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 I am the Capitalist

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PostSubject: I am the Capitalist    Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:12 pm

Sometimes when you wake up from dreams you feel like you woke up to a shitty day already, yearning for a chance to go back to wonderland. Perhaps you just don’t feel right with who you are, or simply the fact that you might just very well be a lost person, trying to find peace with yourself. However, this dream that he was in, just something about it just wasn’t right. The yakuza, their traditions, it was just not fitting into his motives, not exactly.  Its times like these when Masashi wondered if this really living? He was so bought into the concept of being Masashi, the Yakuza, that for a time he really believed that he was Masashi. Ironic, how the man who could be anywhere in a blink of an eye, didn’t know where he could go, or do with himself. He stands up from his wooden stool that he sat, hunched over while in a deep train of thought. He walks over towards the large life size mirror, well over six feet in height. He simply just, stared. He started at his face, and the many assorted tattoos that covered his entire torso, back, and both his arms. As much as the yakuza did for him, this simply wasn’t it for him; it wasn’t the cure for what he was going through. Masashi the Yakuza was over, it was time for Ganki the Capitalist to return back to reality. This was it, it wasn’t the end of the rabbit hole, but he had ventured far enough to know what time it was.

He walks away from the mirror, slowly, towards the dresser where he kept his stuff; he opens it and revives everything. However, he had a second thought, he closes the dresser. He looks around the room, eyeing all of his portraits, his swords given to him by the Yakuza, and even the large mural of the Yakuza History, painted on his ceiling. This wasn’t his room anymore, this room belonged to Masashi. He puts on regular sets of clothing and makes his way towards one of the swords that were placed against the wall, via the two hooks supporting it. He grabs the end of it and marks it with his familiar FTG seal,(A classic Dollar sign) and places it back on the hooks. Dropping his shoulders with a sigh, he walks out of his room with most of his essentials, and leaves the compound without giving notice to anyone. It was time for Ganki the Capitalist to find peace once more. “I’m tired of messing around; there is way too much money to be made.”

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I am the Capitalist
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