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 Speed of Wind - Bullet Style

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Speed of Wind - Bullet Style    Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:56 am

Finally, Nejonin was back again. Recently he had been doing insane amounts of homework that left him drained nearly every day making training something a thing of the past. All that mattered was the fact to he has returned now being capable of participating in his daily runs to the training grounds of his village, Kumogakure. Likewise, he had another plan for learning another jutsu today. He always enjoyed keeping his things in balance and that applies to jutsu too. He wants to have an equal amount of lightning techniques to his amount of wind techniques. This will prove to be rather troublesome once he gains his third elemental type. But for now, it works. What was on today’s menu would be Wind Release: Air bullets. He had heard a few well trained wind type ninjas talking about it and showing it to each other for demonstration purposes. Despite watching, that gave him little to no idea of how to do it himself. Also, Nejonin isn’t the asking many people for help type like some ninjas. He finds that the path of doing it the wrong way then fixing it along the way yields more benefits as you’d often find more abstract and odd ways other than the conventional norm to use his jutsus when learned. The difficulty in learning jutsus was dramatically increased due to this nonsensical type approach. Nejonin also sought to master every technique if it was possible for him.

 He was fully prepared now already being at the training grounds. He returned to his common rock clearing and placed his backpack in the center. Of course, he came along with a notebook and a few pens like always. “Now to get to work.” He said to himself inside of his mind. “The goal is basically to create hyper pressurized and condensed air pellets that can be released from the mouth for pin point attacks that require great precision to be effective. It sounds very cool but is likely difficult to actually go ahead and just create. First thing’s first. I must try to generate this wind in my body so I can turn it into the pressurized or condensed form.” Nejonin, like always was directly on track when it came to learning new techniques. His method of learning also included close analyzing to figure out his mistakes or what he could do better. On top of that, he also enjoyed simulating battles within his mind as practicing in a battle scenario greatly increased his training. For what reason, he knew not. But that didn’t matter. As long as it worked, it was a good thing. Nejonin stepped to the side of the clearing and began to breathe in heavily over and over again. He actually wasn’t even sure if he was breathing the proper way. He heard something about breathing with a different muscle than what most normally used would be better. To be honest, he hadn’t the slightest amount of information when it came to anatomy. It felt like stuffing your lungs with something that you can’t see but can feel. This substance would be the air he was stuffing down himself.

 “Ahhh, I suppose everything is good only when it is in good quantities. I breathed so much that I feel like I have a headache coming along, and headaches are something that I rarely ever get.” Nejonin quickly cut doing that attempting method and switched to something that should be vastly more relaxing. A simple meditation positioning of his body along with slowly done and controlled breaths. He moved back to the center of the rock clearing and pushed his supplies aside off a bit. Nejonin squat down and quickly moved into what most would find to be a monk meditation with the crossing of legs, closing of eyes, straightness of back, and connecting of fist in a closed way. “I guess the strength of the lungs greatly affects a wind user’s success as how powerful his or her jutsus are. This means that I would likely need to train my lungs to gather and expel more oxygen.” Nejonin began his breathing exercise. He hadn’t remembered one specifically. So, he had to make up one on the spot. He would try to breathe in slowly through the mouth around 3 times in a short amount making sure not to fill his lungs to maximum capacity in just one. After this, he would release the mass he stored through his nose by breathing out slices of the total amount in three releases. He tried to relax all other muscles at the time making his body in full relaxation mode. “Flow, as I learned before, is something very important in the use of wind techniques. They require less stabilizing opposed to lightning ones but require much more of knowing the path you want to take if that makes any sense.” He continued his breathing. It was quite soothing to the point that he almost fell asleep while actually training. He caught himself while tilting over with eyes magically closed. He had to push his arm out to his falling side to stop his descent and then later wipe some saliva off the side of his cheek. “Ehh gross… This form of breathing exercise just won’t work for me. I need something of a higher intensity if I want to stay awake while doing so. Let’s see. I’ve already battled a windstorm in my past and that didn’t allow me to breathe at all so…. Ahh. I’ve got it. I can try stabilizing my breathing patterns while doing some physical exercise.” If Nejonin knew his information about physical training, breathing was very important to retaining the energy of the user.

 That was a reason why most people wouldn’t be able to complete very physically demanding test not including obvious differences such as muscles, having done it before and so on. Nejonin got up and walked out to the perimeter of the rock clearing. “I’ll do some simple jogs around the edge of this place and try to keep my breathing in rhythm like I had it before.” He thought this would be easy as he moved his first few steps out along the edge of the clearing. Quickly, that situation changed for him. “Damn…. I keep breaking the rhythm. How do I stay on track?” He had done around twenty or so laps by now but he didn’t to yield that much of a positive effect. The most he got out of it was becoming more tired than he had already been. This could have been the fact that he didn’t get much sleep last night but still. “Time to try something else…. I know this is crazy. I will try the jutsu in its entirety right now!” That was when he realized he was a dumbass despite being from the Nara clan. How ironic. Nejonin returned to the center now having to wipe some sweat away from his forehead that was collecting from the jogs. “Alright… three two one…!” Nejonin breathed in as fast as he could and nearly filled his lungs till the point of which most others would have burst into a field of bubbles. “Oh damn…. I can’t hold all this air…” He thought to himself with cheeks puffed out trying to condense it all. “I need to find a way to minimize how much space it is taking inside of my lungs.” This was easier said than done. He didn’t even have that high of a lung capacity to begin with making the difficulty of the task even higher. Nejonin breathed out like someone would spit out a drink when they heard an extremely hilarious joke. “Cmon…. I need some wind bullets from this.” As he did so, nothing but blank invisible aim streamed from his mouth. “Well… to be honest, I didn’t expect that to work anyway.” It was idiotic to think that it would. But then again, Nejonin enjoys testing his luck. “Well I did get something from that at least. I realized that I need to increase my lung capacity and likely how long I can hold my breath for too. I guess that’s next on the list for training.” Nejonin got into a squatting position and slowly sucked in some air. He filled himself at full capacity once more and tried to just hold it there. “Man… I already feel like I’m about to explode again.” He had to release the grip he had on the air within a matter of around thirty seconds.

 “That won’t work… Wait a darn minute. Did I forget to do the hand signs earlier? What if it was actually going to work and I just forgot the hand signs. I can’t have that!” Nejonin quickly breathed in some more air. He really should have given himself a cooldown period but sometimes, the stubborn will to train got the best of him. “Alright… Now what was the sign?” He thought. Yep, you guessed it. There was only one sign to this jutsu. That was one of the main reasons while Nejonin wanted to learn it. It could be done easily without the need to remember any hand signs for too long. “Here we go. Bird.” Nejonin said as he put his hands and fingers into the bird hand sign formation. “Now all I need to do is release the air inside me that I’m holding in the shape of bullets. This is really unlikely. But just like anything else, it’s worth a try.” He released the contents of his lungs hoping to see fast flying bolts of air. But no, nothing was result. “Ehhhh… I guess its back to just holding my breath again. I won’t be able to analyze how I am supposed to condense the air within me if I don’t have enough time to observe. For most things, thirty seconds of observation would be suffice but I’ve never dealt with controlling a jutsu that fully works on internal activation.” More breathing work to follow now. Nejonin tried it in a different way this time around. Instead of taking a massive amount of air or his total amount possible, he tried to take and hold around eighty-five percent of it. He arched his back up trying to perfect his posture before resuming his breathing training. Not only would this hurt his back if he didn’t do so, he likely wouldn’t be able to hold the air as long as a result. “Here we go.” Nejonin said breathing in the air now. Once packed, it was like holding a weight within your body. It wasn’t actually heavy but it did seem that way. “So… air that is compacted to a small location begins to feel as if it has substantial weight? Interesting.” He was ranging around forty five seconds which was must better than he previous scores that fell around the fifteen and thirty margin. “I think I get it now… I need to hold this air until I can infuse my chakra into it. I know that I can mold my chakra. So logically, if I have the chakra infused the only step required for expanding or compacting the air would be to use my chakra control to manipulate the chakra size thus changing the size of the air.” And just like that, it all began to make sense. “Now how do I get my chakra to move to my lung area? I have no idea for any seals that actually cause this to happen. Or, is it just a natural skill that some people have and others don’t’? I may have to train for this. Luckily, my ability to sense my own chakra’s movement is relatively great if I’m comparing my descriptions to those of my peers. Nejonin got out of his breathing training for now and switched on to the next stepping stone.

 This would be the ability to allocate his chakra into his lungs to infuse it with the air that was being held there. He moved out from the center by a small amount and then used one hand to place onto his body. “I doubt this will work but it is also worth testing out as the failing data may guide me to a new method. If I can channel the chakra along my arm and through the hands and finger tips like I did to use Raiton: Jibashi, I should be capable of then sending it past my major layer of skin and bones into the lungs thus making it receive contact with the air within. He balanced his breathing to a rhythmic pace before attempting this. “First step. Hold the air in your lungs.” Said Nejonin as he breathed in a decent amount of air and concealed it like water in a wattle bottle. This part would prove to be easy now after he had completed it so many times. “Step two. Channel chakra through the right arm.” This one wasn’t all that new in its universal form. However, the intended application was much different. He had never tried sending chakra through a surface when it wasn’t in a physical or elemental form. “I’ll also make sure to not do any lightning signs. I have no plans for shocking myself here.” Nejonin began the simple shifting of chakra types within his chakra furnace or so he liked to call it. He wanted to emit only wind type chakra along the limb. Once it began coursing through, he felt as if he needed to breathe again. Just a little longer and he could finally make it. The chakra built up in his fingertips waiting for the release from the user. He only had about 5 seconds of being capable of holding his breathe left. “This is it.” Nejonin streamed the chakra through his torso and aimed it towards his lung. This wasn’t the smartest idea as if he recalled correctly, there were many chakra points about the body. Hitting them with chakra was actually quite an effective way of combat that was perfected mainly by the Hyuga clan with their gentle fist style. He wouldn’t back down now though. The chakra began pushing through the physical layers reaching out for the air within the lung’s caving.

 Just as expected, the chakra felt oddly painful when transitioning through the body even if it was his very own chakra. “This would work for uses in repetition. This would likely cause damage to whatever point of injection for the chakra used after a while.” By the time the chakra neared his lungs, he had to breathe. “Ahhhhh” He said gasping to release the air and take in more. “Damn it. I guess that won’t work either. Worse part is, I didn’t even get to test the infusion of the chakra working with the air.” He needed another plan for his next step. “Let’s see….. I can try literally transitioning it down different routes through the body normally without uses of chakra injection. It would prove to be less painful and wouldn’t require movement of extra limbs which would likely be required for the one and only handsign.” After stabilizing his breathing once more with a five or so minute break, he regained his positioning and reran the plan through his mind. “Alright… First route to take. It generally starts close to the lungs anyway within the core of the body. If I can move it up to my eyes and down my throat in some way, I should be able to fully connect it with the air in my lungs at the time. This all depends on how long I can hold the air too however. If it isn’t enough, I won’t have the air to grab when the chakra is already there.” He squatted once more and took in some air. This time, it was a little more than before just in case. “I’ve made suits before while helping my dad out. It’s just like that. You need to thread and sew the chakra along.” He could feel the chakra surging around in his core. He attempted as splitting some off track and having it rise up through the body. This proved to be surprisingly easy as he was met with chakra being built up at the eyes. “Damn, my eyes feel heavier than boulders from earth release… I need to move this chakra down but through the throat now.” As Nejonin said he would, he did. It was like following an invisible set of train tracks making sure to take all the right turns and shift while slowing down and speeding up at different times to avoid over or undershooting. Once the chakra met the mouth, he began quickly letting it take descent through the throat. “I can feel it now. It is within the lungs. Now… I have around twenty seconds left to hold this air. But, how in the hell do I infuse the air with my chakra. I’m doing it like I normally do for external jutsus but it isn’t working.” Nejonin failed to realize that air inside the lungs is being drained of its natural power being oxygen. He would need fresher air if he wanted to infuse chakra successfully without learning a new way of chakra infusion all together. “Ahh… I see. I can’t use this air as it’s technically weakened air since my body has already be eating away at it for power. I need to find a way to sync the intake of the air with the chakra as well. Nejonin took another break to regain his footing with his breath. Now that he knew what to do, it was all a matter of how to get there and what path to take. “I have an idea. I need to gather the chakra quickly at the ceiling of the mouth and take in air then. If I can do that, I can devour said air and chakra at roughly the same exact time giving me more time to infuse the air with chakra. He attempted this swiftly after coming up with the concept. “Alright, I just need to breathe in now.” He reeled in a hefty amount of air and let the chakra pool down in sync. “Here we go, fresh air, and my chakra. Infuse!” The infusion was easy. This required little work. It was like grabbing a hold of a pole that someone was handing out to you at this point. “Ahhh…. This air feels different. It almost instantly stopped provided my body with energy but I can still breath for a little longer or so. It also feels much heavier as if it has actual weight. This is due to chakra having weight by itself. Now all I need to do is compact this chakra air within myself and spit it out like a slug of actual spit.” He was right. The analysis was there and the motivation as well. It was like squeezing a punching bag however.

 The air simply wouldn’t compact down. After much chakra control straining, Nejonin had to take another breath. Sadly in the course of this, his chakra air escaped and floated high into the sky just like the rest of the air. “Well I did make progress so I can’t be mad about that. I guess it’s on to take two.” He returned in the same scenario with chakra air ready trying to compact it down. This time, he flashed the sign of the jutsu. The bird sign. And began contracting on it using his chakra control once again. It was done now nearly with ease. He could feel the chakra wind taking up less and less space as his lungs’ expansion reduced greatly. Now, the chakra air had become a little mega ball of compressed wind. This is exactly what he needed for the task. “Now to bring it up again to the base of the mouth and fire it like a super speeding pellet. This shouldn’t be too difficult if I can bring chakra up my body with such ease.” Nejonin was correct. He lifted the sphere of chakra through his throat making sure to avoid contact with the walls as this sphere of chakra wind appeared to be spinning extremely fast to the point that it would likely slice something inside of him if it made direct contact. The chakra sphere was held in the center of his mouth now only awaiting his approval via opening the gates, this case being the jaw. “This technique seems a little dangerous. What if I were to mess up and end up with it hitting myself somehow in its creation.” Nejonin thought. He nearly automatically dismissed it though. This was his time to shine for himself. He pressurized the air just a little farther until it felt even smaller in his mouth. He wasn’t actually feeling it physically by the way. He felt it using his chakra control sense of where his own chakra is. This is something generally every ninja can feel. “Here we go! Wind Style: Air Bullet.” Yelled Nejonin in his focusing mind. He opened his jaw and nearly at super speeds, flew a vision blurring mini very small pellet. It wasn’t very visible but the sound could be well heard. It sounded as if a shuriken passing right by your ear and nearly hitting you. Like that, but much faster. “Holy hell” Said Nejonin gasping for air as the pellet flew into a rock on the perimeter of the clearing. It put a large hole through it when he moved closer for further observation. “Talk about deadly. This thing’s a masterpiece.” He considered. “Now all I need to do is practice a faster activation of this technique. It took me nearly a minute to get the last one going.” That was true. A technique like this one played solely off being unexpected or extremely difficult to dodge. An enemy being capable of reading the signs or predicting what jutsu he was going to use would be rather self-defeating. With the rest of his time, he decided to work on perfecting the jutsu he had self-taught himself once again. “Alright attempt 23. Gather the chakra quickly at the ceiling of the mouth, breath in, infuse, compress then rise up, fire.!” It became almost instincts to himself now. The fear of possibly hurting himself while performing said technique had nearly vaporized from existent. His chakra control was always good. But when doing this technique, it was especially helpful to guide the chakra quickly throughout his body. “Alright….. I’m a little tired at this point but a few more goes can’t hurt me. Let’s see if I can aim it better now.” Nejonin went to his backpack near the center and retrieved a pen then placed and balanced it on the near top of a boulder along the perimeter. He headed to the opposite edge and got ready for another go at these wind bullets. Backing up until fully against the opposite boulder. He performed his jutsu once more. A high speed sound just immerged as the sound of something fast and small colliding with the pen rang around the rock clearing.

The pen was nowhere to be seen. Nejonin jumped up in his feeling of success. “Got it!” Now the only problem was that he had wasted another pen…. He spent the other few days writing in his journal so he ran out of ink in one again. And now today, he’s blasting them with invisible wind lasers. Perfect. “Man today really was something. I never thought I’d find so many areas that I need to improve on when it comes to wind style. I guess I’ll be returning to work on it soon too.” He decided to try one more really difficult trick with his new jutsu. Nejonin grabbed a pebble from the ground that roughly matched the size of his air bullets and threw it high into the sky until the point of barely being able to see it. He scanned its fall and predicted where it would be when he shot his air bullet. He did so but missed by a small margin. “Heh, I missed. Someday, I won’t ever miss something like that. The day when I master being a ninja.”

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PostSubject: Re: Speed of Wind - Bullet Style    Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:01 am

look at you go lol, trying to go the distance, Approved.
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Speed of Wind - Bullet Style
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