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 A Great Dawn (Training) [Private: Kiyoshi]

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Kiyoshi Yoshimatsu
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: A Great Dawn (Training) [Private: Kiyoshi]   Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:10 am

In the complete darkness of Kiyoshi’s room, a few single strains of light grazed through the window curtains only to be stopped at face of Kiyoshi himself. The strength of the sun was too much to handle to stay asleep. Perhaps it was a calling to get something done for the day. Seeing how everyone has getting stronger by the minute, Kiyoshi would soon see himself getting left behind. He could not let that happen now, could he?

After getting dressed into his normal attire and grabbing something to eat, he then headed out door to train in the nearby forest for the day. The mixture of the sun’s heat and the wind’s breezy blow was a perfect time to train. It would save some of the trouble to cool down and would save a bunch of time rather than taking breaks constantly. Considering he already wasted quite a bit of time already.

As he reached the tree line of the forest, he picked a spot that was untouched but gave somewhat of room to use. Today’s training was to achieve a few goals. Those goals’ being to learn some new jutsu’s he happened to come by and even considering improving his lack of stamina and chakra. Without some weapons to arm himself, he was quite at a disadvantage. He would soon change that.

The first thing was to get some warm-ups done. It was to get the blood moving. Kiyoshi cleared a small patch of dirt that was filled with rocks and twigs. By clearing it, it would be easier to operate without sliding or falling in the way. After that, he proceeded to do some push-ups. This was accomplished by having the nose touching the ground and going all the way up till his arms were straight. Seeing that his stamina is a joke, this was not going to be an easy task.

No matter” He thought to himself.

After a while the effects started to appear. Kiyoshi expected it more or less. He was starting to be covered in sweat. His face was showing redness. And his muscles were starting to hurt. But in the long run, it would be worth it. By the end of it 200 push-ups was his limit. He then looked at his hands seeing only sweat, burses, and cuts. Overtime, he would be accustomed to it.

To cool off before real training, he did some light jogging. This would ease up the pain but allow some work to be done. He jogged down a short path. It would take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

The jog refreshed some of his stamina and strength back. But this next task would be quite the challenge. Next up was some long distance running. The objective was to run a 3km route and return in the quickest amount of time possible. This would be easy on its own, but Kiyoshi decided to grab his bag and emptied it out completely. He walked over to find the biggest pieces of rocks to add weight on his back as he is running. When he put the bag back on, he felt his legs already starting to shake. He tried to play it cool and shrugged it off. But in a life or death situation, he would not have the luxury to spare. Once done, he began his run. At the start of his run, Kiyoshi had gone off like the wind. Creating dust clouds covering the entire pathway as he ran creating a smoke trail. But having time as his enemy, his speed decreased dramatically midway throughout his journey. His body was taking a heavy toll on him. Even if it was giving up on him, his spirit would last longer. About ¾’s of the way through, Kiyoshi was forced into taking a small break. The log on the right would be the perfect place to stop. He stopped and took out his water bottle and took a quick sip of it. The ice-cold water was very refreshing. Especially after slogging through the tough terrain. It was just what he needed. After taking a five minute breather, he began once more. At this point he was almost done, but he was starting to limp. The sky was kind enough to lend down a gusty blow to cool down Kiyoshi’s sweaty face. He was now reassured that he could finish altogether, barely. Several minutes passed, he finished. Kiyoshi dropped into the ground laying face first into the dirt. His energy was drained completely. He was breathing frantically. Never before he push himself to his limits. Although it was for the best.

The last phase before moving on to the exciting ninjutsu’s was to do some close combat training. To Kiyoshi, this was a mandatory exercise. In future situations, there will be times where his hands would be the last defense against a dominating foe. Even though he did not excel in taijutsu he needed something rather than nothing at all. He wandered around to find an abandoned dusty training dummy nearby. Considering its appearance, it looks to be worn out. It still would be better to use than a typical tree. Taking up a fighting stance, he would plan out his first strikes. Then Kiyoshi lashed out a number of hits in a small amount of time. He hit the dummy first in the chest with his left fist. The impact was so powerful that some of the dust blew off it. Then pulled it back to swing with his right fist. More dust flew up. Repeating both the hands after one another started to pick up speed. Kiyoshi felt pain for every hit he had given to the dummy. The pain was soon replaced with adrenaline. He gave hit after hit till his muscles gave out. Upon feeling quite tired, he thought enough was enough. He took another look at the dummy seeing a few dents into its main body. No serious damage was given but enough to repel the attacker. The pain flowed back into his hands and they started to bleed. Medical attention would be needed to stop the bleeding. He walked over to his bag and got his first aid kit. Then proceeded to wrap his hands in cloth to prevent any infections from entering his bloodstream. The sting from the medical herbs was quite strong, but was required to make the healing processes go faster. The time was perfect enough to move on.  
He would be required to take a break before moving on to work on some of the new ninjutsu’s he researched before training. Kiyoshi looked down his attire and saw that he was drenched in sweat. Then looked across to see a river close by. The river could be used for a quick dip to wash himself off a bit. He then stripped down to his t-shirt and shorts and entered the cold freezing water. Being only up to knee level, he could easily tell that it was very cold. He could not go any deeper since his body refused to. He would have to go all at once. Kiyoshi calmly counted down from 3.

3, 2, 1, Jump! He jumped as much as he could head first into the water. He stayed underwater for about a good minute. After the minute mark he sprang up only to see a sort of horror on his face. The dramatic change in body temperature was almost unbearable. But after swimming around for a bit, it was not a problem anymore. He was ready enough to get out and warm up a bit. Pulling himself out he walked over to his bag and brought out a second pair of training attire. He quickly changed and took a quick lunch for the day. A hot steamy soup and rice cake was just enough. After digesting, he felt that his physical body was ready for the next part.

Ninjutsu training was the last thing to do for the day. The ninjutsu he researched was separated into two parts. The idea is to use wind release energy to create a makeshift bow and arrow.  Knowing Kiyoshi had not touched a bow and arrow for so long would prove difficult. Firstly, the bow would need to be created before making the arrows. This requires the Kiyoshi to mold the nearby air pressure into the bows shape and maintaining it for a certain amount of time. The hand seals were the easiest part. Only being Boar and Ram. Kiyoshi did the following hand seals.

Wind Release: Recurve Bow!” he shouted.

He imaged a picture of a bow into his mind, and then he focused with his chakra directing the nearby air pressure in creating the bow. With somewhat of luck, he managed to just about create the shape. Then at the last second after creating it… BOOM! The pressure was released, resulting a powerful aftershock that threw Kiyoshi into the trunk of a tree. THUD! Kiyoshi’s head and backside was now in pain.  He looked where he was a second ago only to see that a small carter had been made. He now had to be more careful. In a positive note, he was so close in completing it in one fell swoop. It would have be the fastest time that anyone has ever completed in mastering this jutsu. But nothing works in an ideal world after all.

Maintaining its figure was a whole another level. He simply got up, wiped the dirt off of him and did it once more. After repeating the same process many times he was having the same exact results. Multiple thuds and craters were made. He practically made the once beautiful landscape into some sort of battlefield. Kiyoshi needed to think what he was doing wrong. Then it hit him, he needed to create the shape but maintain an equal level of air pressure. All this time he forcefully used every bit of chakra to make the air pressure hold its shape. The idea is that the chakra was not too much but as well as not too less, an equilibrium so to speak. With the last remaining chakra left being squeezed out of him, he performed the jutsu once more. If he failed this time, he would be forced to go for the day. However, this time it worked. He was able to maintain its form without the risk of having it blown apart in is hands instantly. Kiyoshi’s eyes gleamed brightly at that moment.

I did it!” he said brightly.

 He tested the bow from all angles. Testing its string strength, durability, weight, and much more. It seemed almost like a real bow. The arrows were next. The idea was the about the same. Having the right amount of air pressure in maintaining its shape and form was the same concept. Nothing here was so different than the bow. It can be said he was easier now that he can create the bow. Kiyoshi then took both of his hands straight out and pictured the arrows image. In an instant, five arrows appeared on his hands. This was the total count he could make at this time. Kiyoshi sighed with relief. The last part was to practice his bow skills in total.

He walked back to where the dummy was. He was going to use it as a target. The total distance was about 50 yards away.  Kiyoshi took a deep breath and quickly did the hand seals. He summoned bow and took position. He pulled the string back as far as he could. Then created a single arrow to appear, resting on the string itself. He noticed that the wind was slightly blowing to the left. Meaning he had to lead his aim to the right just to get the trajectory correct. Kiyoshi then held his breath and waited to calm down. His heart rate slowed to almost a dead stop. The world around him slowed down a bit and he was hearing nothing but his thoughts. Although, this was from his point of view. A second after, he released the string. The arrow picked up from zero to an incredible speed. The arrow was first seemingly looked like it would hit head center of the dummy, but then the wind pushed the arrow a bit more to the left and threw it off course. Luckily, it hit its target. But the arrow did not give a vital blow. Saddened by this, he knew that this skill would take some time before mastering it. After giving a few more attempts, the night was starting to settle in. Kiyoshi had to call it a day. Already he accomplished much of his goals. The next day he would push himself more and more. Though it would not come under a day, so to speak.

He packed up everything and walked down the path towards home.

Today was a good day.” He thought to himself happily.

Total Word Count: 2165

Wind Release: Recurve Bow (for 1000)

Wind Release: Wind Arrow (for 500)

Taking +10 stats

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Kiyoshi Yoshimatsu
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Wind
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PostSubject: Re: A Great Dawn (Training) [Private: Kiyoshi]   Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:54 pm

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Lucian Nazar

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PostSubject: Re: A Great Dawn (Training) [Private: Kiyoshi]   Tue Feb 23, 2016 8:00 pm

So, you are entitled to the full 2k word count being put towards stats along with the jutsu you trained. So, if you want, you may edit that in and I can approve it.
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Kiyoshi Yoshimatsu
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Wind
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PostSubject: Re: A Great Dawn (Training) [Private: Kiyoshi]   Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:26 am

All fixed mate.
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PostSubject: Re: A Great Dawn (Training) [Private: Kiyoshi]   Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:28 am


"Battle not with Monsters lest ye Become a Monster and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you"
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PostSubject: Re: A Great Dawn (Training) [Private: Kiyoshi]   

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A Great Dawn (Training) [Private: Kiyoshi]
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