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 Special Technique Guidelines

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Naoki Gekou
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Master (Kiri)
Naoki Gekou

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PostSubject: Special Technique Guidelines   Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:31 pm

The following are soft rules for the more unusual types of techniques out there. When making such techniques you are not required to describe all of these, in fact they apply by default. You may however customize your ability beyond these rules, but your jutsu may be penalized for doing so.

List is to be expanded and updated as needed.

Living Clones

Living Clones (short LC) also known as Perma Clones are type of clone technique that creates clones with substance, ability to use jutsu and ability to stay out in the field permanently, without a range restriction, without sharing an AP pool with the user and essentially acting like a separate character, except that they are created and in some way bound (doesn't have to be directly) to the original. They are usually some method of making actual biological clones of the user or some advanced variant of the shadow clone. The default rules for Living Clones:

  1. Ability to make LCs has to be a standalone S ranked jutsu specifically for that purpose.
  2. Can have no more than two LCs created at once time.
  3. LCs have their own stat page.
  4. LCs follow stat rules, take damage and die like characters.
  5. Once made they start at Genin rank, with 60 stats to distribute, they are however capped at 250 stats. 
  6. LCs inherit 1 spec and 1 element of the user, the rest have to be trained.
  7. LC’s are capped at 2 basic elements, and 2 total specs. 
  8. LCs cannot create more LCs.
  9. LCs and the original split training WC in equal portions when not alone. 
  10. LC’s may hold a total of two bloodlines, these can be transplanted or the LC may inherit the user’s natural bloodline.  
  11. LC techs may grant two unique abilities. For example, the ability to know the health status of your living clones at all times. 
  12. Due to their artificial nature, any attempt to harvest bloodlines from the living clones will fail.

Teleportation and Phasing Techniques

Teleportation is pretty straightforward, although this includes both long range and short range teleportation; Phasing techniques are abilities to make something/someone intangible through spacetime manipulation.

  1. Long range teleportation may only take you where you have already been, otherwise require special conditions like seal marks.
  2. Long range teleportation must have a speed stat, usually adequate to the rank of the technique as described in the Jutsu rules.
  3. When teleporting one may not appear closer than 1 meter to anybody outside the ability.
  4. When teleporting one may not have any part of them (including their equipment) appear closer than 1 meter to anybody outside the ability.
  5. Short range teleportation is limited to 20m range or require special conditions such as seal marks, and cannot move one from one thread into another.
  6. Anything that is intangible through phasing cannot interact or be interacted with unless the other is intangible from the same ability.
  7. Unless jutsu says otherwise, two people using phasing abilities does not mean they become able to interact with each other in their phased state.
  8. When exiting phasing state one may not appear inside an object. If this rule is broken, whatever (part) is inside an object is lost.

Dimension techniques

Dimension techniques, also called realms or worlds, allow the user to access a private realm that completely separate from the shinobi world. They are accessed usually through a form of teleportation and left in the same way. The canon example of this is Kamui's pocket dimension. Default rules:

  1. Dimension technique has to be S ranked jutsu.
  2. Dimensions are endless and can be manipulated by user's will while in them.
  3. Teleportation to and from a dimension happens at 70 speed.
  4. Teleporting from dimension follow teleportation rules.
  5. Bringing others into your dimension requires consent or full post of contact before transition happens.
  6. Anything created in a dimension cannot be brought to the real world, or has to be registered and acquired following the rules. This extends to any use of dimension manipulation to modify characters.
  7. Dimension manipulation cannot be used to metagame or acquire information not normally accessible to characters.
  8. Dimensions can have up to 2 additional aspects or abilities to them, these however may not include other abilities described on this list.
  9. One may buy or acquire upgrades or special items used in their dimension.

Curse Marks

Curse Marks (short CM) or Curse Seals are known as Juuinjutsu and are seals applied onto a person for the purpose of enhancing or reducing their abilities. These marks are permanent unless removed. Canon example is Curse Mark of Heaven that Orochimaru applied to Sasuke. They follow these default rules:

  1. CMs are registered as Fuuinjutsu techniques (or hybrid).
  2. The techniques can be used to apply CMs.
  3. User cannot apply a CM on themselves.
  4. Recipient may only have one CM on them at a time.
  5. Should someone attempt to apply a second CM, the one of higher rank stays. In case of a draw the more recent stays.
  6. Recipient does not need to learn the CM, nor does it take a jutsu/skill slot.
  7. CMs that act as boosters follow booster rules.
  8. More effective CMs involve significant risk to the user or the host.

Resurrection techniques

Resurrection techniques, more or less how it sounds, deal with reviving the dead. Most usually they are the very top tier of medical abilities and can only revive the those that only recently lost their life or carry the ultimate price for their use.

  1. Resurrection techniques have to be S ranked jutsu.
  2. Resurrection techniques should require the user to have medical as the first spec.
  3. It is only possible to revive a player character if they had died on the same thread,
    otherwise their remains are required and caster's own life is lost as the cost.
  4. Reviving one's own character is not allowed.
  5. Resurrection technique restores any body part that belonged to the body and was not lost/taken after death, otherwise it restores default non-bloodline bearing body parts instead. In other words, if the body had a doujutsu and the eyes were taken,
    they would get regular eyes instead.

Shadow Clone Variants

Shadow Clone Variants mean any jutsu derived from Shadow Clone or following the same principle. These are techniques that create a physical copy of the user that can act independently and interact with the environment.

  1. Clones get AP from being created and that AP has to come from the user's AP pool. Should a clone gain AP from any other source they cannot exceed the amount they started with.
  2. User's max AP falls to half or 1/3rd or what is appropriate to the amount of clones they use at the time. They may not regain above that, until at least some of the clones are dispelled and their max AP goes up accordingly.
  3. Clones have the same equipment as the user when created. However any cooldowns of both jutsu and item abilities are shared between them.
  4. If a clone takes a direct hit that's above half their health in power, it dispels.
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Special Technique Guidelines
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