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 Brains Over Speed

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Brains Over Speed   Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:35 pm

After learning the Barrier Canopy Method Formation Chronos took an interest into barrier jutsus, this might have been because of how he seen that jounin use it. It seemed like it was could protect the user from almost anything and this made Chronos feel great about learning these types of jutsus, this would also mean he was getting to know his Uzumaki bloodline better as well since he was learning fuuinjutsu more. Now that he had a profound interest in it Chronos would go to the library and work on his seal making, he would look at multiple seals and write miniature versions of them in his sketchbook along with his summons. In the near future he also planned on learning how to make these summons and use them in battle to aid him with all sorts of enemies. As he was writing seal formulas in his notebook in the library he had seen a scroll that seemed to stick out among the rest, it had green stripes with lighter green symbols inside of it. At the end of that green stripe there was a smaller golden stripe that gave it an air of superiority than the rest of the scrolls there, of course Chronos had to check this scroll out and read it so, that is exactly what he did. Walking from the library he had seen that it was a barrier jutsu, something called “Barrier Confining Technique”. This seemed to sound very cool to Chronos and piqued his new found interest in barriers, “I wonder what type of things this barrier can do.” Chronos said as he opened up the perfectly laced scroll. “Hm, it seems that it can stop the enemy in it’s tracks just by being in range of it, although the range is small opponents will think they’ve already got you and let their guard down a little bit. This would work well against those will extreme speed and those who have cornered you, or at least they think they have.” Chronos chuckled a little. He knew he had to go to the training grounds in order to master this jutsu.

As he walked the smooth wind breeze would caress his face with a special type of coldness, it was strange because from all the rain at Kumogakure the wind would usually carry a certain humidness. He quickly dismissed this and continued to the training grounds, as he got there he noticed there were a group of troublesome ninja there. This would not deter Chronos from going to train so, he walked passed them as if they didn’t even exist, as he got passed the group he heard, “Hey, are ya Chronos.” the one that seemed to be the leader said. He had a red headband and looked to be in his twenties, he had long brown hair coming from the sides of his headband and they were taken by the wind. “Yeah, what do you need.” Chronos said clenching his scroll. “Well, aren’t we lucky. Chuckle go get em.” Soon after that a big guy emerges from the group with a weird smile which consisted of his tongue hanging out of his mouth. “I like people like you!” He said with the literacy of a six year old. “I don’t like people who seem to be dumber than a sack of rocks.” Chronos said slyly. “I don’t think you understand the position you’re in kid.” The leader said agitated by Chronos smart tongue. When the big bald brute finally understood that Chronos was making fun of him he was enraged and charged after Chronos at full speed, for someone to be this big he was pretty light on his feet. The bald brute was very fast and Chronos was barely dodging until he got the idea that he would have to use the Barrier Canopy Method Formation, he then ran into the forest with the big brute right behind him. “Heh, what a cowards. We’ll wait here for the big lug to bring back his body.” The leader said as confident as possible.

This is exactly what the Chronos wanted, he finally lost sight of the brute and was able to make his barrier of twenty meters after a few seconds of concentration. When his barrier began to expand from ten meters to fifteen that is when he began to experience the movements of the brute, “Hehehe, are ya dun runnin,” the brute said still sounding as if he hadn’t gained any knowledge passed six. Chronos did not say a word and waited for him to attack, this was an amazing feeling for Chronos knowing all of his opponent’s movement and being able to react to them. Compared to Kozan his speed was nothing, but he still proved to be a pretty difficult opponent, until he made the barrier. While the brute leaped around Chronos not realizing that the barrier has been made he then attacks Chronos will all his might, but is easily dodged by Chronos. “Hey, tat wus my ful powa attack.” The brute said confused about why he couldn’t attack Chronos. When Chronos looked at the ground he was extremely surprised to see a huge indentation on the ground, had he not dodged he would have broken some bones under a punch like that. “Aren’t you the strong one.” Chronos said taunting the brute to come at him at full speed. This worked easily, it was as if a child was running towards Chronos in a fit of rage. Again and again he tried to attack Chronos, but he failed over and over again. This continued until the brute was tired out and that is when Chronos took his chance to kill this ninja, he jumped in the air and threw out 3 chains coming from his back and then launching towards the brute’s body. All of them impaled him ranging from the back of his skull, to his spine and left shoulder blade, knowing that the rest would be after him when they figure out that he has killed their comrade he left into the woods to learn this jutsu. He was a pretty far distance from them and he rested upon the ground taking in deep breaths and his chakra pen. He looked at the formula for the barrier and began to trace it in a circle as it was depicted on the scroll.

As he did this it seemed that it was missing a lot of things and it wasn’t working when he did the Seal of Confrontation. He thought it was because of his terrible hand writing when rewriting the formula and wrote again, he did this until he ruled that out as being a possibility. Then he realizes that it’s because of his lack of concentration on the seal itself while writing it. He concentrated on making the barrier and forgot about his enemies for a while, he knew this was dangerous, but he could pull this off it would make a difference in the battle. Now that he had finished the seal being under intense pressure, which Chronos worked well under, he seen that it would appear when he held up the seal of Confrontation while thinking of it stopping his opponent and disappeared when he released it. He was happy that it worked, but he didn’t truly know if it would stop an opponent, this is when he seen a rabbit hop from the bush scaring Chronos and he immediately held out the Seal of Confrontation. As he did this the rabbit stopped in it’s tracks not able to move a single inch from his original position, knowing that it worked he felt safe and began to move closer to the training grounds speculating that the ninja were looking for him. It had been quite some time since he killed that brute so, they had to be tracking him down, he was under the assumption that they had a sensor so, he tried to play it safely and use his chakra senses to catch them before they caught him.

Assuming this was correct because when he got close to the training ground which was around twenty meters away he had senses a lone ninja jumping through the branches towards him. Chronos thought to lead him away and take him out like he did the brute, his only chance was to fight them one on one. Figuring this out he ran to a nearby river that held water there and he could maximize his potential there, when all of the sudden the ninja appears from the slightly dense forest. “You’ve eluded me for quite some time kiddo. You must be some type of prodigy.” The ninja with an anbu type masked snickered. He had long gray hair that spiked down his back, there was no way he was an anbu because Chronos would have been caught from the start of this battle. “Well, would you like to fight or talk.” Chronos said now escaping the feeling of him losing. As he said this he hopped on the river and used his chakra to keep him standing on the water, when he did this the ninja ran towards him and right before he go five meters to Chronos he agilely cut to his right and then came for another attack while pulling his kunai out of his pouch and slicing his cheek causing blood to run down Chronos’ face. Although he had took a little damage Chronos knew that he wouldn’t lose this match, he had his trump card. “I thought you would be better than this, I will rush you again.” The ninja said. He was not lying either, he ran straight at Chronos being a decent amount faster than the brute, Chronos smiled and held out his hands and made the seal of Confrontation when the ninja was 4 meters away. There was no way he could change his direction in that amount of time, as the barrier was created he fell right into and was stuck there. Now, it came to who would run out of chakra first because Chronos  could not walk, but he did realize he could move his hand. This would allow him to take a kunai out of his pouch very softly while concentrating very hard so, that he would not break through the barrier. “You got anything to say, I think the best thing would be to tell me why you are after me.” Chronos said in a serious tone. “I will tell you noth-” After Chronos confirmed that he would say nothing he threw the kunai at his throat piercing it cleanly. Chronos released the barrier and too his kunai from the ninja’s throat as he drowned to the bottom of the river. Next thing he knew he felt a hand upon his shoulder with a strong intent to kill making sure Chronos knew his malice, Chronos instinctively jumped away and looked who was behind him. When he seen it was the leader with the other two comrades that were left he thought his life was over, but he had to fight on.

“You did a nice job making it this far, we will stop chasing you for a while. We just had to assess your abilities, I want you to know you can’t beat us three as you are now, train harder and become stronger.” The ninja said before him and his crew took off into the morning sky using some peculiar jutsu. “What the fuck was that about.” Chronos said genuinely confused about the situation he had just encountered. He had just killed two ninja and met some strange guys, all on the way to train the jutsu which he was able to use once, he then walked home to soak in a bath after changing his bloody clothes and walking to the bath house. As he soaked in the bath he knew he would have to do more training with the jutsu because he figured it had been a fluke that it worked that one time or it only worked because he was under intense pressure. He figured not all battles would give him the time to be able to get himself under that type of pressure again so he set his mind to go train the jutsu again the next day even though those weird guys were around somewhere. As he got finished soaking his body he left and went home, there he practiced his seal writing and then went to bed. He woke up early in the morning as he did yesterday and went back to the same training grounds where the incident had taken place at, when he got there he seen no mysterious ninja or any of the ones he had seen there yesterday.

“Peaceful, as it should have been yesterday.” Chronos said to himself still agitated about what had happened and the fact that he had to take two lives. “It’s as if they didn’t even matter to them, I killed them and they weren’t angered in the least.” Chronos said utterly baffled by their emotionless ways. He knew he would one day become the same due to some tragic circumstances, but he had hoped that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. After getting his mind of the past he then sat down and took out his sketchbook in order to practice writing the seal some more, he made all of the kanji that was needed and wrote it in a semi circle. It seemed to be more of an oval which wouldn’t do for Chronos, everything he did with fuuinjutsu had to be perfect and that could be said for everything else as well. He then rewrote the formula of the seal until it was a perfect circle which he could be proud of and then he went to go meditate, this was so he could train his chakra control on the daily basis in order to make the learning of jutsus easier for him. He knew it was important to pound the fundamentals in his brain however boring they were because most jutsus were derived from the most basic concepts. He sat upon a rock he was comfortable with as he always did and began to breathe in and out repeatedly thinking of the flow of chakra through his body and what surrounded him. After a couple of hours of doing this he finally felt as though he had warmed up and he could produce the barrier easier since he felt like he was at 100%. With his right hand he made the seal of confrontation and the kanji didn’t appear around him, it was nothing, but withering grass and some dead leaves that had already left the tree. Chronos knew that he was only able to make the barrier that one time due to the pressure he was under, he did not want this jutsu to be situational, of course he would want to do this jutsu at all times so, he continued to practice it. When Chronos tried again he placed an intense desire into the jutsu as he tried to make the barrier, nothing happened and Chronos couldn’t figure out why. Then he thought it would help him to find out what type of mindset he had while he was fighting the ninja that were attacking him. When he reflected upon that situation he looked at the point when he was about to get cut down by the anbu-looking ninja. “Hm, I must have been scared for my life, but I know there was something else that caused me to be able to make the jutsu as I did.” Chronos said rubbing his chin.

Again and again he reflected upon it and he figured out that he was thinking of his pride in the Uzumaki clan at that point in time, he wondered why that made the barrier appear at that time, it might have had something to do with his ancestral blood and to find out he would have to test it.
He then tried making the barrier while thinking about his clan with intense passion and he seen the kanji that formulated the barrier appear around him. He knew this was the sign that it had worked, but what could he test the movement part on. “Hm, I wonder would a falling leaf work.” Chronos said curiously. He then went to a tree and took a leaf from it, as he did that he threw it in the air making sure he was thinking of his clan he made the barrier, but it didn’t stop the leaf in it’s tracks. “It must not have worked due to the fact that it didn’t really have any chakra in it or it just wasn’t a human.” Chronos said analyzing this fact. He then remembered that before he was able to stop a rabbit with this technique so, he went walking through the forest in order to find an animal to experiment this jutsu upon. As he was walking he had seen a cave and it reminded him of old times where he had fought the boar before he became a genin, this thought compelled him to walk into the cave and look for any animals. When he walked in he noticed there was a faint blue glow in there, this piqued Chronos’ interest which caused him to delve more into the cave. Once finally arriving to the light source he seen deposits of blue crystals in abundance, after he finished gawking at all of the crystals he had stumbled upon he noticed a blue and purple snake that was enormous, this snake had to be at least six meters long and pretty thick as well.

Chronos knew he would be able to stop the snake from attacking him so he broke off a crystal and threw it at the snake waking it up in a startled fashion, when the snake realized it was Chronos that had awoke him in that manner he launched his body directly towards Chronos. “Just like a typical snake.” Chronos said shaking his head. Before the snake could get ten meters close to Chronos he erected the barrier since he knew that the snake wasn’t smart enough to realize the barrier would stop him. As planned the snake went right into the two meter range and was stopped immediately in the Chronos’ barrier. “Now, how will I get out of here.” Chronos thought laughing at himself. Chronos released the barrier and ran out of the cave as fast as he could, with the enraged snake behind him closing in on him faster and faster. Then Chronos body flickered out of the cave, as he looked back in it the snake stared at him, but did not leave his cave. It was like he was bound to it, Chronos realizing he had made it out stuck his tongue out and spit at the snake. The snake just stared at Chronos, but couldn’t chase after him, maybe there was some sort of barrier around the cave that trapped the snake in there, for some strange reason it seemed that the snake had created it himself, Chronos didn’t know how that was possible so he walked away without poking around anymore, he didn’t want to test his luck anymore than he had this week. And thus Chronos learned another jutsu, making his way to the path of a great ninja.
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PostSubject: Re: Brains Over Speed   Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:14 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Brains Over Speed
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