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 Mom and Son vs The Forest Monster (mission)

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Takehaya Yamato
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: Mom and Son vs The Forest Monster (mission)   Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:09 pm

As he threw his mother she could see the smile on his face, not knowing if she knew about the demon inside of him, he at least wanted to assure her that he had not lost his mind or humanity...or what had been left of it. With that he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath as he continued on his flight path, picking up his full speed as he took to the sky. With the moon's light behind him, Kasuga could still feel the new power coursing through his body," This feeling...Its like nothing i've ever felt and to be honest...It feels great! So let's see what all we can do with this," thinking this to himself as he came down into the beast with his crescent kick, he watched as the beast began to groan and fly towards his mother, his body landing on the ground and crouching in a runners position as she made her attack. Calculating eyes watching his mother's blow knock the tusk loose, he looked up slightly to the left as Erebus spoke to him," Switch with me for a second its not fair you get to use my power and not let me have in on the fun with it," forgetting that the two were practically the same person he swapped consciousnesses with the entity to allow him in on the phone.

A smirk played on the males lips as he heard Ari's voice followed by an object flying at him. At that moment he took off from the ground, flying towards it and catching it with the gauntlet had been placed on his arm. Within seconds the armor grew back to its original large size, holding the tusk within its grasps he continued to fly towards the beast before jamming the sharp tusk into its shoulder. While the beast had been getting beaten by his mother, Kasuga had successfully achieved his goal, he stepped back a bit as the blood from the monsters shoulder got onto his body, crimson fluids starching the males body and hair as he looked at it and smiled," Delightful," nothing but a smirk on his face as he jumped back from the beast making a lunge at him.

Dodging the attack pretty quickly he watched as his mother made quick work of throwing it off balance, knocking its other tusk into the ground within mere moments of connecting her punch which meant that Kasuga would have some time to do something while it had been recuperating. As it flicked dirt and roots up from the ground, Kasuga blasted through it punching it to the face stunning it. Soon after Ari's attack connected sending it onto its back. From there he would slide just under it as Ari connected her punch to its snout, the fierce punch of the male would send it upwards into the air. With a split second the male's armor would change into that of a sleek battle suit. Looking much like a black ninja suit but a bit baggier, he would launch the beast up into the air with his strength before doing the same to himself.

His body would launch itself higher than the beasts before stopping three meters above it. Within his right hand he summoned a bandaged spear with a red tip, swinging it left and right before lunging down directly into its stomach, the force of his own strength and the spear sliding through inches of the beasts belly as the two came crashing down towards the ground in a crimson flash. Pulling his spear from the beast, he jumped and landed near his mother by this point would see Kasuga in his new form. Switching back to himself, he stood there looking over himself and the wings before smiling," Not too bad of a look...Though the hair feels off... So you think its-," the males question was answered as the beast roared and grunted almost as if it was in pain but did not want to give up. Getting onto its feet, the beast made a loud, threatening roar that shook the forest at first not worrying Kasuga until he had heard the foot steps that accompanied it.

From all sides six mini beasts could be surrounding the mother and son duo, all looking to get a piece of the two," Maybe we missed something in the info on the mission...or they are just figments of my overactive imagination. At any rate, we have some more cleaning up. Ready mother?," looking over to her he smiled and nodded as he took off. From behind him four blades could be seen floating behind him, though only one had been summoned to his left hand. Flicking the blade into a reverse grip style of handling, he twirled the spear from the left to the right as he slammed into one of the beasts with the spear, impaling it into the ground and one more tried to attack him from behind. At that moment he launched one of the blades from behind him, impaling the soul in the center of its forehead dropping it. With two down already he turned towards the third which had been the biggest of the three that had attacked him.

In an instant the two were clashing at each other, Kasuga using the sleek blade blade to block the beasts claws before shoving the base of his spear into the monsters mouth. Ending it with a swift strike, he looked to see if his mother had been done before looking at the original problem with a smile," Go left and i'll take the right. We should be able to end it with a swift all out attack...ready for some fun?," feeling like he and his mother had been having a good time, he readied himself before dashing forward at the beast from the right. From his side he would launch another one of the blades into the beasts foot causing it to bellow before jumping up towards its face and smacking it dead in the eye with the spear. Effectively taking out of its eyes, he dropped to the ground while it tried to rampage about thrusting the spearhead into its foot with all of his strength , given the spears unique properties it would slide through with ease causing its tendons within its legs to severe dropping it to the ground. At moment he would see if his mother had been attacking, using her attack to leap up and kick the beast back into the ground.

With each attack he would continue to push in strength, until the beast began to convulse," Almost there!! Give it a good hard punch or something like that," though at this moment he would slide back and prepare a rapid succession of hand seals as lightning began to form across his right hand. Smiling he would summon a memento of his father's, the Raikage hat he had been wearing when they first reunited," Let's make this last attack a blast," running towards the beast, his eyes swirled into the combination of the possession and the Kenseigan as he ran towards the beast with every intention to ram through it. As the sound of chirping birds filled the air he ran towards his first destination, aiming to take away the beasts movements. With his first attack he went through the beasts leg, cutting through it with ease before jumping over the falling body and summoning a sheathed katana, his right hand resting on the hilt as he began to use his chakra to ramp up his body.

In a quick and rapid pace he began to unsheathe and sheathe the blade quickly as three blade of wind were seen cutting through the beast. At the last moment before he had sheathed the blade a final time, a large X shape would appear on the beast underbelly as it began to bleed. Looking down towards his mother he would smile and nod," The finisher is yours," waiting to see what she would do, he would sit back idly until she had dealt the finishing blow. With that he would land and look around at the destruction of the forest a bit and sigh for a moment," well this is a fine case, but we finished the mission so that is good," walking over to the beast he would begin to slowly cut through it, breaking it down into smaller pieces so that it burn easier just in case. As a precaution he took the tusks from the beast, removing the left from the face and the right from the shoulder where he had put it at. Setting them to the side, he moved to put some of the broken trees around it, creating a giant pit fire of sorts as he made hand seals for another jutsu.

From his mouth a small stream of fire would escape his lips just for a moment, igniting the trees and causing the now dead beast to begin cooking. Though he knew this was best so that their mission was completely over, he took a bit from the beast as it was burning, cutting it nicely and sitting it to the side so it could cook on its own while they waited for the rest to get over with. While that had been going on, he slowly reverted back to normal, his body returning to that of his normal form which would begin to show the bruises and cuts he had received from the fight though he was more okay than anything. Sitting on a nearby stump as he watched the beast burn, his left hand would tilt the hat down just a bit as he smiled," This was fun...I never get to do things like this often, so having a nice outing was long overdue wasn't it mom," looking over to her he wasn't going to ask what she had thought of him in that other form.

Within moments the smell of the beasts flesh would begin to fill the air, overtaking the young Ametsuchi's senses though his eyes went elsewhere to see if the small amounts he had cut off had been done yet. Cooked to a decent brown he took them from the fire and ate a bit of it to see if it was bad or anything, lucky for him it had turned out pretty good. Offering a bit to his mother he would see if she had wanted to eat anything before returning to the village. If she had wanted then he would give it to her and if not he would continue to eat while watching the beast burn. After minutes passed and the beasts body was reducing to mere bones and ashes, he stood up and dusted himself off before fixing his hat. With the mission done he expected nothing else to happen so for the time being he would begin to walk back to the village. His body had been sore enough to drop him, though he had to at least make it back so that he didn't worry his mother too much, something about being a tough son or something to that effect. The smile that had usually been on his face had slowly turned into a look of content as he looked back to see if Ari had been following. Of course before he had walked off he would have made sure that the fire was contained and put out along with the beast being buried except for the tusks which he would have on his person. Having proof that the mission was done, he continued on his way before stopping at the gates. While they had completed the mission he couldn't help but wonder how the beast had been unleashed into the village forest. A summon or something like that would have been easy enough to wrap his mind around, but if it had been it should have poofed after a significant amount of damage. Though there had been some cases where that didn't happen he didn't let it bother him to much. Turning to Ari he would lean against the gate and smiled," Anything else we need to see to before we depart back to the village?," not knowing if she had anything to say, he would wait and then plan his movements accordingly.



Come and dance within the fires of darkness, all are welcome
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Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

Fame : 21
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  • Leaf

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Clan : Hiyu
Bloodline : Tai no Hengen
Ryo : 3340

PostSubject: Re: Mom and Son vs The Forest Monster (mission)   Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:47 am

Following the beating Kasuga and she were giving the beast, with its shoulder pierced and snout broken, Ari watched her son proudly as he launched it into the air again. Seeing him dash into the sky after it caused her to smile. The two of them were soundly destroying this colossal creature that terrorized the forest with seemingly little effort. Ari felt she'd come a long way since meeting up with both Kurisu and Kasuga again, her strength clearly daunted the teenage girl that they returned to see many years prior. Never having seen Kasuga in a fight before now either, she was amazed by just how powerful he was and the ingenuity behind his attacks. It seemed astounding that he was so strong when Ari gave birth to him in the first place. Clearly lacking in progress compared to him, there was no thought of jealousy in her mind, just pride in her son and security knowing he could look after himself.

With little time to consider all of this, Ari got back into the action. She observed Kasuga pulling out a spear before he disappeared above the beast and out of her sight. Ari positioned herself directly beneath the beast as she anticipated what would come next. Surely enough, the beast suddenly came plummeting towards the ground, and towards her. Preparing her right fist for a strong impact, Ari threw an uppercut straight above her head and into the centre of the beast's spine. Another squeal escaped it as the beast bent either side of her fist with a clearly weakened vertebra. Ari pushed up with her fist shortly after to gain enough space to run out from beneath it, having Kasuga land beside her as she made the escape. Seeing him dressed in a new set of armour shortly after he disappeared into the sky, it was time to guess what his abilities consisted of.

At least it would have been if he didn't strike a conversation topic first. Still covered in blood from head to toe herself, Ari listened to Kasuga as he talked about his look. Giving him another observation as he talked, she could see he went for a certain fashion sense that wasn't exactly one she'd go for. Nevertheless she respected his clothing and armour arrangement however. While Ari listened to Kasuga as intently as she possibly could, the beast rolled over and let out a roar that completely cut him off. Preparing to launch an attack on the beast to shut it up, Ari was unable to as six smaller runts appeared. Kasuga commented on imagining them to which Ari replied in a short answer "Nope, I see them too unfortunately." Assessing the new threat, she only barely caught Kasuga's excited question. "I'm ready but I bet they're not." She replied, winking and taking a basic taijutsu stance.

While Kasuga dashed towards the beasts on his side, Ari slowly moved towards the ones on hers. They decided to rush at her all at once, prompting a defensive stance to be taken as she flipped over the centre beast. The three of them banged tusks with each other as Ari turned around and knelt over the central beast, picking it up by wrapping her arms around its belly. Immediately after, she reeled back and suplexed it into the ground face first. The effort required to lift and slam these beasts about was considerably easier to manage. However, the beast she suplexed was dead while the larger one remained alive and kicking. Ari pushed off the ground with both her feet to flip over the now dead suplexed beast, standing behind its corpse to guard against the other two. Once again they rushed towards her; it appeared to be their nature as wild beasts with no experience in a fight.

Instinct appeared to play no role in their survival, as Ari picked up the dead beast by its hind legs and swatted the both of them from left to right. The two beasts banged into each other and rolled into a tree where she then threw the dead beast at them. With her strength of 150 and speed of 195, Ari tossed the beast at 212 speed. The dead beast crushed the other two into the tree in a violent display of blood fireworks as they shattered the wood and their bodies collapsed in on each other. Observing the disgusting mess she'd made of them, Ari winced and turned to face Kasuga. He'd finished dealing with the beasts on his side shortly before her, as was expected from her son. Kasuga picked up the conversation before she could and laid out another plan she was happy to agree with. "Sure, but be careful with those sharp objects." Ari made cocked gunner hands at Kasuga while winking in a childish fashion.

They were about to decimate the giant beast and turn it into a bloody mess, but she was having too much fun to consider the violence anything less than a good bonding experience. Ari pressed her right fist into her left palm and cracked the knuckles in it, stretching her neck left and right before rolling her shoulders. The physical activity was making her joints stiff along with the technique that still ran, enhancing her physical strength and speed. It was becoming uncomfortable to have running purely because she wasn't quite used to it yet. However, she was confident it would still last until the beast before them was turned into a chunky puddle. Seeing Kasuga about to kick off towards it, Ari also prepared to attack. While he took off she matched his speed, rushing the beast's left side as she prepared for an attack plan. Its right tusk had been removed prior and left a gaping hole.

Ari decided to aim for that vital point and use it against the beast, rushing towards it with all her speed as she'd leap onto the beast upon reaching it. Running vertically up the beast's right shoulder before jumping for the hole, Ari slammed her right fist into the bloody mess and jammed it upwards. Underneath the beast's rough exterior was a soft flesh like any other creature. By prying her hand through the bloody mess she was able to pierce the soft flesh and grab its right eye from beneath. Ari gripped it mercilessly after shoving her hand inside it, pulling on the eye until it would squeeze through the hole its right tusk left behind. With the beast's right eye dangling from the hole beneath its actual eye socket, it squealed and tried to pull its eye away from Ari. Kicking off the beast with the eye still stuck on her fist was the next step. Ari launched herself onto its back and pulled on the eye like a horse's reigns.

Kasuga had meanwhile pierced its left eye meaning the only eye it could see from was the one firmly stuck on her fist. With the pupil facing her, Ari could see it still widening and thinning as sun rays pierced the forest leaves and struck it. She used her body to block its pupil so it would effectively be blind. Panicked from its blindness, the beast would rear as Kasuga told her to deliver a strong attack. Ari thought for a moment before realizing the eyeball could act like a punching glove and raised her right fist. Jumping off the beast with the eyeball raised on her fist, the firm connection between the beast and its eye pulled her back down shortly after. Ari slammed her right fist along with the eyeball straight down into its skull, splitting the ball in half while a circular indent was imprinted on the back of the beast's skull. Doubtlessly receiving some brain trauma as its skull shattered inwards.

Ari looked at her right hand in disgust, covered in vile liquids from the eyeball she'd been wearing on it. Attempting in vain to wipe the liquid off on her shirt, she almost forgot her position before the beast's convulsions reminded her. Seeing Kasuga running towards the beast in what appeared to be his final attack, Ari jumped off its body and allowed him free reign to attack it. She didn't want to get in his way while he was having fun and knew there'd probably be a bit more fun to have after he finished. His attacks had no wasted movement or flaw visible, Ari once again proudly observed her son's combat abilities and smiled. Whether or not she looked sane while covered in fleshy chunks and blood with a big grin on her face, that wasn't really something that mattered to her at the time. After landing multiple cuts on the beast's body, Kasuga told her the finishing blow could be hers.

However, they still hadn't established whether the beast was a summon gone wrong, or just a freak of nature. Ari would feel bad if they couldn't fully establish which it was. "I think we've dealt enough damage to subdue it now, we should drag it back to the village so they can ascertain where it came from right?" This moment of clarity seemed out of place considering the amount of fun Ari was having, but she didn't want to fail a mission just because they got carried away. Without knowing the beast's origin, delivering a mission report would be very difficult. Ari walked over to the beast and placed her right hand on its snout. "Where did you come from?" She asked the question plainly, as the beast's ears and mouth were still intact it should have had no difficulty answering. In fact they were yet to deal any substantial vital wounds to the beast as far as Ari could see. It was bleeding in multiple areas, but for a summon that wouldn't mean fatal wounds as long as it stopped bleeding.

Previously having observed its bleeding stopping in an unnaturally short time when she ripped out its right tusk, Ari figured it was a summon gone wrong then. However, attempting to catch it in that state was too risky and could have injured either Kasuga or herself. Instead she decided to leave it until this moment, watching patiently as the beast continued to convulse. With a breath of air filling its lungs, she figured it was going to give some answer to her question. However, it snorted and blasted Ari with bloody snot. She closed her eyes and mouth but was nevertheless covered in a vile liquid the likes of which she'd never experienced. Disgusted, Ari threw her right fist into the beast's skull and grabbed its frontal lobe before ripping its brain out whole and tossing it into a nearby tree. The grey matter shattered and shards of flesh sprayed the trees beyond.

"Oops..." Ari muttered, turning around while looking defeated. She attempted to wipe the liquid from her face while walking towards Kasuga. He commented on not getting to do these things very often, to which she replied "Me either... This was fun, we should do it more often..." Realizing the state she was in, Ari also added further commentary. "Not a word of this to Kurisu okay?" Ari requested, concerned about her appearance. Deactivating the Perfect Cell Transformation with a Tiger handseal, it seemed she finally had a good handle on the technique. While Kasuga worried about how to dispose of the beast's body, Ari just worried about getting cleaned up. "I don't think it matters if we leave the corpse here right? I mean... Something else will come along and eat it in due time anyway... I need to wash off so I'll leave the disposal to you please hon." 

Shortly after, Ari disappeared to a nearby lake and washed the beast's remains from her body including its snot. She'd reappear shortly after while Kasuga had been burning everything. Ari would refuse the offer of beast flesh, she still wasn't sure all of its guts had been removed from her hair. A while after, they would be headed back to the village. Ari made sure to walk beside Kasuga and while she was also sore, she didn't want to worry him. Remaining with her shoulders back and a confident expression even though the ordeal with the beast's snot left her a little shaken. Kasuga suddenly turned to ask if they had anything else to do before heading back. "I guess not, we disposed of the beast and have evidence of it being dealt with. Seems like that's all we need right?" Ari would then continue walking unless Kasuga had anything else to say. However, she spoke once more.

"I'm really proud of you son, you're much stronger than I could have imagined."

[Mission Finished, Exit]
WC: 5143/5000
Claiming: 5000 Ryo + Remaining word count of 4350 towards Perfect Cell Transformation + 15AP for completion of S-Rank mission
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Takehaya Yamato
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: Mom and Son vs The Forest Monster (mission)   Mon Jun 06, 2016 2:33 am

The small display of power and rage from his mother kind of threw the male for a loop as she ripped a portion of the beasts brain out and threw it," DO not want to make her angry...Agreed," the two had both came to a consensus that mothers had been powerful and pissing them off would no doubt be the end of both Erebes and Kasuga alike. Smiling he would nod and make the sign of zipping his lips he would smile," Nothing will get to him i promise mom. Though I will have to say you are waaaayyy stronger than I even thought. I see now why... he had chosen you as his partner. Also if we are keeping quiet about what happened there, could you not tell him about me going full demon back there? He doesn't know that I can fully control it yet so it would be a nice surprise when we fight for some reason," knowing that he could easily trust his mother with his secret he would smile and continue taking care of the body.

The saying that mother's knew best was definitely not an understatement as she had agreed with his idea and he nodded as she went to go was off. Looking down at himself for a moment he smiled and shook his head," The shower is calling my name so i will take care of mine then," with that he sat there and watched over the fire while she had went away, his ears tuned to the forest to listen in on anything coming or going just in case. When his mother had came back from wherever she had went, she had been clean which meant there had been a water source nearby, he smiled and comfortably ate his meat before finishing it off and sighing," That was good...," knowing that this was the only thing he was going to eat for now, he continued to walk through the forest stretching his body until they had came to the beginning of their mission.

The mission had been a complete success and he finally got a chance to bond with his mother. All in all he had a successful night and was hopeful in the thought that they could do this again sometime and maybe even with Kurisu if it came to pass. The smile stayed on his face for a moment as he scratched his cheek in embarrassment as he looked away from Ari," Geeze mom you sure know how to make me feel awkward don't you...But thank you....It means a lot to hear you say that," as she walked off however he could hear the small voice in his head laughing at him, telling him that he had become such a softie around his family in which he could only sigh. Knowing that he should have probably ignored Erebes he couldn't help but comment on one thing," If i've become soft so have you...Maybe you should get checked out," knowing the irony in his own saying he sighed and leaned off of the gate before walking off towards the village. Tusks in hand he left onward towards the village wondering where he should take them. Probably the mission center or something of that effect, though he would actually keep one as a memento just in case he wanted to look back at the good old times. Now within the safety of the village, the male safely transported the tusks to the mission building before turning his report to the administration building so that the Hokage could go over it....going to be fun.


5,019 words

Claiming 5000 Ryo, 12 Ap from max stats, Daytime Tiger and the rest can be used for poor kids. Oh also 15 ap from S rank mission rewards

Come and dance within the fires of darkness, all are welcome
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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Re: Mom and Son vs The Forest Monster (mission)   Mon Jun 06, 2016 3:30 am

Approved unless I overlooked something


Kurisu's Stats
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PostSubject: Re: Mom and Son vs The Forest Monster (mission)   

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Mom and Son vs The Forest Monster (mission)
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