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 Nejonin Way of the Wind

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Lightning, Wind
Clan : Nara
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PostSubject: Nejonin Way of the Wind   Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:35 am

Determined to be the literally most unrealistically powerful and adept as well as absurdly capable Genin to ever live, Nejonin, being the perfectionist that he is, has already began thinking to train himself for his second form of elemental control while still being a Genin! Considering the common elemental affinity that is found in his village of Kumogakure, Nejonin knows lightning here is nothing special and he also already capable of the use of it. He sits now on the edge of his bed facing his room door with right hand and elbow used as a platform for his chin making a thinking expression. “Let’s see… My base element is directly lightning, and it’s what I’ve been proficient at for all of my short years being a “ninja.” Since whatever new element I learn, once learned, is set in stone, I should choose carefully. There are many factors that play into this such as what interesting combinations or combo-elements are now accessible as a result of knowing lightning release and insert-here release, what are the specific ranks and requirements of the jutsus linked to the new element and the possible combo-element, would these elements be advantageous to my fighting style and preferences during combat scenarios? Nejonin stood up from his thinking position on his many-days-spent-on bed and began walking about his room in circles while thinking and talking. He eventually came to the decision that the most suitable and doable secondary element for him would be wind release. He wasn’t very sure or not if the wind element was a common sight within Kumogakure. But, that didn’t matter much now did it? - - - - Nejonin knew his upcoming task or at least the start of it would be quite marked with extremely annoying difficultly. Luckily, he was aware of many possible ways, paths, and methods to learn new techniques or styles. He never once applied this to learning an element before but there is a time for everything to be new. Before leaving his home, he gathered some simple supplies that basically anyone would have currently or be close to access of. He grabbed his old academy backpack which had a notebook and likely a few pens in it. This was basically all that he would need besides his body which was always a given. “But what if I lost a limb or two?” Nejonin thought. He quickly dismissed that. He had heard recently of a ninja within his village who had spoken out of term then ended up losing a hand or something along the lines of that. Rumor is that he got it reattached later. “I wonder what he said to make anyone from the village react like that... Had to be likely something that could be associated with treason.” Those were just thoughts for other days to explore. Nejonin left his home and threw on his backpack upon exiting. Now, it was time to head to the training grounds. He knew that he wasn’t crazy but he had forgotten where the training grounds were in his village. He paused around his main path near his house. “Where in the hell were the training grounds located again?” “Ahh… It’s probably east of here.” “It just sounds, at an organization and structure level, correct. Knowing where to go, he sped off. - - - -

It had been a while since Nejonin found himself within the training grounds. It was never really required since most of his training was done with chess which so happened to be mainly an indoors activity. “Looks like no one’s here.” Nejonin said walking through the metal gates. It was somewhat of a rock opening arena with surprisingly flat terrain. The wind was heavy around him which he enjoyed. This would likely prove beneficial to his attempt of training the release of the wind chakra. Nejonin moved to the middle of the rock clearing which was circular in shape and sat down. He put his backpack to his right side via use of right hand and began rummaging through it. “Let’s see. I got my pen and the old notebook.” He grabbed these two items and blew a bit of air on them to attempt removal of any accumulated dust. “Nearly good as new. Heh, boy am I kidding.” Nejonin put the notebook and pen to his left and moved into a cross-legged position. That’s when it hit him. “How am I even supposed to learn a new release?” He thought. Hmm…. That was a good question wasn’t it? “Heh, I have an idea.” Nejonin stood up and removed his vest revealing a white t-shirt. “First, I’ll need to know the feeling of the wind.” He stretched out both of his armed and stood still trying to sense the touch of the slight wind streaks passing along and by him. “Ahhh, this is much cooler than my insanely hot room. Wait a second, I should be focusing…” The wind was slight and didn’t really feel like much. It was similar to being near a fan but the fan would be a toy fan that was generally 2 meters away. Nejonin grew a face of concealed laughter mixed with sighing. “Ironically, a village said to be hidden in the clouds has little wind.” This killed his humor button. “Heh.” A better way of trying to feel this wind would be to be on the move. “The faster you’re moving the more air technically hits you.” He thought. Nejonin walked out to near the perimeter of the rocky clearing and being to run along its circulating path. With speed increasing, he began to encounter more of the force of wind. “To be able to use something, I need to understand how it feels, works, and exist.” He continued running and running and running until having to take a momentary break. - - - -

 Sweat trickled along his Kumo headband. He lied now on rocky ground with his head against his backpack. He hadn’t packed any snacks for this day. That was a miscalculation of hunger. “Hmm, so the running did more bad than good. That was… to be… expected. However, I did learn more of the feeling surrounding wind.” Then he decided to try something that he was sure wouldn’t work. He thought of it sort of like taking a test which you know you’re likely to fail just to later take it again and see some progression. He stood once more got into a sort of squat stance looking back at the gates of which he had entered. “I can’t use the wind element as of now so if I perform these seals, nothing should happen.” Nejonin didn’t know the hand signs of many jutsu. But oddly, he did know just one set for a simple wind technique. “I forget what this is actually supposed to do but that’s not important to my testing.” They went something like Rat, Rabbit, and then Dog. He tried them. “Rat, Rabbit, Dog.” Nothing came as a result in the literal slightest. He tried once more. “Rat, Rabbit, Dog.” Again, it resulted in nothing. “Fair enough.” Nejonin resumed a normal stance and paused for thinking once more. “Since I lack the ability to utilize the wind chakra, I can’t perform this technique. I suppose all I can do now is continue to try and understand what wind really is.” Nejonin took a few circling steps with his hand on his chin as if thinking of a possibly easier solution to his predicament. “Damn…” He had stepped on his notebook. “I was hoping I could keep that clean despite it being outside.” Meh, as long as he learned this wind release, nothing would be much of a problem. He continued his walk on until pausing at a position around 5 meters from the perimeter of the clearing. He tried some basic taijustu combat movements such as a kicks, punches, hooks. This was helpful due to the feeling of wind breezing across his respective limb used each time when done. It felt as if each motion done when trying to focus on the essence of wind ended up giving him just an inch more understanding of what the wind really is. “Man, how many times have I said wind in my mind today? Ugh…” He moved up to more exotic moves that would involve odd movement with all parts of the body experiencing the feeling of the wind rushing by. Off one of the large boulders along the perimeter, Nejonin performed a few standards backflips off of it. “Alright… I need to analyze this mentally to further my understanding of it all. First I run towards the rock and plant my left foot firmly on its surface. In that moment, I feel the wind along the whole front of my body from running and then the added air displacement occurring from lifting my left leg to match the surface. Within a moment then, my body is nearly horizontal with a slight vertical tilt. This is also when I began rising my right leg to engage in the flipping motion. Swinging it like a lever of some sorts, my right leg gives me great momentum to fully perform the flip. After the kick itself rises above my somewhat horizontal body, I also sync my rising kick with my pushing off the rock with the connected left foot. This motion feels like swimming in a pool or fluid of some sort that is much less resistance than water. If I were to try and perform this in water, I would likely just float up and not do much of a spinning motion at all. Once both of my feet are removed from the rock’s grip, I began feeling the wind on my back as I was rotating backwards. That’s when I tucked in most of my body and left leg to allow myself to become somewhat of a sphere shape making spinning much easier due to less surface area to be engaged by the air around me. It feels like air is being wrapped around me at high speeds and I approached the top of my lift and then my descent. Using good aerial judgement and muscle memory of prior training, I defined when to extend my legs and arms to stop my rotation and successfully land.” Nejonin went through a couple more times within his mind to fully grasp the concept his was trying to form. “I have been thinking about it wrong all along. I should treat wind less like a slicing streaking force but more so of an all possibilities fluid similar to that of water just with less resistance to movement.” This would often just be common sense. However, Nejonin holds a high reputation for overthinking any given scenario. He fled back to the center of the training grounds and began writing notes in his notebook. He described the full process of him learning the wind release so far. Keeping these notes in mind would make his next few task much easier.

Nejonin finally finished his four pages of notes. “Alright, on to the next stage of this.” Nejonin got up from his sitting position and left his notebook leaning out of his backpack. If he was accurate with knowing the weather around this specific region of Kumo, a few super winds should be passing by soon. These are just short lasting winds that are extremely powerful. They mainly happen very high near the tops of mountains around but sometimes appear lower around the training grounds. Most people go on days to avoid said powerful gust of wind. But, Nejonin planned to go just on the day where they were the most powerful out of the whole year.  - - - He moved to the back of the rock clearing opposite to the large metal fences which he used to enter and positioned himself as if a sprinter waiting for the que to go. “The winds should be appearing around any time of now. I just hope that I can manage to counter them.” That’s when it hit. Pebbles began rolling to the back of the training grounds. The wind began to pick up more so within around twenty seconds. This caused Nejonin to begin slowly and gradually sliding back despite having his feet firmly planted into the ground below him. “Just as I expected. Seems I’ll have to begin walking forward now.” Nejonin rose up from the ground and began walking forward. Despite only moving slightly, he could feel an oddly larger force of wind on him opposed to normal walking. This was due to the increasing winds. “I can only fully understand what wind is once I become wind itself.” The winds picked up further. Nejonin nearly fell when the strength of the raging air became stronger below his waist than above. To stay afloat now required being able to balance his movement speed in two different types between lower than waist and above. “This is proving to be more difficult than I expected. Then again, I’ve never experienced these winds before. And, I’m just somewhat lucky that they were so well-timed for my task today.” Now around 40 seconds into this wind whirl, Nejonin quickened his pace to match the ever increasing power of the wind. Feeling this much air whiz by oneself was surely something invigorating. The backpack was holding its own pretty well which was important due to the fact that the notes were in the notebook. Around 60 seconds was when the wind picked up extremely so. The backpack began sliding back into the rocks behind him. He had to go to a full running speed to keep up and not get slammed into the rock behind him now. Breathing became difficult as the air was moving by too fast to be caught. Hearing was basically not even a concept unless you only listened to wind exploding around you.

The winds should have been over in about a few seconds or so. However, they are known to release a strong final wind gust before fully fading. Nejonin felt this final gust. He completely lost all footing and nearly flipped backwards into the large boulder which he had previously used to perform a solid back flip on. Luckily, he managed to land his feet on it once more in a way where the wind now put force down from above him. This simulated just being heavier. Once the wind faded, Nejonin fell and slightly hit the ground below him by a short painless distance. “Well that was eventful.” He thought to himself. “Now what in the hell did I learn from participating in running into wind?” He came to the conclusion that wind could be a fluid allowing ease of movement or a rigid wall of body throwing force. Depending on the direction of this rigid force, it can be used to augment movement or completely negate it. These qualities prove that wind, like the release itself, is very versatile and ever-changing making it even more similar to water. Nejonin began relating this in his mind to something that could create a mental bond between performing his techniques, prior activities, and the fluidity of wind. “I see…. This is similar to the many chess matches of which I participated in when I was younger. While the pieces at a small are rigid and only allowed to move to certain locations at certain times, when combined together, they show great fluid change between the possibilities. One could say any chess match can end in one of three ways. These ways being side 1 winning, side 2 winning, or a draw taking place. This is still true. However, the invisible fluidity lies within the journey and not the inevitable destination. While the endings are the same, all the different arrangements of possible movements within the gap of the start and the end of a match are uncountable. The path to different routes are everywhere just as wind is everywhere. I can’t predict the wind, but I can give it a path to take.” - - - Now things became a matter of how to give the path. Nejonin couldn’t simply draw a line with his mind or a pen or pencil. And what if the line needed to be curved? What if he didn’t have the time to mentally draw said lines? There must be some way that requires drawing a path with chakra similar to when he’d use the lightning release. - - - It would be helpful if he just had some element type paper, the ones used for finding the affinities of ninjas. It wouldn’t be too difficult to suppress nearly all of his lightning release chakra and try it give it just the slightest of wind. “I doubt it would actually split the paper in half by making a little scissor tip slice in it.” “This should or at least might work…” Nejonin dragged his backpack back to the center of the clearing and placed it where it had been before. He then proceeded to lie on his stomach on the ground below. With arms and legs stretched resembling that of a star, Nejonin tried to do something that by normal means, he’d never attempt. “I should be able to lift myself up around just an inch if I use the wind release.” With face literally on ground and rock, Nejonin blew air from his mouth as if trying to propel himself upwards. His action was done to no avail. Nejonin had to mentally restrain himself from simulating rising by lifting his head at all. ‘

After attempting this for near twenty minutes, Nejonin came to the conclusion that that wouldn’t work in his favor. “I suppose lifting my whole body would be quite of an overshoot in terms of my current skill.” He said rising up from lying down for too long. “I can probably manage a pebble much better than myself.” Nejonin sprang out his right arm in search for a decently sized pebble to use. He finally found one and put it in the palm of his right hand. Now in another cross-legged position, he used all the power in his eyes and focus in his mind to peer into the nonexistent soul of the miniature rock. He began imagining the feeling of the wind lifting him as it had before but in this scene replacing himself with the rock he stared at. It seemed that the rock lost grip with his palm for slight moments here and there is if barely rising then quickly falling back to its normal state. After more and more repetition, Nejonin decided to break it down mentally once more. Again, he overthinks. “It seems the more I focus on moving the pebble upwards, the more it rises in the physical world. Currently, this proves to be extremely difficult. Rotation of the pebble, on the other hand, is relatively easy for me. Maybe if I can just focus on increasing the speed of my rotation.” He thought. The training of slightly rotating this pebble on his palm continued on for around an hour or so. At this point, he could keep a rather constant speed of 4 rotations per 30 seconds which wasn’t all that amazing nor terrible. “Alright, let’s up the difficulty.” Nejonin said to himself. With his currently unused left hand, he grabbed another pebble nearby and plopped it onto his readied palm. “Now I can practice rotating both using the wind chakra.” -- - - This was tedious from the start. He couldn’t control both at generally the same time. Focusing on say the right one would result in the left losing rotation completely. Like a counter-flip, focusing on the left would cause the right one to lose rotation. He tried many ways around this such as which one to start first, performing and starting both at the same exact time, moving the hands closer and farther away. None of this worked until Nejonin tried something that generally shouldn’t have worked. Instead of using two hands for two pebbles. He used one hand for the both of them. Since it was his main hand, he used his right. With two, the air rotation was similar of oddly spinning two cups of water on one hand. The rotation looked and appeared normal but the force required for them to spin was felt by Nejonin’s hand. “Heh, this is actually working. I see my control gets improved with each one.” - - - -

Nejonin continued to add more pebbles. “Now let’s attempt three.” Of course, his control was sloppy at the beginning often causing one or two to fly out of his wind chakra sustained orbit. The most annoying part was probably getting them back as sometimes they’d have a rather fast speed sending them all the way to the perimeter of the rock clearing. This progressed until Nejonin moved up to a maximum of around seven pebbles. This nearly filled his entire hands if you’d include the distance between them when they rotate in the air. “Ahh, seems I’ve mastered the rotation trick.” He said to himself lifting up from the ground and standing. “Now here comes the real test. Can I propel one of these?” Nejonin lifted one pebble from the ground once more and placed it on his right palm and then closed it forming a fist. He dropped into a combat stance with said arm stretching outward. “Now let’s try to hit the tip of that boulder.” He tried to condense his chakra into the palm with the pebble and focus it into a point of pressure ready for mental combustion. He performed a mental countdown. “One, two, three.” This was it. “Release!” He used all his wind like might to shoot the pebble out of his hand but it simply fell directly to the ground as if no force was applied at all. He cringed at the ground. “Ehhhh You’ve got to be kidding me. Welp, try again.” Just as he said, he did. - - - The second attempt was done with pebble in the alternate hand. “Alright, attempt two is a go.” He concentrated the little chakra that he had after training all day into his left palm. “This shit better work.” With a slight moment of charging up his energy more so, Nejonin tried a mental technique. “Remember what the wind is, feel the wind, become the wind, don’t force it to your bidding but show it a path to follow that is advantageous.” With his right hand, trying to stay in position, he reached over for his book of notes and read through most of them to be sure that his was doing everything just perfectly. No mistakes could be made because after this, he was going home. This would surely go in his document of all his great events during days. Learning the wind style would be useful to his future plans of possible ninjutsu to learn. He finalized the moment. - - - Like his main affinity, Nejonin’s confidence surged like lightning through his body. He released his chakra on that moment. The pebble flew forward only slightly. “Oh god… Another blank…” Nejonin thought. The pebble continued with its momentum rolling across the flat of the clearing. “Now what can I possibly do to make this go in my favor? It doesn’t hold an effect depending on what hand I use. So, I suppose I’ll need to form another solution once more. Mental frustration is one annoying state of mind. I suppose that goes for everyone and not just me.” He was basically blank now. “One last thing…” He grabbed another pebble and held it in his right hand. “This should be quite the test. I already know my maximum throwing distance. If it exceeds that, it must be because of the wind chakra.” He looked high into the sky above him and hurled the rocky chunk. It continued and continued until fading out of vision. “Well damn… I should test my levitating from earlier now too.” He lied quickly on the ground and began to fiddle about into position. “Let’s see how far this can push me up.” Nejonin said. With limbs spread out and face looking at ground, he pushed air from his mouth. Without assistance from his normal physical body, he began to feel a slight rise that grew to a rather substantial hold of around 4 inches from the ground’s surface. “Hmm, I suppose progression isn’t impossible.” That rock should have fallen back to the area he was at by now. He presumed that it must have flown off course and went somewhere down the mountains. “It’s confirmed, I know the wind release. Some might call this an interesting feat for me. But, I call it another stepping stone in rising to being the best. Nejonin grabbed his notebook and shoved it into his backpack then mounted that onto his back. Using his right arm, he grabbed three more pebbles and continued to circulate them in orbit above the palm of his hand. He proceeded to walk his way home in a slow and tired pace admiring the scenery around him. 

WC: 4217
+ 21 Stat Points
[Wind Release/Wind Element Learned]


Health – 25                  "In confrontation, ain't no conversation. 
Chakra – 56                    If you feel you're in violation.
Stamina – 40                  Any hesitation'll get you killed."
Speed – 100
Strength – 20  


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Stat calculation is 200 words to 1 stat, rounded down. So you get 21 stats total from this.

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Nejonin Way of the Wind
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