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 Hidden in the Mist

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Hidden in the Mist   Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:51 am

It was around midnight in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. The streets were very quiet and deserted with the exception of a few shinobi running about for their own reasons. One of these shinobi happened to be Kuragari, who was leaping from building to building towards the village gate.

"The Hidden Mist Technique huh?" Kurgari spoke to himself, nearing the village gate. Earlier in the day, Kuragari had been at the ninja shop and overheard two fellow shinobi speaking on the technique.

"Yeah, I remember once I was surrounded by enemies" One of the shinobi's recalled. "That technique saved my life. I would have been overwhelmed had I just tried to fight, but the thick mist gave me a cover to escape".

"Man who you telling?" The other shinobi remarked. "I was in a fight with a Uchiha, man let me tell you. That Sharingan is nothing to play with. He was wiping the floor with me until I used my Hidden Mist jutsu. Made the mist so thick and with so much chakra I had that Uchiha stumbling like a blind man with two left feet." Both the shinobi laughed at this remark, and Kuragari had been intrigued in the technique from that moment on.

He would go on to purchase a scroll with the technique's instructions later in the day, then wait for the darkness of the night to come to begin practice. When midnight came Kuragari left his house and headed towards the training grounds, leaping from building to building.

He eventually made it to the designated training area of the village, and was standing on a flat, rocky plain. Kuragari brought the scroll he had purchased out, and began to read through the symbols. "Hm, this is actually fairly easy." He noted to himself. After analyzing the scroll for about five minutes, he rolled it back up and placed it back in his pocket. "Alright, let's give it a try".

Forming the one tiger hand seal Kuragari focused his chakra. In his mind he would envision what a thick mist would look like and feel like against his skin. He would then guide his chakra from his stomach up through his chest and into his mouth, puffing his cheeks out as he felt the mist forming inside. He then opened his mouth and blew a stream of mist into the area.

After emptying all this mist he could muster from his body Kuragari began to breath heavily. The mist only covered an area about 5 meters around Kuragari and the visibility was high. Disappointed, he sighed moved out of range from the mist, now once again in a clear space. He forcefully brought his hands together into the tiger hands seal once again. Going through the same motions he blew another stream of mist from his mouth. This time it expanded about 10 meters, and was much thicker than the previous one.

To his surprise Kuragari was actually feeling tired. He had been running around all day doing miscellaneous errands. He then decided he would start fresh in the morning, but as he was about to leave he realized the mist he had created was still active and it was actually pretty thick. "I'm too good for my own good" he said with a sigh before wading through the mist trying to find his way back.

The Next Day

Kuragari woke up early the next day, yawning and stretching before quickly leaping out of bed. Anxious as ever to finish the technique he was working on yesterday, he quickly cleaned himself and got dressed in his usual attire. He stepped outside his house, only to find the sun hidden behind a plethora of grey clouds. As he looked up at the sky he felt a single raindrop land on his forehead. He could only smile as the one raindrop began to turn into thousands falling from the sky.

The rain always made him think about his parents, but he shook his head and brushed the thoughts off. While he did miss his parents very much, right now his focus was on training and becoming stronger to be able to avenge them. With thoughts full on training now, Kuragari starting running through the streets towards the training fields. However, before he could make it there he accidentally bumped into two shinobi. As he stumbled back from the impact, he looked up at them to realize it was the two ninja from the shop yesterday.

"Its you guys!" He said astonished to the two shinobi, who looked at the kid with a confused look on his face. Before they could even speak Kuragari pulled the scroll out his pocket and showed it to them. "I overheard you guys speaking on this technique. I'm going to go practice it now." Normally Kuragari wasn't one to start up conversations, especially with strangers. However these two shinobi did put him onto the technique, albeit unknowingly, so it was only right that he show his gratitude.

"Is that so? Huh, who'd have thought we'd be inspiration." One shinobi said to the other as they both laughed. "Its a perfect day to learn that jutsu too kid. Its much easier to use the technique when there's a source of water present." Kuragari looked at the shinobi confused until they pointed up at the raining sky. His eyes widened with enlightenment, and with a grand thank you Kuragari rushed even faster to the training grounds.

Now in the same spot he stood before, Kuragari closed his eyes and quickly formed the one hand seal required. He focused his chakra, only this time instead of concentrating it in his body he let it flow out naturally. The chakra would spread out, turning every raindrop within it's presence to become part of the mist that slowly began to form. After a minute of holding the hand seal Kuragari released it and opened his eyes to see...nothing.

Not nothing in a sense that there was no mist, but nothing in a sense that the mist he created was so thick he couldn't see the ground at his feet. Kuragari smiled and nodded his head, uttering one final phrase before swiftly exiting the area.

"Got it."

{WC: 1000 For Hidden Mist Jutsu
1045 Total For 5 Stats}
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden in the Mist   Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:14 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Hidden in the Mist
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