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 Insane In The Chain

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PostSubject: Insane In The Chain   Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:34 am

It had been awhile since Chronos trained his chakra chains that his mother had gifted im, but when he was placed in that genjutsu a profound feeling was left in him, it was more of a will than anything. The will to live was placed him him that day, he knew that he had to do whatever it took in order to survive in the ninja world and seeing that the friends he had made was no longer alive enraged him, fueling his will to live even more. These thoughts passed through his mind as he walked to the training grounds at which his friends were suspected to die, he promised to them that he would train there for the remaining time he was in Kumogakure. Once he was finally there he looked at the surroundings analyzing the battle they could have had, but it didn’t seem to be much of a battle sense nothing was really out of the place, no rocks were broken and no trees had indentation on them. It had to be someone of “Chuunin or Jounin level then.” Chronos thought to himself materializing his golden-tinted chains. He let wrapped them around his arm and he took off deeper into the training grounds, a few minutes later he encountered a canyon space that seemed to have a lot of wildlife and they might be dangerous as well.

“How interesting, I haven’t found this place yet? Well guess I will be training here for a couple of days or so.” Chronos said dropping head first into the fifty meter deep canyon. As his descension began to increase he noticed he was getting closer to the ground he placed one of his two chains on rock wall beside him to slow him down eventually coming to a stop. As his feet finally touched the ground he felt vibrations underground, it resembled an earthquake in many ways putting Chronos on edge. “What is that!” Chronos says walking through the canyon when all of the sudden a gigantic mole popped out of the ground slashing his claws which were at least half a meters long. “Woah there, calm down buddy.” Chronos said barely dodging the three meters tall mole. It dug its way back underground and began to make it’s way to Chronos, again it leaped up from the ground, but this time he was trying to pull Chronos underground. “Nice try.” Chronos said throwing his chains directly underground, he was soon released when he seen blood begin to spurt from the hole his chains had created. “A carnivorous mole? This is strange, the worms probably aren’t big enough for it.” Chronos chuckled and continued his walk. With his chains wrapped back around his arm he walked through the canyons with extreme vigilance making sure he wasn’t ambushed again, he grew a little tired as he couldn’t have his chains out for too long, it would cause him to be too vulnerable so he relinquished them and sat on top of a long narrow rock for meditation reasons.

He breathed in and out over and over again trying to concentrate on his chakra, but for some reason he couldn’t get the idea of his chains out of his head. Instead of fighting it thought Chronos embraced it, seeing if it would have a stronger effect on the chains and the rate at which he could create them. While inside of his head he was teleported to an alternate dimension somewhere in his subconscious, “It’s been awhile since this had happened to me, I wonder what they will challenge me with this time.” Chronos said still in his meditative stance. “Hello human, do you have complete confidence in your chains.” A voice said from afar. “Wel-” Chronos was interrupted by a chains coming directly at him at insane speeds. It was hard to tell the exact position because the location where the chains retracted to was completely different than where it had came from. “You don’t have confidence in your chains.” The voice said. “How so?” Chronos questioned the voice. “I will not answer to a human that shows as much ignorance as you. I will reveal myself and we will fight, in this fight you may die, but I want to see your personality while fighting with the chains.” The voice said now becoming a figure from the shadows. Soon a man is finally shown by the light from which Chronos did not know the originating position. “Heh, I can’t wait to be evaluated.” Chronos said in a sarcastic manner. “That very insolence is what may get you killed, anyway I will tell you the rules of the battle. One, you can only use your chains or body to attack. That is all, if you fail to abide by this one and only rule I will kill you instantly.” The man said holding his finger out. This was very reminiscent of what Mito used to do, “Yes sir.” Chronos said not shaken up in the least. “Begin.” The voice said in a deep manner dashing to the left of Chronos. Chronos was barely able to discern his movements, it seemed as though the man was body flickering the whole time he moved, but he didn’t use a hand sign nor was he bound by the rule of not being able to do anything when body flickering. Chronos knew he couldn’t stand in that spot any longer of he would not last that long so, he darted from his position the opposite way the man had went. He activated his chains at the same time he moved making sure he was mindful of where he stepped. All of the sudden the man disappeared out of Chronos’ sight. “What?” Chronos questioned looking around. “You lose, young one.” The man says appearing directly in Chronos’ face then impaling him with a chains going straight into his abdomen there was a searing pain in Chronos’ stomach followed by blood being coughed from his mouth. “See you next time.” The man said fading away from his subconscious with the world breaking behind.

Finally awake Chronos noticed that he was still on the rock noticing that the vulture began to circle him saying that if he had stayed there any longer he would have died. “Whew, that guy surely is fast. I wonder how I will combat him, I guess I will have to train my chains mind and body.” Chronos said to himself while now being able to do his daily routine of chakra control. After an hour he finally finished and began to wander around the canyons that seemed to be a natural maze of some size. As he was walking he began to hear noises in the night piercing his very ears. “What could be the horrible noise.” Chronos said to himself digging in his ears with his finger. The farther he walked the louder the noise was and the closer it felt till it got to the point at which he had swore the noise was right next to him. To taunt the animal or being into coming out he began to yell out as well, it had worked because the loud noise had finally stopped, but Chronos didn’t notice how dangerous this animal was when interrupted. From the sky a large insectoid falls from the sky with hind legs that look as if they could carry anyone to the moon in just a single jump. “Was it you?” Chronos asked the insect as if he would get an answer. The reply from the giant black insect was a jumping dash directly towards Chronos at speeds that would leave at least twenty after images to an academy student. Chronos was about to use his fuuinjutsu to hinder the bugs movement, but then he thought of the man that he had faced before, he moved at speeds similar to this. So, he took out his chains as the bug began to jump on rocks to gain speed Chronos shot out four chains from his back all at a level horizontal to where the bug was jumping. It was going to fast to stop so it ran right into the chains splitting it horizontally in half. “That was pretty easy, but I think the man will be a lot harder to beat then that.” Chronos said not satisfied with what he had just done. “I need to train more.” Chronos mumbled as he ran deeper into the canyon.

With his running steps a lot of animals were able to hear him and was attracted to the sound of what was thought to be easy prey to them, it was due to anyone being stupid enough to make that much noise in the canyon. Chronos had entered a clearing where he seen glaring eyes from the shadows glowing all sorts of colors as if it were separated rainbow. One by one they began to pour into the clearing which was once a reddish brown color now black against the night sky and it wasn’t due to the shadowing. There many animals that Chronos had attracted and for some strange reason they haven’t attacked each other, this put Chronos off because animals usually aren’t able to resist the urge of supremacy. ‘Why aren’t they going after each other?” Chronos said reading six chains from his back which is the most he has yet to make, the tint of the chains was a lot more prevalent than usual due to the amount of glow that was being emitted from the chains. “I will make it out of this!” Chronos said feeling his instincts kick forcing him to involuntarily run into the horde of animals that were waiting for him to attack. Upon entering the horde there was a feeling inside of Chronos that made him revert back to primal times of human beings, the feeling of blood smearing across brought something out of Chronos. Down the animals went one by one, but Chronos wasn’t getting out of this battle with no scratches at all. As he passed the animals they would get in a few scratches some ranging from very deep to shallow, thanks to his Uzumaki blood he was able to stay although he did not know how. “This rush is amazing!” Chronos yells out as there is about twenty more animals to kill. They all begin to rush him in fear that had they not they would be next to die, there was a humongous armadillo that rolled directly into Chronos causing him to lose his footing and being rolled over by the armadillo “Whew, thats some strength that you have there.” Chronos said drunk off of the adrenaline his body had been delivering him in order to survive. Chronos began getting used to the armadillo’s movements along with the other animals that were attacking him, but he couldn’t kill the last five. The remaining five animals was a crocodile, armadillo, rhinoceros, beetle and some sort of bird with a tough beak. Chronos was not able to destroy them because of their extremely hard features, the chains were just too weak to break through.

All of the sudden Chronos fell into a sedative type feeling due to the amount of adrenaline that was entering his body, all he remembered seeing before he blacked out was that his chains were now a dark blue color, but still carried the bright golden tint they were blessed with. When he came to he was in the world with the man who was testing him and how devout Chronos was about his chains. “Well,have you returned stronger than before?” The man asked Chronos with a smile. “ i would hope so, considering how much I been through and some quick battle experience that I have, I should be able to cause some damage to you.” Chronos said analyzing the situations he had been in that day. The man laughed a hearty laugh, but this did not anger Chronos, he was used to being the underdog, he had no more words for the man so, he decided to speak with his actions instead. Dashing directly at the man Chronos uttered one last word before the battle began, “Begin.” and he was a meter away from the man after he said this. The man created his chains at an unimaginable speed and blocked Chronos’ head on attack easily. “You almost got me.” The man said now with a serious face. “By the looks of it you have gotten stronger.” He said looking down at his chains and seeing them crack a little.  Chronos had seen this at the same time the man did and began to give it a final push to break through, but it turns out Chronos wasn’t the only one who could achieve that level of chains. A blue tint also emerged around the chains that the man was holding and the cracks that were previously on it had been erased. With this the man was able to push Chronos back with the reinforced strength of his chains, and then began his assault on Chronos reigning down his chains which had increased to five in total. This was a signal to CHronos that he had gotten a little stronger since he had last entered the, this made Chronos extremely happy and gave him more energy to continue battling the man. Chronos was still on defense when he had started to see the movements of the chains more clearly and tried to predict where they were aiming, with this he was able to quickly switch up the tempo causing the man to stumble back a bit. Chronos thought he had him, but the man ejected another chains from his back as stiff as a metal pole into the ground beneath him keeping him in the battle. Chronos aiming for his final attack with his chains was caught off guard when he was suddenly impaled in the. “H-huh?’ Chronos asked as he looked at the man smiling, now he was beginning to slip away from his subconscious and started to enter the real world. When Chronos opened his eyes he started feeling his body looking at all of the scratches he had accumulated in the fight, then he realized that he should have died, he blacked out in the middle of the fight. “What happen?” Chronos asked as sat his stiff body up. When he looked around he seen dead bodies of predators all around him, some torn completely in half and others with huge holes in there body. “Did I do this, no way.” Chronos said in complete shock of his satanic looking surrounding.

He began to heal his wounds with his medical ninjutsu which went quite faster than the last time he used it, he must have been secretly training this as well. As he watched his scrapes, scratches, and bruises go away he wondered what had come over him. What possibly gave him enough power to destroy the last remaining creatures that he had troubles with before he blacked out. “That’s it! It was my chains evolving, they had turned blue, I wish I could see them now, but I have no chakra left to create them.” Chronos said as got up looking for a relatively safe place to rest his tattered body. “Sigh, this is a true discovery, but how will I be able to actually see them? I really need to get my chakra back up, eating is the only way.” Chronos said turning around and taking one the animals and taking it a safe place. “Well, I can’t  eat this raw so i will use the dry sticks that fall from the trees that loom over the edge of the canyon.” And that is what he did, he gathered some dry sticks and was able to start a fire. With that done he cooked the meat the best he could and feasted on the unknown creature. “That was surprisingly good, I need to try this more often.” Chronos said now feeling back to normal after a few hours of feasting and resting. Now that he was fully energized he took the time to get his daily chakra control routine out of the way, which was becoming second nature to him, it was something that he had to do, but that wasn’t the only thing that was becoming second nature to him. The chains were always running through his head, when he opened his eyes from his chakra control routine he seen that the chains had materialized around his arm. This was a good sign, but he has yet to come close to beating the man in a fair fight one on one, although the man said Chronos would never be able to beat him Chronos doubted this was true. “It seems that you are very strong, you have destroyed all of my summons.” A woman said from a tall rock structure. “Who are you?” Chronos said not caring about her compliment. “Well I can’t tell you that, but this canyon is mine and I hope you have no intentions on trying to take it from me.” The woman said who looked to be in her mid to late forties. “Why would I want to take this place from you, it’s more deadly than anything of course that was due to your summons, but still.” Chronos asked upset that he had almost died for suspicion of trying to take a canyon without even being questioned. “Just fight me to prove your actual strength, shall you win I will let you live.” The woman said to Chronos in a seductive manner. ‘Well you have no other choice but to let me go if I beat you.” Chronos laughs as a kunai cuts his face. Now, he is serious and launches his chains at the woman and then swings them to her left, she jumps from her rock and is immediately vulnerable from that point onwards.

Chronos flung his other chains at the lady giving her no means to dodge and when Chronos knew that it would impale her he retracted them so she wouldn’t actually be damaged. Once the lady had finally gotten her feet back on the ground she brushed herself off. “How nice of you not to kill me or harm me in the least, I feel bad that I almost killed you last night, well you’re free to go, see you around...maybe.” The woman says disappearing into the distance. Now, that Chronos had finally gotten back home he was able to give himself a full rest and was also ready for the final battle against the man, although he had acknowledged that Chronos had gotten stronger this didn’t satisfy him. As soon as his head touched the pillow Chronos was jolted into the realm of the man whose chains were unbeatable. “Seems you have returned, care to fight me once more?” The man asks in a smug tone. “Well what type of question is that you know what I’m here for.” Chronos said pretty confident in his abilities. “Well le-” The man was about to say “let’s begin” when Chronos vanished from the man’s sight, then all of the sudden he heard a rattling of chains coming from his left side. “Very anxious aren’t we.” The man said smiling as he eyes down the chains moving backwards.”I guess you could say that.” Chronos said right behind where the man had dodged. This was shocking that Chronos had gotten so fast in a short amount of time, but before Chronos wasn’t able to show his full potential. He also had a bad habit of not being able to start off at full strength which he had just now gotten over. The man was quickly able to adapt to Chronos’ full speed and began to take the offensive by swinging chains into the ground and having them rise up the ground which Chronos stood upon, had he stopped at any point his feet would have been impaled by the chains stopping his movement. This did not stop Chronos from charging the man trying his best to get close to him, midway through he realized that he if he was to even scratch the man he would need to be able to trick him in some fashion. It was already showing that the man knew Chronos was headed directly towards him so, Chronos nimbly darted to the right and headed at the man at an angle slamming one of his chains underground as he did so.

The man was slightly caught off guard by what Chronos had did, but was still expecting a head on attack. The man was wrong about this as well seeing as though jumped into the air and spun clockwise as if he were a tornado with his chains creating monstrous winds. Little did the man know there was still a chain placed underground which was aiming to impale him in the back the same way he had done Chronos earlier. The man wrapped his chains around his arms looking as though he was getting ready to go into his ultimate stance, but before he could take off, he was stabbed by Chronos’ chain. Chronos didn’t know if this would be enough to so he continued to progress in his aerial assault and he was about to reign down his spinning chains on the man until he noticed him kneel, giving Chronos a sign of surrendering. Chronos immediately stopped his attack and fell to the ground ue to not being able to stop the momentum he had built up efficiently. “Are you okay.” He asked the man. “Yes, I’m fine. I guess it’s time for me to tell you my name now. The man said smiling slightly because of someone finally being able to beat him. “My name is Ashina.” The man said. “Ashina Uzumaki, I am the founder of this clan. It seems you are a pretty worthy Uzumaki, young one.” Ashina said looking delighted the clan was still strong. “The ability that you have just shown me was Adamantine Chains, this basically means that your chains are unbreakable and can seal away your opponent's chakra which is what happened to me, this is why I can’t move my body as of now.” Ashina said with a formal voice. “What has pushed you to become so strong young Uzumaki?” Ashina asked Chronos. “Well I would have to say my parents were he number one reason I’ve made to where I am today.” Chronos said humbly. Ashina then placed a seal on himself making him regain his mobility. “I will show you more ways to use the chains if you decide to.” Ashina said, “Of course, I would be honored to train under you.” Chronos said kneeling in front of Ashina to show his devotion to the Uzumaki Clan. Ashina had taken Chronos over the basics again to make sure his understanding of the chains were as clear as possible, there were some kinks in the fight that Chronos could have panned out had he been completely clear on the fundamentals of the chains, but now that he knows his power will have been boosted more when using the chains. After going of the basics Ashina showed some secret tactics that Chronos could use in order to get his enemy to move the way he wanted him to move and how he wanted his opponent to move was pretty important in battle. The last thing Ashina imparted to Chronos before he left was his will which was  “I want the Uzumaki to have a library full of fuuinjutsu scrolls, only those that have Uzumaki DNA will be able to pass. Would you mind doing that for me?” He asked Chronos. “Yes sir, I would go to the end of the earth for you.” Chronos said grabbing Ashina’s hand firmly and shaking it. “I greatly appreciate you and what you will be able to do in the future, now go young Uzumaki, become a great ninja.” Ashina said as the world began to crumble for the last time.

Chronos had finally awaken and the chains were glowing around his body, it was as if a long metallic snake was caressing his body all over. “I finally did it! It took awhile, but I finally mastered the chains, well at least one portion from which I heard from Ashina.” Chronos said to himself. Now, that he had finally finished his training with the attacking chains it was time to begin on the sealing chains that Chronos could also use as a barrier soon enough. He sat down and began to write out some seals that he could place within the seals or other things he could incorporate into his chakra chains to make them stronger, he was also questioning whether he had even piqued the strength of the chains himself, maybe there was more to learn. “Sigh, there is too much to learn, I should take it one at a time, but before I begin anything I think I should take another nap.” Chronos said lying in his bed which seemed a lot more comfortable than what he had been sleeping on inside of the canyon yesterday. And thus Chronos had learned the Adamantine Attacking Chains, these would prove truly useful for Chronos when the time came now, what was next on Chronos’ list of jutsus to learn, maybe it was time for a skill. Find out next time on the Chronos Saga.
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PostSubject: Re: Insane In The Chain   Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:49 am

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You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Insane In The Chain
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