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 Nito's Bolts of Fuin (Private, NK)

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Nito Nekoto
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Nito's Bolts of Fuin (Private, NK)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 7:41 am

Dark River Breaking Seal

Nito was very pleased with his last time of training. He had learned the manipulation of the wind element as well as the low-level fuinjutsu technique, mark seal. His accomplished this within the span of just a few hours or so which was relatively significant in terms of time to amount learned in a ratio like format you see. Now, Nito was onto his next mission of training. He lied on his bed now staring at the ceiling high above. “I’m useless without being able to effectively attack another ninja may I have need of doing so. Fuinjutsu doesn’t allow for a lot of attacks so to win battles, I must be crafty and strategic always remaining more clever and countering than my opponent is. I suppose that’s just my path. But, there is at least one technique of which I can learn now.” Nito popped out of his bed and sprang to his feet. Walking over, he checked the jutsu listing upon the wall. Near the middlish region, he found the name. It was the Dark River Breaking Seal. “I find this name to be very misleading actually…. It seems more appropriate to just be called chakra bolt seal as essentially, that’s what it is.” Nito was right. The seal allowed one to release bolts or pulses of their own chakra to use in an attacking format. “Welp, best I get out there quickly.” Nito said already grabbing his backpack and other gear. He left his room down, went down the stairs, and left for his front door. 

At the time, Epset was at work doing guard duty with Kirigakure. That was always a rather fun but dull job. Nito made his way out of the door and began his methodical choice of training location for the day. “Hmm…. I probably don’t want anything that has very small spaces as I will be using some longer and larger ranged attacks, nor do I want to be too close to nearby buildings or other important structures. He headed to what seemed a mini-swamp like forest. It wasn’t far from home actually, just a good 5 minute or so walk and he was there. Surrounded by trees now, he found some that hadn’t seemed so damp at the very bottom. His placed his backpack there and sat with his back against it. From his backpack, he summoned his jutsu listing papers. “Alrighty, let’s take a look…. The function of this seal and how it works appears to be rather simplistic in nature and easily applicable in combat as expected for a lower ranking technique. It employs a sealing along the arm that is specifically set to remove the step of chakra transformation and formation to allow for it to take physical forms. Almost mimicking ninjutsu without being ninjutsu, the user can then harness this and shoot chakra bolts in quick successions. Powerful and useful, it will likely prove to be with great time. Come to think of it, I might even make my own twist on this later. As for now though, not much.” Nito was ready for his training to begin. He got up from the slightly damp tree trunk and started to fiddle with the interworking of creating such a seal in his mind. There were again, no hand signs for this technique and thus, he would need to find a way to mentally visualize to create this. Nito outstretched his arm and pulled his right sleeve up more before observing his shoulder region and outward. “Hm… I need to initiate a seal about here that wraps all the way up until it reaches the elbow. Then I need to make this contain the property of shifting my chakra’s state. In theory like many things, it sounds simple. But, reality always like to do a little of the begging to differ.” Nito had an idea of sorts though. He wasn’t too sure on it to begin with but it was better than nothing. If he was going to make chakra bolts, the first thing he should do would be to visualize said bolts and try to mentally calculate what amount of chakra it would take to produce such a thing not factoring in the cost of the seal itself. Nito placed himself back against the tree where he would then close his eyes and go into the corners of his mind to figure out what was going down. “Let’s see. Color? A light blue of course. As said by the jutsu listing, these bolts can curve so they must be rather dynamic when in flight to some degree.” Nito continued going into detail until finding an optimal shape and type for each one. “Now to factor how much of my general chakra this would cost at the lowest decent amount possible.” Crunching numbers inside of his mind, Nito found that his chakra bolts didn’t even require that much chakra to make or use. “Fair enough, now onto direct working with the seal itself.” The seal surely proved to be the most difficult part of the whole process. Nito would need to once more find a way to manifest this seal onto his body without doing any signs or putting much thought into it. Nito outstretched his arm once more and this time visualized the pattern rising from his shoulder to his elbow tracing the mental shape with the living chakra within him. Each time he did this small practice it seemed as if his connection between the two grew larger and the distance between them, smaller. Now with this feeling in sync after a course of around forty or so repetitions, Nito was ready to go for a simple attempt at the entire jutsu. He outstretched his left arm this time and felt the seal being made. 

It was nearly perfect until it stopped midway before reaching his left elbow. “Darn… looks like I’ve missed something in my calculations again.” Nito observed, this time focusing further to see if he had forgotten to train any core part that would be involved in performing this jutsu. Oh why of course, the seal would need to flow better as his chakra did feel very rigid within him when he attempted to perform the seal. It was very unpleasant. “If I can just smoothen this pushing of chakra, it would be much less likely to randomly overstuff itself in one position thus resulting in a blockage. Nito tried this time by creating the seal much slower and allowing a gradual build of speed in this work by repeating this same training sequence of creating the seal itself and retracted. Each time, he would increase the speed of which it was formed. Eventually, this began taking little to no effort and felt very easy to him. “It’s about time, I can now finally make the seal in a timely fashion. Now the problem is can I honestly release this attack from my palms or does it stop at the level of the wrist.” Nito had to test this action and thus attempted the entirety of the move once more. Stretching left arm out, he stared at his left hand to see if any effect would show. He formed the seal quickly as the chakra shot through his arm though it did, as expected, stop at the wrist of sorts. “Now I need to release the chakra system tension within my hand. Nito was going to do something that he didn’t really have a good idea of it worked or not. But by theory it made perfect. He was going to do pushups with his palms flat into the ground but instead of using his physical strength, he’d push himself off with the strength and focusing of his chakra. “I heard it has been done before for training purposes. If it causes any problems, I’ll simply stop continuing with it. Nito got down on the ground and began in a planking like position that quickly transferred into a position ready for push-ups. He looked directly down and get into a perfect form. To start himself off, he’d lower himself using physical strength and push back up using chakra itself within his arms. The importance of this weighed on the fact it would have to go through his hands and wrist as well thus making his train the tension that existed in those spots. He went number by number until reaching a high of 38 which wasn’t that bad granted how lacking in muscle he was. “Hmm…. I suppose that should do the trick.” Nito was ready to go and figure out if he could perform the attack or not. With arm stretched out far and ready for palm combustion, he manifested the seal along his left arm as it traveled down to the elbow, the chakra surged onward and didn’t stop at the wrist or that area at all anymore. The surge of chakra easily flowed its way to the palm. “Yup, looks like I finally got this in the bag oh?” Just as the confidence began returning, it fell quickly again as all that rose from this was a puff of smoke, and even that, a miniscule one. “Haha, isn’t that unfortunate. I suppose I have been neglecting the mental side of this still in a sense.” Nito sat in a speed that seemed like he should have fell. He closed his eyes and began thinking of all that existed around him. 

“Seems I can transfer everything through my body but I must have failed the constructing of the mental sea function. In that case I know what I must do then.” Nito began exploring his mind on the topic of what it is like to transform. Tuning on all that existed in the real world, he escaped to his dream scape. Again, it was voided from back, forth, left, and right, darkness as far as the eyes could see. Nito then blinked and summoned his universe into reality. It was a small forest that was dense and creepy looking at night. From where he was he could see a small village in the distance. But things began changing, the trees melting into a wooden like liquid of which Nito simply hopped over. “That’s strange, I didn’t even know that could exist as an element of sorts.” Nito was releaxed however even when the leaves began falling and turning into mini-large or rather gigantic bugs that would chase after him. He was surely not a fan of bugs but still. He’d have to push on forward if he wanted to progress on his technique accurately. “Alright…” He outstretched his hand into the air with the palm facing up towards the sky above. In doing so, he creating a palm filled with blue chakra flame. “So this is my chakra aura huh…?” He held it before him and began imagining the changing of its states. At the moment, it was like a fire of sorts rising at the top like the flame of a candle. Just with mental reasoning and wishing, the chakra began solid like a hard material that fell to the floor beneath him. With more focus, he could even change this mental chakra into a form that resembled that of a strong and powerful gas that oddly seemed dense. Nito further experimented with many different state changes of the chakra that he head there. Each one, despite not being in reality, trained his brain from when he would be in reality. Nito then practiced swapping the states of his chakra within his mind for 60 times total. Now, it was the moment to test if his trained abilities were of worth. Nito woke up from this sleeping on the tree shooting upward like a rising flag. He pointed his finger and extended his arm to the maximum level. In doing so, he looked at his arm as the sealing pattern rolled from the shoulder to the elbow. It was hard to see as it is nearly instant. The chakra began surging once more but this time he would take control before he would allow it to even pass the filter of the seal. He stood there churning the chakra within his furnace to position it for his jutsu.

 “I need to simply make this into not a constant stream of chakra, that’s going to mess up the distribution entirely resulting in a circular blast of painless chakra that I guarantee a good fuinjutsu user would be happy to suck up into his own clenches. Nito forced this chakra into little mini-cannon balls that would be shot first like pellets and fired at a great speed. The chakra was ready and being so, he let it pass through his arm and into his palm. From his palm shot forth a massive bolt of charged chakra that had a plasma like sound effect as it passed through the surrounding area. Expecting this final attack to work, Nito aimed it at a rather dense looking rock that still couldn’t take the hit very well. Despite this jutsu’s being weakfish. The rock was well dented and sliced on various locations. “Looks like I got it now. But I’m so tired that I’m likely to pass out now. I don’t go time to pass out while in some forest.” Nito grabbed his pen and pad and quickly began to jot down. “Visualizing and thinking when training jutsu is very much so essential and without it, I don’t know what I’d do in many situations when learning jutsu. Otherwise, seals can be very complicated and it’s best to know the chakra anatomy of the body. End result? Mission accomplished. Entry 159.” 

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Nito's Bolts of Fuin (Private, NK)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:17 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Nito's Bolts of Fuin (Private, NK)
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