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 A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]

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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:55 pm

While he was Raikage if someone had told him that'd he'd finally fall for a girl and settle down with her he'd probably would have just laughed at them and took out their heart. Out of the brothers of Viper, Koroshi, Echo, Kurisu and Navi it was always going to be between Echo and Kurisu for who'd take the longest to settle down and have a family. 'Man Echo, if only you were here you'd probably make fun of me.' he couldn't help but laugh a little from that thought while looking over at the one who had tamed him, Ari. From a fling that bore Kasuga, to being the one wanted to be a mother to all of his children, to the woman of his dreams. "To the future and the past, those we've lost and those we'll gain." he drank to Ari's toast after tapping his bottle against hers, adding to the toast. After taking a good drink he'd pour some onto the ground, a tradition to give the fallen a drink. 'Well, here's a drink to Echo and Navi.' he wasn't going to make a big deal about it though, tonight was a going to be a happy night. 

He'd definitely grown far too comfortable in the village, once he was knocked off balance and fell to the ground after a Konoha nin had bumped into him but that there was no way that'd happen again. He stopped for a moment, his attention focus on Ari as he thought about asking her something important. "So I was th-" before he could finish his words though he was bumped into again, something he'd have to get used to. This time he'd didn't hit the ground, though he did stumble backwards while having a hard time keeping balance. Using his mouth to bite down and hold the bottle of Jack, his arms waved around to keep himself upright and his right hand came to rest on Ari's shoulder while his left hand rested down on Kasuga's shoulder just as he arrived and kept himself up. "Yeah glad you're back to normal son." which was true since he probably would have fallen to the ground and taken Ari with him accidentally had Kasuga still been kid sized. Removing his hands and grabbing his bottle of Jack out of his mouth his eyes glanced at the kid who had walked into him. "Lord Hokage, Sir, I didn't see you there. Please forgive me." was what the boy said at the end. 

In the past this would have easily passed as a 'kill and be done with it' situation but of course things had changed dramatically. "Whoa there, no problem. Here take some Jack." he said taking out a bottle from his bag and handing to the boy. Probably wasn't the best thing to be giving alcohol out to young ninja but it couldn't hurt every now and then. It was a good thing that he had his bag of alcohol, taking note of the fact that it was turning into a group.

He recognized Risako sitting on a bench not too far from them, remembering her from before he had taken the mantle of Hokage and as one of the witnesses to him being named Hokage not mention being the first person to bump into him and the only one to make him eat grass because of it. "Hey Risako!" he'd yell out to her, carefully tossing a bottle of Jack Daniels at her. Also immediately afterwards he noticed someone who looked about as tall as he was and saluting. "Fellow tall person, here ya go." he'd say while tossing another of Jack through the air to the man.

Things started to get more interesting with the next few arrivals having more to than introductions at the start. First there was the boy who came to the defense of the one who had bumped into Kurisu, he started to feel as if the Lord Hokage thing was too much after all he wasn't used to such formality back in Kumo. "Don't worry about it and no need for titles, just call me Kurisu or whatever you want. Also take this." he said, handing the new kid a bottle of jack from his seemingly endless bag while also not thinking about the fact he gave the kid permission to call him anything.

Next up was apparently a Queen from some place Kurisu had never heard of but probably should have. 'Fuck I need to read up on the village more, too used to just knowing things like back in Kumo.' he thought to himself while deciding to pretend to know what Yamano Industries was. "Nice to meet you too, heard a lot about Yamano Industries, great alcohol brand but try some of this." he said instinctively, reaching into his bag and handing Queen a bottle of Jack. 'Good job idiot, the Drunk Hokage thinks that's an alcohol industry and offering a bottle of Jack. I wish I could call other inner retards to tell them how proud of you I am idioit.' his inner retard voice had to mock him for that bad attempt at acting like he knew what he was talking about. 

Finally there was a familiar boy, Ita the forest destroyer from that one mission. Unlike most of the others aside from himself and Ari, Ita had already been drinking and Kurisu was able to tell Ita was eyeing the Jack Daniels. Before he offered a bottle Ita apologized for destroying the forest and then hilariously promised that he didn't hate trees. "Don't worry I don't like trees much, here ya go saw you looking at my bottle." he laughed out and handed Ita a bottle of Jack. 

"Alright so some of you I don't know yet." he said, mostly looking at those who hadn't introduced themselves by name even though he should know already as Hokage. "So if you haven't told me your name, let's start there and everyone say something about yourself, hopefully something interesting." he figured this was as good a chance as any to learn some more about his villagers even if did seem like a fairly childish game to do. He figured that most of the group didn't really know him yet either so he went first, assuming that mostly everyone outside of Ari and Kasuga knew anything about his reign as Raikage. "So I'll go first so we're all clear, I'm Kurisu Ametsuchi, Current Hokage and Former Raikage." that should be a good start, although he still had other plans in store after this meet and greet was done.


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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:25 pm

After clinking her bottle with Kurisu's, Ari took a sip from her bottle. Noticing him doing the same but also offering some to the ground. Ari recognized the sentiment and decided it was worthwhile doing the same. Tipping her bottle onto its side, she offered him a genuine smile and allowed a cupful out before turning it upright. While Ari wasn't clear of those Kurisu lost, she too had lost; from her parents to friends along the way. The future for Konoha was something they'd never get to experience. Suddenly, Kurisu stopped which prompted her to think something was wrong. Before Ari could start darting her eyes around to look for the reason he stopped, she heard him speak. With her focus now on Kurisu she didn't see the incoming boy reading his book, the sentence ended too soon for her to figure out what was going to be said.

Immediately, Ari moved to brace the landing of Kurisu by placing her left foot back and extending her left arm behind him; keeping her right hand free to defend him if he was injured by the culprit. Seemingly arriving right on time was Kasuga, she took a moment to look at his face before recognizing it was her son. Ari would have said something but she was still concerned, turning her focus back to the boy that was now performing a half bow. Realizing it was merely an accident following his words of desperate apology, she relaxed her guard once more. Thinking to move away again, Ari returned her son's hug using her right arm before deciding she'd keep her left arm around Kurisu's back.

With some time allowing her to catch her breath, she decided to speak before anymore interruptions showed up. "I almost didn't recognize you Kasuga, it's good to see you here..." Ari could only watch as Kurisu handed a bottle of alcohol to the boy, seeming to forgive him already. It was good to see him so relaxed and made her want to relax as well. Ari would merely wave at the arrival of Risako, not wishing to stop the flow of conversation, nor possessing any pertinent comments herself. A quite tall man followed, she didn't know him and offered a salute of her own in response using her right hand. The woman hiding in the shadows wasn't noticed by Ari, so the next person to come was another boy around the same age as the first, she assumed.

"Your friend is fine; although if I were a betting woman, I'd say he might have been asleep for the next few days if I didn't have to catch Kurisu." Shrugging, she noticed a familiar face incoming and returned the greeting. "Hi Queen." Ari waved with her right hand, listening to the girl's speech about her family's industry. Along with that, she quietly suppressed a laugh at Kurisu's interpretation of what they were before squeezing his side. Last but not least was the drunken mess, Ita. He was a strange sight, especially in this state. Last she remembered they were on a mission and he proved capable of destroying a large portion of the forest, something he suddenly apologized for out of nowhere. It was all part of the mission, Ari saw no reason to apologize for ensuring the safety of their target by wiping out the enemy.

It seemed a large gathering had taken place out of nowhere. Whether or not she should feel comfortable was a mystery to Ari, surrounded by some people she knew, and others she'd never seen before. Kurisu introduced himself, using his name and titles. Seeing as this was good an opportunity as any, Ari did the same. "I'm Ari, nice to meet you all and see some familiar faces on our walk; I'm Kurisu's partner." She didn't care to state her rank as it didn't mean much to her in comparison.

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Height: 5'9 feet
Weight: 67 kilograms
Attire: Karate Gi, Cloth Foot Wrappings

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Anri Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:25 pm

The young Uchiha dashed from rooftop to rooftop, trailing along throughout the entirety of the village with no intentions in particular. She wore her typical garbs, a black, high-collared shirt with shorts of matching color, as well as sandals that also matched her clothing. The female's hair was tied into a pair of ponytails that dangled past the nape of her neck. Anri took notice of numerous massive signals of chakra without even having to concentrate.

She'd skid to a halt when she landed on the most recent rooftop, a teal-colored one belonging to a two-story high house. She crouched down, pressing her right palm to the surface of the rooftop. With concentrated sensory she identified numerous (ten) sources of chakra in the same place, none of which were surging.. because it'd be bad if they were. Curiousity was a pain in her butt, as it influenced her next action, and that was to head on over to the location The female leaped overhead a street, followed by another, landing in a crouched position at the edge of a building that was overhead the group of people.

She'd arrived just in time to hear his introduction:
"So I'll go first so we're all clear, I'm Kurisu Ametsuchi, Current Hokage and Former Raikage." Anri was alarmed by the latter, which informed her that he was a former Raikage.. and now that he was the Hokage. The female had heard his name from somewhere, but couldn't quite put her finger on it. She stayed silent, with a stoic look on her face, a small frown present as well. The black-haired Uchiha was definitely concerned about the fact that him being the former Raikage meant that he was with Kumogakure, and she wasn't particularly a fan of them.

The nosy female stayed quiet, her enormous chakra reserves most likely making her a beacon of notice to nearby sensors before she'd even  arrived.

"As Konoha's sword I will fight, and as Konoha's shield I shall protect."
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Alice <3
Missing-Nin C
Missing-Nin C

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Clan : Nara
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Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:23 pm

Woah. A whole lot of things seemed to happen shortly after Jace had begun his apology. Firstly, there was the arrival of another male, who was wearing a bandaged hat. He noticed this as he had straightened up from his bow. The Hokage had seemed to catch himself on the woman he was with and the male that Jace would find to be the man's son. Before anything else could happen, a familiar voice spoke up to defend Jace for bumping into the leader of the Leaf Village. It was none other than Maloren, the Hyuuga boy that had been taking on missions with him and Queen. By this time, the Hokage had handed Jace a bottle of some type of drink called jack daniels. Well, the Hokage had told him to drink it, whatever it was, so he immediately opened the bottle and took a large swig. 

He immediately regretted it. The liquid had burned his throat and activated his gag reflex, nearly making him puke on the spot, but he held it back and swallowed it all down. He didn't feel the effects of the alcohol right away, but he would before long. The next to arrive, that Jace had noticed anyway, was his other teammate, the blonde beauty Queen in the flesh. She hadn't even mentioned Jace at all, instead opting to introduce herself right away to the Kage and shaking his hand, mentioning something about Yamano Industries which the Uchiha only assumed was her family's company. She had also greeted the other woman, Ari, but still NOTHING ABOUT JACE. He was starting to wonder why he even liked this stuck up girl. Surely he was going to rethink his feelings about her after this. Not long after that yet another familiar voice had been heard, calling his own name this time. As Jace turned to see who it was, he noticed his friend Ita making his way toward the group now standing in the street. He didn't seem to be himself, his words slurred and tripping over his own feet as he approached. The next words out of his mouth were directed toward the Hokage. Something about burning down a forest and not hating trees. Alllllright then.

It was all getting very lively around him now, and he spotted several other people surrounding them. The Hokage seemed to notice all of them as he addressed each one in turn, some by name and others by descriptions such as 'fellow tall person' and tossed each one of the group a bottle of what Jace now knew to be alcohol. Once everyone had been tossed their own bottle and most of the introductions had been finished, the big boss man would speak up, asking everyone to say something interesting about themselves along with their names. Crowds like this often sparked Jace's anxiety, which would have become quite overwhelming to him at this point if the alcohol hadn't already begun to take effect. Jace had never had any alcohol of any kind before and so his tolerance was meager at best. It seemed like his anxiety was falling away effortlessly and he was beginning to relax once more. 

The Hokage had chosen to offer his own information first, saying his name was Kurisu and he was the former Raikage and current Hokage. He had also mentioned to Jace and Maloren a few moments earlier that they were to call him anything except 'Lord Hokage'. The woman that was with Kurisu also introduced herself as Ari, the partner to the Hokage. Anyway, once Kurisu had finished his own introduction, Jace would offer up information on his own after taking another swig of the jack in his hand. "I'm Jace and my interesting thing is I use my sharingan to read books faster." He had absolutely no idea where the term FiFi had come from, but at least it wasn't 'Lord Hokage' again. There was a lot of other things going on, but Jace had his attention on Kurisu at the moment and didn't bother trying to catch everything else that was happening.
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Shibuya Shoko
Missing-Nin C
Missing-Nin C

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Fri Feb 26, 2016 7:00 pm

Well if he knew any better he'd think that his father was a push over seeing as everyone and their mother had been knocking him over even if it had been twice. As the older male used his shoulders to balance himself he couldn't help but laugh as he stood his father upright," You know you need to put a little more mass on yourself to prevent yourself from falling from anymore little kids you know? Next thing you know mom here could supplex you without warning or something," of course after she had returned his hug he went to stand by her side, still looking over the male that had caused his father to be knocked over. A brief laugh escaped his lips as he looked onward at the many people coming out of the wood works, each of their chakra signatures just standing there as he turned to Kurisu," Looks like you being out here caused all of this though...with you AND mom drinking something must be up, so care to tell me what the two of you are doing?," of course he could question the male and female with certain familiarity because he was the son of the two, though if anyone tried to call him out on it he would most likely punch them in the face.

Skipping over a few minor details his eyes caught sight of the female attempting or rather shaking his fathers hand, in which he only watched his yellow eyes studying her carefully. An air of typical female stuck up the assness came from her in which all he could do was shrug and continue to look outward towards the group of people as if he was anticipating something to happen but knowing the area and circumstances no one was stupid enough to do so. Back to the story at hand, the young male stood firm keeping his hands firmly within the confines of his Kimono. He had no reason to speak yet and he was going to keep it like that until the fact that his father called for a " tell us about yourself" moment from the crowd in which he shook his head and sighed. Immediately after Jace had introduced himself, Kasuga went after him only saying a few short things," Kasuga. These two are my parents annd...that's all you get. ," of course all of his "interesting" things would have to wait until a later date because he didn't feel like telling people anything extra about himself, especially people he didn't even know.

Only cowards are afraid of their demons. Real men? We become our demons
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Risako Akara

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:55 am

Risako's interest in the group grew slightly as more people seemingly flooded the street. Despite her growing interest, she kept her ass planted on the bench, for she was lazy, and didn't wanna get up. Mentally, Risako was making notes about all of her fellow village mates, starting with the pudgy blue man. So pudgy was he, and so blue. She also noticed the disabled Yamano, poor thing. Other than that, there were two or three presences she didn't which belonged to those she didn't know, nor did she necessarily care to meet.

When Maloren came along, Risako averted her attention to him and gave him a nod with a quick, "Hey." At the same time, she heard her own name being called out by the Wallkage. Thankfully, that was enough of a warning to let her react, as her hands reached out and caught the bottle before it delivered her a black eye. Even then, had she gotten a black eye, the atmosphere was relaxed enough that she probably would have laughed it off. 

She responded to Kurisu's bottle by tipping it his direction, a gesture that was probably easily missed. As Maloren left to apologize for his teammate, Risako chuckled as some other drunk guy entered the scene. 

As Kurisu started the circle of introductions, Risako would wait until she heard a break in the conversation, (specifically right after Jace introduced himself,) before raising her bottle and shouting her own name so that it could be heard. Why'd she shout? She was still on the bench, which was a safe distance from the group. Honestly introducing herself was a bit pointless, as all but three of those gathered around knew her name at the least. 

After that, her eyes focused on the bottle in her hand. 

Even on joyous occasions, Risako wasn't one for drinking, but neither did she want to offend the Hokage. She had no clue of Kumo's customs, so maybe declining the alcohol would've thrown him into a psychotic rage that led him to kill those gathered around? 

Meh, probably not, but, she didn't wanna seem rude. Popping the top, Risako lifted the bottle to face. Her nose crinkled a bit, as even the woody fumes were enough to make her recoil. The taste was going to be a whole different beast. Slowly, she put her mouth to the bottle, seeing as this was her first alcoholic drink her only thought was, "Help."

Risako's Stats

@ TheInvincibleLegend : Risako is probably the manliest Ninja in Konoha.
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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:11 pm

Isobu broke his salute to catch the unopened bottle of brownish liquor. His serious stature seem to fade, as if the offering of the drink was code for "take it easy". Isobu was surprised to see that there was someone in the village as tall and monstrous as he was; the Hokage was had referred to Isobu as a fellow tall person, which threw Isobu off. Surely the leader of a village should know his loyal soldiers by name. Isobu was going to make sure that his presence was known. However, it would seem that he was not the only one that caught scent of the massive presence of chakra. Ninja from the village were flooding around the Hokage. It was a rare sight, after all, to see our leader roaming the village streets.

Isobu would take the time to get to know some of the other ninja that had gathered here while the Hokage greeted them. There was a woman very close to the Hokage's side. She seemed very physically built and intimidating for her short stature. Yet, somehow, she seemed almost docile in the presence of the Hokage. Isobu sensed there was a bit of chemistry there. "Ari-san" He recorded in his head, mentally. His eyes then followed to the 3rd person, the young man who had bumped in to the Hokage just as Isobu had entered the scene. The young genin was joined by his fellow squad members. They seemed to come to his aid after running into the big man on campus. They seemed to be rather close. After going on countless missions together, they should be, after all. Isobu wondered if he could one day see himself as a sensei in charge of a genin squad. "Jace. Maloren. Queen". A smile was brought to Isobu's face as he began to down his Jack Daniel's. He was shocked to hear a young woman shout her name while he was drinking and ended up spraying some out his mouth. He had almost forgotten about young Risako. "Sheesh Risako-san. You almost gave me a heart attack" he said inside his head while dabbing his wet chin. He continued to drink just a moment after.

After one gulp, which, when compared to the an average human's gulp would be at least 3 times the size, Isobu's vision began to get a little fuzzy. He did, however, catch that the next man was speaking. The intuition that brought Isobu to the conclusion that there was chemistry between Ari and Lord Hokage was confirmed when the man with the bandaged hat confirmed himself as the son of those two. "Kasuga Ametsuchi. I wonder how strong the son of the Hokage truly is..." he continued to ponder in his head. He took another gulp of his liquor as his stiff posture began to loosen up. There was a short awkward pause while he did this. It was only after a short while that Isobu would finally realize that it was his turn to introduce himself. Surely by this point a few shinobi would be glancing his way in anticipation. Isobu bucked up and feigned his sobriety. He would not let his first impression go to waste! He cleared his throat and sucked in his stomach, now making it look like he had more pectoral muscles than abdominal blubber.

"My name is Isobu Hoshigaki, skilled politician and businessman. I long to one day join the Hokage's advisory council. Of course....that is, after I pledge long years of service and dedication and all of that... erm-"

Isobu began to slur over his words. He didn't want to come off as too presumptuous. He looked in Ari's direction. Surely she had already been fulfilling the role of advisor for the Hokage at this point. He didn't want to get on her bad side. To cover the awkward tension, Isobu let out a hearty laugh before knocking back the remainder of his Jack Daniels. His large fangs would gleam in the moonlight, threatening to puncture anyone who came too close. He had secretly hoped someone would save him from what he thought was an embarrassing situation.
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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:26 am

Ugh, so apparently more people had decided to join the crowd; three little ducklings whom she had never seen before. Well, it made sense; the Lord Hokage himself was standing in the middle of the streets. He's practically a celebrity here, hence he would obviously attract attention of us commoners because hey, who would not like to meet the Hokage, right? Unless one hates him, then of course it would make perfect sense not to want to meet the Hokage. Peering towards the crowd, Ayumi was lucky enough that no one in particular was completely blocking her view. Judging from the Kage's actions, he seemed to be drunk, but then maybe he just acts drunk all the time—who knows. She could hear him mention his name, giving off a relaxed vibe, but maybe that is due to the fact that he may be drunk. He seems pretty cool.. that Kurisu guy, the girl thought to herself as the Kage handed out a bottle towards the boy who bumped into him. Squinting her eyes, she could barely make out the writing on the bottle. Tsk, alcohol.. I see. 

Stretching her neck, the kunoichi was struggling to see the scene clearly due to the blonde girl who was blocking her view. She mentally shouted at the girl, telling her to move. Ayumi could hear the blonde introduce herself as Queen Yamano to the Kage. From her introduction, she sounded like quite a stuck up young lady, but that is not the point here. The point here is, that blonde girl needs to move a bit to the left so that a little sneaky idiot called Ayumi can see the scene better. Tch, the kunoichi thought to herself, how annoying. She could see the Kage hand out more bottles of alcohol towards the crowd surrounding him, which has lead her to wonder as to how many bottles of alcohol had he brought along in that bag of his. Either way, once he was done handing out the bottles of alcohol, the Kage would introduce himself as "Kurisu Ametsuchi, current Hokage and former Raikage." Hmm, former Raikage, huh? The woman standing beside Kurisu would then proceed to introduce herself as Ari. Rehearsing the names in her head, Ayumi's eyes darted to the right as she sensed a strong chakra source. A split second passed before she heard a boy introduced herself. Deciding to ignore the strong chakra presence, she focused on the scene unfolding just a few meters away from her. Kurisu, Ari, Jace, Queen, Risako, Isobu.. taking note of the names of those who had introduce themselves, the girl pushed herself off of the wall on which she was leaning on. She might as well go and greet the Hokage, right? It won't hurt to make new acquaintances either. She will just go over there, greet the Hokage and introduce herself to him and the others (if need be).

Approaching the crowd slowly, she would bow not only towards the Hokage, but towards the others as well as a form of greeting. Ayumi may not be the friendliest person in the world, but she had been taught manners by her parents. Standing beside the blonde called Queen, Ayumi would keep her stance (feeling slightly awkward) and wait should anyone address her.
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Maloren Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]   Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:20 am

Maloren scratched the back of his head in embarrassment as he opened the bottle of alcohol. He could honestly say it hadn't been his first. His clan frequently had sake doing formal occasions and since he was meant to 'represent his clan' he had to drink it as well. He had never had enough to get drunk of course, so he did wonder what he tolerance would be like. He took a sniff of the drink, admiring the strong woody scent before taking a swig. He downed a gulp before he separated the bottle from his lips and let the alcohol burn down his throat. He didn't feel anything quite yet but he knew it wouldn't be long. He glanced toward Risako and blushed slightly, he hoped he didn't do or say anything stupid tonight. The last thing he needed was biggest crush hating him because he opened his big mouth in front of the hokage and what seemed like half his village. 

He listened to the introductions with patience, taking another swig or two of the Jack as it went. It wasn't long before he himself was a bit buzzed. Before his introduction no less, oh this would just be lovely now wouldn't it? How badly could he screw it up right? He wasn't drunk enough to slur his speech. He would probably just say something that would make people chuckle. He listened to the hokages, Ari's, Jace's, Kasuga's, Risako's, and Isobu's introductions before a young woman walked up without saying a word and stood next to queen. He shrugged it off before realizing it was his turn. He looked around with what he would find out later was a look of utter 'intelligence' before saying the first thing that came to his mind. "Hello, my name is Maloren Hyuuga, and unlike the majority of my clan. I do NOT have a mile long stick up my ass..." He said with a completely straight face. He figured that was enough information, and he wouldn't realize what he actually said until later. He took another drink from the magic bottle of wonderful feelings and looked to Risako and blushed again. He then remembered something the Hokage said about calling him anything they wanted and he looked over to him and said. "Hope that was good enough Brokage." He said with a completely idiotic and uncharacteristic thumbs up. He'd die of embarrassment when someone told him what he said. But for now he would enjoy the moment.
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The girl properly shook hands with the village leader, as he made a great attempt in hiding his ignorance. Alcohol brand? Queen thought idly to herself. Her company didn’t even sell alcohol. Though, considering how the beverage was being tossed around like candy at the moment, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to start selling. Most adults consumed alcohol, and so did all Fifi’s. She would definitely take note on this and possibly develop a brand of alcohol of her own. The girl’s hand was filled with the presence of the bottle of Jack as her thoughts were consumed of her future brand. “hmm?” She observed the bottle, her eyes examining the logo before flicking back at the Hokage’s. did he not know that she was a minor, as were some of the others? what kind of leader was he? giving alcohol to kids as it it was Kool Aid. there was no “OH YEAH” about this situation.

Though in rebellion to her father, the girl would take a swig anyways, even though she was totally judging Ita for his drunken behaviour. But how bad could alcohol be? Queen was a tough chick, and just like she could take her punches, she was sure she could take her alcohol. Rei popped the bottle open open and sniffed its contents, her nose stinging as she got a whiff. Just as the Hokage began to introduce himself, she took a sip. The taste of the beverage in her mouth felt smooth at first, but it was after the liquid went down into her stomach that the burning sensation hit. She did everything in her power to prevent it from being obvious that it didn’t go down well. She hid it quite well except for her eyes that squinted momentarily. In the background she could hear everyone introducing themselves as she took another drink, this time it going down much smoother than the first.

After The Hokage introduced himself as Kurisu, Ari followed after him, introducing herself as Kur’s partner. It was a good thing Queen was in-between drinks, or else she would have spit the jack all over the Hokage who was only a meter or so away. She hadn’t known Ari was with the Hokage, but some of the remarks that she had made the other day suddenly made a little bit more sense. Next up was Jace, her soon to be partner, who introduced himself with information that the girl already knew to well. Next was Mr. Salt and Peppa, aka Kasuga who seemed rather moody to say the least. Maybe it was that time of the month. Maybe he was just anti-social. Maybe it was Memphis. Who knew.

Next to talk was a blue man of blueness, who stated to be not only a businessman but as well as a politician. This information got a hold on Queen’s interest, as her business side wanted to suddenly ask the man all sorts of questions in business background. business, business, business. Was it not yet clear that the alcohol was taking it’s effect? The blonde took another swig. Just then, another random women would appear, taking her stance close to where Queen stood. The blonde, gave her some shady sneak eye, looking her up and down before her eyes fell upon Malo who was now introducing himself.  The amount of people involved in this interaction just continued to grow. Fortunately, Queen knew four of the x amount that had joined in thus far, or else she would had just continued her way down to the dojo for her training. Swig. Queen was now beginning to really feel the effects of the alcohol. She was about getting to the tipsy stage, going quickly on full on drunk. “I already introduced myself.” The girl said bluntly before taking yet, another swig. She wondered how livid her father would be when he found out she was drinking a battle of jack like it was none of Kesha’s business

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A Drunken Walk Through Konoha [OpentopeopleinKono]
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