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 Ascendacy Of Temporal Space

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PostSubject: Ascendacy Of Temporal Space    Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:24 am

Another day of roaming until he came to the conclusion that it would be better to just go train at the training grounds, Chronos was anxious for the knowledge of space/time and all the possible things he could do with it. Chronos figured he would have an easier time training if he was able to visualize space and time, how did they correlate, what made them go hand and hand? That is what he wanted to figure out. He would delve into his mind while sitting in a meditative stance on top of his bed, upon entering his subconscious he began to speculate how space/time looked naturally without any chakra distortion, just pure space/time. What began to happen was that the space that surrounded him began to turn into a pitch black space, the only thing to brighten up things were the many stars or at least what Chronos would think was stars. Now that he was able to imagine the space part of the space/time, the moment had came for Chronos to think up the time portion. What began to happen is he seen a flow similar to that of a river, or what they described the flow of destiny is supposed to be, but that is only analytical speculation. Still this flow seemed to be made of temporal energy, it had no color, but yet Chronos could still see it. “How is this possible, maybe this isn’t a color that has been seen by any humans. Really is hard to imagine a primary color that doesn’t exist, I don’t even know what colors could come together to create this magnificent strand of hue.” Chronos said as he was completely stunned by what he couldn’t even perceive as a was flowing beside of him. This color must have been due to another color that hasn’t been discovered by humans refracting off of the space somehow, a specific color that even has different properties than the ones humans know of, how was this possible? Anyhow this flow of temporal energy was most likely the direction of time which is the belief that we can’t change the past, but we can influence the future in some ways. If someone were to change the past then they would making the river flow backwards which was impossible from a nature standpoint, also impossible from a physical standpoint, it would mean that the downward force we know as gravity to completely stop and even cause itself to do the opposite which is going out. “What would this cause? Would it be mean that the gravitational pull we have on things will actually push planets and things of that nature away, we would also be ripped from this earth due the it pushing everything away as if it were a magnet that was facing another magnet of the same pole.”

Chronos was thinking of all these things to get a better understanding of space/time jutsus and how they worked, this would cause him to master his space time jutsu that he had just learned a couple of days ago which was Space Time Art: Mass Pull. Now, that he had analyzed all of the things that spacetime entails he was ripped from that part of his subconscious as if he was in close proximity of a black hole. In what felt like an instant he was in a room that was all white, it had no doors, just walls and the room looked to be 20 meters cubed. Once there he heard a voice per usual to things of this nature, but this time he was able to see a body was attached to this voice, it was an old man who looked to be in great shape. He wore an all white robe with a cane that showed all of the colors of the rainbow, radiating the same glow as the temporal river Chronos had seen earlier. What he heard from this man was shocking, as it was not the language the Chronos knew or anything that he could ever thing of hearing. “Edi Cjh Posl.” The man said. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand you.” Chronos said to the temporal being. “Oh, forgive me for my incompetence, I was asking you to show me your jutsu.” The man said being able to switch his language flawlessly with no thinking involved. Chronos assumed that he was speaking of his Mass Pull jutsu so that is what he created, using his chakra he distorted the space around where he wanted to create the energy disc at, that is when it appeared in a black and blue ring. “Ah, I see. This is very simple, but I would like to challenge you to a match to see if you have actually mastered the jutsu.” The being said grinning a little bit. “Well, I haven't but I think I can hold my own against you.” Chronos said standing up and stretching his legs due to sitting down for a long time, or what he thought to be a long time. Chronos wasting no time with the being threw the disc directly at the man with all of his might, the man looked at the disc and it stopped right in front of his face, to be exact it was right at the bridge of his nose. The being laughed a hearty laugh and through the disc back at Chronos without touching, the disc reached greater speeds than what Chronos could produce, or at least until he warmed up that is. The disc was getting closer and closer to Chronos, once it reached around 3 meters from him Chronos began to sidestrafe in order to dodge, just enough to get out of the reach of the disc. “Don’t be confused, we aren’t fighting. I just want to see you dodge these disc as they come at you.” The being said turning his face into a serious manner. Chronos shook his head knowing he was pretty good at discerning where he should dodge. “I will be using called negative space in order to defeat you, you will see what that means in no time...if you are smart.” The being said creating four disc and throwing it at Chronos at high speeds, they begin to curve which made it a little bit more difficult to dodge but at the end of the day they all had to hit Chronos in order for the man to consider himself to have won

Chronos backed away and seen that all the disc had collided with each other in the exact same spot which was roughly his chest area, while worrying about the four disc Chronos didn’t see the man create a fifth on in order to get Chronos at the end, this is when Chronos heard the sound of something tearing through the air creating a miniature sonic boom. This sound was coming from his right side so that is where Chronos turned his head to, what he seen was a disc coming straight towards his hips. At this point Chronos was still in his backwards motion  with one foot scraping on the ground, noticing that he could not stop his momentum he would raise his arms to make them horizontally straight in order for his torso to dip down, then he relaxed his feet so that when his arms went back down to their original position his chest would not rise back up and be hit by the disc. Doing this caused Chronos to barely dodge the disc in a matrix type fashion, after he was cleared from being hit with the disc he backflipped into a balanced stance, upon looking up he noticed that all five of the disc that he had just dodged began to move again, Chronos had forgotten that the man could control the disc at will. With this knowledge implanted in his mind, he was able to dodge the disc more fluidly and began to think of negative space. he took what he knew about the connotation of negative which meant that it was reversed or something that you can’t do in some cases. Then space which could be interpreted in many ways, but would make more sense had it been used in the way of a position. When he put that together he realized the negative space was places that he could not go if he didn’t want to be hit, this is what the man used in order to get Chronos to be hit by the fifth disc. It is basically making your opponent move how you want too and then taking the space that they move away from them by putting something there that would hit them. Chronos understood this and also realized that the man didn’t say he couldn’t throw disc back at him, so he created one disc which is all he was able to do at the time. He sent this disc at the beings waist in order to see the way the being would move. For some reason the being didn’t catch the disc with his mind, but instead dashed to the right, this is when Chronos knew the being only had control of five disc at a time. Using the intel Chronos began to retract the disc at angle that would cause the man to dash to his right side which would be Chronos’ front. Mind you the 5 disc were still chasing Chronos at top speed and them man was concentrated on the disc that Chronos had threw,  with this Chronos was able to charge at the man that had disd what he wanted him to do, but at the last moment Chronos juked to the right in order to keep the disc on track, since the man hadn’t been looking he couldn’t see that his own disc were travelling towards him until it was too late. Soon the man had been hit by all six of the disc. “I win.” Chronos said with a smirk. “You do, that was well done, it seems that you have analyzed the jutsu quicker than I thought, I congratulate you.” The man said dissipating all of the disc. ‘‘i will teach you some things, that you can do with the disc.” He pulled Chronos to him and began to speak into his ear as if someone else could hear it. Chronos smiled and realized that there was more to the jutsu then he had thought.

This is when the world began to crash, this one was different than Chronos just fading to black and waking up in his room. What was happening felt as if the room was falling at an intense speed and the suddenly spinning on something as if it were a gyroscope. This is when Chronos awoke feeling a little dizzy from that experience, “Man, i need to see if I can apply those things that the man had said to me at the end of my subconscious realm training.” Chronos said getting dressed and doing his morning duties. Once done with those he ran out of the house and headed to the training grounds. “Okay, he said they can bounce off of things and be retracted like a boomerang like I did against him.” Chronos said creating the disc with pure ease, once he did this he threw the disc at a boulder and it came back at him, he was able to grab it and all this time. Before it felt as though Chronos’ hand was about to fall off but now he understood that it was harmless, this is when the genin from before showed up. “Hey you! I want a rematch.” The genin said looking a little more stronger than he was last time he had fought Chronos. “We will only be using the disc just like last time.” The genin said holding his finger out at Chronos. “You bet.” Chronos said with his disc already out, he looked at the genin and seen that he was able to create the disc with ease as well. That is when it began, the genin threw the disc at Chronos at a higher speed than before, it was still nothing compared to what he had encountered against the temporal being, but it was still pretty good. Chronos blocked it with his disc as if it were a fly, then he threw his disc at an even greater speed going directly for the stomach of the genin. The genin reacted and tried to dodge, but was still hit by the disc. He began to spit out saliva as if it were vomit, but he smiled. Little did Chronos know that the disc that he had blocked could be controlled by the genin as well, this is when the disc came down right on top of Chronos’ head. Good thing Chronos had a lot of dexterity, if not he would have probably been knocked out. The boy soon fell over and looked at Chronos. “You’re still leagues ahead of me.” The genin said with a depressive face. “Don’t look like that, see how strong you’ve gotten in a short amount of time just trying to catch up to me. If you continue to train like that you will be able to catch me and surpass me in no time.” Chronos said to the genin. “What rank are you the genin asked. “I’m a genin just like you.” Chronos said putting his arm up in a strong man pose. “Woah, so I can become that strong, well I’m going to go train some more, see ya around sometime.” The genin said looking as though he had never been hit by the disc or was never hunched over. “Ah, memories.” Chronos said reflecting on his pass, he then walked home and it had became pretty late. On the rooftops of Kumogakure he seen some silhouettes moving through the night “Are those the people from last time.” Chronos said remembering the time he had learned barrier confining technique. Chronos brushed it off as they disappeared against the black sky and continued on his way home, from now on it seemed like Chronos would have to be more careful about his surrounding if those guys were still hanging around. Excluding that Chronos had another successful day and mastered another jutsu, how will this help him in the future?
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PostSubject: Re: Ascendacy Of Temporal Space    Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:10 am

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You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Ascendacy Of Temporal Space
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