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 Nito - The Tryhard Trainer (Private, NK)

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Nito Nekoto
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Nito - The Tryhard Trainer (Private, NK)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:34 pm

Rainbow Fort Seal

Nito was back at it again thinking inside of his mind with his well-developed training mood. The day before, he remembered his training of the wind element especially. “I hope I can soon apply that. I have some pretty craft shit in the making hehehe.” Nito said aloud to himself. He was already ready to go and begin his training. He had the jutsu listing as well as his backpack and other gear. Out the front door he went as he made way up to the prior roof where he was previously training his wind affinity. After grasping the cold metal bars and climbing, he found himself at the top of the building. “Great view we have here.” He said, as the wind rolled along the upper buildings blowing in his face and partially, eyes. Nito sat down in the near center of the roof and placed his things around him. He’d first take a quick mental run down of all the things he would be learning today and what was shown on them in the jutsu listing. “Hmm… I obviously need a defensive technique now. I’d prefer to train for the rainbow fort seal and in fact, I think I’ll do just that. Let’s see…. Hand signs, for once it isn’t listed as none. 

Simple as ever, the sign used is the sign of confrontation, a standard ninja know-how. Now to read into detail of the workings of this jutsu. It creates a sort of barrier that is invisible from the point at which the user extends their hand and makes the hand sign. This barrier can be made of any size that is equal to or below 5 meters in both wideness and height.” All in all, it was rather simplistic in its nature. The only oddity that appeared to Nito was that the jutsu didn’t actually consist of a physical seal being made but rather an immediate result. “Wonder how I’ll work this one out inside of my head. Round one is pretty easy. It’s going to be a bit of testing and trial and error.” Nito got up and thought about how a seal would form such a barrier and why the properties of the seal would allow it to function in such a way. It was strange indeed, but strangely scientific. “One of my favorite things about this universe is that everything makes sense, even spewing fire out of your lungs.” Nito began to further in his pondering. If something were to act as a shield, he thought it would need to be sturdy and strong enough to let attacks essentially fail and bounce away. For this same shield to be invisible was under different means. If it could serve the purpose of something that resembled a physical object and still remain invisible, it was obviously then by deductive reasoning, a wall consisting of mostly if not entirely chakra. This would coincide with the seal. Now the seal itself would need to get such properties allowing for incoming attacks to be deflected under certain parameters. Peculiar. “I think I got it now…. Possibly, attempt number one, creating a seal of confrontation then activated the chakra required to initiate this seal.” Nito was already onto his first step in the process of learning his second fuinjutsu jutsu. Nito stretched his right arm forward tilting hand up so the confrontation seal could be effectively made via his hand. “Focus now, Nito. If you focus, this will become easier.” As the seal of confrontation was made, Nito closed one eye and began inspecting the area within his conceptual reality. His mental plane of how chakra should be. Now, this wouldn’t necessarily work for all ninja unless they either had chakra vision or a great sense of how the chakra system worked and chakra physics. In the closed eye, he could see his arm outstretched and his chakra circulating within the core of his body. “Now I’m going to need to guide this in a constructed manner to the point of the hand sign.” He said and did so as the chakra weaved through his body like a winding and twisting snake chasing a fleeing prey. “Perfect.” Visually, it appeared as if blue auras filling in previously blank spots. In the spots where Nito didn’t have full knowledge or memory of the chakra system, it was simplified with a blue bob of vessels etc. “Now the goal of this technique is to create an invisible barrier. Problem is, how the hell will I know that it’s there besides physically touching it by my own right.” Nito formulated a shield in his mind, he thought of how it would deflect attacks with a strong counter acting force. With all the focus in his body, Nito sprang forward and released the special technique that was the rainbow fort seal. The result was utter failure as nothing even occurred. “Let’s see… I’ll just walk forward with my arm extended to find out if something is here now.” He did as he suggested to himself and his palm came into contact with absolutely nothing at all. 

It was a shame. But, there was another way or method he could try. “Geh…. Back to the dream world.” Nito fell backwards catching himself lightly like a cat against the cold cement roof floor. He started to think back to his training during the learning of the wind element. The two things both shared a common trait of invisibility. The seal of the barrier could not be seen and the wind itself had no color whatsoever. “So then… I can control the wind can’t I? If that is the case then what stops me from creating a seal with invisibility as well? Could it be a mental blocking of sorts or just something I have failed to do accurately for this long enough of time. Wait a minute… maybe if I think in this manner…” This was less of a way of thinking but more so trying to riddle one’s way out of properly creating a jutsu. “Invisible ink.” It was so straight forward that it hit his brain like a retarded rock that came from the ocean. That random. Nito began drowning out all of the outer-world noises and feeling. His eyes closed as his mind drifted into his domain of dream scape. He found himself in a white void instead of a black one. No, it was a black void with invisible ink of course. No that’d be silly. Nito’s world began forming before him as pillars in the distance rose and mossy large maze like walls grew high into the sky daring to claim height with the birds. Nito existed now low below them on the ground in a circular like area that was bordered with a few trees and very dense foliage. “Alrightly now…. How am I supposed to think about invisible ink seal marks when I can visualize invisible ink because it’s invisible?” He said to himself looking up at the fabricated sky with a what-gives sort of expression. Nito had forgotten something though. Chakra can be spread into anything thus, if this invisible ink were to have his own chakra. Sensing its position and writing with it would be relatively easy and minimalist in the amount of focus put into it. “Aha.” Nito sat down on the cold chilling grass and removed from his pocket a long seal of writing. It was a large amount of seal codes written and stored that extended far down the page. Nito placed this in front of himself and began studying them all. To each sign, he was rather familiar as he had practiced them a long whiles ago. Nito placed his hand onto the long paper andhad it so that his palm would connect into the seals. He then streamed his own chakra into the paper overlapping with the ink that was within the seal writings. Closing one eye, he examined this from a mentally made image of what he expected to see if he were capable of seeing chakra. It all checked out well, the seals were lined with his chakra and thus could be seen from this perspective with no effort. “Next, I must turn this normal ink into invisible ink that I cannot see with my normal eyes. Thus, I will need to practice drawing purely in chakra. This will allow me to create more complicated seals in many different places within the need of writing entire seals with symbols that are painstakingly visible to people that I’m around. Hmm…. Nito blinked both eyes closed and thought deeply. “I must change your state, to change my fate, this world I create.” Upon opening them again, what was previously black ink was now nothing more than blank paper. That was, until he closed both eyes and began seeing the chakra that he left behind. Now, seeing only this chakra, he began to add onto the seals and complicate them on the paper by aid of his black pen as well as hands. He eventually ran out of space and got another entirely new paper of which he would try custom patterns and seals on using his invisible ink with chakra to gain a higher level of skill with his fuinjutsu. First, he began with a simply dot. 

This simply dot would then have four small dots with equal space added around simulating that of a compass with one being north, another south, then west and east. More complication was going about as he then moved to swirling patterns and something that appeared to be a modified flower bloom of some sorts. After what seemed a good forty minutes of this, he was sure he could write in a non-visual way and thus just sense if he was writing the seal’s properly. Nito faded from this way as his vision blurred during his returning. As if automatic reflex, before even pushing himself back onto his feet, his arms and hands grabbed for his backpack, specifically the notes pad that he had inside of it. “Time to do a little bit of documenting. So far, I’m still attempting to understand the application of creating seals that physically don’t represent themselves with something that most people would associate to be with fuinjutsu. To be honest, this technique resembles of the liking of most ninjutsu barrier techniques. Then again, I wouldn’t know about a lot of those. I tried a method that involved forming seals out of invisible ink so you would have to simply develop a feeling for if the seal was right or not and where certain parts of it were. All in all, this surely helped and after a large amount of these, I’m sure that my next step in the learning of this jutsu will be rather splendid. Fuinjutsu is like our human’s natural tap into the coding of the universe and all of its workings. Surely, it’s a must-know. Entry 169.” Nito was ready for his next step in the mastering of this jutsu. He would need to understand not just the physics behind a barrier that can deflect things but also the physical feeling of what it would be like to be such a barrier. To test this, he planned to take rocks and throw them into the air. The rocks would need to be small enough to not damage him but large enough so they could be felt a good margin. They would land on or be hit by his chest in most cases. Nito grabbed his things and made way down the ladder until reaching ground level where he could look around for some rocks. This took little to no time at all as rocks were rather abundant in the village of Kirigakure. Nito was oddly feeling slightly tired. He couldn’t really tell why but it was hindering his ability to find all the rocks he needed. Thus, he had to kick up the pace and start running around. Ironically, he found a large batch of rocks where an animal lives. Though, being the type of animal was a bird, it didn’t make much sense that it would require so many rocks for its base. Needless to say, Nito bundled up ten or so rocks in his arm and went to the forest where he trained his wind element at earlier. Upon arrival, he searched for a few minutes until finding the same tree he had visited yesterday. “Whoo… Finally.” He placed down his things and was ready to get to work on these rocks. Firstly, he’d throw one up with his right hand into the air above him as he was running backwards at such an angle that this would land into his chest. Before this happened however, upon the rock’s descent, Nito jumped forward and slammed his chest into the small rock. The hit was successful. After it, Nito stepped aside to think and record his bit of mental data. “I already understand the equation of force and force received. However, the state of being a barrier is quite an interesting one. Normally, one wouldn’t want to intentionally get hit with anything and anything at all. Though in this case, I had to position myself in a way that I would be cutting through the path of the rock. Upon impact, I slightly tensed that area of my body which was a mistake in terms of keeping a very high level of relaxation. When I was hit by the rock, it bounced forward with my opposing force and at the moment of impact, I felt nothing. The feel of actually getting damaged by somethings typically comes after the realization of being hit. For the first few moments, one is fully engulfed in the success of the movement. I must apply all these rules to my mind when trying to transcend these properties into the floating seal that I would be making at the time. The more fundamental properties that I include, the closer the surface will mimic that of an actual bouncy shield or defense mechanism. 

Speaking of bouncing, I have great examples of that property from my memory to use from my time during the learning of the wind element.” Nito had finished his long period of observant and wanted to now just test a few more things with the rocks before moving onto directly trying the jutsu itself. These next text would be quite entertaining. Nito threw a rock into the air and would repetitively try to grab onto to it and catch it on the sharpest edge that the rock had. Unlike before, when he hand would hit the sharper rock, the pain or sting would be immediately created. “Hhh…. So penetrative forces have a tendency to ruin barriers don’t they? That along with erosion and explosions. Though this barrier in the works has of it itself special properties unlike any other that I’ve heard of. Needless to say, the fact stands still. Rocks are dangerous as hell.” Nito grabbed his pad and documented about how he should surely train more often in the mind as mental fortitude is the key to living 99% of the time. As for now though, it was onto the full testing of the jutsu. Nito was in the forest resting against a tree recharging his energy as he outstretched his left arm and made the seal of confrontation. With one eye closed, he observed his chakra network, or at least what he thought it to be. In doing so, he watched and sensed the chakra traveling through his arm and up to the seal of confrontation. This would be his moment. A weird effect happened then, his hand felt slightly heavier. He began walking forward and stopped when his palm came into contact with some sort of solid material. It was the barrier floating in the air at the maximum size possible. Touching it gave a peculiar rainbow like effect as if someone tapped on a still surface of water and watched the mini-ripples go in all directions. “Hmm Fancy isn’t it…” Nito decided it was time to put the jutsu to the real test. He lifted up another rock and threw it high into the air in such a way that it would fall and his the side of the barrier. Upon doing so, it bounced away at great speed. The mixture of the gravity velocity and natural shape resulted in this. “Amazing, it’s going so far that even I’ve lost track of the damn thing.” 

Said Nito just gazing into the sky above that the rock previously vanished into. Now how would Nito go about using this technique in battle you might ask? Simple. “Time for documenting.  - - I find it often that mental preparation and true understanding of the concept that one is learning and why the concept works is crucial in the process of figuring out the best and most interesting ways to use a jutsu after it is learned and also the fastest way to learn it. My method is rather similar to this in the sense that I must mentally map out all parts of my jutsus and break them down bit by bit and core by core until I fully possess a grasp over the concept that I’m approaching. As for these sealing techniques and other jutsus. They are rather harder to train than ninjutsu too. I’ll reiterate my progress with the rainbow fort seal. As of this current moment, I think I have acquired a decent usage of the jutsu and will try to employ it when given the chances in future sparring matches and other moments of the like. However, the seal is quite a generic one and I’m looking forward to making my own version that is more powerful but in a different matter of function. As for the equation of said function? It’s best if I don’t say now. Just know… all seals must be visualized and thought heavily about in properties and wonderment before mastered. 

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PostSubject: Re: Nito - The Tryhard Trainer (Private, NK)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:36 pm

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You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Nito - The Tryhard Trainer (Private, NK)
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