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 Chronos Vs. Forest Animals

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PostSubject: Chronos Vs. Forest Animals    Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:09 pm

When Chronos had drifted to sleep he had a nightmare that was probably the one that gave him the worse feeling. He was fighting a ninja and the ninja grabbed his face, this is when Chronos began to feel very weak and couldn’t even fight back. “AH.” Chronos woke up breathing very sporadically, “How could such a ninju do that. I need to learn that jutsu!” Chronos exclaimed. He then got up and went to get dressed and eat in order to head to the library. When he arrived he went to the fuinjutsu area thinking it would be there, but actually he found it in the medical part of the library. He thought it was strange. “How could this be a medical jutsu, interesting.” Chronos said holding the scroll as he walked to the checkout and checked the book out. He then made his way to the training grounds, as he walked through the dancing fall leaves he sat upon a rock about as tall as he was. When he began reading the text from the scroll he seen something peculiar pop out at him. “They are typically used to absorb chakra from an opponent and add it to the user's own chakra reserves, allowing them to utilise it as if it were their own, while simultaneously exhausting the opponent's physical energy and limiting the techniques that they can perform.
Upon skin-to-skin contact with the victim.” Upon seeing this Chronos knew this is how the ninja made him feel weak just from grabbing his face.

He continued reading to further grasp his knowledge of the jutsu and make sure he didn’t get any misconceptions making him mess up in the future while training the jutsu. When he finally finished obtained full knowledge of this jutsu he then began to devise a way he could train this jutsu without killing a lot of animals. “I guess I can use a tree since it is living, I will be killing it, but it’s not an animal. This makes me a little more humane while doing this jutsu.” Chronos laughed. As he placed his hand upon a nearby tree he controlled his chakra, but by natural he expelled his chakra from his hand. This is because for every jutsu he has ever trained so far he had to do this in order for it to show itself. This jutsu was more of an eternal thing where you had to suck charka in, even while making seem like your hand is some sort of straw and the tree’s chakra was the liquid that you had to pull out.

When he tried this he just kept expelling his chakra even though his mindset was taking the chakra. He was too used to how other jutsus worked and this was like reverse engineering or a reciprocal to what most or all jutsus are. Jutsus expel chakra all, but this one, he wondered what type of creation had to go on in the making of this for the first time. “Uh, this is harder than I expected, if I would have started out with this jutsu before I got used to the other I would have done this in a snap. I must know how it feels to pull out chakra so, if I can get this to work one time i can analyze how I felt as I pulled the chakra out.” Chronos said willing to do this as many times as it took. He tried many different ways to try to get the chakra to enter his body, but nothing seemed to work until he tried one method where when he placed his hand on the tree he had intense imagery of a cup and a straw type relationship with the tree. Suddenly he begins to take in the chakra from the tree and begins to feel a lot lighter than before. “Woah, I did it. Making that imagery really worked for me.” Chronos said happily looking at his hand and feeling a lot better than he was as if he were 110%. When he looked back at the tree he noticed that it looked as if it aged a few years, Chronos then wondered whether he could completely take all of the chakra this tree had to offer and how it would look. Chronos being as curious as he ever was then put his hand on the tree and began to try zap more chakra from it, when he seen he was constantly taking the same amount of chakra then he knew he would have to expel some because there was too much of it inside of him already.

He then began to use some random jutsus in order for him to use the excess chakra he had building up in his body, he knew this would be a good idea and it was more so training in more than one thing since he wasn’t just shooting his jutsus anywhere they were actually being used to practice precision and things of that nature. Instead of taking a break though he would take more chakra form the tree and this would increase how much he could take each time. When he continued to do this and seemed to get about as much experience as he could from doing this he then knew he would have to get a live animal. He truly didn’t want too, but his enemies won’t be standing still unless he can trap them in his fuinjutsu, but that dream won’t come true all of the time. As he thought of an animal that was fast and hard to catch he then remembered the squirrel he seen in a tree while he was learning how to sense chakra. “That’s it, I'll get one of them.” Chronos knew they were fast and agile, they could also jump from tree to tree with ease so catching one prove rather difficult. That’s when he seen one in a tree and he began the chase on a squirrel, it seemed pretty stupid the more that he thought about it, but he had to do what he had to do. As he gained ground on the jumping squirrel going from branch to branch the squirrel took a hard right on to a tree adjacent to where Chronos was standing. This is the type of agility Chronos knew would be hard for him to catch the squirrel, again, as he was gaining ground on the squirrel it would make some sort of agile movement to throw Chronos off from getting him. Chronos soon caught on to this though and wa able to keep up with the agile movements of the small rodent.

When he finally grabbed it he began to zap a little chakra from the creature, but Chronos was only able to hold the squirrel for long as it instinctively bit him on his index finger. Chronos could not get mad because he knew the squirrel was fighting for his life right now so, he did what any sane animal would do and retaliate when pushed in a corner. The chase began again and Chronos grabbed him again, but this time it was a little too hard for the furry creature to hand and he died. Chronos not knowing then felt the chakra leave his body, he didn’t know it was because the squirrel was dead, he thought he was the one doing that. When he sat it down he noticed that squirrel didn’t run away or anything it just sat there. “I might have took too much chakra from the little guy, did he die?” Chronos said densely. I will move on to bigger animals so, they won’t die as easily as the squirrel did. When he moved through the forest using the branches as transportation he seen a black bear trying to get some honey from the bees, it seemed to be a power struggle between the two animals, but the bear was obviously winning. Until Chronos jumped down from his branch and started to hold the bear, quickly the bear tries to slash Chronos with his claws, but Chronos is a lot faster than the bear. “Hm, so I have to stay on an enemy for a while longer in order to actually get the chakra.” Chronos said looking at the bear in front of him. Now that he was aware of this he tried to make a plan so that he was able to stay there for the allotted time period, this was harder than he thought, but of course he was against a bear. Then Chronos realized that he had to knock the bear out and jabbed it in it’s chest region, the bear begins to fall and makes a loud thud when it hits the ground.

Chronos put his hand on the bear’s back and extracted some of the chakra from it, feeling the flow of the chakra was pretty weird to him and then he had a great idea. To sense the chakra and visualize how it looked as it was being taken. When he closed his eyes he began to feels the bear’s chakra come into his, but what was strange was before the actual chakra would begin to leave the bear’s body it would enter a swirl type motion at the pit of the bear’s stomach. Chronos thought this was strange and knew this is why it took a minute to start taking the chakra. Then as he takes enough chakra from the bear he sees a weird looking scaly reptile in the distance, it seemed to be tracking the bear, but Chronos actually got to it first. This seemed to anger the dragon and when it appeared from a nearby push it was bigger than Chronos had originally thought. It roared in the air as if it was initiating a battle while it’s purple scales shined due to the sun exposure. When the dragon launched at Chronos, he took a step back throwing some water needles at the dragon and none of them affecting him, it seemed as if he absorbed them. “So, you can do that too, huh?” Chronos asked the dragon as if it could talk back.

Chronos then realized he should have a battle of draining chakra against the beast and he jumped on the dragon’s back, this seemed to be a bad idea because as soon as he hopped on his chakra was being zapped away and it felt as though he was slowly dying. Chronos then activated his chakra draining technique just to keep him alive all the while the dragon was bucking like he was a bull. Chronos was gaining a little power, but when the dragon stopped moving and began to concentrate its scale he seen it glow purple aura in, this is when he started losing the battle between two chakra drainers. Chronos refused to lose through and stayed on the dragon’s back making sure not to fall over from exhaustion, as he started to try to stop imagining a cup and a straw and then he started thinking about how a whirlpool seems to drain the water from the surface making it gain in power. When Chronos began to think of this he immediately matched the strength of the dragon’s draining technique and even surpassed it. As the dragon’s technique got weaker and weaker he knew he was on the cusp of winning, soon the dragon was knocked out on the grass floor. Atleast he was still breathing unlike the squirrel, this made Chronos rejoice and he wanted to make this dragon his pet, but he knew it wasn’t possible. It doesn’t seem like it would be trained very easily so he left it in the forest to maintain in it’s natural habitat. As he walked home he was lost so he went around looking for some landmarks, then Chronons thought he would need to find the tree he drained and he could use chakra sense to see which one didn’t have any chakra while also being able to see how old the tree looked. So, he walked through the forest looking for the drained tree. And thus Chronos learned the chakra draining jutsu and added something else to the arsenal he was currently building up.
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Chronos Vs. Forest Animals
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