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 The Precise Needle Threading Through the Rain

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Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: The Precise Needle Threading Through the Rain   Fri Oct 09, 2015 2:42 am

Chronos taking that devastating loss taught him that he needed more attack power, a lot more to be able to keep up with the ninja of Kumogakure. He wanted to be able to save his teammates in their time of need while protecting himself at the same time, when he thought of this the first thing that popped up in his mind was his water release that he had gotten, but never put to use. “I should learn a water jutsu to ensure maximum coverage from most jutsus, this could work in a many of way.” Chronos thought then he remembered about the time they learned about the C-rank Water Needles he could learn without specializing in ninjutsu. “Well, the power is lacking, but it’s a whole lot better than nothing and I’m pretty sure I can use it with a lot more things.” Chronos said analyzing all of his options. After discovering this he then made his way to the training grounds, when he arrived he made a makeshift  target using a slab of rock as cut using his lightning as the board and using a small leaf around the size of a rat as the bullseye. “This should be fitting for my training.” Chronos said as he propped it up on a two meter rock. Chronos began to control his chakra and take deep breath in order to feel the movement in his chakra, once he could feel it flowing through his body he then concentrated them into pin-like strands of five since that was all he could handle at the time. He then put each one between his fingers making sure they were all aligned in a parallel manner. He then put his hand up to his face in front of his eye partially blocking the target in order to get some type of aiming method.

When he swung his arm and released all five water needles he noticed them move through the air at a pretty decent speed, but his aim was completely off hitting nothing but the air it touched as it dissipated. Chronos then looked around to make sure no one saw that and when he confirmed no one did he then continued his training. At some points of him throwing the needles, they would liquify again and fall to the ground. That was only when he didn’t concentrate enough on keeping the shape of the water. When he figured out that was the problem he then cut out that ever happening again, then he faced another problem and that was the fact that he couldn’t hit the target to save his life. He would be close to the target at times, but his consistency was way off. “My aim should be better than this the way I handle those chains.” Chronos said to himself astounded he still didn’t hit the target yet. Chronos then began to try out new methods of throwing the needles to make the accuracy better. He tried holding them as if they were darts, that didn’t work. He tried to throw it over his head lining his elbow up with the target. None of these worked so he held them like he had originally, but he threw them with his arm going up in an upward motion, this seemed to cure Chronos’ bad case of aimlessness. “I finally found my groove with this jutsu.” Chronos said to himself looking at his hand. As Chronos began to get his aim percentages up he then started flicking his wrist to add a little more speed to the needles. He also tried to make them spread since they weren’t the fastest jutsu around. That would be his best bet in order to hit a target. When he noticed this he got four more targets and made them all out of the same material and placing them in different spots in order to train the spreading.

When he first started doing this he missed all of the targets except for the on down the middle, of course that would be the one he makes because that is the one he trained the whole time. Then he started working on the angles of each individual target and studied how it felt when he hit the target and how it felt when he missed.  This would help him know the feeling of success or failure and if he will succeed in hitting the target or missing the target by seeing how his body feels as he throws the needles. When he came up with this method he realized the meaning of success and failure with this particular jutsu. Now that he has somewhat mastered the aim on individual targets he tried to make them all spread at one hitting their targets. “How, could I do that in one swift motion.” Chronos thought to himself. then an idea popped up in his head and that was to also study the points at which he flicked his wrist and at each of them points let go of the needle in order for the needles to hit the desired targets. When Chonos tried the first time he missed all of the needle because he focused too much on the angles and didn’t flick his wrist. It took a lot of trial and error in order for him to understand his mistakes. This all the jutsu was really about, to master it all it took was the application of trial and error, the more you try the better you get. Which could be said about a lot of things in life, but this jutsu was the embodiment of that statement. He realized this earlier then most people though, due to his calm mind of while training his jutsu. It was also hard for him to be knocked out of his groove when he started.

Now, he tries to hit all the targets focusing on all of the points he has to release the needles at, the moments he flicks his wrist and not liquifying the water. When he raised his accuracy around 65% at this time, but he knew that would not be enough to complete this jutsu or hit a target. So, again and again he tried hitting the target until his accuracy percentage was raised. It took some time, but again this jutsu requires patience. It was like learning how to throw shurikens and kunai n the academy back when he didn’t know anything about jutsus. Reminiscing about the past made him miss all of his targets as he was not concentrating all the three main points of the jutsu. Now that his accuracy was raised to hitting the targets 95% of the time he felt comfortable, but then he realized that his target would not be stationary in fights, ninjas are always on the move unless they are pinned down or surrender. Chronos wondered how he could find a moving target and rocked through the deep training grounds. In it he found a river and knew that predatory birds would use this as their feeding ground to catch fish and feast on their meal for the day. As soon as the thought popped up in his head he seen a falcon dive in the river and pull out a fish. “Perfect, I’m near a water source and there goes a moving target.” Chronos said in excitement. As more hawks began to show he would at first try to hit the targets in mid air while they glide around looking for the perfect unsuspecting fish.

Chronos would almost always miss due to the fat that the needles weren’t that fast and they had a lot of distance to cover in order to hit the birds. they were also extremely fast, even for just gliding in the air they moved at relatively fast speeds. Another thing he had to factor in was the air resistance and wind shear, he felt as though he was a sniper and this was his mission. To protect this fish. As the Kaws began to drop down on the river Chronos would look at their descent speed  and would try to hit them where he saw them at that time. As time went on and him not being very good at his mission, he finally realized that he needed to lead the shot. In other words he had to aim a little below where the eagles were at that time and place. He felt dumb as he forgot this elementary concept. He knew physics would help him in the ninja world and it just came in for him now. With this new knowledge he didn’t go to hitting the hawks right away, but he was a lot closer than before. As the needles just barely pass the hawks feathers he feels the closing in of success. He knew he would hit the next. When the next hawk dropped down, he noticed it was a different color than the rest of them. This hawk was all white with blue eyes and a golden beak. “That’s no hawk, that's an eagle.” Chronos said realizing the crazy speed that eagle packed. When the eagle grasped the fish as it dangled in his feet the eagle then tossed it to Chronos as if he was taunting him. “That little prick.” Chronos muttered to himself. Chronos vowed to get this harty animal with his needles, as the eagle went down for descent again reigning upon the fishes lives Chronos threw the needles leading the shots more perfectly than he ever had, but then as the bird descends at fast speeds and the needles get ready to puncture his graceful body he then curves changing his course completely and still getting the fish. The eagle the cried out a triumphant cry. He knew he was smarter than Chronos at this point and time, but Chronos would not dare give. He knew if he lost to this animal he would have to hear it from mito-san and he was not willing to put even his worst enemy though that . The eagle kept throwing the fish at Chronos as if he knew what mission Chronos had set in his mind. Of course this got to the hot-headed Chronos he then concentrate the points of the needle in a vertical line to stop it from curving it’s course like that again.

“Gotcha.” Chronos said aloud as he clenched his fist in the air. It appeared that he had celebrated too early as heard the sound of a fish flop on the ground in front of him. “What trick did he pull this time to escape.” Chronos thought to himself in an angered voice in his head. He then thought of Mito-san yelling at him and refused to lose to the aerial creature. Chronos had a great idea this time who said he had a specific amount of times he could throw the needles. As his chakra was running low he seen the eagle drop once more and this time he had lined the shot up perfectly to his and he guessed on which way the eagle would curve based on its recent patterns. As the eagle curves from the first set of needles Chronos says “Stupid Bird.” and the bird falls to his arrogant doom, what happened was Chronos threw two sets of five needles to throw the bird off as it was used to only one set being thrown at him. When he changed courses he then threw another set and hit him with all five.

Chronos then exhaled in a sigh of relief knowing he would not have to listen to Mito lecturing him about losing to a mere eagle. When Chronos went home after he had beat the eagle, he seen a spider on the web and he flicked a needle at it, flawlessly hitting the spider from the middle ot’s web. “I’ve done well, but I must be missing something.” Chronos thought to himself. When he went to bed he thought he would take another day to train the jutsu. When Chronos had awoke from his sleep, he slung his arm off his bed and accidentally hit his clock with a water needle. It then bounced off of the clock and splashed against the ceiling. “Ah, so this was what I was missing. They do say only accidents that happen are happy accidents.” Chronos thought as he smiled. He took a shower, got dressed, then made breakfast before he left. As he was walking he noticed that it was beginning to sprinkle. The closer he got to the training grounds it started to pour, Chronos though this was perfect for the jutsu he was training. When he finally made his way to the gates of the training grounds he got a brilliant idea and that was to aim at the rain droplets.
Chronos felt as though this was a brilliant idea and brilliant it was, as it required precision and focusing in order to hit the one you wanted as it dropped, before it hit the floor of course.

Chronos would begin looking at a specific rain droplet in order to give himself time to aim and things of that nature. When it got to his around the same height as his he would sling the needle towards the direction of the rain droplet, it missed. He thought it was okay because he had a lot of time to practice, correct he was when hours passed of him slinging his needles at the rain droplets. He had hit 22 rain droplets out of 100 leaving him with a percentage of 22%. Chronos knew this wasn’t acceptable so he thought it would be easier if he was able to do this without handsigns. Chronos knew this would be severely hard, but the outcome would be a lot greater and pay off more in the future. When Chronos first tried to create the needles without handsigns he was only able to make one and it liquified mid throw. Chronos knew this part would be the same as the others. Patience was key and time after time the needle began to liquify.  Looking at the rain and looking at the water needle became disorienting so, while he took a break he was able to train his chakra control in order to make this a bit easier on himself. After the break interval was over he got up and began to form the water needles in his hand and now he was able to create three, they still liquified but at a later point. It wasn’t in mid throw anymore meaning he knew he would have to control his chakra control. He sat on a rock and felt the flow of his chakra flowing through his body and he thought this would be perfect to do while counting all of the raindrops he could. This would also help his precision as well.

Doing this was possibly the best choice and chance for Chronos to completely master this jutsu, when he stood on top of the rock after counting thousands of raindrops he knew he should be able complete all of five needles flawlessly. He then looked at a water droplet fall from the clouds as if god had shed tears in front of him. When it got to the perfect height Chronos formulated the needles and threw them at separate raindrops. He hit two out of three, at least he was able to sustain making all five even though this did a number on his stamina. When he seen that none of them had liquified he felt accomplished, but he knew there was still much work to be completed before he good completely say he mastered this jutsu. As the raindrops began to lighten up it was easier for Chronos to see and he was dead on with the needles hitting all five 83% of time, he knew for a fact that that could hold him in a fight. As he knew it was time for a break he sat back down on the rock and again counted the raindrops as they feel from the solemn heavens, while his chakra control was good he thought he needed to be able to withstand this type of training for longer even though he had been doing this for hours on end. When he stood up again he began to practice more on regular aiming and got the percentage up to an amazing 92% now. he felt as though there was nothing more for him to learn from that simple task anymore and the rain had stopped so, how would he train this jutsu now he thought.

The he suddenly realized he was stationary the whole time, he knew he wouldn’t be standing still in a battle so he began to use his targets again getting a feel for hitting non-moving targets while he was moving and changing directions. Chronos then seen pine needles from a deciduous tree fall and slightly dance in the wind as it fell. “That i the perfect test. “ Chronos said to himself knowing he was getting close to the end of his training. He learned the movements of the pine needle and the outliers at which it moved most of the time so, Chronos wouldn’t be surprised if it went out of his range. Chronos thought he would get this in the first try, but he utterly missed one of his needles. He threw another one right after noticing the leaf dance a lot faster as the needle approached the pine needle(lol). “Ah, the needles is causing an air disturbance, I must hit it directly in the center for the leaf to not alter its path. This shall prove very difficult at first, I know patience will guide me though.” Chronos said calm mindedly. Chronos began to keep practicing without using handsigns of course and the leaf would always gain speed at the moment the needle got close to the leaf. He wondered how he could stop this from happening and then he realized when he flicked his wrists he knew this created a subtle spin on the needle that caused the disturbance in the air, in turn making the pine needle to dodge the water needle.

When Chronos figured this out he would of course stop flicking his wrist, but this only decreased his accuracy. He could tell because the range was far off then what it used to be when he did flick his wrist. Now, that he understood the problem he knew it would be a lot easier to solve rather than stumbling in the dark. Chronos wondered if there a way he could still flick his wrist in order to keep his accuracy without affecting the air around it. Chronos then thinks of something. “What if I flick my wrist towards the leaf.” Chronos thought. When Chronos tried this on a falling pine needle he noticed that it did work, but the accuracy was just a little off. He knew all he needed was a little more practice and he would eventually get it. As Chronos got closer and closer solving the mastery of this jutsu by trial and error he knew it would be easy to conquer this last part. The a sudden wind comes in from the rainstorm that had left earlier ago and now it was like he had to start all over again with the calculations and such. This frustrated Chronos to the max, but then he realized that this jutsu required patience to master and he knew he would most definitely not be able to master the jutsu if he kept the mindset he was in. Realizing this he calmed  his mind and started again, this time calculating the wind in this time. As he began to gain accuracy from trial and error, he realized that the method he used wasn’t to far off and he was still able to split the air smoothly so that it would disturb the pine needle. When he figured this out he had completely calmed down now and he hit the pine needle for the first time since he tried.

Knowing this he wished to improve his accuracy, but first he needed to take what felt like would be his last break. When he controlled his chakra this time there were no rain to count, so he counted the duration of the wind to see if this could help any. After counting and seeing the wind duration had an average of around six seconds he knew when to throw the needles and when not to of course he would still try to hit the pine needle during the wind as well in order to cover everything. He didn't want to feel as though he was cheating himself from leaning everything this jutsu had to offer, continuously and tediously did Chronos continue to hit the pine leaf flawlessly he knew the jutsu was mastered as he walked through the training grounds to get home he seen Mizu there working on some more earth style jutsu’s “Hey, how’s it going Mizu.” Chronos said accidentally spooking Mizu. “Oh, hey there Chronos. i’m just trying to perfect these cestuses from long ranged attacks.” Mizu said. “How perfect is that, i was just training a long range jutsu, do you need help.” Chronos asked knowing this would be beneficial for him as well as Mizu. “Yea thanks, go stand over there so we can test this out.” Chronos said. Chronos throws some water needles  aiming at Mizu, he could see it was difficult for him to move his arms to block it as he might have added something heavy on the inside of his earth cestuses. “Okay, another round. This time I will be mid air.” Mizu jumps in the air, surprisingly he jumped pretty high to have those heavy cestuses on. As he admired his leg strength he then shot four water needles at Mizu and Mizu wasn’t able to block them because the cestuses had dragged him down. Luckily Chronos knew how to liquify the which what he learned from messing up so much while trying to master this jutsu. Who knew that a mistake would help him. “Seems like I was correct, the only mistakes are happy mistakes.” Chronos said. “What are you talking about.” Mizu asked Chronos. “Nothing just an inside joke with myself.” Chronos started to chuckle. “What a strange guy.” Mizu thought.” Then he jumped in the air again signaling Chronos to throw some more water needles, before they can even reach Mizu the needles liquify again, but this time Chronos didn’t mean to do it. “Yeah, I don’t think I can throw anymore, that’s what I’ve been doing all day and my chakra is basically just zapped right now.” Chronos said tired and slouching. “Oh, okay then. I will try to get the hang of these myself so that when next time we meet I can use them effectively in a battle with you.” Mizu said smiling. “Now you go get some rest, I don’t want to have to carry you again.” Mizu laughed. Chronos was embarrassed knowing what Mizu was referring to. “Okay, well I’ll be on my way then.” Chronos said walking home groggily. On his return home he for some reason gets the sudden urge to throw some water needles at that frog he sees jumping in the middle of his path home. “Ugh, too much training I think.” Chronos said to himself as he walked past the frog. As he walked under it a water needle slipped from his hand and dropped on the frog, Chronos thought the frog was done for, but it turns out that the water had dissipated before it hit the frog. “Whew, I need to get home.” Chronos said now hurrying to his house. And thus another jutsu under Chronos’ belt, this would be an important to the Uzumaki as he knew this jutsu would come in handy in the near future when things get out of hand.
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The Precise Needle Threading Through the Rain
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