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 A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:33 pm

(Skip me for now I'll post a filler later. Too much real life stuff goin on rn)
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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:25 am

[So yeah here it goes, not sure how this will look when I'm done with it xDD wrote first half really drunk]

After Ari had hugged their son he'd put his arm around her as she had done. "We were just going for a walk." he said looking over at Kasuga while also giving his boy a nod, hoping that Kasuga would understand that it meant 'I know I know, but just play along and give everyone a chance.' and it seemed to work as Kasuga introduced himself and mentioned that he was Ari and Kurisu's son. The interesting fact though was Jace pointing out that he likes to read books with Sharingan and considering that the boy had been doing just that earlier it made sense even if it probably wasn't good to do in public. "Well doing that here in Konoha is fine as long as you don't go out and do it in front of other people. People tend to like taking those eyes." he was rather blunt but it was good to let his ninja know that they could do almost as they wanted in the village and be safe but to be careful outside of the village just in case.

He had also taken notice of a rather large chakra presence being nearby, diverting his attention in the direction of the chakra he'd momentarily tense up ready to deal with a possible threat. Turns out it was one of his ANBU 'Thank god' he thought to himself, glad one of his ANBU was present just in case a serious threat showed up that he couldn't deal with on his own. He wasn't sure if his ANBU wanted to actually get involved in the meet and greet, considering identity was usually a secret; however, he'd still wave at the ANBU as a sign of 'You can join us if you want'

Luckily Risako wasn't hit by the bottle he threw as he didn't think about that in the moment when he tossed it over and he was happy that she responded to the toast, and this was followed by the tall man Koaru, who he'd thrown a bottle to, speaking out. "I could always use more advice, but yeah enjoy your time before then its appreciated." he'd reply to Koaru. After this someone else seemed to join the group, a girl walking up and standing next to Queen and bowing towards people in the group. "No need for bows, we're all family here. Still getting to know the names of everyone so if you don't mind, what's your name?" he'd direct that at the new guest.

The boy, Maloren Hyuuga, who was defending his friend Jace, gave his introduction which included the fact that he apparently didn't have a mile long stick up his ass and also included Kurisu being called Brokage. "Alright well, that's good news and Brokage is a new one." he said with a laugh, realizing what had come of saying 'call me anything' but it was fine. Meanwhile Ita seemed to be feeling the effects of being drunk as he was unresponsive in the moment which was not a problem as Kurisu already knew who he was.

Now came the question of what to do, there was a plan he had thought about doing but there were a lot more people hanging around now. Of course, having some witnesses to what he planned to do wasn't the worst idea. At that point the ghost voice of Echo rang in his head 'Noooooo Kur don't do it!!!! Its a trap!!!!! Just kidding bro, do it. Celebrate with a building flip.' In truth he wasn't entirely sure how to go about doing it, but assuming it went good then Echo was right, they definitely would need to flip a building as a village.

"Now I know we're all having a good time drinking, but I need to do something before things get crazy." even if some of his ninja didn't understand, the alcohol was almost certainly going to have a significant effect on most of them. He was never the romantic type and didn't exactly have experience at settling down with someone for life. "So uh." it was a new feeling, he was having a hard time gathering his composure and fighting off his nerves. 'Fuck, I've never done this, okay I think I remember Viper saying something about this. Come on Kur, don't be stupid, you got this.' he was having to convince himself this wasn't going to end in disaster. 

Setting down his bottle of Jack Daniels, he'd get down on just his right knee and pull out a small box with his right hand. Opening up the box he'd reveal a fairly simple and average diamond ring, there was a feeling of shame that he hadn't got a better one but that'd be something he could do before the actual wedding assuming that was even going to happen, there was still a question to be asked and answer needed. There was no doubt in his mind that this is what he wanted he just hoped for a certain answer. "Ari, I don't know where I'd be right now without you, there's nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" well it was out there now and there was no going back.


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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:42 pm

Ari noted the presence of a new arrival, anybody with Chakra sensory would have detected her in their vicinity. Unbeknownst to Ari it happened to be one of their ANBU, Anri. For the moment she would keep tabs on the new arrival's presence and stay on high alert for anything else. The boy that ran into Kurisu was named Jace and used his Sharingan to read which was... neat. It didn't matter in the slightest to Ari. Kasuga was brief with the crowd like always. Ari didn't explain what event was up when he asked because she wasn't aware there was anything special about today. The large man that entered the scene named Isobu, he was a curious one. It wasn't often people of his race ever left the confines of wetter environments. When he spoke, it was concerning his desire to fulfill a duty to Konoha.

Ari could respect that his words were of duty and nodded in approval. The one she didn't know the name of that would otherwise be called Ayumi, entered and bowed awkwardly. Not knowing what else to do, Ari responded with a brief half bow, shortly before Maloren made his introduction. Safe to say it was a little cringe worthy, the Hyuuga were a prestigious bunch that she never regarded as having a stick up their ass. Ari decided to let his introduction go without a response. Even "brokage" sounded a little unwarranted, but all in good fun, right? Queen had already introduced herself and had nothing more to add, Ita didn't seem to take any actions at all... So that wrapped up everything... Almost.

Without warning Kurisu seemed lost for words and stepped down on one knee, Ari had a feeling she knew what it meant and gave a dumbfounded expression. Sure enough, the little box confirmed her suspicions before Kurisu even got the chance to speak as she saw a diamond ring within. However, she felt like hearing what he had to say and dared not interrupt. Ari remained on guard for anybody that would, ensuring Kurisu could finish his proposal. The feeling of elation it gave her was overbearing, but she endured it and even started to blush for the first time in public. When Kurisu finished his proposal she'd take a moment to speak. "I guess you needed an audience... but you didn't need the ring dummy." Ari smiled before tackling Kurisu with a hug and whispering into his ear. "That's a yes by the way."

Briefly squeezing him before releasing some of her grip so they could kiss, she paid no mind to the reaction this was getting from the group.

Click to show Ari's Current Appearance:
Height: 5'9 feet
Weight: 67 kilograms
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Anri Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:29 pm

The black-haired Uchiha remained propped up on the rooftop, hands tucked away in the pockets of her black pants. Her small scowl remained concealed by the high collar to her shirt. The female had no intentions of getting involved, judging by the calm, almost solemn-presence that her enormous reserves gave off. Anri would flicker her onyx gaze between the ten individuals after she'd noticed the wave that Kurisu gave her.

She despised the fact that he used to be part of Kumogakure so much that she'd subconsciously blocked out the fact that he was now the Hokage. It was quite awhile that she knew this information. None the less, the vigilant individual remained silent, as though she was wearing her mask when she wasn't. Anri slid her feet across the cement, slowly hopping off of the edge of the roof. She applied a thin surface of chakra to her soles as she landed softly on the earth with a small tap.

She up straight, not leaning against anything. Her hands slowly slithered from her pockets, her right hand revealing the Konohagakure headband she was holding, her lips pursed. The Uchiha would push her black bangs upright and wrap the headband around her head, allowing her bangs to fall once more. There was no visible reaction from the un-armored operative, just stoicness.
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Fifi Jr <3

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:22 am

Shortly after Jace had done his little introduction, the girl on the bench not far away shouted something like 'Risako', which the boy figured was probably her name. After that the male standing with Kurisu and Ari introduced himself to be their son and his name was Kasuga. He didn't seem to be much of a talker which was fine by Jace. After that the large blue man introduced himself as Isobu and said something about wanting to become the Hokage's advisor some day. The Uchiha supposed that was a good idea, though he would much rather become a famous author some day. Maybe that would eventually happen. It seemed another girl had made her way into the fray to stand among the group, but didn't give her name or say anything for that matter. That was ok. Jace would take another swig of his bottle at this point. He was really starting to feel it now, having never had alcohol before. He was starting to feel sort of...giddy.

Mal had also introduced himself, calling Kurisu brokage? Er...ok. What was that about not having a stick up his ass? Jace hadn't really been paying attention so he only caught bits and pieces of what was going on around him. Of course the bitchy blonde of few words simply stated that she had already introduced herself and that was that. Ita didn't seem to really do anything, simply standing there looking lost. It did seem like he had gotten pretty drunk before joining the group though so that was probably why. Anywho Kurisu responded to each person in turn and seemed to be enjoying himself. He had warned Jace about using his sharingan though, something about people wanting to take his eyes. Either way Jace would deactivate his sharingan at that remark. 

After everyone had pretty much introduced themselves, the Hokage spoke up saying he had to do something before things got crazy. Jace took another large gulp of his Jack and waited patiently to see what Kurisu wanted to do. It was a good thing he had already swallowed the alcohol or else he would have spit it all over the place when he noticed exactly what it was. Kurisu had gotten down on one knee and ASKED ARI TO MARRY HIM!! That wasn't the best part though. The best part was that she said yes! Jace couldn't believe he had been present for such an important and exciting moment. "WOOO! Congratulations!" he shouted in response to the happy couples engagement. It was probably the alcohol that made him do what he did next though. He turned to Queen with a huge smile on his face and pulled her close for a big hug. When the hug finished, if Queen even let him hug her, Jace would lean in and give her a soft kiss on her cheek before turning back to look at the Hokage and his family.

Jace Stats

[00:13:25]|Snow| : Jace and Queen will eventually exchange bodily fluids so I'm sure they can share health numbers to
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Kasuga Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:27 pm

The more people had introduced themselves in order, he dedicated them to memory as a just in case he had needed to call on them which if it came to that...well his stubbornness would show to shatter considerably. His eyes or rather his chakra senses caught sight of the presence that had still been on top of the rooftop for some time, his eyes moving to stare directly in that direction for a moment before he had flexed his fingers in anticipation," Why the fuck are they still over there just standing around ...Hmm ," he thought to himself as he just stared in that direction. Eventually as the body began to move from the rooftop to the street walking towards the crowd he had remained on guard just in case, never knew what went through the minds of people these days and he wasn't going to have someone trying to off his family.

Speaking of which he caught the sight of his father kneeling down in which he glanced over wondering just what the hell had been going on. He had no idea of what his father was doing but as he continued to speak and had eventually popped the question to his mother, his eyes widened almost in disbelief as he clapped for his father and mother," Well well if I knew you were going to do this i'd have worn my good Kimono for this occasion...Now I feel like a bad son for not getting anything for this occasion...poo," he was a tad bit upset about this, but the happiness that he had felt inside outweighed that. Stepping forward he would take his mother and if Kurisu was still there him into a big family hug in which his eyes would have been still looking about but with a smile," Looks like we are a full family now after all...," he only wished the others could have been here to see this, but knowing they were watching from above made it all the better.

Silence is only Temporary
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Risako Akara

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:06 am

As Risako pounded down the first gulp, she came to the realization that the dog's bark wasn't as bad as its bite. Was there a burn? Yea. Was it bad? It wasn't unbearable. The taste wasn't anything to write home about, but it certainly wasn't as bad as she was expecting it to be. Still, she preferred to keep her head clear, so with that she would begin to just hold the bottle upright. After her gulp, she continued to listen the conversation, but didn't participate. 

Risako wasn't stand offish by any means, but she wasn't really talkative either. For her, merely observing the events that would unfold was enough. She did cock an eyebrow when the Hokage got down on one knee, though. Tuning out everyone else, she focused on what Ari and Kurisu were saying, and right after he did the deed, she would give a few quick claps to show her support. 

Risako didn't scream, "WOOO!" however, because this wasn't a sporting event. Filthy Jace.

Risako's Stats

@ TheInvincibleLegend : Risako is probably the manliest Ninja in Konoha.
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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:03 am

Standing silently, the girl would lend an ear as some random boy introduced himself as Maloren Hyuuga. Apparently he doesn't have a mile long stick up his ass unlike the rest of his clan members. Well, we'll see about that. Moving on, the blonde next to her didn't really seem to have anything to say. The other boy, the one who talked about burning down the forest or something like that, also seemed to have nothing to say. Okay then. From the corner of her eye, Ayumi could see the blonde girl give her a shady look. Trash. Returning the said look exchange thing (or whatever it was) by giving her a dirty look, the kunoichi then turned to face the Hokage, who happened to ask for her name. "Ayumi, nice to meet you," brief and straight to the point, she would then shut her mouth. If the Hokage ever wanted to know more about her (not that she was interesting, but just in case), she was pretty sure he could just go through the files which contain information regarding all of the shinobi belonging to the Leaf village. It probably wouldn't be easy considering the amount of shinobi, but she was pretty sure he had slaves helpers or at least a secretary to help him.

Cocking her head to the left, she could feel a chakra presence move towards the group, just by a meter at most. It was the same chakra which she had detected just a few minutes ago. Whoever this person may be, he/she seemed to be particularly nosy. Sheesh, at least suppress your chakra, the girl thought to herself. Whilst she was complaining to herself, the Hokage would drop to one knee before popping the question to the woman who was standing beside him. What was her name again? Eri? Ari? Either way, Ayumi would give a little smile as the scene unfolds. Cute. The redhead beside him would reply with a 'yes' before embracing the Hokage. After her reply, the Uchiha boy with the book would suddenly cheer, which the kunoichi found quite uncivilized of him considering the fact that the cheer sounded somewhat rowdy. Followed right after the Uchiha's cheering, the random guy standing beside the couple—their son, apparently—would then join the group hug. She could hear the girl sitting on the bench nearby clap before shortly stopping. "Congratulations~", Ayumi would say softly, a small, but genuine smile plastered on her face.
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Maloren Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:50 am

Maloren swayed from side to side as he had already consumed the entire bottle of alcohol. He tossed the bottle into the trashcan as he stumbled around. He heard the hokages proposal and he still had the ability to not act like a total idiot. He clapped at the scene happily, while fighting to maintain his posture. After the moment had passed he moved over to sit on the bench beside Risako and fought to try to keep himself from doing something completely retarded. He knew he had a blush on his face, but from either the alcohol or the vicinity of his biggest crush he didn't know. He looked over to the crowd as someone that seemed to be their son engaged a group hug with his family. He smiled at the thought, a vague part of his mind thinking that he wished he had a family that didn't care so much about representing the clan. He turned to look at Risako and felt his blush deepen. He couldn't help his crush, he just had it. It didn't help that she was really chill to talk to in person. And that she seemed to like the quiet moments as much as he did. 

He tried to think of something to say. They were friends now right? But he couldn't figure out what to say to her to begin a conversation. He sighed internally before deciding he'd just have to say the first thing that came to his mind in his drunken state. Without a care in the world he turned to her and would look her dead in the eye if she was facing him and just say "You're really pretty...." He said with the intelligence of Jace when he looks at Queen. He couldn't honestly find anything wrong with what he said. So he looked back forward and began to stare off into space, while keeping an ear out for anything she might say.


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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:44 pm

The girl that Rei had eyed seemed to be dishing back some side eye as well, as the two just observed one another. While the blonde’s look was a little shady, the blacked haired girl was giving her full on dirty, filthier than a hooker’s clitoris after rush hour. The two simultaneously reverted their gaze back to the Hokage as she proceeded to introduce herself. Ayumi, officially added to the hit list.

Queen watched idly while drinking her alcohol as Kurisu announced he had to get something done before the night continued. With a moment of hesitation and doubt, he settled his bottle of alcohol down (which if Queen knew the man any better would have known this was a very odd thing to do) before propping down on one knee in front of Ari. And just like that, the man popped the question just like Ari was going to pop two babies in nine months time. It was os sudden, so unexpected, and surprisingly, almost brought Queen to tears. Still being a teenage girl who was now in the being controlled with the demon that was alcohol, she couldn’t help but get a little teary. There was a slight moment of suspense in the air as all waited for Ari’s answer. It took a moment, but she replied in her own way of saying yes before they engaged in a kiss.

For a brief moment, Queen was taken to her deepest and more well kept thoughts. In this part of her imagination, she stood in a street just like Ari was, except there was no crowd. She would stand there, just her and Jace. He would grab her hands ever so softly, and look into her eyes with a deep affection. His green irises practically impregnating her with his love. He’d get down on one knee, pulling out a fine with a beautiful yellow stone before he had popped the question himself.

Her drunken thoughts caused a severe blush to flood her face before suddenly being grabbed by the boy she was just thinking about. The girl stool dead still as he hugged her, her eyes widening in panic of not knowing what to do. She just let the boy hug her as the girl just looked away from him in complete embarrassment. He then planted a soft kiss on her cheek that send the girl in an all out inner frenzy. Just like the grinch, her heart grew three sizes and felt as if it were about to pop out of her chest. She practically stood there and didn’t move a single inch. She contemplated momentarily what she should do next. It took only a few moments before the alcohol had possessed her to do something she wouldn’t normally do. The blonde girl chugged the rest of her bottle before tossing it over her head. She then grabbed Jace by the shoulders so that he was facing her before using her strength to pull him in and kiss him right smack on the lips. It happened so fast, it felt so weird, but her body was feeling all sorts of odd sensations. A moment later she pulled away and just stared at Jace. Did she just do that? Did she really just kiss him? what was she thinking? Oh my god. OH MY GOD. Without any warning the girl slapped the boy with just enough force that it would sting but not hurt. She would proceed to just walk away and off to the side near a building. In her mind, she was walking perfectly straight. In reality, she swayed side to side like a pendulum. Once she made her way to the building, she would punch the wall, causing a small crater around her fist. With her head held low, she would just kind of sit there in her own gloom. She had entered the alcoholic depressive state.
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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Today at 1:46 pm

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A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]
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