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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Not Light Work   Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:36 am

Nejonin, as always, was a determined ninja who wouldn’t take being normal in terms of power and skill. The word average to him was like the phrase “Self-centered bitch” to a female who is. Insulting. However, you can’t insult him anyway. He lives solely in reality and never attempts to dodge objective fact. Needless to say, it was either being terrible trash or the very best. In his mind, there was no in between. For this reason, he would nearly always be found at the training grounds as if he owned the place and lived there. Today wasn’t far from the usual, he found himself at the training grounds once more contemplating how in the hell he would learn his next technique and oddly how he couldn’t not learn it. After all, it was a jutsu specifically made from his clan. He was always interesting in learning powerful techniques that pertained to the manipulation of shadows. There he was, entering the metal fence gate. “Hmm… I’ve never even attempted at manipulating my shadows just yet. I did plan on it and I also generally understand the method behind doing so. That’s just about all my dad would tell me.

 Constant “You’d be a lot more powerful if you knew some of your clan’s jutsus, kiddo.” Would be said. Well. He was right. I found it to be that many moments existed where having the ability to use my shadows as a restriction, wall, grip, or anything would have successfully ended a fight with relative ease and large amounts of energy left on my side.” He said aloud to himself.  - - - Doing what he had always done, Nejonin walked to the center of the rock clearing and placed his supplies which was his backpack, the notebook, and pens. This time around, he also has some stuff in his ninja pouches such as some kunai, shurikens, smoke bombs, and such. He had bought it recently at the ninja shop when he wasn’t busy with training. “Let’s begin with something simple. Firstly, I need to master identifying my shadow’s position with little information but the position of the sun. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t really be detrimental or positive in battle. However, the position of where my shadow already is would slightly affect the speed at which I could reach and grip an opponent with it assuming that’s what I wanted to do at the time anyway.” Nejonin was a very situational type ninja. He enjoyed having a set counter for nearly anything someone could throw at him. Of course realizing that this would eventually lead to people being able to systematically predict his actions, he mentally thought of many reactions and counters to numerous situations before entering a battle. Depending on the amount of time given for preparation, he might even plan out the whole battle but always still be ready to rely on instinctive fighting if it went wrong. 
Nejonin stood first in the center of the rock clearing not far too either side. Looking up at the blank blue sky that was filled with white wall clouds, he began examining the position of the sun. It was generally forward and to his left at about 35 degrees. He tried to find all factors that correlated to the current position of the sun. He spun around doing circles for a while trying to spot and acknowledge even slight differences. He had the common ones down obviously. “I can normally feel the slight increase of heat on the side of my body that the sun can see. This however, wouldn’t work at night.” He actually hadn’t known if shadow techniques would work at night. Then again, moonlight does exist. Nejonin came to the conclusion that the shadows themselves weren’t tied to just being shadows meaning that if he were to battle in a dark room, he could use his shadows still despite everything there being classified as within a shadow already. These slight variations in terms of the battlefield specified for the fight would likely not affect his possibilities all that much. - - - He stopped spinning before dying of nausea from doing so. Now finished with identifying the feeling of the sun that may or may not help him, he moved on to literally sensing the position of his shadow without actually using any external evidence around him. First, he began with his concept. He did this often just to enjoy if he was correct about what he had thought in the beginning. “So the shadow that I, myself, use isn’t actually a shadow at all. If I know well enough which I presume I would, it’s a large collection of Yin chakra that appears to be a shadow due to the simple effects of yin chakra. That would explain why shadows aren’t limited to actually acting like normal shadows would.

 This would also help justify my point on why I could use these same shadows while at night even if in total darkness. So in that sense, it is a matter of just detecting my own chakra. That shouldn’t be too difficult as I do have a skill for chakra sensory and I already know my own chakra feels like. . . . . Attempt one. Directly sensing.” Nejonin said aloud as he stood still in an attention like stance staring directly forward to the rocks that lined the perimeter. He quickly closed his eyes and began envisioning the scene from his mind’s perspective which was high above him tilted slightly to view at an angle. He was positive that here his shadow would remain visible to his mind’s eye as well. Doing this too often would yield of mental strain giving headaches too. So, he didn’t have a year to do it. From his elevated height point of view, he saw himself with the neutral black chakra within his body against the white world blank background. He knew that his shadow was directly behind him as of now. But, he couldn’t visualize it within his mind. “Hmm… I can’t fully sense my shadow just yet. I can only visualize this place because I’ve been here for so long, my body because well… it’s my body.” Firstly, he would need to identify for himself that which was what he was controlling. The shadow didn’t register in his mind to exist. He began trying to sense where it was and its attachment to him. “Remember. It’s just like sensing chakra.” He thought to himself. Under normal conditions, this would be true. However, this form of chakra is unusual to him making his ability to sense it rather poor. It could have been defined as if trying to tell someone where your limbs are if you had numbing all throughout your body. You probably wouldn’t be able to give any particularly precise answers. “I need to assign this type of chakra a mental color as well so I can identify it with much much greater ease. This requires me to be able to feel it in the physical realm similar to how I can feel my neutral and specific element chakras. Hmm…… I have an idea. But this is a little whacky.” - - -  Nejonin walked the perimeter of the rock clearing opposite to where the sun was so that his shadow would remain behind him. “This shadow of mine should have a layer of yin chakra within it. If so, I just need to get much closer to feel it since it is such a small amount. The shadow itself is like a path or gateway to funnel more of this yin out quickly. It has yin in itself as well but I presume nowhere near as much as that which resides within my chakra furnace. I also expect that my never using of the shadow manipulation made it difficult to sense the chakra use of shadows themselves.” To achieve this closer distance, Nejonin lied himself up against the side of the rock so that his shadow was directly behind him. This new found closeness with his shadow might help him in the process of being able to sense the chakra that should reside within its constructs. It was similar to his prior learning of chakra sensory with the only difference being that he knew where to look but the chakra signature would first appear even smaller than it had for Chronos when he attempted to sense him. “This rock’s ridges would be digging into me if I didn’t have my vest like shirt on. I may or may not need to remove that to get even closer. But for now, I will examine the shadow from this position.” He said scooting himself up against the rock a little more so. “If I can’t directly sense this extremely slight layer of chakra, I must imagine myself venturing to it.”

Nejonin entered his slightly mental realm once more. When not creating a totally new location within his mind, it provided with much less stress on it. In this case, he wouldn’t need to anyway because he was practicing on sensing the chakra with the template being anywhere so the training grounds would prove to be suffice. - - - Nejonin imagined himself as a mini version in front of his larger self who was located on the rock’s side leaning up against it. He started at his left foot and began climbing along. “I never tried visualizing at this large of a scale with my perspective size being so low before. Ahh… The plan. Nearly forgot that I needed one. I will venture to my back to be able to walk on the shadow for myself and get a better understanding of what it feels like to be in the…. What shall I call it? Shadow realm.” Nejonin thought. He began scaling more so now moving up along the leg passing the midpoint being the knee and continuing onward. “Damn these legs are hairy!” He said to himself with slight laughter at the fact that he was venturing through a forest of his hairs which were actually pretty heavy given his size. He was also African-American making them as curly as could be. Think of it as a barbed wire field.  - - - After progressing out of the field of hairs, he made his way up his upper leg and found himself closely near what he estimated to be the waist. He moved further up along his shirt until reaching his shoulders. Specifically, his left shoulder. Once reaching here, he noticed the gap between his shoulder that he was standing on and the part of the rock that he could likely land on had a great distance between for his size. “Looks like I’ll need to find another way.” He said to himself climbing of his neck and moving on to the face now. The actual hair was horrifying. Tons of black tendrils stretched high and mighty from his perspective. He used one of the small but massive hairs as a rope to get onto the rock. His larger self’s back was stretched up against the nearly flat rock making it difficult to go behind him. He managed to line himself up with the shadow of his larger self. As he moved in more, the darkness of the shadow realm began to set in. It was standing in a point of darkness in a field of light. That normally wouldn’t be possible. “Ahh… So this is my shadow.” Said Nejonin as he began grasping at the shadowed rock surface as if his shadow were some type of physical fabric. He went about until he noticed a very odd difference. “Wait a minute. When I put my hand close enough, it feels like gravity in this specific area is slightly heavier.” He began wondering what could have caused this and why would it just happen so naturally each time he did so. “The answer is obvious. I must be placing my hand onto where the chakra of yin gathers in my shadow. I already know chakra is heavier than normal things such as air. I also know that you can freely move your physical body through chakra as long as it isn’t too compacted. If it ever were, that would be around the level of a rasengan or so. Since I’m so small, my putting my hand there is allowing the weight of the chakra to take effect on me once I put it too low. This would simulate invisible weight change.” Nejonin was quite the oddity. Sometimes and actually often, he’d suspect that his alternative and always active mind, the subconscious always took in much more information that his conscious self would. This was understandable due to how the brain works. But, it would even extend to levels of making new discovery in his mind where only what he would expect to happen should happen. He perplexed himself for a moment over if this meant he knew more of his answers to his questions before he could even realize it. He began messing around with the chakra some more. It was like lifting weighted water in his hands mixed with the grainy feeling of fresh sand on the shore of a beach. With each sweep of his small hands within the large but also small pool of chakra, he began feeling as if he was learning what the chakra was like each and every time. Sooner or later, he would have been able to fully recognize this new type chakra on him. “Alright, I had enough of this. I should be able to go and manage to see this in my chakra field after all of that. It holds some odd sort of presence now that resonates inside of my skull whenever I’m near it.” Nejonin thought as he began shifting his state back to that of the physical realm. With a bit of withering colors flashing through his mind and then blankness, he opened his closed lids to find himself on the rock that he had left from. He got up with good agility and moved to the center of the rock clearing. “Man, it’s even weirder now being big again after being so small for around . . .  What? An hour or so.” 

Nejonin got back into the center and began to drop into one of his focusing faces. He was planning on returning to his mental world from above to be able and try to feel his chakra that he could now likely sense with relative ease. This wasn’t nearly the whole technique being finished. However, it was some progress. And if one could progress, they could eventually beat whatever it was that was blocking his path. “Alright… Let’s see what I can find if I try to sense this again.” Thought Nejonin already with his eye closed preparing to enter his perspective mind world once more. He started seeming himself from above in the normal blank white world with his body showing up as fully black with white outlines against the world’s background. The background this type held dots of little chakra here and there likely from the organisms around him that he could faintly sense the chakra of. He began trying to manifest a visual of his shadow by sensing the chakra that was surely the black version lying on the ground behind him. Forming along the ground was a spectral shape shifting morph that shortly solidified into something more able of being accurately observed. It was a shifting of purple and black that soon became purely purple with a vibrant aura around it of a lighter shade. It was his shadow. “Finally, I managed to see this dark copy of myself. Now. If I can feel and sense it, I should be able to hold some type of controlling grasp over it as well. It won’t be easy but surely, it is doable by this point.” Nejonin tried moving and manipulating the shadow as if he were in a dream wanting to move his body in it while keeping the physical waking world one as still as a rock. This would cause the shadow to stretch slightly in random directions and take on terrible forms such as a broken circle, a crescent, and an arrangement of multiple purple dots. “I will need greater direction with this chakra. I suppose it doesn’t need a path to follow like lightning does. It also likely doesn’t require much of stabilization. For the shadow to even logically exist, it would have to be perfectly stabilized into the physical word. This leads me to believe that I simply need to achieve some great level of focus for at least the first few times that I use it until I can manage it like any another limb because that’s all that it really is. Another limb or extension of my body to perform task with. These range from normal movements such as jumping and picking up tools to seemingly gripping an opponent’s soul from a shadowy figure on the ground. All the same for the Nara.” This is where Nejonin came to a tactical conclusion. For him to be able to succeed at moving his shadows along the surfaces that he wanted to, he would need to master focus in itself nearly. The only way to methodically do such a task was to mute the world around oneself and concentrate all mental power that was previously used in many multitudes of task onto one, this one being the movement of his shadow. It was also like fighting against a tide. The shadow wanted to remain where any normal shadow would have been in order to seem as if it wasn’t a thread.  - - - Nejonin returned to the physical plane now feeling immensely tired and worn out after the long amount of attempting to move his shadow from the mental world. “I’m beat. I need to find another way to path myself out to the objective. This way’s currently a dead end for someone such as myself even though I have pretty darn great chakra control that I haven’t seen alike in anyone besides the Uchiha and Hyuga clan.” He sat down while catching his breath and trying to formulate a crafty plan for his training. After some time and thought, he came up with something simple once more but likely to be effective that wouldn’t drain him of that much chakra. It was an odd one as well. He wanted to try and understand the shadow even more. “I can do this by drawing. Drawing the shadows in my notebook with just a few pens would allow me to visualize them even better. If I face myself in a direction where my shadow is forward of my vision, I can make a great picture of it. Then, I can try and recreate it from different angles. Of course, this will also include drawing the shadows of other objects.” Nejonin said speeding up with his speech. He made his way over to his light backpack and removed, from it, a notebook and two pens. With these three items, he sat in a cross legged position where the sun was behind him allowing for his shadow to be seen by himself for his pictures. It was a tedious process, finding the empty pages. He needed a new notebook and would buy another one later when he had the Ryo. He began drawing away by first starting with something simple. He created a circle onto the paper. A simple circle that was going to represent a sphere. He then added the background scenery. It was set in a forest with greens all around covered in vines, rocks, and heavy moss. The picture was to be done in black in white as Nejonin hated trying to make anything of visual art in color. Coloring something always made it come out worse for him. This was probably the reason why he liked looking at problems in a factual black and white like matter. But to him, the world was far from it. It existed as a rainbow of possibilities in which every scene can be reduced to black and white and further examined until the user who was doing so held such a strong understanding of the piece that the colors seemed to blind him and the black and white revealed the true meaning and logic behind it all. Of course. He drew the sphere onto a large log that was in the middle of a swampy looking green watered lake that had little bugs floating and moving along its disgusting surface. “Hmm, looks better than what I make normally.” - - - Nejonin began the main event of the whole task now. Shading. He began shading first from the top of the picture to the lower sections. The top of the trees within the swampy place were difficult. They required picturing the shadows in a way he’d never tried to before. The many leaves resulted in the need of many shadows to be made for the symmetry. Now, it was on to the tree wood and trunk section. This area was relatively easy and was interesting to make as it resulted in many areas becoming extra dark by overlapping shadows from trees ahead of them. “Now… I need to find out what I should add here.” Nejonin said looking at the only blank spot on his paper. The sphere that was actually still a circle. It was blank to him because it had no particular purpose within the actual picture itself when not related it to his training. “Alright… Let’s write some quote in there to fix that.” He began gearing through his mind in search of a quote that decently related to his topic at hand. “Hmm… ‘Let your plans be as dark and impenetrable as night, and when you fall, strike like a thunderbolt.’ This was done by the great ninja of a long time ago called Sun Tzu. It’s still debated about what he had done to this day. But, that’s something for another time.” Nejonin wrote in his quote and began shading the rest of the picturing. “It seems to be that after each and every shadow I draw, I begin knowing how to better. Hopefully, this translate over to controlling one as well. While these are different skills, I suspect some rough correlation at least. A slight little bridge of commonness to connect them together for travel…” Within rough time, his picture was done. He was rather pleased at how nice the final product was. It was impractical to train in this way to most ninja. And for that reason, Nejonin didn’t fall into the category of most ninja. This would typically be seen as something bad in the ninja world. But then again, most ninja are kages either now are they? He moved onto his second picture and then his third. After finishing those, he felt as if he had a solid enough footing to begin attempting at his full shadow control once more. This next attempt wasn’t going to result in such a blatant failure like the last one had. He needed some high level focus as well though. But this… This could be built when the time was fully right. As of now, it wasn’t fully required per se. It would just be the most ideal scenario. -  - - Nejonin returned back to his focus mode that of trying to control his shadow from view within his mental plane. As he did so, he could feel the sweat and dryness of the air in his mouth. It was tiring and boring, but in the end, It would be rewarding and favored. So with eyes on what lies ahead and not know, he continued on with his task. “I need to be able to at least move my shadow along the ground by now. I don’t need any amazing patterns. But what I do need is some directly fluidity. It will likely be rigid and bad with control when I first start. From there, I can improve with great ease.” He sensed his shadow and felt the tether or connection that it held with his chakra source. “This. This right here,” he said feeling the layer of thin shadow chakra shifting as he moved his mental form. “must move with the will of its user.” This was the moment. He could feel the tension of the resisting shadow beginning to bend and conform to his inflicted movement wishes. It was as if, the shadow were a mere pet looking to find someone worthy of taming it and becoming its owner. If the shadow was wild, he would simply do what was needed. To tame it. The feeling of being chained down was fully dissolved by now. “There we go! I can somewhat feel the shadow moving with my opinion. But this is so odd. It doesn’t move when I say go or think about how it should move. It moves rather with the way I think my emotions currently are and my disposition takes hold as well. It’s like being a middle man of some sort here.” Nejonin said connecting his hands together and gripping his eyes shut farther. Now, it was his time to attempt and completely move his shadow with his own will that he didn’t even know would work or not. His first move was the guiding technique. “Alright… The shadow is mounted on the ground now behind me being as still in place as I am. I will give you a path and you will follow it.” The shadow began to shift from side to side as if swinging on a playground set of swings. “Forward.” Yelled Nejonin within his mind expecting some sort of new reaction from the dark being. The shadow being to stretch out some moving away from his back until it reset itself back to a normal shape. “Hey… That actually worked.” Making some progress now, he attempted another type of call. “Circle around.” The shadow began to curl around his position on the ground forming a circle until it shatter around half circle or so. “I guess that currently counts to the complex section of making things. Sooner or later, it will be simple and every day. Nejonin returned to what had proved possible for him just now. He stretched out the shadow and reeled it in then repeated back and back again until doing around 50 or so rounds. “The shadow’s movements, so far from what I can tell, do not tire the user in a physical correlation whatsoever. This will prove useful when I try to perform air attacks that make large shadows rise into the sky to possibly attack other ninja there. The ease of control for this well controlled simple and rigid movement was because less and less difficult with each time he performed the technique. It felt at first like opening doors that needed some oil for over a thousand years. Now, it’s as slick as a massive spa slide.” He paused for a moment realizing that those don’t actually exist. The more you know. The shadow flowed with his mind like an imitation that of a shadow with his actual body movements.

 It was precise and perfectly fitting to what it was told without ever skipping a beat within the complex list of all of them. Now, with full mastery over the back stretching basics, he moved on to the left and right. “Let’s see, I’ve done enough of this back shadow extending and I should test my other directions. Saving forward for last, I will focus on my left and then my right. Once I get better at the both of them collectively, I can try swapping back and forth.” - - - Nejonin began with his left side. It was similar to running sideways while looking forward by feeling as if you were moving somewhere but not being able to see where that somewhere was. He noticed that he was completely all of this in the physical world as well which was something new of a great feat for him. “I bet many would say that my training inside of my mind is a weak skill. This may be true for them. As this strength of the opponent is only that of the power of the mind that hosts said confrontation to begin with.” - - - Wanting to see what it looked like from there, he moved on to his mind world once more this time with a top down like view. It seemed as if he was dragging a marker to the left of his body making a massive path that would quickly retract once reaching the end while erasing its tracks upon returning. Surely, it was something interesting to seem unfold in his mind. He then came up with some sort of crazy idea. “I wonder what training would be like with my shadow if I were to draw full on pictures with it from this perspective. Not simple line art. It would need to be something on the level of the picture that I had drawn earlier for my shadow understanding help. Something like that done purely in purple and white. I suppose the removal of blank for the replacement of purple isn’t all that bad.” - - - While still doing his simple left movements of his shadow to a large distance reaching the end of the rock clearing from the center point, he thought of this massive picture. Each line was a line of his shadow. Each very line would have to be an extension of himself. So at that level, would the picture technically become a drawing of what he could look like? This odd thinking passage way caused him to fumble on a few of his movements from left to center and center to left. After the dismissing the idea for later discussion by locking it into a mental vault that he did with many topics of which he wanted to save for later, he regained his progression’s momentum. Quickly master the left side movement, he moved on to the right. It was no different just in reverse. It required some getting used to after seeing the long board like shape of darkness move from his position above and back to him. “By far, the shadow is something amazing to control. It doesn’t feel like you’re controlling body either. The best way of explaining it would be saying to be extremely lightning fast while being insanely short to the ground.” - - - Nejonin continued his massive pool of progressive training. He later finished and retained the art of doing what he called the right push now. So far, he had the back push, left push, and right push completely down and ready to go for any other event that required such a shadow movement. Now, it was time to practice the shifting technique. He would go from left to center to back to center to right to center and then reverse it a few times until reaching center from back then stopping. At this point, he thought nothing in the world could stop him. Well… Except the amazingly powerful ninjas that roamed the lands of which he hadn’t yet to see and explore. He started with great swiftness first pushing left then returning to center. The next movement that he wanted to do called back push was terrible ill formed and resulted with his shadow crashing diagonally between the two points that he wanted to work on. “Hmm. So we have an accidental middle ground huh? I might as well just work on that then to master those spots as well.” While still saving directly forward for last, these were his activities. Left back push, right back push, forward right push, forward left push. It was simple in concept but it required great fluidity that of an ocean to fully maintain and use effectively. He now found himself being able to choose from multiple positions on where to land with his eyes closed. This proved to be a great step in the process for him that was training his soon to be ruthless and controlled as well as similarly determined shadow like himself. He could now move in the diagonal directions allowing for higher fluidity of shadow manipulation movement. The rigid movements that were once like punches now turned into something that seemed as if a hook then a jab plus a duck back to back switching to whatever was best suited for the battle. “I’ve got a lot down for now but I need to see something that may be possible… If I can find a way to split this circle that I will soon be drawing with the shadow into something around twelve or exactly twelve parts, I can create the shadow clock. If I recall correctly, that was an actual invention long ago that worked by using the sun’s position to tell the time just like our eyes do outside. As of now, I need to work on the directly forward push motion of the shadow. It is crucial despite my doubt that most of my shadow techniques will be launched just head on like that in actual combat. In fact, that is very unlikely. By nature, these techniques are made to be used as traps that are concealed until the perfect moment to strike has be realized and brought forth into close reach. 

The shadow techniques in themselves were like waiting self-cloaking animals just sitting for the prey. The user, not being attached to said shadow in terms of personal movement, was a bait or another attacker used to position the target or real prey onto the actual attacker which would be the inevitable victory of the trap.” Despite all that, Nejonin quickly shifted his focus on to that movement anyway. Perhaps it could have other purposes of which he hadn’t thought of yet and generally he should be able to have full ground control of his shadow anyway. “I’ll just ready myself like this and face forward. This top down view surely helps and has helped to make sure my alignment with the movements that I am doing is perfect and never off even if it was just by a few inches or so.” This attitude of precision got Nejonin a long ways into anything in the sense that it made him better. He never wanted to miss nor fail unless it was fully expected even by him at the time. But even then, and obviously so, he’d prefer not to. It was what some called his ninja way. “My way isn’t that typical shit. I’m no hero and I’m no villain. I govern myself by logic and what’s best for what I stand for. This personality of mine makes it easy as nothing goes unnoticed by me. I can see through one’s deceitful lie with great ease and even act as if I hadn’t to play them further into my then formulating trap.” His trying to perform his technique and expressing at the same time resulted in a few flunks of the shadow movement. It was simply revised and fixed. “One important thing before learning anything that doesn’t already have a way for it to be learned is that you need proper form. Proper form is crucial because the body takes whatever you do and puts it into a database of sorts. This database is likely to be called on from the brain depending on how engraved the said information is. The more times you do something successfully, the more instances your brain has to optionally call if it needs assistance on completing a task. If you are doing it improperly from the start, you make end up retaining that broken form that would inevitably and eventually cost you a lot in the future. - - - Nejonin completely had his shadow manipulation down to a T in terms of on ground service. “With all that finished, I’m on to my next step which should be controlling my shadow in various shapes on the ground. One that I’ve seen pretty often as a kid from dad was the swivel one that looked like the path of a snake’s movement.” Nejonin gave this a try and nearly died out of laughter and unexpected failure at the broken shadow path that looked like it was trying to rear off and hit a wall to the left or something. This range of movement proved highly difficult for his, used to rigid movements, self. At this point, to keep away from total exhaustion, he fled from the mental world and began practice within the physical. On the topic of difficulty, not much changed from the physical and mental worlds. It was as simple to do a left or right push in here as it had been within the confines of his mind. 

He tried the odd swivel motion of the chakra extending forward once again. It looked and appeared broken and misshaped. “This snake movement is much harder than I expected. I guess I need to fully become a snake in a way and try to mimic its motions mentally on the ground. I have been doing these pushes a little too fast. Probably, if I slow my form down, I can analyze it better for any faults and possible places to improve upon.” Nejonin was on the right track. He was going very fast, but one can’t switch from something that they’ve known for a while now that they could do with ease and speed to doing something new that they don’t know while attempting to maintain that same fast speed and perfect rush attitude. The more he slowed himself, the better his form became until being able to make two swivel like patterns within a swivel motion of his. The generally required amount was around five to six. He would get there in little time. - - - Around now, the brightness of the sun that once stood overhead had begun falling. The night was slowly on the creep rising to the surface world. Nejonin continued his training as he was fully stuck on finishing this technique that wanted to work on today as early as possible. He wouldn’t have much time to do so tomorrow. “It’s like swimming somewhat. But the better way to describe it would be like putting your arm in the heavy sand at the beach and swiveling it around like a fish that is waving from side to side. It is a difficult motion if you want to have a perfect swivel.” Now getting around an average of perfectly three being done, He was gaining more and more confidence in his abilities. This never made his cocky however, he was always sure that there was someone who could demolish him. - - - All was fine in the training until Nejonin had met a new adversary, his tiredness. All that time from using the mental vision and trying to just stay in there without expecting the effects had finally caught up to him. He fell to the floor out of a tired whooz and nearly fell asleep. Before fully doing so, he felt a random little pebble hit him in the face. “Huh? Who’s there?” He said lifting his previously on the ground back from the rock flat. His vision was quite blurry at this moment and to top that, the darkness made seeing into the rocks around him very difficult. “Whatever, I’m fine.” He said assuming the person who had thrown this at him was just trying to legitimately wake him up. This was likely not the case but it didn’t matter much anyway. Nejonin returned to practicing his swivel back and forth back and forth. The process was simple and systematic. “You want to push the shadow to your center, meaning directly below you. After doing this, begin slightly stretching out the shadow forward with a tilting curve to the right direction. As if trying to make a dent in the line to the right, push into it and reel the shadow’s outline back into the left side to return center with having that move back in. Do that and continue then you should end up with a working swiveling shadow that can move in all varieties of movement. The shadow should feel as free as a bird soaring high through the sky. On it, no friction between other surfaces exists whatsoever.

 - - - Nejonin continued his practicing until he had just about perfected his swivel getting seven or so each time that looked well placed and not broken on any segments at all. He had moved himself to the perimeter to take a short break while thinking of what to do next in the chain of shadow works. “I guess I need to know three-dimensional manipulation.” He said. Shadow manipulation was an interesting art. Many outside of the Nara clan thought their shadows were simply limited to surfaces. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As explained before, the shadow is just existing where the shadow is because it wants to. Depending on the level of expertise within the user’s controls, the shadow can go in a multitude of directions including up surface walls and into the air even once solidified. “I need to make my shadows into a separate solid. This would be when I am able to do crazy moves with them with general ease. However, getting to this point of my shadows being fully solid is not going to be easy, likely even harder than my past objectives but who knows. I’ve furthered my skills with shadows a lot in this one day.”  - - - Nejonin got up and moved to the rock clearing center once again. He now stood there just feeling and sensing the natural position of his shadow. “It’s like a flat stretching piece of infinite tape. Since that’s the case, all I need to do is just roll it onto itself until it folds into an actual object.” Doing what he had said, he felt the weight of the shadow beginning to increase. “Seems if I continue, it should start leaving a sense of stress on the physical strength of the user who is creating and forming them. If this is the case, I doubt I’ll be able to last too long with them. It would be a problem if I had some more rest. But, that earlier training has me feeling numbly tired.” - - - Nejonin continued rolling the shadow bonds until forming what seemed like a shadow square in front of him. “Oh, that’s neat. I’ve never seen the shadows in the form of a box before.” Said Nejonin as the object quickly broke upon itself. The square near instantly collapsed as fast as it had formed. This was mostly due to the strong weight of the shadows when layered on each other. “I see it now. The problem is that I’m not actually sustaining the shadow once I get it into position which isn’t very smart. I need to put my force of halting onto it for it to remain in solid position or else it will automatically reset like other shadow techniques do when stopped mid motion.

 It will feel something like holding up a weight without actually touching it. It’s quite the ghostly limb feeling.” He tried once again this time making sure to hold his actually piece once it was fully created. He managed to form another perfectly edged and moderately shaped square. “There we go. Now, hold this in place with great speed upon its creation. It should be just about fine now. For means of a durability test, let’s kick this thing.”  - - - Nejonin moved in and proceeded to kick the floating shadow box which was connected to his main shadow by a small tube of shadow. This was by far the worst idea he has ever had. Kicking into the shadow back, he felt the feeling of hitting a cement wall on his toes even through the slightly armored sandals. “Holy mother….!” He said pausing from the abrupt pain. He flashed an annoyed grim at the object. That grin quickly turned to that of a devilish smile. “It works…… Now I just need to form it into the designated shape that is required for the full jutsu.” - - - That shape would be slick and sharp shadow made tendrils designed for penetrating the bodies of multiple targets at once to either fully kill them or restrict their movement to a great significance. Nejonin began changing the form of his box into something was more so cylindrical and smooth. It extended forward until being somewhat of a smooth spike resembling that of pen made of rubber all about it until reaching the writing tip. He made one tendril start moving about from the ground. Continuing on, he practiced the controlling of the movement of one of these large tendrils. The more focus that he put into the object, the larger it became. This also meant the more dangerous it became. “I’m sure that I need to make a larger amount of these and then practice on extending them from different angles and attacking with them like that as well.” Nejonin moved his main shadow where his jutsus would form directly from onto his back. He now began to focus heavily and felt the shadow tendrils growing from the reverse point of his chest. They grew to very long distances to the point that they were visible in front of him with no problem. “These shadow tendrils or what I could describe to someone as death weights are becoming much lighter. Now they feel like they’re nothing at all to carry around. The reason would have to be the level of control that the user has. The greater control, the less energy required to maintain, shape, and utilize these large beast.” - - Now with a few more formed, he practiced with swinging then in a slashing motion, doing forward quick strike jabs and other techniques alike. It was all very easy and felt rather fluid now opposed to how it had been earlier like trying to move a limb that wasn’t even there. The focus that he had gained in the day was immense as well. He had come up with many theories and conclusions also. “News update in notebook. I got this shadow manipulation thing down now so I won’t be scum to my clan of well-trained shadow users finally. It was quite the journey and experience. These shadows are resisting beings that don’t really want to be controlled despite just being normal chakra. Whenever an attack or move is performed and negated somewhere in between, the shadow retracts itself back to the user’s initial emission point. This is typically underneath the user on most times. These shadows also can be turned solid and used like they are from the material world which is an interesting property. I’m stuck here wonder all the possible abilities, techniques, and movement enhancing moves one could do with them. Surely, I’ll know within the near future.” - - Nejonin now began mixing different ways of activating his shadows. He would first stretch them out with a forward push and then have his tendrils nearly instantaneously form from the end of the stretch and do a spiral swirl like attacking motion. He used all of them to stab a rock in one instance around six times. It was surely something to be afraid of if you were on the receiving end. 

For fun and why nots, he had his shadow circle around him many times until making a large circle outwards on the ground from his position. He then shot tendrils from various points on this thin circle perimeter to reach above him making somewhat of a shadow shield per se. He was truly a fan of utilizing them. That was to be expected. “Welp, I’ve trained enough for today. I need to head home before I pass out in the cold of this place.” He said grabbing his notebook, pen, and backpack. “This was quite the learning experience today. I will be sure to return where I left off.” As a quick as he arrived, he sank into the shadows of night itself. 

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Health – 25                  "In confrontation, ain't no conversation. 
Chakra – 56                    If you feel you're in violation.
Stamina – 40                  Any hesitation'll get you killed."
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