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 fast track to becoming a genin

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Domri Meijin

Fame : 6
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : Meijin
Bloodline : Meijin diease
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PostSubject: fast track to becoming a genin   Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:22 pm

It was a stormy day when the boy decided he was going to train leaving his house earlier in the morning heading for the training field in the rain. He had only been a academy student for a few days now but he already knew all the jutsu he would have to learn just like all the ninja to pass the academy before him. The boy walked his straw hat covering his face planning the exact way he was going to learn the jutsu he needed the clone technique would be the first one he would learn he decided being able to help him learn the other two techniques he would need to learn. He would use the clone technique and combine it with the transformation technique. Domri released the hardest technique to learn by himself would be the substitution technique. The boy grinned as he had it all planned out looking up realizing he was at the training fields he and the grass seemed long he would shrug moving into the middle of the field. Domri made the hand seals required for the clone technique as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath he released his chakra and opened his eyes only to see a cloud of smoke and a failed attempt it wouldn't damper his spirits though. This boy took in another deep breath leaving his eyes open as he concentrated on his own flow of chakra releasing it more evenly only to see a clone form and disappear again. He had to admit it was getting frustrating but practice makes perfect. Domri would tell himself he would know all three of these techniques by the end of the day. The boy soaked from the rain made the hand seals again closing his eyes knowing he would have to get good enough to make at least two clones. When the boy was ready he would release his chakra in a more even manner watching another cloud of smoke appear but as it cleared he saw a clone it wasn't perfect but it was a start and he was seeing progress he quickly canceled it and made the hand seals one more time he was going to give it everything he had to learn all three of these techniques in one day not caring about the repercussions that could happen. The boy took in a few deep breaths as he tried to make more then one clone he wanted to see two perfect clones standing in front of him. Domri gave it everything he could only to see one perfect clone in front of him he growled at this it was truly frustrating to strive to become better and not get the results he wanted. The slim boy sighed realizing half the day had already passed him by and he hadn't even learned the first technique fully how was he suppose to learn two more. He stood there putting his hands together he gave it his best shot watching as two clones appeared. He grinned in excitement at these results from under his straw hat but now he would need to move on to the next technique which would be the transformation technique he formed the hand seals for these watching his clones do the same thing as he was deciding what to transform into he thought about one of the academy teachers which was a older man with a long gray beard and a bald head. The boy laughed at the thought but who better to use he could only try and using his clones to help him speed up the process and show him what flaws he was making. He took in a deep breath feeling tired he was after but he gave it a shot anyway he used the transformation jutsu watching as him and both the clones transformed he could tell it was wrong right away the man was thin and the transformations were fat not only that they had gray hair on there head and no beard he sighed as he released the technique. Domri felt rather tired he watched one of the clones disappear. He knew he would have to be careful of using to much chakra but that wouldn't stop the stubborn boy from going ahead with his plan knowing how much of the day he had left not caring if he caught cold in the rain his only goal to become a ninja and he couldn't wait around be a academy student anymore he needed to become a genin and as soon as possible. The boy growled "stupid body i need to keep going i cant give up yet." The boy made the hand signs for the transformation technique again watching the one remaining clone he had doing the same picturing the same academy teacher in his head. He watched as him and his clone transformed watching as both transformations were completely wrong again it was little flaws but every little detailed counted if he wanted to have this technique be of any use. The boy canceled the transformation watching his clone disappear he would fall catching himself on his hands and knees before hitting the ground he panted heavily feeling exhausted and hearing his stomach growl perhaps he needed a break he thought to himself at first. Domri growled "No that's the cowards way i can't give up now i have to push myself harder." The boy forced himself to stand up on his on two feet he made the hand seals to make a clone he watched as it appeared. "Are you ready." he made the hand seals to perform the transformation technique he wasn't letting his hunger or exhaustion stop him. The boy watched the clones transformation as his eyesight went blurry for the second he saw it looked like a perfect copy of the old academy teacher but Domri's body felt heavy as he didn't even have the energy to cancel the transformation he watched the clone disappear and he fell to the ground unable to catch himself his straw hat falling off his head the storm had stopped as he laid there quickly losing consciousness. Domri woke up hours later still in the training field he stood up looking at himself before looking around noticing his straw hat several feet away he walked over and grabbed it looking up at the sky it was dark the sun had set he sighed he felt unacomplished with only learning two out of three and after all the frustration it would cause he decided he would stay out there all night if needed to learn the substitution jutsu. The boy made a clone he knew it couldn't hurt him but he figured it would be good enough even with the threat of danger he would be able to use the substitution technique. Domri watched as his clone charged him going for a punch the clone moving faster then he thought dropping down to his knees and watching it disappear. He sighed as he made another clone he waited for it to start charging before he made the proper hand seals watching as it came to hit him as the clone disappeared he watched as his substitution worked he was surprised but he knew he would need more work and that something that could actually do some damage needed to be added to this training session. The boy thought of a devilish plot he could always set up simple traps that he would have to run through without getting caught by any of them. He left the training field only to get supplies to build nets and other various traps some where just simple trip wires, Domri looked over the course he had made as he determined the best route to go through it. He had made up his mind he started running making it past the first trap easily but hitting a trip wire right after it he made the hand seals quickly as he fell towards the ground watching as it was successful he grinned continuing down the course jumping over a trip wire and hitting the next trap he knew this one was going to be closer as he barely managed to get off the substitution jutsu as he turned to look at all of the traps he already cleared but that was only half of the course he made. Now was the harder part he would have to really be careful now he only ran at a steady pace making sure not to hit any trap he set recklessly. Domri hit the final trap on the course he went to use the substitution technique again to his surprise it didn't work he hit the ground as he blinked he knew some of the techniques had limits but to learn one that could potential mean life or death so early he knew the uses it would have as he heard his stomach growl he decided he had them all pretty well down it was now time for he him to go get something to eat go home and go to bed only to get up in a few hours and go back to the academy.

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Akihana Akari

Fame : 540
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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
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Bloodline : Golden Eye
Ryo : 47000

PostSubject: Re: fast track to becoming a genin   Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:53 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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fast track to becoming a genin
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