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 Can Anything Get Passed Those Who Sense

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Can Anything Get Passed Those Who Sense   Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:58 am

Chronos was amazed at a fight he had watched at the training grounds that day between to jounin, one of them which wore a midnight blue cap was getting completely outmatched because of the other jounin’s speed. This jounin wore a blackish grey cap which would disappear in the blur of motion he would create at his massive amount of speed. The jounin with the blue cap then smirked and said, “Easy pickings.” Soon after that a protruding bubble-like barrier emits from his body and it seemed to get more invisible as it expanded. This must have been due to the lack of chakra control because barriers should be invisible unless the user wants it to be seen. As this fight continued through the murderous winds and vicious looking clouds the blue-capped jounin is able to dodge all of the other jonin’s attacks even if by a hair. It seemed like the black-capped jonin was beginning to get tired and the attacks slowed down drastically which caused the blue-capped jonin to come in with a punch to the stomach to end this match. “Oi kid, you seen that match just now.” The jonin said proud that he won. “Well yeah, I’ve been sitting here the whole time studying you guys.” Chronos said admiring the man’s independence and perseverance  through the battle. “Also what was that technique you used to create that barrier, it seems like you need to work on your chakra control a little as well.” Chronos said intelligently. “Thanks for the tip and it is called ‘Barrier Canopy Method Formation’. He said in confidence of this technique. “Ain’t that a mouthful to say.” Chronos said laughing. “Could you teach me how you began to train this jutsu.” Chronos said then switching his tone into a serious manner.

“Sure thing kid, first you need to be able to sense chakra and then visualize that turning it into a barrier. When you first start it will be incredibly small, but it will work within that range. You also need a large amount of chakra control which you already seen to be able to expand this jutsu will come with how much chakra you have. Of course there is a limit to it though and that is a 20 meter radius, that’s all for the jutsu, now let me go help out my friend he seems to be a bit unconscious.” He laughed and then walked away with a sense of victory, he possibly felt like a teacher as well, ebing able to tell Chronos how to use the technique.”

Chronos then rushed to a large boulder that was a dark grey color and mushrooms growing at the bottom of it. It was three meters tall and about a meter wide, it was perfect for Chronos to sit upon and meditate. He then sat upon the rock and began to breathe in deeply while using his chakra sensory, this was the first step he had to master before he could begin to move on to the barrier creating part. As he closed his eyes he concentrated hard on the types of chakra around him, everytime he did this he was amazed by the way chakra flow differently in some objects then others. He always wondered why such a phenomenon happened, but he quickly dismissed this thought as it would ruin his concentration. As he seen all of the chakras he promised himself he wouldn’t leave unless he was able to identify all the chakra natures around them and what they were linked to. When he first looked in front of him using the chakra sensory he seen a lot of blue chakra flowing through a tall narrow passage, he knew these were trees, but other than this how could he tell they were trees. He wanted multiple ways of being able to identify an object while having his eyes closed just incase a genjutsu was placed upon him and he needed to be able to get out. He looked closely at how the chakra was moving and seen it was very slow and calm when moving through the tall narrow passage. He also noticed that it didn’t swirl as much as the other chakra natures did around him, it was more of a line going vertically up and down until it reached the end. Once figuring this out he then went to analyze how lightning looked while using chakra sensory, when he emitted a small bit of lightning around his hands he seen that it was very erratic and seemed as though it had no signs of calming down. It also swirled at smaller points all around the lightnings “body”, how else would he be able to determine that this  is lightning. There were probably a lot of jutsus that had similar traits to this one so, what made lightning unique, what made it look like this. Chronos took a deep look into the lightning and seen that it was a not just a still batch of chakra, it moved from spot to spot which is why the spiral of the chakra moved the way it did. “Another one down, I wonder how many more I have to go.” Chronos said counting on his fingers. “I have to go find some fire, water and earth is all around me so that is no problem.” Chronos said realizing that he only had  three more. Sense he didn’t have to go find earth he did this one first, he looked at what seemed to be ground with his chakra sensory and when he looked at it it seemed to be just as calm as wood until he seen some small source of chakra walk on it, vibrations of the chakra could be seen throughout the earth. It was as if it were water and someone through a rock into the water disturbing it causing a lot of miniature ripples in it then settling back down.

“So, what makes this different from water.” He asked himself. Again he looked closer into the earth and seen something severely unique in the earth it seemed that the density was layered in differently in some way that Chronos couldn’t explain, this is probably how the people of the Iwagakure make rocks lighter and heavier. His father taught him all about the people of Iwa, he was such a fan, but he didn’t live on to be able to see them. This made Chronos have a new goal as well as training and being an independent ninja, he wanted to go see Iwagakure in order to see the people who had this technique. This made Chronos drop a tear from his left eye which seemed to carry all of the emotions that had built up over the years, his chakra vision then turned blurry and he couldn’t see anything, but smeared chakra clots blending in with a black background. Something then snapped in him which made the chakra vision clear as day, he looked around could for some reason he seen a mass of chakra that seemed to move towards him. Chronso immediately opened his eyes to see a ghostly figure of his father. “Hey kiddo, how’ve you been?” He asked Chronos as he smiled ever so gently. “D-dad, what are you doing here? I thought you were dead.” Chronso asked completely confused. “Well I’m aware that you’ve already heard that your mother died quite sometime ago from a distant ancestor of the Uzumaki clan. She appeared to you the same way I have just now hasn’t she?” He asked in a calm fatherly manner. “Yes, you’re correct. I just don’t understand how you got here.” Chronos asked still extremely confused. “I only have a few more minutes to talk with you and they can’t be used on question such as that, I just need to know how’ve you been my dear son.” He asked. “Well, I’ve been alright. I have some friends that I had just met and we plan on becoming a team together, you know I want to become the most independent ninja there is to date!” Chronos said confidently. “That’s my son, I wish you the best in your travels. Stay safe and don’t make dumb decisions, remember, you’ll always be successful no matter what path you take.” He said as he started to dissipate into thin air.

Chronos sat there astounded by what had just happened, a overwhelming amount of joy had took over his body in that moment and he was instantly inspired to begin to train more in order to make his parents proud. How could he fail and look at them? The answer was that he wouldn’t fail, he knew it was illogical to never lose, but it was only a true lost only if he didn’t learn from it. With this mentality implanted in his brain he began to look for a nearby stream in order to complete the first part of the Barrier: Canopy Formation Method. He finally found a stream after a few minutes of walking around aimlessly, when he stood over the blue sparkling stream he closed his eyes and could see that the water was very flexible chakra and could be handled in anyway desired. As he was studying the uniqueness fish started disrupting the water flow and it became too hard for Chronos to study it, he then placed a voltage of lightning in the water to incapacitate the fish in the stream in order to stop all movement, now finally the water was in peace and could see that the water had a unique flow to it that could be seen with chakra sensory. The last one was fire that needed to be analyzed and picked apart, he wondered where he could get a flame from, he knew he would have to go home for this and light a candle. He made his way home and took out a scented candle sparking it with a match and seeing the fire emit from it quickly. As he closed his eyes and activating his chakra sensory he seen that fire had a certain type of flow with it and wa mixed with the way the air, mostly it was the oxygen which air was filled with. Looking at this fire was truly amazing and he wanted that to be his next release, but in due time, now was the time to figure out a unique trait for this fire then he can move on to chakra control which should be fairly easy.

The fire was truly different, he couldn’t distinguish it from a moving person so he had to black out his imagery of the chakra and just sensed it. The type of flow it had was truly unique as stated before so, this would be the determining factor for fire based chakra. After deciphering this elemental puzzle Chronos was immediately elated that he could now move on to the next part which was chakra control. He left his home and realized that it was nighttime and the leaves were being snatched from the trees by the wind and then carried by the subtle air to a safe place, at least this is how Chronos interpreted the winds falling in the wind. While thinking about that the whole way there it seemed like the time it took to get there decreased or at least it felt that way. “Now, time for the chakra control part of this jutsu.” Chronos said while grabbing a yellow leaf off of the ground and then sitting on the rock he assumed to be the one he was at earlier. He held it and emitted placed some water in the center of the leaf and had to stop the water from falling off of the sides of the leaf. Chronos though this to be pretty easy into the wind came in, this continuous onslaught of wind continued to knock his water off of the leaf and when it didn’t he anticipated it to and put to much force on the leaf then knocking it off himself, when he noticed this he realized what he had been training for the whole day which was chakra sensory. He was surprised that he didn’t do this earlier, but he went along with it glad that he had finally came up with this idea.

He closed his eyes and began to sense the wind, when he sensed it it flew through the air with no bounds as if wind had nothing to hold it back from doing what it wanted to do. Understanding that the sudden movement of wind would be the factor that determines whether the wind would blow or not he was able to make sure he applied the correct force to the water when the wind came and when it didn’t. A strong gust of wind then followed one after another they continued to roll through like a force really wanted him to fail at this part of the jutsu, Chronos did not falter though. He was able to sense all of the winds movements and this led to him being able to complete the chakra control portion of the jutsu. Chronos then had the sudden urge to excel in this so he began to jump through the tree branches while holding the water in the center of the leaf, the constant movement of his body kept knocking off the water, he knew he had to devise a way in order for it stay on which would be revolved around his movements. He then figured he would take lighter leaps while still moving at the same speed, this would make it so the impact would not shake his hand in return making his water droplet fall. He tried this and moved through the trees, but when the wind blew he wasn’t able to perceive it. This was because he was concentrating too much on the footing and placement and forgot about the wind altogether, now that he knew the mistakes he was making he tried to even out the concentration level between the two things. As he jumped through the trees softly and the wind blew he noticed it and applied for to the water droplet, but he ran into a tree branch which means he wasn’t distributing the concentration equally.

“Man, this is extremely hard, but I won’t fail no, I won’t fail!” Chronos said not even close to being depressed about not being able to do this. With an enhanced mindset he noticed the wind tear through the trees as if it wanted to come straight for his water droplet as he leaped from tree to tree. He applied the force while concentrating on the trees in front of him, this allowed him to complete it perfectly. Chronos had tried it five more times to make sure it wasn't a fluke of any sorts and was able to complete it all of those five time. Now that he had finally completed the chakra control aspect of the jutsu he went back to his rock which was pretty hard to find when you jump through tree branches with your eyes closed. When he finally made it back he posted himself on top of the rock and began to control his chakra while imagining the barrier that should be created. When he felt his chakra being used he knew that he had made the barrier, it was extremely small though, but he could sense things perfectly if they fell into it. A few leaves fell into the meter radius of his circle and he would catch them as they fell. As he was doing this he would get tired and takes breaks by meditating and doing a less extensive training of chakra control, this was so he didn’t get out of his perfect groove. As he regained his chakra he began to imagine the barrier again and he felt it to be a little larger than before, it was because it was larger than before. This time being a whole two meters bigger than the one he had previously made making it a three meter radius.

“Yes, it’s working.” Chronos said while staying calm and maintaining the barrier. Now he began to catch the leaves as they fell into his barrier and this time he had collect fifteen out of twenty-three, Chronos was glad about this, but he knew this would not suffice in an actual battle. He needed near perfect accuracy and speed to be able to compete with the other ninjas who were stronger and faster than him, he had to take any chance that was given to him even if it was a cowardly way of fighting. Any weak spot portrayed by the opponent would be abused by Chronos had it been spotted, he felt as though this was the best way to secure his life. Back on subject though Chronos began to continue expanding the barrier until it got to 20 meters, at this point he had to get off of the rock and chase all of the leaves that fell into his barrier. It was pretty good agility training as well as it being good for chakra control, he knew he would be able to go against some tough opponent given he uses this jutsu correctly. It seems he has gotten very close to mastering the jutsu in it’s entirety, but he was feeling as though he had forgot something that was very important. “Hmm, what could it possibly be.” Chronos thought to himself. “I wonder in what way I could use this jutsu.” Chronos said while holding his finger to his chin. Then he thought it would be a good idea to create a barrier above the trees, he hopped on top f one and felt the movements of birds go through the barrier and he would go out and mark them in order to be used for summons in the future. After hours of this had went on and he had his fun with the jutsu he knew it was time to stop as he was very tired and did a much a he could with the jutsu. And thus Chronos has learned another jutsu, he also saw his father which made it a lot easier to finish the jutsu all the way through. It seems another page had turned for Chronos’ book of life.
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PostSubject: Re: Can Anything Get Passed Those Who Sense   Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:22 am

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You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Can Anything Get Passed Those Who Sense
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