering. "What do you know about honor? You were kicking a defenseless animal?" He starts to beg "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry just please spare me...." The boy wets himself. "Whats that smell did you piss yourself? You must really be scared of me aren't you?" He responds with " *crying* *sobs* Yes please let me go I promise I won't do it again." "Your right you won't do it again..." I take a sharp stone that looks like a dagger and dispose of the scum. I start to laugh like a maniac for some reason I don't know why but it's just so funny! I take out my empty water container and put about a quarter of a cup of his blood into it.

I made my way to the beginning of the forest laughing still but less and less until its just a snicker. I still have the stone dagger but its now in one of my pockets. I finally see Clair after what seems like a forever of walking. She has worried look on her face. She asks me " What happened after I left?" "Oh nothing I just knocked him out....." I had a very devious smile she could probably see through my lie. So how's wolfie? Not wolfie I'll call him Murphy. She says "He seems a lot better after we got out of there but he is still bruised and a bit bloodied." I respond to that with " I think I got even with those cruel students." I looked down to Murphy and see that a blood vessel popped in his right eye and its just pure red other than that he looks fine. I ask if she wants to keep him she doesn't so I gladly accepted him. We parted ways when we came up to her district she waves goodbye and so do I.

I look down to the wolf following him and open my water container holding the Students blood. I give it to Murphy so that Murphy can get even with his previous torturer. After a while I head back home with my new wolf at my side. As I got home it was about 2 am I heard my mom start yelling at me for coming in so late. I attempt to calm her down it works eventually then I show her my new friend she was on fire that I brought home a pet without her permission, but eventually she couldn't refuse Murphy's puppy eyes so she tells me to goto bed and take my mongrel with me. I start to talk to Murphy for some reason as if he is a regular human. "Murphy I'm sorry those cruel boys were torturing you" Murphy just looks at me with a blank face. "Well your mine now so you won't ever have to deal with that" He looks at me again blankly. "Whatever good night."

In the morning I started to train him it started with simple stuff like sit, lay down, stay, come. But as the days go on I feel as if we are starting to share a special bond. After we got all the basics down we start battle training. I issue a command to Murphy telling him to bite the dummy's ankle/ wooden peg. As he does that he attempts to drag or to make the enemy to fall down. Which he can't but its a good habit I go in for the above punch and Murphy for the pull and we end up breaking the dummy by accident.(Nothing duct tape won't fix)

I wake up along with Murphy and we go out to start training I set up an obstacle coarse in the woods for Murphy to complete, while I did my normal routine. Murphy's obstacles were all covered with rabbit scent and he had to locate the Rabbit while sprinting for about 5 miles and then if he doesn't find it the first time he restarts. My regime was just a 2 mile jog then a set of 1000 push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks usually Murphy is waiting while I finish my regime. After that is practice fighting. I give Murphy an example of something say the name and rinse and repeat until he understands. Like tackle, All he does is lunge at the enemy so the enemy is knocked down. I started to grow feelings for Murphy as he slowly became my best friend and apart of my family. I sometimes spar with some Inuzukas and their familiars to try and get better in fact thats where were going now.

We arrive at the training grounds and there is opponent is already ready. I start to give Murphy a plan using hand signs so he can understand. We are both about 3 meters apart. My opponent is a genin about 14 very fast but can't be very strategic. We start... I signal for Murphy to target the rival dog. After that is done I rush the duo Murphy running three times faster than I. I start to channel chakra into my fist and crash into the Inuzuka with deadly force. I go forward to continue the attack but then I start to hear Murphy squeal. I yell "Murphy!" and rush over there. Murphy's position wasn't that good at all. He hasn't had much experience fighting with other canines, while the other one has. The dog was trying to choke Murphy with his jaws. I rush over as fast as I can picking up the dog and throwing him maybe a meter away. Murphy gets up pissed off and starts to treat this situation like real combat and the two canines clash. The dog attempts to bite Murphy's neck again, but Murphy jerks away just in time and snaps at the dog pushing the littler dog to the ground biting its neck and scratching at it's eyes. Meanwhile I am getting outclassed by this superior ninja, he brings out a kunai and I bring out my stone dagger and as we clash he starts to get the upper hand. But just in time Murphy left the other dog unconscious and tackled the Inuzuka to the ground from the back also catching myself into this. As he is on top of me I hold my dagger to his throat and he submits. I start to laugh and I call Murphy off of the both of us.

As time went on Murphy and I started to grow even closer somehow he didn't know how but it seemed like Murphy was his other half.He no longer had to order Murphy around because he completely trust the wolf's judgement. Eventually Murphy was one of the main points in my fighting style. In a lot of ways Murphy was a wolf version of me. He was silent until provoked he was diligent, he loved to sleep too. I never taught the wolf how to kill for some reason. Probably because he already knew how to it is literally in his instincts but never mind that. The last part of Murphy's training was the hardest for Mason because his wolf was out classing him. So Mason was pushing himself extra hard as if Mason and Murphy were rivals. But they end every hard day by coming home eating like pigs and sleeping the hard troubles away.

[T.W.C 2018] [Got a bit tired so some of it my be rambling or repeated if so sorry anyways I did this to claim my familiar Murphy right now he has to get approved http://naruto-role-play-rpg.forumotion.com/t31333-murphy-the-wolf#236584 sorry for the sadistic part sorta got pissed off at someone today and took it out on that char. and 6 stat points
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PostSubject: Re: Strange and Sadistic start to awonderfulfriendship   Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:22 am


"Battle not with Monsters lest ye Become a Monster and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you"
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Strange and Sadistic start to awonderfulfriendship
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