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 Space & Time Correlation

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Space & Time Correlation   Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:36 am

Chronos knew he had to widen his array of jutsus and so far he only had things that were in ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu. It seemed like space time would go great with his fuuinjutsu so Chronos decided that that would be the best course of action for today’s training. While Chronos was at the training grounds a chuunin was fighting a genin and the genin which was the same rank he was had a significant speed deficit that he could not match his opponent’s speed. The chuunin was pummeling the genin using fast and quick strikes until the genin body flickered away and a frisbee like item came from who knows where. This is when the genin smiled, knowing that he could bring the tempo down to him by using this technique. The chuunin thought nothing of the frisbee thinking it to be just some toy, but he was wrong. Again the chuunin rushed the genin and was about to punch him, but was hit by the frisbee which took him by surprise, after being hit by the frisbee he was dramatically slowed and wasn’t able to move his body the way he was before. “Got you now!” The genin yells going for a punch to end the match. The chuunin tried to evade the punch, but was easily hit, the genin looked to have much more strength than the chuunin did and that went to his advantage when he punched the chuunin. That was that, the genin won the match by being able to slow his opponent and used his strength to overcome his opponent. Chronos began to clap for the genin as he wanted to know what jutsus that was that the genin had just used. “Do you think you can give me a tip on how to do that.” Chronos said with his hand on the genin’s shoulder. “Well sure, but we will need to get away from him, I don’t want him learning any of my tricks.” The genin said laughing heartily.

He walked Chronos into a deep part of the mountain range making sure his previous opponent had not trailed him as if this was some kind of black market deal. “Okay, so the first thing you will have to have is a good imagination. This is because you will have to imagine your chakra opening up a portal or creating the energy of this disk, in order to do this I would suggest remembering how this looks.” The genin says as he creates the frisbee with ease. “It doesn’t look like much, but when you are able to utilize it to it’s fullest expect a great outcome.” The genin said waving the frisbee around. “Okay, so we will do a mach test so you can understand how the mechanism works. Back away about 10 meters.” The genin said getting ready to throw the frisbee. While Chronos is walking 10 meters back he is hit by something which seems to be the frisbee, Chronos turns around surprised of what just happened. He was only a little slower than he was before and the genin tried to pull him towards the frisbee, but Chronos didn’t budge. “Ouch, what was that about.” Chronos said rubbing the back of his head. “You was suppose to succumb to my frisbee, but it seems that you are naturally stronger than my frisbee. Now is a good time to explain why this is so. You was able to negate the full effects of the frisbee by having higher health than the frisbee has power, but it wasn’t too high to the point to where you didn’t get affected by it all, you was basically hit with the lower version which can still prove useful.” The genin said loading Chronos with tons of information about this jutsu. “I can also release the jutsu at anytime just like almost any other jutsu can by other ninja. Now that I have told you how the jutsu works do you think you can practice it on your own?” The genin asked looking kind of drained. “Yeah, i got it.” Chronos said looking at the genin showing extreme thankfulness. The genin walked away waving his hand behind him and that is when Chronos began his training on the frisbee space time art.

“Okay, so all you have to do is imagine a portal, but he said imagining my chakra being able to create it was easier so, that is what I will go with.” Chronos said analyzing what the boy had said. He then closed his eyes and sat in his meditative stance, maybe he could kill two birds with one stone, imagining the frisbee and doing his daily chaka control routine. As he felt the natural swirl of his chakra he began to think of the frisbee being created by it. Every once in awhile Chronos would open his eyes thinking the frisbee would be in his hands, but there was nothing there.  “I didn’t expect to get it in one try, let’s do it again.” Chronos said not getting dismayed by the fact that he had not been able to create the frisbee the first time. He continued to think about the frisbee and how it would be created by the chakra. “Maybe the chakra takes the frisbee and manifests it by using the temporal energy that is naturally around us. This actually isn’t a bad idea, I think I should become a philosopher.” Chronos said having a good time while creating the jutsu. “I must have to manipulate a specific point where I want the frisbee to be created. The chakra must be able to distort that point in order for the energy to be create the frisbee.” Chronos tried to imagine his chakra having complete control of everything that the space he needed to create the frisbee in. It looked as though the space that he was imagining in his mind warping clockwise. When he opened his eyes he seen that the same thing was happening to space that he had imagined, it had a sort of blue tint to it as well due to the chakra not being completely controlled yet. One step closer to figuring out the jutsu, but how many more did he have to go before he could consider this jutsu mastered,  this is what Chronos was thinking to himself as he seen the space warping. “Hm, I would need to use a bit of ingenuity in order to actually figure out how to master this jutsu.” Chronos was now used to the feeling of the space and time next to him distorting, it kind of felt like the gravity wasn't even there, maybe that is because he had to transport apart of space unto the earth, there were plenty of theories that Chronos had to come up with, but  that didn’t matter at the time, the only thing that mattered was him finishing the jutsu.

Once he had made the space for the frisbee he began to imagine the frisbee actually being made in that exact space, that is when he began to feel his chakra being formed into the form of a cylinder, a very thin cylinder. When he opened his eyes it was a very jagged frisbee if you could even call it that. Chronos laughed a bit causing the frisbee to disappear immediately, he went back into his mind and began to imagine again until the frisbee came out perfectly. He opened his eyes and looked at the perfectly rounded frisbee and began to hover over the area he had specified in his mind. “There we go, this is what I was looking for.” Chronos said cheerfully as he seen he was getting closer to being able to use this jutsu, now that he had finally materialized the frisbee he got up and had it float above his hand. He noticed that the space would change wherever the frisbee went which was very weird seeing as though he has been on earth his whole life, but then he remembered that this is the same kind of space that he had been in when he used Flicker Movement. It seemed like it was some sort of zero gravity technique that space time arts had to be made in, now that he had understood this it would be easier for him to create things of this nature in the future. Chronos had finally gotten used to the gravity and began to move the frisbee from him and slowly bring it back, this was just to test the actual movement and sensitivity of the jutsu before he went full out and threw the thing without being able to control it. When he had got a sense for the frisbee and the way it moved he began to move it farther away from his body which was difficult at first, but he slowly got the hang of it after some time. The more adept he got with the frisbee the more the distance between him and the frisbee got, he began to curve the frisbee as well seeing the type of turns it could take at a moment's notice. At first it wasn’t that fast until he put more chakra into the frisbee making it cut 90 degree angles sharply just in case he would have to use it that way in battle he wanted to be able to come up with a strategy following the way it moved. He also tried to change the form of the frisbee, but that proved too difficult for Chronos so he just tried to move the in different ways seeing if he could bounce off of the ground or other surfaces. It was even able to skip it across the water for what seemed to be an infinite amount of time, this was becoming more of experimentation than actual training. Now that he had gotten comfortable with the movements and possible angles the disk can go he tried to manipulate the form again turning the disk into a frisbee that comes back when ordered to and anything that a frisbee could do he made the frisbee do. “The only thing left to do is see how battle oriented this jutsu actually is.” Chronos said smiling now that he had figured out the jutsu. He went to the training grounds to see that the genin was trapping other ninja with the same technique that he had just taught Chronos. After the genin beat the ninja he was battling Chronos asked for a fight to see who was the better user. “Well sure, I’d be happy to beat you.” The genin said laughing. “Well let’s begin.” Chronos said backing away from the boy and creating the disc with ease. ‘So, you’ve learned it already, it took me a month to figure that jutsu out.” The genin said enviously.

“It wasn’t much.” Chronos said flinging his frisbee to the genin, he was able to dodge it pretty easily, but was caught off guard when he seen the frisbee bounce back and hit him in the back of the head. ‘That’s payback.” Chronos said chuckling as the boy was slowed, “For you to have the jutsu your health isn’t stronger than the jutsu you are using. I thought you would have been able to withstand it, but the easiest win will come my way.” Chronos said pulling the boy close to his fist as he thrusted through. This knocked out the genin leaving him unconscious. “Looks like I put too much power into that punch, sorry man.” Chronos said trying to wake the boy up. A few minutes later the boy finally woke up with Chronos there waiting for him to speak, You truly are amazing.” the boy says with a faint smile while still on the ground. “I appreciate that, I want you to get stronger as well, but I will catch you around sometime and what is your name.” Chronos asked. ‘’My name is Hiyori.” He said getting up and touching his face. “Well, cya around Hiyori.” Chronos walked away feeling triumphant on learning a new jutsu, a step closer to his dream.  And thus another jutsu was learned by Chronos, this time of a new category.

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PostSubject: Re: Space & Time Correlation   Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:26 am

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Space & Time Correlation
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