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Tori Uzumaki
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Need to know   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:30 pm

Since Ambers car accident to Prims "Hospital Stay" its been hectic. I expected the holidays to go differently but not like it has. I briefly explained it to one person. But let me put it clearly. 
After Ambers car accident, some stuff went down with Misti. She had moved in with a female friend from highschool and someone she considered a family friend. Well things first went down in October when he said her boyfriend couldn't move in and proceeded to tell her she had to break up with him because he didn't like him. And if she didn't do it, she was kicked out. She had no where to go so she did it. He then made it to pretty much where they were stuck in their rooms if they were home and tried to attack one of them. I'm telling you this because if you know Prim, you know her mental health status. Now Prim is not one to tell everything going on fearing they cause drama. Apparently she would send out texts. She began to fear he would attack her in her sleep so she only slept a couple of hours a day and buried herself in working. She was scared for her life. By the time we found out about it. She was having suicidal tendencies. She was rushed to the emergency room put under suicide watch then sent to a mental institute. Her meds were adjusted and we got her back after four days. She was surprised how many people were worried and I knew my sister was back when she stood up for herself. I'm typing this not just for an update and a shout out to all of you who suffer from problems please open up to someone, seriously, you are not alone.
When she got home the male roommate had been trying to throw out her stuff saying she was stupid for trying to kill herself. Very calmly she left him a note (he was not home and she was going to our house for the night) that said:

If you want me out, FINE, go to the courthouse and get an official letter. It takes ten days to process. Then I have thirty days to leave, then I can file an appeal and have thirty more days. Or you can quit being an asshole and I will be out in two weeks after me and Shelly get the utilities on at our new place.

The guy never bullied her or spoke to her again. Forbthe first time in years she actually properly and tactfully stood up for herself while expressing her anger. 
Prim had a huge support team. From her family to her job to the cops in town. Now if you guys remember back in may we told you about the tornado. Well she moved into one of the areas being rebuilt.  
We helped her move in. Despite losing power. Sadly on one of the moving days I was leaving home that morning and I left my two oldest with my parents and took my youngest, 6 month old Hunter with me and my fiance. It was raining hard! Well we ran errands before helping her move. I get a frantic call from her saying " A tornado was spotted North of Grand Saline are you okay??? " Holy Shit!!! My parents and two oldest are at home in Grand Saline!!!!! I called my dad they had left to go somewhere to avoid the storm so they were okay. I called and told her we were on our way. There were power outages and 6 tornado sightings and one tornado that actually destroyed a city close to her mom's house. Look up the Rowlette/Garland tornado in Texas. Middle of December and we get tornados??? Even though we had power outages and severe flooding, Me, Akki, Dante, and Miz got the girls moved. Considering the IRL Hota is now a mother IRL she couldn't join in so she helped watch my youngest (whom Prim calls her best friend because she can make him laugh and smile and he adores her) while we moved. The next morning when they went to the house to officially stay and move the final pieces over Prim stepped into a flooded bedroom. Yep the carpet was soaked. It was a home that had very little tornado damage from back in May. The damge was repaired immediately as Prim waited on the electric companies call as it turned cold and icy outside with...snow flurries?!? In Mizs words "welcome to the wonderful state of Texas where you can have Christmas outside in 80° weather, have a tornado of two and the next day enjoy some icy cold weather wlbundled up in a coat!"
Even Amber and Sephora were calling everyday asking what was going on. Sephora couldn't get her due to weather conditions so she was calling from the hospital or emailing us!  But Sephora was tending to Amber and from the hospital they did something for Prim. 
In Idaho Prim had a therapy pet for two years namdd Amaterasu. She was a tortoise shell colored kitty who  looked like she had black flames running down her body. Well she had to give her up when she moved to Texas. Surprisingly they found one that looked almost identical to her! And now Primmy has a kitten named Velvet! So in the end everything has worked out! As a family and friends we all pulled together to help each other out! And now that life has smoothed over we can return to what we enjoy doing to relax...NRPG! 
Any and all topics we are in will be replied to in the next couple of days.
I also want to say, if you are struggling with depression or anxiety, talk to someone. It doesn't matter how small the problem may seem, it is a big deal! Don't hold it in. Talk to a friend or look up a number for depression hotline! Don't end up in Prims situation. What would have happened if she had not gotten help? You always can talk to someone, Message any of us or even Prim.  


I love you  Haru Hyuuga  I love you

V6 Tori Uzumaki

" Keep your chin up. You are part of the Uzumaki clan. There isn't a mediocre member among us."
-Shinji Uzumaki
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