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 A Nara's Need For Speed - Lightning Style

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PostSubject: A Nara's Need For Speed - Lightning Style   Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:53 am

Nejonin was at it again. Everyone who knew him would agree that he was a total training addict. Every darn day you’d see him, he’d just be training down at the rock clearing. Well, days must be the same because things haven’t changed. Nejonin walked up to the rock clearing gates and slowly opened them with his right hand as he had always done. “Ahhh… sweet second home… sweet second home.” He walked in and sat his stuff down in his normal arrangement with backpack in center holding his notebook and pens. He sat down in the center this time as well. “I’ve trained a lot in the past week. I have some pretty decent jutsu but now I need some evasion techniques to minimize my chances of having an opponent successfully land a hit on me. Not being much of a brute, a few of them could probably temporarily throw me out of the realm of the living.” Nejonin did some research in his prior downtime. He came across a well-known jutsu known as body flicker. It allowed ninjas to move at high speeds from point A to point B. “The jutsu’s explanation reminded me somewhat of lightning in terms of how the movement goes back in forth in straight arcs never curving. It would fit my style of quick dart movement agility while fighting perfectly.” That was enough chatting about. It was time to get training. Nejonin understood the properties of how the jutsu worked so he wasn’t heading in too blind. “It’s simple. All I have to do is fill my body with chakra in all places and shift it in the same direction as the way I am moving. This basically adds the power of my chakra to my normal speed but only if the movement if A to B.” Nejonin began on one side of the clearing opposite to the gear which he entered. “So step one, fill my body in all places with this chakra. I suppose I could think of it like removing the lock on a gate and just letting it flow. But if I were to do that, I’d lose chakra pretty fast which isn’t the goal of this technique. Either way, it’s worth a try.” Nejonin stood straight up in an attention stance staring forward and began to circulate the chakra in his body visualizing the various paths that the streams took. “This seems to be a rather easy step. Could this really be it?” He thought to himself. Once the chakra had completely filled the section of waist down, Nejonin began focusing on his upper body. The chest proved to be more difficult as the paths became more intricate nearing the chakra’s furnace within the core of his body. “Heh, this is cool. It reminds me of walking around in a nearly endless maze. Luckily for me, each chakra flow is like a person in the maze. If that’s the case, I have around sixty or so people searching in this maze. Finding the exit shouldn’t be that troublesome.” Nejonin’s body was fully flowing with chakra around neck level now. 

The head section would be likely the most time consuming. After all, this is where the chakra required extremely complex connections. “Based on anatomy, this should be difficult. But, here we go.” Nejonin began surging the chakra through his head now. Surging wasn’t the best idea as this can overflow the chakra network with relative ease. “Ahh damn. That feels like brain freeze to the maximum. But, it’s bearable. Anything is worth a technique like this that gives such great speed.” All was going well until this inner cloak of chakra that Nejonin had be forming fully disappeared from reality as if fading like scenes of a dream from one’s waking memory. “What the… It felt like I just lost all grips and bearings on my chakra. Can I not hold that much in so many locations at once?” Now Nejonin felt rather exhausted at this point. He fell down to the ground in a kneeling position while grabbing more air with his lungs. After a short break and some analysis of his last attempt, he was ready for another go on the quest. “Seems I need to quickly allocate or disperse all the chakra throughout the body. This makes sense since the actual technique is all about being fast and I wouldn’t have much time to sit around and move chakra through my body in a normal fight anyway. So the current objective is to push this chakra through the body as fast as possible. A simplistic way of never failing would be to find the most useful paths throughout the maze like chakra network for time efficiency. This however would require me being able to see my chakra with deadly precision. Not being much of the Hyuga here, I doubt I could perform such a feat.” Now to attempt. One thing that he had noticed was the left side of his body allowed for easier flowing of chakra at high speeds. “It’s decided then, I’ll prioritize taking routes that move about the left side of my body.” Now Nejonin was ready for his second take. Hopefully, this would be the last one required. 

He stood with solid ground as he had did before and quickly began shifting his chakra to the left side. Once there, he moved it in the directions of up and down. The chakra once reaching its right location on the left side would spread into position by transitioning to the right. Now all that was left was the centered head. So far, his time was much better than his prior so this attempt should be a success. From both the left and right of his body, Nejonin pushed through with the surge of chakra. It felt like water rolling over the upper perimeter of a cup when it fully approached the top of his head. Time seemed to slow down before him with a crystallizing sound effect. “Ahhh so this is the feeling? It feels like I’m floating or nearly weightless despite still being tethered to the ground huh. It’s like that pebble that just fell isn’t even falling at anywhere near the speed it should be.” Nejonin looked at the gate now in this slow motion world. He appeared instantly right beside it by what seemed a blink in space and time. The speed of the world had returned to normal. “Mission accomplished.” Nejonin concluded that his appearance of slowed time was due to having so much extra chakra within his brain speeding up even his reactions as well thus being in a body flicker was basically, from the user’s perspective, moving at normal speed while others seemed to slow down. In reality, he most likely appeared as a vanishing blur fading from the physical plane.

“Well that didn’t take so long so I might as well just learn another technique while I’m still out here. I already had one in mind as well.” Nejonin thought to himself. He still had one inside of him mind to currently train as well. This would be another jutsu that would augment him on the speed deal of scenarios. Speed to him was something that was essential. One must be capable of dodging anything his opponent throws and sending something faster than they can dodge. It was generally his fighting style that he preferred to use in most cases. It would switch here and there depending on the opponent of which he was battling. However, that remained the default.  - - - This jutsu would be called Lightning Release: Lightning Javelin. It was somewhat of a miniature version of the lightning armor made famous by the Raikages throughout history. It allowed the user to gain a powerful increase in speed and strength. This coupled with body flicker would allow Nejonin to hit extremely fast speeds. However, the upkeep for sustaining that is rather high and for that reason, it would be used that often out of necessity. “The way of activating this jutsu is generally similar to body flicker and it would also be focusing on my current weakness. Hold masses of chakra around, in, or on the body for long periods of time.” Now the question became how he would begin this training of the new jutsu. The most effective place to start would have been to master changing large amounts of currently neutral chakra into fully lightning chakra since the technique did work off using lightning release. “Alright. I’ll start there.” Nejonin made sure to be far away from his backpack and notebook to be sure he didn’t cause any fires or burns along his pages. Now standing on the opposite side of the perimeter to the gates, he began his training. “I need to first convert nearly all of my current chakra to solely being used for lightning release. Once this is done, I’ll need to expand it around my body in some sort of armor like perimeter deal. 

Then I need to manage the ability to fully sync it with my movement allowing me to be both faster and stronger is all aspects.” Nejonin began with the first part of his training. He got into a normal chakra gathering squat. He quickly began churning the chakra within him to match his first affinity of lightning, the true ruler of the skies. He began visualizing from above within his mind. He saw his body existing below but in chakra form. The neutral chakra appeared as black in a blankly white world seeming like an empty void. As the nature transformation began to take place, the black chakra transitioned from pure darkness of night in color to a bright flashing gradient of color changing from light blue cyan to white back and forth. Often, the chakra would revert back to neutral if too much was already lightning formed. This required a delicate balance of returning chakra that was becoming neutral and making more that was neutral into a lightning base. Once Nejonin fully changed his chakra to a lightning base, he began to try and expand it moving past his body and into the physical plane. It would serve as some type of extra layer much thicker than skin of some sort. “It seems to be working quite well and I didn’t expect it to be so easy.” Nejonin was quick to call something easy. That was a problem of his. The shield quickly faded before like it had once done when he was trying to perform the body flicker technique due to him holding so much chakra expanded from his body for so long. This was definitely a difficult upkeep to manage for him. He had never used an upkeep type jutsu either. Most that he knew went solely by activation and attack. It was expected and likely to happen. But either way, it seemed the like the universe wanted him to fail as of now. “Another structure collapse of the chakra huh? I wonder what I can do now. I could try and fix the problem directly by focusing and mastering the ability to hold my chakra in a stable manner even when it isn’t fully within my body or I could attempt the use of some side alternative.” Nejonin thought. Maybe the way in which he expanded the chakra out and what speed he chose to do so at would greatly change the result of how long he could hold the chakra structure around him.

 If one could describe it, it would be like standing on a candle with the flame rising around you and engulfing you somewhat. Except, the bright fire of the candle would be the chakra of your body. In this case, it was blue and eye soaring. Seeing through it was rather difficult at first. But, Nejonin would adapt and manage it in due time.  - - - He returned to what he had been at before the collapse of his chakra structure. “Alright. Now I need to expand this chakra into a field around me once more. It should form like a candle fire around me not reaching into the ground but curving in like a bullet’s point above my head. I will try a special way of expanding this chakra out. It’s simple but it may hold some change in the result.” Nejonin planned to begin the expansion of his chakra field from his feet first moving up like a rising platform. “Now this is a little bit of wonky logic, but buildings are built from the ground up and not at all points at once. I would assume this logic could be generally applied to the sense of chakra as well. At least hopefully, it can.” Nejonin began the construction at his feet feeling like the layers stacked in altitude of very thin disk which he’d expand in all horizontal directions until meeting his proper measurements that were estimated for the jutsu. He rose disk by disk and section by section. As the more time passed however, the structure seemed to wobble back and forth more with each. “Ahh.. So the design itself isn’t structurally independent. Isn’t that a shame? Now what can I do to fix it.” Nejonin thought to himself. Despite having built it in many flat disk that later became cylindrical like objects as a whole, the creation still fell. He felt the chakra cloak wash away from him like sand on a beach getting dragged mercilessly into the unforgiving sea. This was where his mind would become his best friend and most valuable tool in the entire shed. “I see now… I must analyze this like I’m literally building a structure.

 Firstly, I’ll need to define the type of structure that I’m building so my estimations on how to build will be correct. Being that it resembles the shape of a human with that human being me, I would say it could be classified as a humanoid like statue. Now what do statues normally have at the base? A platform. But if I made a platform of chakra beneath me, that would mean the requiring of more chakra for the jutsu itself which isn’t very ideal. Maybe instead of making a platform, I can make a design which uses the normally structure breaking properties around it such as extreme winds, and faults in the general design itself to boost its sturdiness somehow. It will be quite challenging to find a proper one that fully functions each and every time but time isn’t of the essence and is plentiful like water in the sea.” Nejonin knew what to do or rather where he had to be by the end of the path. But once again, the question would be what path should be walked? Possibly a spiral pattern would work where instead of the use of disk, swirling cylinders are used as the walls of this chakra cloak. But that all seemed to complex at the time to attempt. He would try something else. Something that sounded just as effective but much more leaning towards the simplistic scale. “I will make the outer part of the cloak much heavier with chakra than the part within it. This will result in some sort of chakra casing that makes the likelihood of it vaporizing into thin air much smaller now. Then the question comes to how would I keep the casing from being chipped away at as well?” Nejonin regained his focus on performing his task and got back to work. 

He returned to his position of having the chakra ready for expansion. This time, he began once more at the feet but made a much stronger wall near the outer parts of the chakra cloak. “This should do the trick.” After building higher and higher, he realized that it wasn’t wobbling nearly as much and the chakra felt greatly stabilized. He began to gradually feel lighter and lighter as if being held by string or as if gravity lost attention in his existence partially. Now was his chance. Now nearing the head in terms of building the chakra cloak from his feet up, he felt the structure becoming weak at the bottom. Had the weight been too much for the unprepared base to securely hold without faulting the user? The chakra now began to crumble in the middle as well. “Hmm… This isn’t just the base being broken by the weight of the chakra… Just as I had suspected. The chakra is being chipped away at from the outside. The natural wanting of chakra is to disperse itself when in the physical realm unless given another powerful force. I suppose my force for trying to hold it together isn’t quite the match for the normal atmosphere’s willing to do the opposite. All I can do now is try and fully enclose myself in it by allowing its reach to the top.”  - - - This was the peculiar situation.

 Now he would have to find a way to allow the chakra cloak to be somewhat fully created without it crumbling to nothing right before his head was fully covered. The structural integrity lowered and lowered as cloak’s peak rose higher and higher. Now it was around ear level to Nejonin. He decided to close his eyes and return to his top down or side 3rd person point of view in his mind of his chakra. “Ahh… I see. There are many cracks and faults along the casing of the chakra field. This is proving to be exceptionally difficult. However, if I do manage to pull through, my aptitude for upkeep type jutsus should improve greatly. Now… How to fix these many cracks. They seem to be intensifying around the base of the structure and dissipating the higher you move up it. This would imply that it is due to the weight of the condensed chakra field. I may need to actually reduce the amount of chakra used in certain places. I see now. I can’t simply have the same thickness of chakra across the entirety of the chakra cloak. This will cause it to fail at a structural level. This means that I need to find the proper balance at all the different points for optimal function of this technique. Ahhh….. It seems I always have another step for something.” Nejonin slightly sighed in his mind as he returned to his troubling and morale depleting task. At least, the thought of learning a new technique always would keep him on the move for doing so. Unlike this poor structure, his motivation was nearly impossible to crack. The best anything could rendered was a dent if that.  - - - That’s when he chakra field broke once more and shattered into many crystal like bits only visible by sensing the location of his own chakra which was generally easy.

 “So now I need to evaluate at what points should I increase or lower the thickness of the chakra casing along the cloak.” Nejonin said. He returned once more to his now repetitive state of preparing for chakra expansion. He did the same method rising it up from the feet. But this time, whenever cracks would immerge or materialize, he would halt his rising upwards until finding a correct balance by removing or adding more chakra in parts of the casing on different locations until the cracks would fix themselves. Using this stop and go type method, he made it to about chest level with no cracks or structural faults. So far, this was looking exceptionally well in terms of progress. Nejonin’s level of determination was dangerous. Nothing would stand in between his path of becoming the greatest Nara to ever live. The only thing that could ever stop him would be death. But being part of his guild, he was a master of tactics and bad situation evasion. He’d never meet his early by any means whether it was fact or mental denial.  - - - This stop and go method began requiring more stopping once reaching around the height of his shoulders. From his outside mental vision, he could see some cracks showing at the bottom now. These would be hard to fix being that he was already so high in terms of percentage with the structure’s creation. He needed to find a quick fix easily. “It’s simple… add more chakra over the cracks to nullify the effects of the weight on those specific spots. This shouldn’t affect much because there aren’t more below with it being the base that could have disadvantage from heavier materials being above.

 “Heh, working just like I need it to.” He thought. Nejonin continued moving higher and higher until reaching ear level. His ears felt like they were listening to constant static as if standing beside a chidori being held at head level just beside it. These random sounds messed with his thinking but he quickly managed to block them out nullifying their effects to nothing but mere background noise. Now with the structure almost complete and little cracks showing that needed to be fixed, he was nearing his finish line. Until he realized something crucial. “I had forgotten to look at the back of the structure. My angle was positioned for the right and front side this entire time. Hopefully there aren’t any faults back here.” He thought turning his mental vision around. “Damn.” There was a massive crack scaling from around neck base to waist level. This was growing more and more by the second and would likely cause it to collapse once more if its growth wasn’t prevented within short time. “I doubt I can simply funnel chakra to this spot. If I do, the weight will be significantly higher than before for the casing portion that is below this massive fault. That would likely result in another breaking of the casing which again isn’t going to help me whatsoever. Wait a minute… Let’s try a different strategy.” - - - Nejonin began thinking like a medical ninja here. But, this really stemmed from his knowing how to knit things and some medical knowledge. “This breaking in the casing is somewhat like a wound. 

It’s made of chakra so it can’t simply heal and scab over like normal wounds do on humans. However since chakra can exist in short, tiny threads, I can likely stitch this back together like a medical ninja.” This plan sounded well in theory. Now it was time to test it out on the field. Great chakra control was mandatory for the next step. He focused his near his back into a few long spanning strands that had needle like points at the tips. “Now I need to simply do multiple zig-zag like patterns along this and at the end stretch it so it simulates a sealing.” He was correct. He efficiently did this with his superb chakra control until the large case breaking in the back was finely sealed at least for now. Overtime, he kept adding more and more stitches to fix it completely. For now, he only had to worry about topping his fine structure of chakra. The higher it went now, the lighter he felt just as before as if he could float off the ground if he jumped with only normal power. This was the sense of being untethered to the earth. Now with the crown of the building nearly completed, Nejonin began to feel more at ease. He had managed to perceiver through this odd madness of his chakra cloak breaking repeatedly. 

The structure was at level with the top parts of his head now. It felt like putting the top of a star on a Christmas tree. “Nearly there. Just a litt..le.. more!.” Focusing the placement of so much chakra felt like actually lifting many weights to the human body. This was a common feeling for ninjas who used upkeep like techniques that constantly drained from their energy. The only reason Nejonin was so tired was because he had be taken years to form his cloak. He opened his eyes and looked around realizing the time of day had seemed to change some. He could finally feel his slight chakra casing fully engulfing him. While it was nearly invisible to most outside spectators, he saw it as a chakra skin that allowed great fluidity and speed of movement. Looking at himself through the use of his eyes, Nejonin saw that his body had a slight blueish tint that most wouldn’t even notice. The structure was fully created.

 Nejonin felt light as a feather but also heavy from exhaustion all at the same time. At least now, he could walk around in this state. It felt like running with no wind resistance as if everything was just empty and waiting to receive his presence. “Finally….. This one left me more drained than anything else that I’ve done so far. I guess it’s worth it though.” He said releasing the chakra skin from his body. The day was eventful as all his training days had been. And like all of them from before once more, it was time for his returning to home. Nejonin, with the slight strength that he had left, grabbed his backpack and threw it on. “Time to go. I’ll return later fateful training grounds.” And just like that, he walked along the path returning him to home in only a few minutes or so.

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PostSubject: Re: A Nara's Need For Speed - Lightning Style   Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:01 am

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You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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A Nara's Need For Speed - Lightning Style
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