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 The Taijutsu Chase

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: The Taijutsu Chase   Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:35 pm

As Chronos was sitting on the roof of his house in the middle of the night watching stars and constellations he knew not the name he had seen a falling star that he imagined to be able to move as fast as it did because it had chakra inside of it. As it disappeared onto the other side of the hemisphere he had gotten a great idea that would take a little ingenuity and some basic taijutsu knowledge. He remembered seeing this technique in the academy, but he wasn’t interested in what taijutsu could do and the doors it could open. He still didn’t plan on specializing in it, but he knew the jutsu that derived from taijutsu could aid him in a battle versus a strong ninja. As he jumped from his balcony on the wall he decides to go to the training grounds which housed a lot of separate areas he could delve off into. Chronos walked to the training grounds which was something routine to him, if he didn’t do it then the entire day would be off, but anyhow as he walked through the gates which he had seen many times he had seen a majestic white glowing rabbit-like creature with  two horns coming from it’s forehead as if it were a mix between a bull and some sort of rodent. The rodent then started to glow some sort of pearly white aura that stood against the black of the night. As the white-furred rodent did this it then vanished into the forest leaving behind a faint wind and a blur of speed. Sometimes Chronos wondered how your molecules reacted to such bursts of speed and then he noticed the creature did the move he was going to practice tonight.

Upon figuring this out he tried to recall what the thing did before it vanished into the rocky forest. “For a second I seen a blue aura, but then it disappeared. Not because it was moving but for the fact that it’s body began to soak up the chakra which probably made it move at the speed it did.” Chronos said as he tried to analyze more details befitting of the situation he had just witnessed. Of course Chronos tried this and wanted to see how it’s body was able to engulf the chakra as fast as it did, it may have been for the instinctual inheritance the animal had that was unique to it and only it. He quickly dismissed this because he knew he would be able to do it as well and when his resolve was finally out he then got in a stance and controlled his chakra while calmly inhaling air and then exhaling it. This cycle began over and over until he released his chakra as aura, he then sucked it back in as he did air through his nostrils. When this occurred it felt as though Chronos was a bottle and the chakra was some rampant energy he was containing. After noticing this feeling Chronos decided to move through the trail of the training grounds and see how fast it would take him to get from point A to point B. Chronos took off, his first steps leaving a footprint in the solid ground and the wind inverted it’s movement as Chronos moved passed it as if he some sort of knife slicing through the air. He was counting in his head and when he got to the end of the trail he noticed it only took him 27 seconds to make it all the way through. This jutsu was very taxing for the body because Chronos was very winded when he had finished the trail. “This trail is 2 two miles long and I made it here in 27 seconds, I know I haven’t counted wrong and I did prolong my counting any.” Chronos said scratching his head. “This is some incredible speed, most definitely something to be feared in a battle and it seems to be based off of my strength.” Chronos said realizing the calf muscle in his leg was twitching. “If I were to master this jutsu I would become a force to be reckoned with, even against those who are completely faster than me. I can somehow maintain a fight with them.” He said walking back as he could not run right away in fear of the pain of a cramp.

On his way back he had seen a white blur past in the bushes, this immediately put Chronos on alert and he readied himself for anything. He felt the chakra signature of something small, but it contained a fair amount of chakra repeatedly expelling it and retracting back into it’s body as it circles the bushes around Chronos. Chronos decided to use his newfound speed even though he was already worn out for the first time, he waited to make sure the thing would continue the same path in a circle and when he confirmed this he pounced on the creature he had seen before grabbing it by the legs. “Oh, it was you.” Chronos said in a shocked manner. He put the creature down and began to walk away, but the creature wouldn’t leave him alone, it just kept showing its speed all around him. “Are you challenging me?” He asked the creature out of curiosity. It stood there and jumped in the air repeatedly which Chronos guessed to be the equivalent of a human shaking their head.

Chronos accepted this challenge, him and the rabbit had lined up, the objective seemed to be if Chronos could catch the animal at full speed. The all of the sudden the animal dashed off into the night, Chronos caught off guard was then trailing behind the animal as it changed direction in what seemed to be a quick jerky manner propelled by its long narrow tail. As he and this creature danced through the night both of them dodging trees, they have some sort of dance of speed. Rushing the foliage and tall rocks, boulder and such they traveled a great distance in little time. Chronos was pretty close to getting the creature until he jumped and realized he missed, before he hit the ground he put his hand on the ground to keep his momentum rolling. The creature had a bad habit of when he thought he had made a predator or human miss catching it, it stood there and waited for it to get up before he continued running. This would prove to be his downfall because he did not expect Chronos to keep his speed the way he did. This is when Chronos took his chance and grabbed the horned-creature by the leg right before it took off. The horned-creature acknowledged defeat and praised Chronos for winning and danced around him, but to Chronos it seemed he was just running circles around his feet. Chronos said his goodbyes to the creature and they departed into the forest each heading opposite ways. And thus Chronos learned Taijutsu Style: Shunshin, another jutsu in the book of Chronos Uzumaki down.
[Taijutsu Style: Shunshin Acquired]
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PostSubject: Re: The Taijutsu Chase   Mon Oct 12, 2015 12:52 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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The Taijutsu Chase
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