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 Wind Palm Blast much

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PostSubject: Wind Palm Blast much   Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:28 am

Nejonin had returned to add another technique into his personal arsenal of somewhat reasonable powers. In his eyes, they weren’t anything special. This in theory was an obvious disadvantage and advantage as well. As always, he was already at his well-paced by him training grounds. His next technique this time would be…. “After searching about through this list, I finally found something that would generally suit my needs in a way. I could be classified as quite the long range fighter but I’m also capable up close. I guess this is just more to add to the long range side of me. It’s called Futon Kami Oroshi. In other terms, the user shoots a vortex like series of wind blast from his two connected palms at a decently large distance between himself and the opponent. Being a user of the wind release, this shouldn’t be much new to me. It’s like learning a sub branch of any normal skill or area of teaching information. You simply branch off and link it together until the connection is made and the way of going about variable x is understood.” Nejonin walked into the gates and placed his backpack center and began to pace around it shortly with alternating and solid steps each second. This constant motion was also paired with his thinking face involving thumb and index on sides of his chin with the other fingers supporting underneath. “How should I go about firstly learning this technique? I already know the feeling of wind so that shouldn’t be much a problem within learning and practicing it. For starter, I guess I could try something simple and work my way up from there.” Nejonin kicked his backpack along the ground until having it reach the outer parts of the training grounds. “There we go. More space to practice this now.” He stepped into the center and mimicked the stance that he would show before most practice or sparring matches. His idea was to simply throw a motion of actual wind by using his fist as somewhat of an air punching mechanism. 

Generally, the creation of wind techniques didn’t require more than hand signs and never really required the movement of the body in a physical attack motion. This would be done so he could figure out how the production of wind when given motion at the same time works. “I’ve never tried this before. Time to test how easy or difficult it is. I’ll use the rock as reference over there since it’s so damn dusty that if I hit it with even the slightest wind, it should grow another ten shades of color without effort.” Nejonin cocked his right arm back and prepared a basic punch. It wasn’t one that he’d normally throw in an actual battle though. He preferred quick attacks made mainly for the purpose of confusing his target on where they were coming from. Needless to say, he shoots his right arm forward with fist locked as if preparing for strong collision from an antagonist’s surface area. He kept his eyes fully looking ahead to observe if he had caused any wind disturbance at all from his attempt. The punch made nothing more than that of a normal human punch when it came to moving air that was strong enough to become visible. In other words, it made nothing spectacular. “Heh. It isn’t as simple as most make it out to be. Well, if that’s the case, there is always a method to something that looks generally hard to perform. This method is like a roadmap to those experienced and learning. The problem arises when looking for this “roadmap method”. Seeing the rock not changing at all, Nejonin pulled his arm back once more and resumed his prior stance. It was time to try this again. In this time, he would use more visualization of his actual techniques. Wind always required a path to take so that it could flow properly without crashing like water along hectic shores. Only peaceful wind serves as good attack or defense ironically. - - - He threw his punch forward once more and watched as the wind showed little reaction around him as if he were just a puny dot in a world of air currents that had no time to include his pestering attempts to shift them within their conscious minds. “Another fail I spot. How unfortunate. Now… I need a plan to get this training across a bit faster. I’ll try a different motion that seems more suiting for what I’m doing.” Nejonin moved into a standard standing stance resembling that of someone who was walking and paused where both feet were aligned and connected. His next plan was to try and do hand fan motions outward as if his hands were paper fans similar to those typically found within the Sand Village. “I wonder how effective this will be. I guess I’m lucky that if it gets too hot out here I have some hand fans plus the wind release to help me out. Though the mountains don’t allow for the place being hot or anything of the sort. The weather’s constant here.” Nejonin lifted his left arm this time trying to not only use one arm too often. Now with his arm parallel to the ground, he opened his closed hand and created the palm parallel to the flat ground as well. Using the strength built into his wrist, he began lifting and sinking his hand quickly to mimic a hand fan’s movement and range of motion of going up and down or side to side depending on the perspective. “Interesting, it does give the feel of wind that I haven’t felt in a long time. I suppose even if it doesn’t progress my training too much, I will still receive some morale from doing this.” He began increasing his speed that was put into the fanning motion. With wrist nearly beginning to hurt, he tried to pull anything that he learned out of that to articulate it as something universal that could be called on from a familiar place later like his notebook areas for notes. “The feeling of wind can also be felt here. I was wrong about possibly getting nothing directly affecting my training out of this. I have found it that the gentleness required to work with wind techniques can be refreshed by doing this rhythmic process.

 It’s tiring to do after a while but is well worth the specialized area tiring to get the feeling of the wind. Wind, after all, was one of the freest elements that existed. Nejonin set off to try another type of body motion now. He stood straight up as before and this time place both of his hands with palm onto his upper chest level. “Without changing my hand’s height from the ground, I must push them outward and inward back to their original location and also try pushing more and more wind outward with that movement each time.” This was going to be done to simulate the exhaling and inhaling of the wind itself. While his chest was also in the works, that wasn’t the central location that he was thinking about at all. The space between his chest and hands would be similar to the lungs of the air around him itself. Trying to release a higher amount of wind each time would cause him to gain air production control. “Well… It isn’t really air production but wind control. Taking what is already in existence and giving it a new motive and purpose that can be molded like clay to your particular liking and designated role that you want to assign to it.” - - - Nejonin began his moving taking both hands out and in each time. He could actually feel himself making small bits of repurposed winds but he couldn’t fully tell as the wind movement itself felt all too the same. He attempted syncing his own breathing with that of his simulated wind’s lungs that were in front of him. After a few minutes or so, the task became much easier than it had been when he had started. It wasn’t actually difficult per se. It was more so troublesome trying to feel the possibly created air that could have been made as well as sync each and every breath that came from his body with those of his hands that represented the wind itself. Getting even more in sync now, his ability to pick up on everything became much easier. He wasn’t making much of wind but it was there ever so faintly existing behind all the normally made movement in the air from his shifting hands just having typical air resistance. “Seems this isn’t working physically. I’m only getting mental refinements and understanding from it. The best chance I have now is trying to directly apply all of this to the technique in question.” It was time to test the Futon Kami Oroshi. After being slightly annoyed remembering he had to be at another place during this time that he didn’t want to be at, Nejonin continued his training as so. He returned to his guard in the center of the rock clearing and prepared his hands of they were said to be in the jutsu. He wanted to generally get used to having his hands in that position. It was similar to that of boar except with the arms stretched forward result in both hands pointing away from each other with each where the bottom of both wrist and palms meet. The wind would be generated from the hands and pushed forward at great speeds. However, Nejonin knew little of how to form a vortex. Forming such was required for the full creation of the jutsu. He wanted to try a few more things before stepping up to trying the actual jutsu. Here, he used his over leveling approach once more. “I need to find some water somewhere.” Nejonin said walking out of the training gate with his backpack on him. I just need to travel around here until I find the stopping well. It took him a while of walking about before he found it. On the way, he also picked up a bucket through the town. He got a decent amount of water and put it into his circular like bucket that was normally use for gardening somehow. With water to the near brim, he travelled back to the training grounds. - - - 

Nejonin removed his backpack and casted it off to the side. He placed his bucket in his lap once he sat in the center of the clearing again. If you’ve ever taken water into a circular bucket and shifted it around in your hands. The actual bucket that is, you’d know that it is possible to create whirlpool or vortex like structures of the water within it depending on how you spin it. This would be Nejonin’s idea of learning how to form a wind vortex. - - He held the bucket in his hands now on either sides and just watched as the water swished back and forth with his slight range of movement. “I’ll first need to put my chakra into this water which isn’t that difficult. It would be easier if I knew water release but if I try long enough…” Nejonin began sending his chakra from his hand’s palms through the plastic bucket into the water that resided within. “Just like I expected, since water is so great for picking up chakra in its nature as it naturally enjoys to clinging to things like this, it isn’t very difficult. However, I can’t mix it very well to the point that it’s even on all places within the water. This shouldn’t hold too much impact on the actual training method though. Now it’s time to begin.” Nejonin started with the basic motions of tightly holding on the sides of the plastic bucket while shifting from side to side in a circular motion with his arms and shoulders. The water would start off crashing constantly and not flowing in the proper direction at all. That’s when a quote ran through the mind of him. “I said empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless… like water. Now you put water into a cup. It becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle. It becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot. It becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friends.” “Heh. Bruce Lee was it?” Nejonin thought. He began shifting his water at faster speeds picking up the pace like the wind itself. The faster the movement was, the quicker the water would stabilize into its eternal orbit of no escape unless the creator were to tire. “Looks like I’ve gotten this far enough by just using the strength of my arms. Now it’s time to use the grip of my chakra as well.” Nejonin’s hand glowed a slight blue as his hands quickly gained superior grip as well. The water seemed to be eased by his own well at this point requiring much less physical effort from his movement of the arms to keep the whirlpool of water spinning around the inner walls of the bucket going. It was surely a difficult motion to maintain on a mental scale. Nejonin often defined controlling chakra to be more so mental opposed to physical despite them truly being all one in the same. He preferred it this way due to the foreignness between the two states of controlling. Nejonin went as far as to place the bucket by itself onto the center of the rock clearing and back away while attempting to keep his grip on the water within using his chakra control. It was greatly effective and proved to keep the water spinning similar to his arms in perfect rhythm. “This is working out better than I had expected. 

I suppose the prior doing of this helped quite a bit. I used to practice making these mini whirlpools when I was a child for a reason after all. I wonder if I could swirl my shadow within it as well. But these are questions for later days when I’m not training. - - - Nejonin continued his controlling of the water until trying to move up to a higher level of chakra control precision. He would practice moving the actual bucket around using the swirling water of which he could physically grab onto from a distance inside of the bucket. It was now a matter of easing it about and never doing just too much or else the water would spill resulting in the loss of his plentiful control that he had. The solution to this would be to rotate the edges must faster than he did the center of the water. This resulted in somewhat of a stabilizing self-action that would keep the bucket up right. “My training surely is a peculiar one. But, this is giving me a great idea of how to form a vortex with chakra now. If I have learned enough so far. I should be able to kick up the level of difficulty now as well.” He wanted to attempt something risky now. He held a tight grip on the still swirling water within and decided to turn the bucket on its side while keeping the water in motion inside. It was a difficult task. He first pushed more pressure towards the left and top direction of the bucket to have it lean and fall to the left. After doing this, he now had the bucket successfully on its side. He had to put extra force to what now became the right that used to be the bottom to keep the water from escaping. “This plastic casing sure helps a lot more than any damn wooden one would. Being able to see what I’m changing in real time other than sensing it with a short delay gives higher precision over my actions and what I am doing.” Nejonin now needed to push the water up and down within the bucket to keep its same type of rotation that it once had earlier while standing upright. “Now here comes the final test. This will determine whether or not I’m ready to move on yet. I presume that I won’t fail as this isn’t too hard since it’s sorta of like controlling air. Water, in this case, is just like weighted air. They’re both fluids after all.” He would now attempt to flip the bucket upside and keep the water in the same rotation while not touching the rocky surface below. This time lifting to the right and still turning to the left, he sat the bucket on its top making it upside down. “I can feel the water loosening its grip despite my chakra struggles.” It began feeling physical around this time now like someone was drilling away at his core and brain at the same time. The water was sliding down the sides. With no base to stop it from seeping away, surely, the fluid would escape his chakra held grasp eventually. “I will need to formulate a quick solution for this. The question becomes what… as always. Here comes the simple part of it.” Nejonin planned on giving more power and push to the upward rising of the water around the bucket’s inner perimeter. “Now this is how you make an upside down vortex.” 

He began pushing even more pressure directly up the center in the bucket to keep the funnel like shape continuous until he became fully exhausted and feel forward somewhat in a kneeling position. The water quickly flooded out of the bucket and resulted in its falling over as well. His vortex shaping was up to par now. That wouldn’t be a problem. Now with half of his over leveling done, he only needed to work on one other factor. This factor would be giving his air motion, much stronger motion just by the use of his chakra and limbs as well. He kicked the bucket away from the middle ground after getting his composure and strength back. Nejonin dropped into another stance with this one being different from his last. He stood form and strong this time with arms and legs ready for an assortment of various kick types and punch types. “My goal during all of this is to create lots of wind with these abilities and attacks. This must create some momentum for myself in terms of rising in progress with this jutsu. The only problem in this all is that I need to actually create the wind this time around.” Nejonin tried to flow his wind chakra into his parts of the body that required it. These would be his feet and hands. He wanted to throw wind punches and kicks. With the ambition and motive set, he only needed the action’s successful go through. - - - Nejonin performed his first kick and actually noticed the wind giving some way and making a large wave of force than it would have normally from the average human’s kick. “Looks like I may or else be getting somewhere. Heh. It’s about time now.” His training was finally gaining some movement and pace to go by. “Now, let’s try putting a little more umph into this one.” Nejonin said punching out with his left arm and fist while shifting his weight placement to adjust accordingly. This also made more wind as a result from the last. It nearly began pushing the dust up against the rock and lifting it slightly. “Just a little bit more and I’ll be fine.” Nejonin continued for a while throwing punches and kicks to kicks and punches. With each one getting more and more powerful in terms of its wind manipulation, Nejonin became even more excited to continue his pursuit of mastering this technique. After doing a round of around 50 kicks and 50 punches, he managed to take a break where he went about within his notebook with the power of his pens in the name of notes and documents. 

“Pushing existing elements in a difficult task. I’m merely used to chakra transformation and creation on the moment. Changing something that is already there is rather similar but very different all at the same time. If I could relate it to something in life… It’s like comparing the creation of your own code to that of editing and modifiying someone else’s. It requires much more observing and precision within your techniques and methods that you go about using. The key to moving this wind at the same time would be to set the path with your eyes and let your body follow it. When this happens, your wind that you push and move will take the will of your mind’s path and follow it as well. This is only possible if you truly focus. Even the slightest waver of focus could result in failure.” Nejonin by this time was exhausted. But, with all that training, he was sure that he could easily perform his technique by this time. He couldn’t tell why but he felt a sense of anger emerging in him. Nejonin returned to his post now and did a bit of stretching before moving onto his final step that would ascend him to the status of knowing another jutsu to add into his ninjutsu arsenal. “Such an odd day it was. I can rarely feel my body now heh. That’s not enough to stop me though. It requires near elimination of all organs before I simply stop. Boy am I kidding.” Nejonin jokingly said falling forward. The tiredness has soaked into him like water to a desert sponge. He woke up a bit later on the flat yet rigid rocks on the ground. Now lying in the middle of the training grounds rock clearing, he stared up into the blank sky of blue. He was still in the loss of direction and mental confusion moments of waking up. “Wake a second, I mean wait a second.” He popped up from the ground and got into his position. “I fell asleep while training again. Gah, I need to really stop doing this.” Nejonin lifted his palms and connected them in the modified boar way that was shown in the instructions for the jutsu. He bent his legs in and moved into a half squat semi kneel. “This should do the tricks. And I made sure to go over the hand signs before coming here this time as well. There aren’t that many so why not. Ram, boar, dragon, ram.” Nejonin felt the chakra course throughout the assigned parts of his body moving from his furnace out to his sides and traveling along both arms until reaching the hands. From it, gusted a small wind that was noticeable. However, it quickly fell short and pushed directly into the rocky surface. “Another fail? I can’t get a break can I?” Nejonin wasn’t very discouraged just annoyed with his circumstances. He’d need to try another method 

somehow but he was fully out of different training ideas for once. He began thinking back to when he was writing through his notes. “Did I miss anything… anything pivotal to my success on performing this technique? I reread over ten times so I shouldn’t have but just in case.” He quickly looked through his physical copy of notes and nothing was missed. “I guess I can only try once more.” Nejonin got back into position and stared blankly at his target. He began remembering the quote. “I must be like water and change to my ever changing world. Only those to adapt to the mountain’s terrain are sure to never lose grip.” He performed the necessary hand signs and put his palms out connected as he had done before. “Be water my friends.” The air shot in a blasting like vortex that was strong enough to knock the rock out of its place. “Got it.” 

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PostSubject: Re: Wind Palm Blast much   Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:35 am

Approved but keep in mind you have a topic on hold so it might be best not to post anything until that's resolved. Also, I'll approve this but as per battle rules, you can't use this jutsu or the stats gained here in the currently frozen battle topic. <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Wind Palm Blast much
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