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 Life is Made (P)

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Raizuko Akari
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : -60
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Element(s) : Lighting, Fire, Water
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Hikaraiton
Bloodline : Golden Eye
Ryo : 6000

PostSubject: Life is Made (P)   Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:47 am

It had only been a couple hours since he had left Kiranomo and headed to the library of Konohagakure to get more information about Sage Energy. So he could continue into his dream of creating living beings such as himself. From what he learned from Kira and what he had learned from the library. Sage Energy was in everything even in a human. But in most humans it was rather dormant. Sage Energy was said to come directly from the Sage of Six Paths chakra which meant that you needed to be connected to something that was directly connected to the sage in order to use it. In Kira’s case it was summons from what Raizuko remembered. Her summons taught her the ways of Senjutsu allowing her to go into a specific mode that he had assumed was called Sage Mode. This type of Sage Energy was warm, caring, and welcoming. But of course to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Jugo were a clan of people derived directly from Sage Energy allowing them to have the ability to use it.  But unlike Sage Energy that came from the summons’. The Jugo’s Sage Energy was vengeful. Raizuko knew because he had only a small amount of it within himself which he had gotten from a man by the name of Ganki. The owner of the Sakura Corporation a company that had been on top for a really long time. Fortently, Raizuko when he wants too can get information on all the studies the man has had at the company since Raizuko was a ranking member.

But at the moment Raizuko’s only main focus was creating another human being. Which had led him back to his large hotel room, sitting on his bed as he stared at the wall. He had finally figured out a way that creating another human being may be able to be made, but the catch was that he did not know if he would die at the cost of it. He had planned to insert his very own lifeforce into a non living and dormant host body. He would close his eyes as he rose from his spot on the bed. Chakra was the key to all of his dreams and this was a situation in which he needed it most. Instantly he released all of his built up chakra from their tenketsu as a fiery blue glow appeared around his body. He would extend his left hand towards the ground as he would place his right hand on his stomach where the most of his chakra was. He was planning on using the basic jutsu Body Replication to replicate his whole body so that he could infuse his life force in it. But that would take a lot of chakra causing him to stress himself as he released the small amount of Sage Energy within the small of his back causing his feiry blue chakra to turn a orange and brown color. His chakra seemed to have it’s own gravitational force as the curtains on the windows were trying to come his way but could not because of the rods holding them back. Now with his chakra fully released he would brings both of his hands together and would begin doing five hand seals that he would need to complete this task.

Upon doing the hand seals he would begin thinking of a new structure for his own body. He imagined the body having hair as long as a woman’s but stretching down even further down to the back of the knee. The hair would be blue in color as if the morning sky had been asorbed by the hair. Though, hints of silver strands of hair would be seen signalizing that this being was a creation from chakra. He would then begin to think about the skin color. He himself was a fair skinned person but was somewhat pale despite being in a village that recieved the most of heat. He would imagine the new body having a deep tan almost orange in color. But just the deep tan would not be the only thing on the new body’s skin. He visualized permanent blue fire like tattoos around the body’s eyes and along the forearms of both of the new body’s arms. He would then realize that he had almost forgotten the height of the body imagining that it was himself. He would visualize the height of the body being roughly 6’3 just like himself.

Upon creating an appearance for the body he would place his right hand back on his stomach and extend his left hand forward aiming for the ground. The dormant body was created upon Raizuko giving a huff and a rise of his chakra. In a bright light a body exactly like he had imagined had appeared on the ground roughly 5 meters away from him. He continued to keep his chakra leaking as he walked towards the body and stood over it. The body resembled a boy and looked to be so calm causing Raizuko to smile as he would get on his knees. He was not yet done with creating the body. It was still lifeless and he would need the art of Fuinjutsu to insert a piece of his life force into it. He would place his hands on the chest of the dormant body after activating his doujutsu the Golden Eye. Strands of chakra released from his hands and traced themselves inside of the body creating seals along the organ and the brain. Upon each seal being created Raizuko would close his eyes digging deep within the chakra in his stomach directing a small piece of white chakra towards his two hands. The chakra being directly from his soul entered the dormant body causing the tattoos on the body to grow slightly. Making Raizuko raise from his position and back up from the body. The body was still glowing causing Raizuko to go in thought. He had yet to think of a name for the body causing him to frown. 

“Your name will be Mokushiroku Akari.” upon saying the words the body had stopped glowing and almost instantly it shot up from it’s lying position and let out a huge breath causing Raizuko to back up a single step. He had did it, he had finally created a living being. Now the only thing he needed to do was to see if it. No to see if he was actually living.”Where am I.” said the deep voice of the newly made and named Mokushiroku. The guy was naked causing Raizuko to turn around grabbing the cloths off of his bed and throwing the over his head towards the man.”You are in my hotel Mokushiroku.” said Raizuko with his back still facing the man.”Mokushiroku?” said the man questionly.”Is that my name?” asked the man causing Raizuko to smirk and say “Yes, it is. Could you do me a favor and put on those cloths I gave you.” He had not heard a answer causing him to turn around seeing that the boy had already put on the cloths meaning that he had some form of intelligence no offense.”How did I get here.” asked Mokushiroku.”I created you.” said Raizuko.”What do you mean.” asked the boy causing Raizuko to frown. Why were so many questions being asked.”I mean to say is. I created you from a jutsu that I forged myself. My name is Raizuko Akari and I hope you can forgive me for giving you life.” said Raizuko. He felt as if he had used up all of his chakra causing him to fall into a crouching position.”Forgive me, I am extremely tired.” said Raizuko. But Mokushiroku did not reply as he said “So basically what you are saying is that you are my father.” Raizuko blushed as he would nod confirming what Mokushiroku had said. The first smile Raizuko had seen from Mokushiroku would appear as the newly created boy would say “There was no harm done. In some ways I am beginning to think that you have gifted me slightly.” 

Raizuko would nod as he felt himself feeling more fatique causing his to fall to the ground in a lyign position as if he was asleep. He could not move an inch of his body, it was as if he was paralyzed. He could feel himself drifting off. He had used to much chakra was he dying? His eyes would make there way towards Mokushiroku as he would say “Mokushiroku please don’t move till I recover from my unconsciousness.” said Raizuko as his eyes as shut. His last thought was that he had finally accomplished his primary dream. Now he needed to find his father and Mokushiroku would be of great help with him doing it. He would thank the Six Paths Sage for allowing him to have a slight form of his chakra if it was not for the God he would still be in the same position as in the past.

(1520WC, claiming one body created from Bodily Rebirth, claiming 12 stats)

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Akihana Akari

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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
Bloodline : Golden Eye
Ryo : 47000

PostSubject: Re: Life is Made (P)   Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:20 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Life is Made (P)
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