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 Ascension (P , NK)

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Kyson <3

Fame : 73
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Water, Wind, Earth
Clan : Hozuki
Bloodline : Hydrification
Ryo : 38973

PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:15 am

*Ring ring ring ring*

As Kyson wakes up to another day of training. He wakes up for another day as his loud and annoying alarm sets off, he will probably never get used to that annoying sound. Kyson had a day off yesterday and was able to see his best friend Royalty. It has been a while since they met for an hour last time. Now this time they were able to catch up on things and show each other how they're training went. They had a blast showing the results of their training. Both of them got tremendously strong in a couple weeks. Kyson even taught Royalty his water element and just like he expected from his best friend and rival. He was able to master it really fast. But in return, Royalty also taught Kyson the earth element. Now Kyson will be able to expand his jutsu's like never before. After Kyson had woke up he headed to the shower, brushed his teeth and took a shower. After he got out the shower, he put his normal attire on and went into the kitchen. He ate some toast and drank a glass of water for breakfast and was on his way to the training grounds.

As Kyson was walking out of the house, he noticed he was a tad bit early than usual. Kyson assumed that his sensei might not even be at the training grounds at this time. Because he was a bit early than usual, he decided to take the a longer way to the training grounds, it will be similar to his daily walk he takes around Kumogakure. After Kyson finished his mini daily walk, he proceeded to walk towards the training grounds. As Kyson finally reaches the training grounds. He see's his sensei standing there waiting like usual. 

"Hey teach!" Kyson yells as he is walking towards the training grounds to begin his training.

"Oh hey kid, how is it going? How was your day off?" His sensei said as he slowly started to walk towards Kyson.

"It was great, so I guess Royalty was the surprise you were talking about huh?" Kyson said as he was standing right in front of his sensei. Seeing Royalty was probably the best surprise Kyson could have had at the moment.

"Yeah kid, I knew he would be there and I knew you have not seen him since the first day we met. So I thought it be good for you two to catch up on some things. So what did the two of you do yesterday." His sensei said as he began to walk deeper in the training grounds and prepare for Kyson's training.

"We trained together. I taught him how to use the water element and he taught me how to use earth. So we both know how to use three elements. I told you teach, me and Royalty are always down to get stronger." Kyson said with a smirk on his face and telling his sensei about his training partner Royalty and what they did.

"You know how to do earth now! And he knows how to do water! Wow! I am really impressed kid, it is rare for genin to know three elements. Especially at the two of you age. That is amazing, you two are special after all. I am proud of the two of you, you guys really have a serious bond. I really want to see how you to will grow in the future, I can tell you might even be stronger than me and Ashura Cha ha." His sensei said as he expressed his feelings to Kyson and his son. He was really impressed that Kyson and Royalty learned their third element. He did not think they would go that far to train. It is obvious these young shinobi will turn out to be really strong in the future.

"Ha ha thanks teach, this is only the beginning." Kyson said as he responded to his sensei's response. 

"Anyways, lets get back to the training. Today will be an extremely hard jutsu. It is call "Hiding in the Camouflage Technique." This jutsu allows you to control how light reflects around your body with chakra inflections. This jutsu erases the users scent and making their shadow disappear. It can be used on any terrain making it ideal for attacking your opponent quietly or unexpected and off guard. The only way you will be spotted is if someone has a really nice eye and can detect air distortion and also your footsteps. Even ninja with good eyes and sensory skills will not be able to detect you. However, the downfall of this jutsu is that if you decide you use a jutsu. The technique will stop immediately and begin you will be visible. But you can still use weapons to attack or taijutsu." His sensei says as he explains the jutsu that Kyson will be training for today. Instead of teaching Kyson chakra suppression, he decided to take it to another level with him learning this jutsu.

"WOW I CAN TURN I CAN TURN INVISIBLE AND IT WILL BE HARD TO DETECT ME. THAT IS ALMOST AS COOL AS ROYALTY'S FLYING SKILL! THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!" Kyson shouts as he is really pumped up to learn this jutsu. This jutsu can become a huge asset to Kyson when delivering sneak attacks or infiltrating. 

"But it gets better kid, here comes the amazing part. This jutsu has an upgrade and if you train hard enough you can learn the upgrade. The upgrade will allow you to do more. It will allow you to completely erase your chakra signature and it is impossible for anyone to detect you. Does not matter if they have sharingan, byakugan, or rinnegan. Not even eyes as good as those will be able to detect you. Your chakra and physical presence will be completely undetected by anyone. It will almost like being not alive.... except you are alive. If that makes sense." His sensei says as he explains to Kyson the full potential of this jutsu. This jutsu is really useful and a great asset.

"WOOW, I CAN NOT BELIEVE I AM LEARNING SOMETHING LIKE THIS. THIS CAN NOT BE REAL. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO DETECT ME. THAT IS AMAZING, LETS GET STARTED." Kyson said with more enthusiasm as ever. He is really excited to learn this technique and he is willing to do whatever it takes to complete it. He has not been this excited to learn a jutsu since he learned his clan's jutsu the Water Gun.

"Cha ha, I am glad to see you enjoying yourself kid. But there is still one thing I have not told u. I can teach you how to suppress your chakra. But after that, you are on your own. I do not even know how to do the upgraded version of this technique. So I can not really be much help towards you on that part." His sensei said as he told Kyson that he will not be able to assist him on the upgraded portion of the jutsu.

"Wait.. huh. You do not even know how to do it. Then what makes you think that I can do it. I mean do you at least know the steps?" Kyson said as he was confused as to how he will learn this jutsu. 

"Because I believe in you kid, like I told you about a hundred times. I would not tell you to do it if you could not. I am telling you to learn because I know you can not because I think. When you get older, you will be you will have to create your own jutsu's or techniques from complete scratch. No one to give you advice or anything, just you would have to figure it out. I am not always going to be here to help you at. So see this as practice in a way. Now lets get this training on the roll. You ready?" His sensei said as he told Kyson he has what it takes to complete this jutsu. Kyson was able to learn a third element and his sensei was highly impressed. SO he sort of feels that Kyson can do anything since he is willing to go that far in his training.

"Yea I am ready." Kyson said as he prepares to train for the jutsu.

"Now, I want you to use your chakra and spread it all over your body and try to inflect your chakra with the light around you. Sort of like a mirror and try to make your chakra as small as possible. We are going to take this one step at a time. I could teach you just normal chakra suppression, but I feel this jutsu would be more efficient and useful."

Kyson began to use his chakra to perform the "Hiding with the Camouflage Technique " so the light around him can allow his body to disappear. He began to build up his chakra and tried spreading it across his entire body. Kyson did the tiger seal and began to try to perform the jutsu. Kyson felt a little weird when performing this technique, it was like his body was getting heavier and heavier every second. Is it the jutsu or is it just him. This technique is not suppose to decrease you speed or make you feel heavier. Maybe Kyson was just adding a little too much chakra around him. As he was able to put the chakra around his body and become a success, it was time to try and make his body disappear and camouflage with the air around him. As Kyson concentrated on reflecting the light with his chakra, around his body was beginning to form a slight aura that was not visible with the naked eye. And in just a couple of seconds, Kyson's chakra aura disappeared and his chakra was no longer surrounding him any more. Showing that his attempt to perform the jutsu was a failure.

"You know what, I think we should start on chakra suppression before we try to turn you invisible. We are going to take it one step at a time. Suppressing your chakra and trying to remove you shadow. Then we will focus on turning you invisible, then we will try and do the upgrade for this jutsu. Sounds good?" His sensei said as he requested that Kyson should start forming chakra suppression then building his way up. He thought that would be the easiest thing for him to do.

"Yeah that sounds good and way more easier. Honestly I did not even know what I was doing but it felt like it was right and wrong at the same time ha ha." Kyson said as he let out a light chuckle after performing the jutsu and it becoming a failed attempt.

Kyson begins to try and compress his chakra and keep somewhere so it can not be detected. Kyson makes the tiger hand seal as he tries to compress his chakra so it can not be detected by others.. Kyson should not have that big of a problem performing this jutsu because his chakra control has sky rocketed since his first day of training. As Kyson performed the jutsu, He is standing tall and really trying hard to concentrate on compressing his chakra really small. While Kyson was performing to suppress his chakra, his chakra suddenly stopped being compressed and he was unable to keep it compressed. After another failed attempt, Kyson begins to do the required hand seals once more. He begins to gather up his chakra and compress it again so it will be undetected. Kyson is not really used to having to constantly compressing his chakra, so that can be the reason why he is having trouble keeping compressed and having to maintain the suppression. But after a few tries and failed attempts, Kyson has successfully compressed his chakra and you would be able to tell it started to disappear. His sensei tries sensing his chakra and he can tell there is a big difference to how it was before he compressed it. He can tell that it is not nearly as noticeable as it was before. Kyson was able to compress it so much, his chakra was barely noticeable with Kyson standing right next to his sensei. That would be a huge advantage for Kyson as he tries to perform the upgraded version of the jutsu later on. Because he will have to compress it so much, that his chakra would basically disappear and can never be detected as long he is using this technique.

"Good job kid, you got the first part down. But we still have a long way to go. So do not get cocky cha ha. Now, you must make your shadow disappear. To do that, you must use your chakra to block the reflection of the light angle that creates your shadow. I know this sounds really complicated and it is probably as complicated as it sounds. But hey, no one said this was going to be easy. Especially hiding yourself from ninja with the greatest eyes and senses." His sensei says as Kyson was able to successfully suppress his chakra making it  less detectable from those around him.

As Kyson listened to his sensei explain the jutsu, he sort of understood what he was saying and at the same time he did not. Kyson was confused as to how he was going to perform this part of the jutsu. It seems his sensei did not explain as well enough. And it was weird because usually he is excellent at explaining how to perform jutsu's. So why is he having so much trouble on this one?

"I am sorry teach but can you explain it a little more in depth because I did not really understand it when you just explained it to me." Kyson asked with a confused look on his face as he began to scratch the back of his head with his left hand.

"I will try to explain it a little better, but I even have trouble performing this jutsu sometimes. But not the suppression part, just the whole shadow and invisibility part. But just like you spread your chakra all around your body, you have to put it in a certain angle so it can block your shadow and allowing it to disappear. Sorry but that is the best way to explain it kid." His sensei said as he tried his best to explain the jutsu to Kyson the best way he can.

"Alright thanks teach, I kind of understand it a little better." Kyson said as he begins to perform the jutsu again but except this time he is working on removing his shadow.

Kyson began to build up his chakra once again and tried spreading it across his body in a certain angle so that he can make his shadow disappear. Kyson did the tiger seal and began to concentrate on his chakra and trying to perform the jutsu. Kyson felt really lost when performing this technique, it was like he had to figure this out all by himself with not enough leads. But his sensei was right, he needs to get use to this because if he is going to create jutsu of his own, he will need to learn how to figure things out on his own with no help at all, straight from scratch. This technique is really complicated,but usually the best jutsu's are and that is what makes them so great and powerful. Kyson was adding chakra around him in different places trying to experiment what is the best angle to block the sun. As he was able to put the chakra around his body in different places, he can see his shadow starting to distort a little and going in and out. As he was trying to make his shadow disappear he noticed his shadow completely disappeared at one moment but it was only for like a quick second. As Kyson concentrated on reflecting the light with his chakra again, he got frustrated because he just had it but it was only for a split second. And he could not remember where he had it to make it disappear for a split second. As Kyson continued to look for the right spot to use his chakra and block the light that forms his shadow. Kyson stops the jutsu and begins to think about how he could become successful learning this technique instead of just trying to guess it. It will be better if he understand how to make it disappear rather than just guessing. Because if the angle matters than that means the angle will change when he turns his body to another direction and it will be his job to maintain that angle with his chakra. Again trying to attempt this jutsu has became another failure. 

"(Sigh) Oh my gosh, I just had it. I saw my shadow disappear for a quick second but I do not know how I did it. This is really getting tiring and irritating." Kyson says as he begins to grow angry at this jutsu and begins to try and brainstorm how the shadow disappeared for a split second.

As Kyson was thinking about how his shadow disappeared, he began to look up into the sky as if the answer was there. But maybe he was not wrong, maybe the answer was up there and Kyson just had to figure it out. As Kyson continued to look up at the sky, a light bulb just quickly lit and he finally figured it out. The sun was key to making his shadow disappear because that is the light that is responsible for making his shadow in the first place. Kyson wondered why he did not think of that before, it was so obvious. Since this jutsu focuses on the light in order to perform it, the sun or any other light source is what is important in order to block you presence from the naked eye.

"HA! I think I finally got it. It is the sun that I have to focus on. That is what makes my shadow in the first place, so I have to angle my chakra according to the sun." Kyson says with a surprised looked on his face as he figures out how this jutsu works and how he will perform it.

"Good job kid, you finally figured it out without me having to tell you. You got a sharp mind." His sensei says as he is impressed by Kyson for being able to find out how the jutsu works on his own.

Kyson begins to stand still and concentrate for a couple of minutes. As he stands still with his back straight and his head down doing the tiger hand seal. He patiently concentrates on focusing his chakra in a certain angle according to the sun to allow his shadow to disappear. Just like when Kyson was learning his wind element, he began to meditate for a while because he needed to clear his minds as he tried to picture the perfect angle to use to block his shadow. On top of that, Kyson will have to constantly keep a certain angle according to the light source to block his shadow and keep it maintained. Kyson is doing a great job as he performs this jutsu without his sensei always having to guide him the whole way through. It is like he his learning it on his own but he was only given a start to do it. Over the few days of Kyson's training, Kyson has been impressing his sensei little by little with the progress he is showing to getting really strong and learning these new jutsu's at such a young age in a short period of time. His sensei is still surprised and impressed that Kyson was able to learn his third element and it was his on that was the one that taught Kyson. Maybe good teachers runs into the family. Now that Kyson has been concentrating for a few minutes now, he begins to feel for the angle his chakra must be into block his shadow. As he feels for the spot according to the sun, Kyson notices his shadows begins to distort a lot more times than it did on his last attempt. As his shadow begins to distort longer and longer. His shadow would disappear for a split second and reappear back in a split second. But after a few trial and error, Kyson was finally able to make his shadow disappear while his chakra was greatly suppressed and unnoticeable.

"Ha! I did it. I am getting closer and closer. Now I just need to focus on becoming invisible and I have to first part of the jutsu completed." Kyson said with a smirk and face of relief. He his happy and glad that he figured out how the jutsu worked because he was beginning to get real irritated as he was performing the jutsu.

"Good job kid, you are almost half way there. Now to make yourself invisible, do the same thing you were doing before when you were trying to attempt it and combine it with what you just did now. You were on the right track with your first attempt, I was impressed you were able to figure it out on your own." His sensei says as he explains to Kyson how turning himself invisible is going to work.

Just like Kyson did before when trying to perform the jutsu. He had to spread the chakra around him and in a certain angle so the light around him can allow his body to disappear. He began to slowly build up his chakra and tried spreading it across his entire body but at the same time put it in an angle according to the sun and light. Kyson did the tiger seal and began to try to perform the jutsu once again. Kyson did not feel as weird as he did last time when performing this jutsu. His body did not feel like his body was getting heavier and heavier each second. So the question comes again, was it because Kyson was doing the jutsu wrong or was it just him? The answer still remains unknown but Kyson still continues to perform the jutsu without putting much thought as to why he felt that way. Kyson continued to adding chakra around him. As he was able to put the chakra around his body and become a success, it was time to try and make his body disappear and camouflage with the air around him as he tried to find the perfect angle to hide his appearance. As Kyson concentrated on reflecting the light with his chakra, around his body was beginning to distort and his body was disappearing in split seconds. It was like a light bulb that was about to go out and having trouble staying on. It looked like Kyson was blinking like a light bulb ready to blow its self out. But that only meant he was learning and understanding the jutsu quite well, Kyson is getting closer to successfully completing it. After a few more attempts on trying to find the right angle and the amount of chakra to surround his body, Kyson was finally able to make his entire body disappear. Kyson was now fully invisible with no shadow and his chakra being really suppressed. Kyson successfully performed the first part of the jutsu correctly. Now it was time for him to perform the upgraded version.  

"YES! I finally did. Oh my gosh, this was hard to do. This is now by far the hardest jutsu I have ever trained for. And I will assume it only gets harder from here huh." Kyson said with an innocent smile and a huge look of relief on his face after successfully completing the jutsu.

"Ha, you finally did kid. I am a little embarrassed though Cha ha, you performed this jutsu quicker and better than me. I do not even have the invisible part down packed yet. That just shows how talented you are kid, some people train to become great shinobi's and some were born with the talent to become one. But that does not mean you should slow your work ethic down and slack off. Use this gift to your advantage and surpass everyone around you." His sensei says as he is proud of Kyson for completing the first part of the jutsu in a short period of time.

"Now, lets begin the upgrade version, I think you are more than ready to perform it. If you did the first part that quick, you should perform this part in the same amount of time or even quicker. But I never got this far, so to be honest, I can not really be much help for you on this part. This part you will strictly have to sort of figure it out on your own. But I got faith in you kid, so I know you will figure it out and complete it easily." His sensei said as he explains to Kyson he will not be aided by him when performing the upgraded version of this jutsu. So this will be the test if Kyson is able to do the jutsu on his own.

"No matters, I am Kyson Hozuki. There is nothing that will stop me from learning this jutsu. I will surpass everyone and become strong." Kyson said with a lot of enthusiasm and determination. Kyson always gets pumped when he his faced by a challenge. It always encourages him to push himself and surpass his limits no matter the cost. Now, Kyson is ready to perform the null version of the jutsu.

As Kyson gets ready to train for the null version of the jutsu, he begins by concentrating and trying to make his body completely erase his chakra so it will basically seem invisible. He will have to completely erase his signature making so that he will not be able to be detected by anyone and it would not matter how good the person eyes or sensory would be, it is basically impossible to detect him unless he uses jutsu to attack. As he stands straight up and is doing the tiger hand seal while trying to perform the jutsu. He patiently concentrates on focusing making chakra signature disappear completely. This is much harder than his last training because at least he had his sensei to sort of walk through it with him. This time, his sensei is not even sure how to do this jutsu's null version. Kyson will be learning a jutsu not even his sensei was able to learn or master and Kyson is learning it in less than a day. Just like Kyson was was doing when he was learning the first part of the jutsu, he began to meditate while standing and really concentrating on trying to hide his chakra signature completely. Kyson is constantly trying keep a certain angle according to the light source to block his shadow and stay invisible at the same time. Doing all of this at once can be a real drag for Kyson and a lot of hard work. The reason why this is Kyson's most toughest jutsu to learn, is because he never had to worry about more than two things at once while performing this jutsu. And each thing he worry's about is crucial for the jutsu being a success. But as Kyson is trying to perform the jutsu, his sensei can sense that his chakra signature is getting weaker and weaker as Kyson tries to make it disappear. Kyson is on the right track to performing this jutsu. His sensei was right when he said that Kyson should be able to learn this jutsu in no time at all. As Kyson is learning this technique on his own without any help on how to perform it. He is sort of understanding how it works from just the experiences he went through by learning off of trial and error. Through that, he was able to learn what will not work for this technique and what will work. It is obvious that this jutsu takes a whole lot of concentration when learning, even more concentration than his wind element and "Rain Tiger at Will" technique. 

About fifteen minutes has passed as Kyson is still concentrating on making his chakra signature disappear. Kyson has has really shown improvement and maturity ever since he met his sensei. Every day Kyson is showing great progress and is getting really strong physically and mentally. He could not make his sensei more proud than he already is. His sensei still feels a bit jealous and embarrassed that Kyson was able to perform the first part of the jutsu in no time and is already almost there to learning the completed version while his sensei is still having trouble on doing the first part completely. As Kyson has still been standing still and concentrating for a few more minutes now, he begins to feel his chakra beginning to slowly disappear. But Kyson can not get excited now because his job is to make his chakra completely disappear, not just highly compressed.  As he feels it disappearing slowly, Kyson is sort of having trouble maintaining it and is starting to lose a bit of control. But somehow he manages to keep it under control as he is once again back on track. Kyson notices his chakra signature begins to disappear a lot more now as he keeps constantly trying to suppress it. As his chakra begins to go away, Kyson is putting a lot of effort into maintaining it. His chakra signature would disappear for a split second and reappear back in another split second. Kyson is not far from completing this jutsu, in fact he is really close to successfully performing it.

"Ahhhh, come on I am almost there damn it! Ha ha one false move and this entire jutsu is over and I will have to do this again. This is really by far the hardest technique I have ever learned so far. But it will probably be the most useful technique I have ever learned so far." Kyson says as he is using all his strength and concentration to make his chakra signature disappear completely.

"Come on kid, come one. You are almost at the finish line. I can tell your chakra is really starting to disappear now. Even when I am this close to you, I am having a hard time trying to pin point your chakra. That is how far you have compressed your chakra signature. I have to use all I got just to sense barely a part of your chakra. So come one kid, keep pushing. You are almost there." His sensei says as he tried to detect Kyson's chakra signature. he was unable to detect much of Kyson's chakra signature because Kyson suppressed it so much it could not be easily detected even if you are right next to him. His sensei is astounded that Kyson has came so far this quick when learning this jutsu. But like his sensei always said, he will never tell Kyson do something he knew he could never do.

Kyson continues to try and concentrate to make the remainder of his chakra to disappear. But it is like this last little piece of chakra is not trying to disappear. But Kyson is far from giving up, he still continues to concentrate to make every last drop of his chakra to disappear. He begins to put more and more force to compress his chakra signature. Kyson feels a bit of pain and fatigue in his stomach after using a lot of force to compress his chakra signature. But Kyson can not let up now, not now knowing how far he has come when performing this jutsu. He and Royalty have a village to protect in the future and Kyson is going to make sure they are going to be the ones to do it and not anyone else. Kyson is really struggling on completing this jutsu and his chakra signature his slightly disappearing at a very very slow rate. So it will still take a lot of concentration and patience before he can successfully complete this technique. Kyson still continues to concentrate and compresses his chakra, his sensei is still standing there to right of him watching him push himself past his limits. It is exciting to him to watch his student really learn and train hard on something he can not teach himself. He is proud to Kyson's work ethics surpass a lot of genin. Kyson has been going at this jutsu for about two hours now non stop. And he his slowly reaching the finish line as he performs the jutsu.

As Kyson continues to keep trying to suppress his chakra signature, he is still having trouble trying to finish the compressing the last bit of his chakra. For some reason it is not going away completely. It has been like this for the past twenty minutes. Kyson continues to grow frustrated as to why it is not going away. His sensei stands right next to him as he is confused as well. Kyson is running out of ideas on how to complete this jutsu but he will not quit considering how far he has got so far. 

"I do not know what to tell you kid, I wish I can help. But I have no knowledge or experience on how to completely erase your chakra signature. That sort of high level even for me. All I can say is keep concentrating and keep focusing. I know you will eventually get it. I mean it would be a shame for you to fail now because you are so close to completing the jutsu. You are literally right there. So come on kid, I know you can do it." His sensei says as he gives Kyson some motivation to complete the jutsu. Considering that is all he can do because he never got that far with the jutsu himself. So all he can do is sit back and watch.

"I know, but I don not know what I am doing wrong. I swear I am doing everything right. I sort of running out of ideas. But you are right, I came to close to let it all go away. It took me a long time to get where I am at right now with this jutsu... well not really ha ha. I do not think anyone was able to learn this jutsu as quick as me." Kyson says as he is confused on how to complete this jutsu. 

Kyson still continues to finish up the remainder of this jutsu to make his chakra signature disappear. But this last bit of chakra is continuing to not disappear so he can finish the jutsu. Even though Kyson does not plan on quitting, he is still trying to figure out how to make all of his chakra signature disappear. He begins to put more and more force into but it is working little by little, it feels like its not even getting smaller anymore. Kyson feels even more pain and starting feel a greater level of fatigue as he is trying yo put a lot of force to suppress his chakra signature. But he can not afford to give up now, especially when he is this close even though it feels like it is not going anywhere. As Kyson is still focusing on completing the jutsu, his mind begins to turn cloudy and he is starting to feel really exhausted. Kyson is really having a hard time trying to finish up on this jutsu and his chakra signature feels like its moving slower than a very very slow rate, it feels like it is not moving at all. So it will remain the same until he finds a way he can understand how to finish the last part of the jutsu so he can successfully complete this technique. Kyson is still trying to take his time and suppress his chakra, his sensei is still trying to check up on his chakra to see if it is completely disappearing but he can still sense barely as he uses his sensory. He notices that Kyson has a really really small amount left. At this point, it would be hard for above average ninja to spot Kyson's chakra. But knowing Kyson, he will not let up until he has one hundred percent completely finished the jutsu, and he will not stop and will remain here all day until he does. Besides when he is this close, his sensei would not want him to stop anyway. His sensei hopes Kyson finally figures a way out to finish up the jutsu so his training can be done for the day. Because he has plans later on as well, but not that much because if he had huge plans he would not be teaching Kyson this jutsu in the first place. Especially, if he knew it was going to take this long. But then suddenly, Kyson's patience was beginning to pay off. His chakra signature finally began to show signs of disappearing. It was getting smaller and smaller every second. Until, it was finally able to disappear. Kyson has finally completed the jutsu after all of this time. Kyson is very exhausted after today's training. His sensei was even growing tired by just watching perform the jutsu. As Kyson finished up, he feels a huge relief and is very happy that the training is finally done.

"Oh my gosh, it is finally over. I can take a long rest now. Damn, teach you really over worked me on this one. I do not know if I can do something as hard as that one for a while. I might even be feeling this tomorrow ha ha." Kyson says as he finally after almost three hours, completes the "Hiding With the Camouflage Technique." After all that time of constant concentration and suppressing his chakra. Kyson thought for one minute that he was never going to be able to finish this jutsu. But luckily, he was able to do it under a good amount of time.

"Cha ha, I am even relieved that you finally finished it. I was getting sort of bored just watching you stand there. It was not like your other jutsu's where you were physically trying to make something happen. This was more of concentration and patience, which is very boring to watch. But to sum it all up, I am proud of you kid. This jutsu is your most important jutsu yet. No one will be able to sense you, no matter how good they are. This technique is perfect for sneak attacks and infiltration. Like if you were ever sent on a mission to spy on an enemy or trying to infiltrate them. You can do it easily more than anyone because of this jutsu. Only thing that would make this better is if you learned how to hide your foot steps noise, then you could move freely without anyone hearing you. This can be done by having a layer of chakra on the bottom both of your feet which can act as a mold to the surface under both of your feet. The chakra under your feet, will be taking in sound waves and nullifying it." His sensei said as he congratulated Kyson on completing this long a hard jutsu. There are multiple ways Kyson could use this jutsu to his advantage.

"Ha ha, I can tell you were getting a little bored. I could see it written all over your eyes teach. You look like you were also about to fall asleep ha ha." Kyson says as he makes fun of his sensei because he was looking real bored as he watched Kyson do his training.

"Cha ha, I was not falling asleep kid. I do not know what you were looking at. That is the last thing I would do when it comes to your training. but anyways, good work today kid, very good work. You are becoming a more skillful shinobi everyday. Keep training like this and keep pushing yourself. One day you will become a very strong ninja and might even have a student of your own to teach. Cha ha, wouldn't that be something huh?" His sensei says as he jokes around about Kyson's training and him becoming a teacher one day. 

"Ha ha, maybe one day huh. But I have to get myself stronger before I can think about doing that. I will see you tomorrow teach, I am super exhausted right now. I can barely stand. See ya." Kyson says as he walks away from the training grounds looking very fatigued.

"Alright kid, see ya tomorrow." As his sensei begins to walk away from the training grounds after Kyson's successful day of training.

Kyson leaves the training ground and begins to head on his way home. He did not decide to take his daily walk today because he was super exhausted from today's training. Kyson has never been at a high level of exhaustion like this before. So he might feel a little bit of it tomorrow as well. But of course that will not stop him from training. Kyson has learned a tremendous amount of jutsu in the past two weeks and they have been at a really high level as well. Kyson is really growing up quickly as a genin. He will soon take the chunin exams so he can be considered a higher ranking ninja. And he will be able to do more events and missions around the village. As Kyson finally reaches his house. He opens the door and walks towards his bedroom. He quickly puts all of his stiff down and falls on top of the bed. He falls asleep immediately after a great and hard fought day of training.

Kyson was only able to sleep for about an hour he wakes up wondering why he is awake. He is now bored and frustrated as to why he can not fall back asleep. Kyson sits on his bed and just remains sitting. Wondering why he is still up and what can he do in the mean time. Maybe he can do something and wear himself out so he could get tired again. But Kyson remembered something his sensei has said that would be useful to use along with his "Hiding With the Camouflage technique. He should learn a skill to hide his foot steps. That should be easy to do and really quick. Kyson could also learn it in his house and does not have to go to the training grounds to learn it. 

Kyson first has to understand how to do the skill first. He remembered his sensei said to focus his chakra on both of his feet and use it to mold the surface as he walks. The chakra is used to hide the sound of his steps that are taking in the sound waves and nullifying them. And that is what Kyson plans to do. He stands up and tries focusing his chakra on the bottom of his feet. After his chakra his focused on his feet, he tries to mold the surface with it. As he is doing this, he can not add too much chakra to his feet or he will begin to damage the ground below him. And he can not use a little amount or his footsteps will still be heard. He has to have it perfect in order to complete this skill. As Kyson concentrates his chakra on his feet, this is much easier than the jutsu he learned today. Kyson has become extremely skilled in concentrating on his chakra. After a couple second, Kyson has the perfect amount of chakra on his feet and he tests it out by running around in his house. He is fascinated that he does not hear anything at all while he running around his house. He also begins to run on the ceiling to test it out. Kyson is glad this jutsu was something simple and easy he could learn on his own. If only the jutsu he learned to day was this easy. After Kyson learned his new silent footsteps skill, he was beginning to feel a bit fatigue again. As he began to feel tired, he walks back to his bed again and begins to lay down. He falls back asleep after a couple minutes as he awaits for another day of training with his sensei.

(Words: 7501/7000 since last approve to redeem "Hiding With the Camouflage (Null Version)," "Silent Footsteps," and +37 stat points)


Health: 40 (+25)
Chakra: 100
Stamina: 50
Speed: 100
Strength: 35

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PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:16 am

“I see you are feeling better than earlier. I have come a little late, but I am surprised and also proud of your strength progress. You really want to become a taijutsu specialist. I see the determination inside of you. Your speed and strength are really ascending through the roof. I am still a little surprised of how fast you have gotten all of these techniques out of the way. You can even fly now which is just amazing. Now, I see that you were just about to destroy another boulder. How about we have a little spar again? You have excelled since the last time we fought together.” The look in Royalty’s eyes looked as if he was excited. Sparring with Ashura would be a great test and a milestone to see how far he had come. He immediately agreed.

“Sure, Uncle Ash. I can show you some new stuff that I have learned.”
Ashura then got into a neat fighting stance and smiled. He then signaled for Royalty to come at him. Royalty charged at Ashura. His speed had been building up. When he was close enough to strike, Royalty threw a high right kick to the left side of Ashura's midsection. Ashura jumped knees up over Royalty's leg. His efforts were nonexistent. He then removed one arm from behind his back. He would then use his left hand to grab Royalty's foot by the heel and use the motion of the kick to spin Royalty in a 360 degree circle using the momentum against him. Royalty had lost his balance and tumbled over. Not really ever expecting to hit his uncle, Royalty brushed it off and got back up. Ashura's arms were folded behind his back. He signaled for the both to try again. Royalty knew he had to be smart about it. Instead of a straight charge, he needed something more intricate and developed. Royalty started to think. He then came up with a plan. The young Yuka boy proceeded towards Ashura with average speed. At the last second is when he picked it up. He threw a right underhanded punch to Ashura's stomach. It was incomplete however.
At that moment, Royalty had been stopping the uppercut the second his arm struck forward. This caused Royalty to retract his fist and swiftly change his attack to a roundhouse. The way he executed it was so elegant. Royalty basically shifted his bottom backwards and tilted the angle of his body. He was not almost completely upside down. The boy planted his arms on the ground for stability while using his first sweeping leg as a feint to use the second leg as a higher kick towards the neck. It was a quick a smooth motion. Since he twisted his body to the left, Royalty's right foot kicked first but with little power. It was meant to ask as a connector between Ashura and his second leg. Ashura just smiled at Royalty's futile efforts to strike him. Although he knew it wasn't going to work, the boy continuously tried strike Ashura. As if they were on par. Ashura did not even fall for the first kick. He predicted the unpredictable as Royalty had thought about it for too long. That was his problem. He thought without just doing. Of course it is not always a good thing to do before thinking. But this was a different situation. Ashura was not even planning on hitting Royalty back. This was all a test to see if he had been ready for the training he would receive. Ashura first stepped back out of range to avoid the consecutive roundhouses. Ashura then grabbed the second leg of Royalty's to stop any further spinning from the young boy. His face had been filled with joy. He's been waiting 13 years to the point where he could train Royalty. After all, when they had last spoken, there was a certain level of skill and maturity that Royalty lacked within.
"Seems like the first time we had sparred. I like the fact that you switched up your attack midway. Very effective.... Of course not on me ha ha ha," laughed Ashura. He had still been holding the shinobi in his upside down position. "You certainly are bright, Royalty. I can not stress how much I am proud of your progress. When your father invited me to come to see you, I was thrilled. My joy has most certainly exceeded my expectations as of now. Who knew that I would be sparring with the boy whom I watched grow up? Thanks for showing me how far you have come, Royalty. Now, it certainly has been a long and productive day, how about we call it a night and get something to eat? My treat.”

“Sure Uncle Ash, I could use a good meal right now. Ha ha.” Royalty was happy to hear that he would be getting food. He felt as if it was well deserved for the work he had just finished today.

“Alright, come on”
Royalty picked up his bag. He then took out a bottle of water and opened it. After taking a large swig, he put his bottle of water away. He was ready for them to leave and get food. The two then proceeded to walk out of the training ground exit. Once they were outside of the grounds, they walked towards to main sector of the village. This is where most of the restaurants, clothing, and weapon stores had been. Royalty particularly noticed the weapon store. He had thought to himself, how cool would it be to bear a sword, a scythe, or even a hammer. It was at that moment where he decided that later in his life, he would be proficient in the art of weaponry. He had also thought about what his Uncle Ashura had said about specialties. Royalty was able to get his second after he ascended to chuunin, then a third once he advanced to jounin. Royalty thought about what he wanted his next specs to be. He would start training his proficiency in Taijutsu once he reached the level of chuunin. This way, he could learn more techniques using his close range attacked in conjunction with the techniques he had already learned – Leaf Gale and Leaf Whirlwind. Since those two were techniques that could become a combination between the two, there could be other techniques in the taijutsu field that did the same thing. The next spec Royalty was eager to learn was weaponry. This was yet again another close range skill. If he could couple this with his elements then he could possibly make mid to long range moves. All of these thoughts ravaged through the young Yuka boy’s mind. Before he knew, they had showed up at the ramen shop. Ashura was apparently ordering their food. Once he ordered his, he asked Royalty what it was that he wanted.

“Yes, I would like my usual bowl with extra shrimp. Thank you. What type do you want Royalty?” Ashura asked his nephew. He replied to the owner of the shop. “Uhm, yes. I will not be getting shrimp this time around. I would like to get chicken this time around.” Royalty smiled as he asked politely. The man at the counter acknowledged his desires. After saying that, Ashura paid the man in ryo. Not a long time passed until the manager of the store had brought their food up. Not many words had exchanged between the two while they were eating their food. This was a perfect time to replenish energy. Royalty felt really good that he had a bunch of different techniques under his belt. His fighting still could now be more versatile. If short range was not working, he could be able to couple his fighting style, and try some different methods to try and throw his foe off.
As Royalty was thinking of the multiple possibilities that he could use when trying to spar with Kyson once more. He started to think yet again about what his friend Kyson had been going through. He knew his father was not playing around with his friend. If Ashura was pushing Royalty to his limits, then Royalty was pretty sure his father was pushing Kyson to be the best he could be. Ashura then spoke to his student. It was certainly passed night time so he decided it was probably time to go back home for now.

“So, I hope you had a great meal. I see you have been thinking hard about things. Let us go now." Royalty and Ashura then walked away from the ramen shop until they met a fork in the road. Royalty went left, while Ashura went right. They waved and parted ways for the night. Until, tomorrow. On his way back home, Royalty saw the same site he had always seen. There weren’t an abundance of citizens in the vicinity. He figured maybe the Village Hidden in the Clouds had been under the usual population for a regular village. The Village Hidden in the Sand had been way more active than this one. This made him very perplexed at his surroundings. It was truly depressing to not see any people really progressing and prospering. Ashura did say that it had something to do with the fact that the village had been rebuilt. But why would you not return to your home village when it was rebuilt? I mean, it is your home. This made no sense to him. Even if you had been settled in a new village, it only made sense to return to what you certainly knew before. It was certainly stupid to just stay in an entirely new village. The only excuse is if the new village was under a tyranny which did not make much sense either. There had been no words to Royalty of any tyrants in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. It probably turned some, if not most of the citizens away. If his family did not get relocated, then maybe the Village Hidden in the Sand was have a lot of new people. This could probably be because of people who may have migrated from the Lightning Country to the Wind Country. Then again, that did seem unlikely, as the two were on two separate places of the continent. Ashura had been traveling back and forth between the two countries like it was nothing. That was certainly a lot of traveling just so he could train Royalty. Royalty surely appreciated it though.
Once Royalty had arrived in the door, he heard nothing from his parents. Maybe his parents were not home. He has not seen his mother in a while. The boy walked upstairs to see his parents both in bed. They sure went to sleep early. The boy then walked into the bathroom and undressed himself. After a long, hot shower, the boy grabbed his towel and moved to his room. After putting on some usual night garments, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. His day had been very productive and this rest was well deserving.
The night passed. Royalty had been dreaming about him and Kyson again. This time around, the dream had been a nightmare. It started with Kyson being attacked by some ninjas in the village. Their motives were unknown. He did not fight back at first because he had not known who the ninja were. This is when Kyson began to defend himself against the ninja. It was only right. In the midst of Kyson fighting off the 3 ninja, Royalty had been walking with Ashura to the training grounds and usual. They then noticed Kyson being attacked. Ashura wanted to break it up but Royalty seemed passionate about helping his friend get out of this predicament. He went to go help his friend Kyson.
Tensions arose between the two groups. Once Royalty had hopped in, things started to look brighter for the two genin. The end of the fight resulted in Kyson and Royalty killing two out of the 3 attackers. It all had happened so fast. Ashura was too late to stop it. The third guy’s life was spared once Ashura had stepped in and intervened. He stopped the two young genin from killing the third and broke them all up. Later that day, they were presented in front of their Kage. They had both committed a great crime; murder. As a result, Kyson and Royalty had left the village. They were now being hunted as missing ninja.
It was crazy how fast someone’s life could turn around. One minute you’re aspiring genin trying to become great shinobi. The next minute, they were off in the vast world on the run. The two certainly had goals too. It was crazy in their heads to think that they were seen as criminals now. The nightmare had just been getting worse and worse.
Royalty woke up from shock. Sweat was trickling down his forehead. It was not even fully morning yet. It had only been about 5 in the morning. Royalty did not feel like he could go back to sleep. The nightmare he had just experienced was too much. He could not bear the thought of him having another. Royalty then got up out of his bed. He wiped the sweat from his head and got up out of his bed. The boy then went downstairs to get refreshed.
Upon going downstairs, Royalty went into his refrigerator. He grabbed a bottle of water and opened the cap. Royalty basically chugged the whole bottle down. He wanted to clear his mind of the nightmare. After he finished the water, he threw the bottle in the garbage can and went back upstairs. Before going to his room, he went into the bathroom to take a quick pee. After he was finished he had went back to his room. After that he got back into his bed and went back to sleep.
Royalty’s new dream was nothing like his previous one. He instead dreamed about being like his father. Royalty maybe expected too much of himself. As if he could be the embodiment of something super spectacular. It was just those crazy notions that filled young boys' head. They always want to be the best at what they do. The thought of being just like someone. A really great analogy is a young man watching his favorite superhero perform his duties. You watch the show over and over. You have experienced the thrill of seeing countless episodes. In your head, you feel as if you're going to be just like him once you've developed the proper skills. That was Royalty's motivation at this particular moment of time. He knew of how he wanted to be: his father. So impressed with the kind of man his father was. Despite being oblivious to the true horrors of his occupation, he only knew of the combative aspects of the task force. Royalty, being a naive child, only thought of it as protecting the citizens of their village. He always had a desire to fill his father's shoes. Little did he know, it was far deeper than that. The actions and methods of both his father and his uncle were unspeakable. This caused a disruption in the house often. Though it was to the best of his parents' ability to hide it from Royalty. Best to keep it away from him. Maybe it wasn't a good thing that he aspired to be too much like his father. Being his own person would prove to be much more suitable for the boy.
Morning had approached quickly. When he went back to sleep, it had already been about 5 am. He only slept for another 3 hours. It was around 8 am now. The boy had gotten up and went immediately to the bathroom. As soon as he entered he closed the door behind him and walked to the sink. The boy had proceeded to brush his teeth. After he was finished he hopped in the shower to wash up. After his shower was finished, Royalty then got out and wrapped a towel around him before going to his room. After drying himself, Royalty put on his usual silk garments. Before putting on a shirt he put on some deodorant. Royalty then went downstairs.
Royalty did not feel like eating breakfast. He just grabbed a bottle of water and walked to the front door. It was time to meet Ashura at the training grounds. He walked out of the door. On the way to the training grounds, Royalty did not think about much. His main thing was what he was going to learn while he was at the training grounds today. Ashura always had something crazy to teach him. He was really making sure Royalty was growing. Ashura pushed Royalty so that he would not be lazy and he would not be a slacker. Upon thinking of this, Royalty had made his way to the grounds. He saw Ashura posted up against the wall with his hands in his pockets. He had been awaiting Royalty’s appearance. He spoke to his student.

“I am happy that you could be here early today, Royalty. Now, let us not waste any time. We shall get right into it since we only learned one thing yesterday. Now, if you will. I will pull out this scroll and teach you another medical jutsu.” After saying this, Ashura pulled out Royalty’s mother’s medical jutsu scroll. He then looked on the scroll for a jutsu suitable for Royalty. His eyes had gotten wide when he read about a technique that he was sure Royalty wanted to learn. He then spoke when he found the jutsu for him.
“Here goes a great technique. This one is called the Mystical Palm technique. It will be the first technique that actually deals with healing. All of the other medical techniques I have taught you so far mostly could be used for offensive purposes. Using this jutsu  Allows the user to produce chakra from their hand that stimulates their targets body, this causes its natural healing factor to increase, thus speed up the healing process naturally, what would normally take weeks to heal could be fixed up in minutes depending upon how much chakra is used. You will do a variant form of the ox hand seal then do the tiger hand seal. This can be used in battle if you can hide from your opponent. You will be able to heal your own wounds and then come out to fight. This is very useful. If you’re using this on somebody else, you can help them to replenish their chakra. When you do this, they will be able to use more techniques. Also very useful. Now, I want you to try and focus the chakra into your hands and when you have achieved that, I will make a clone and see if you can heal its wounds.” Upon saying this, Ashura stepped back a few feet to allow Royalty to concentrate on himself.
“Alright Uncle Ash. This sounds like a great technique. Using this could be essential to helping on a mission. If I have injured team mates then I could just use this to help them get back on their feet. I feel like I would really need this technique. Thank you for bringing it up Uncle Ash.”
Royalty then tried to start the jutsu. It was similar to the Chakra Scalpel technique. He had needed to focus his chakra into his hands. Royalty then stood a few feet from his teacher. He focused his chakra into his hands. He felt it circulating throughout his palm, fingers, and even nails. He then took a few deep breaths. Who would he be if he did not do this before trying to perform a new technique? Royalty then preceded to inhale and exhale very slowly as he then did the proper hand seals. Royalty then did a modified ox seal and then turned into the tiger seal. The boy then opened his eyes before he focused on his hands a little more. A few moments had passed and he could not see the chakra forming around his hands. He realized he was not trying hard enough. Royalty then looked at Ashura, and his uncle was just staring back, intently. Ashura knew of Royalty’s capabilities. Even if Royalty did not believe in himself, it was cool because he knew that he believed in the boy. He just had to try harder and the boy would eventually get it. Chakra control was essential for this technique.
The boy was a little discouraged. He just needed to work at this harder than ever before. Royalty had stopped trying the first time around. He figured that he would get it if he closed all thoughts from his mind and tried again. Royalty then took a few more deep breaths and performed the same hand seals. He did a modified ox seal and then turned it into a tiger seal. He then gain focused his chakra into his hands. A few moments later, Ashura saw chakra forming around the boy’s hands. Ashura knew he could do it. It took a few more moments before the chakra had fully formed. It started off faint then increased in depth. A few more moments had went by, the chakra then sharpened around the boy’s hands. It had started off dull and then sharpened up. Royalty had pulled it off and then looked at Ashura for next step. Ashura prepared for the next step for the demonstration of the jutsu. He spoke to his student.

“Alright, now I will make a shadow clone. He will hurt himself and you will heal him.” Ashura then performed a very familiar set of hand seals. A shadow clone had popped up right next to him. The clone moved closer towards Royalty. The Shadow Clone then pulled out a kunai knife. Holding the knife in his right hand, he sliced his left hand’s palm. His skin started to split and his blood started to spill out from his hand. Ashura instructed Royalty.

“Alright, now heal his wound.” Ashura watched closely. Royalty nodded and moved up towards the clone. With his chakra visible from his hands, Royalty then grabbed the clone’s wrist. He did not grab too tightly. After a short bit had passed, the wound on the clone’s hand started to close. Eventually, it closed down and left no scar. The clone then wiped the blood on its hand. Royalty succeeded. The boy donned a smile on his face as he looked at his sensei. Ashura then spoke to his nephew. He was proud that he actually completed the technique.

“Ahh, there we go. Now you know how to do the Mystical Palm technique. Use this whenever you had a wound. You can heal yourself or others. Once you think about using it while in combat, you might want to think about going behind cover. Alright next technique. This one has healing properties similar to the Mystical Palm technique. Allow me to read the description from the scroll.” Ashura had pulled the scroll back out and read the technique that he had saw earlier.

“This one is called Yin Healing Wound Destruction. This does not require hand seals unlike the Mystical Palm technique. Using this, you will direct the chakra to a specific point in your body. This action will begin the healing process on yourself with the aforementioned power, attacks that hit you are treated with a negative equal to the jutsu power due to the you healing yourself at the same time as the injury making it as if it almost never hit you. You can use this while you are fighting and then attacks that try to inflict damage to you will seemingly have no effect on you. Depending on your health and the amount of chakra you have, most attacks will not harm you in any way. Now I will direct my clone to attack you, once you use your chakra to stimulate your body. Tell me wherever you have activated the jutsu. This will tell me what kind of attack the clone needs to do.” Ashura stood back some more to give the two some room. Royalty now had to learn to focus his chakra in an area.

“Alright, I will try to focus my chakra into my stomach. Tell your clone to strike me there,” Royalty said as he took a deep breath. He inhaled then exhaled then inhaled then exhaled. He focused his chakra into his stomach. He could feel his chakra accumulating as it did when he was doing the Poison Mist technique. He was ready. The boy nodded at his sensei. After giving the go ahead, the clone had rushed at Royalty, the clone then started to deliver uppercuts into the midsection of the young genin. Royalty seemed as if he were tanking the punches with ease. He clenched his teeth and his technique had been rapidly healing himself as the punches were coming at him. He felt pain but they did not leave any bruises as the jutsu was basically cancelling them out. This is when Royalty then put his hand out to stop one of the incoming punches. He then spun around and delivered a roundhouse kick with his right foot to the neck of the clone. The clone dispersed. Ashura then wasted no time introducing a new technique.

“See, you are just so well at this. That jutsu used in conjunction with the Mystical Palm would work so well. Do not overuse them both though, they take a lot of chakra to produce, especially if you keep them active. Now, you should have no problem learning this D ranked taijutsu move. I figured that since you catch on pretty fast, we could get this out of the way before we go home for the day. This technique is called Dynamic Entry. This is just a regular jump kick that will allow you to advance to your full speed without having to build up momentum. Now I will demonstrate and you will try it after me.”
After speaking, Ashura performed some hand seals. He then made a few hand seals. A new clone had popped up next to him. They then distanced themselves from one another. Ashura waited a few seconds before he then charged at his clone. Dust had whipped up around where he was standing. He started from a still position to his top speed. He ran towards his clone and leapt into the air delivering a high jump kick towards its face. The clone had blocked it with its arms so it did not disperse. Once Ashura was finished with the technique he spoke to Royalty.

“See? Nice and easy. Now I would like you to try.” Ashura stood back and gave the two room so that Royalty could do his thing. Royalty nodded. He then got low into a fighting stance. He was still. Facing the clone, he then rushed at the clone with immense speeds. Royalty seemed to go from 0 to 100….real quick. Once he was in range, Royalty leapt into the air and delivered a jumping kick to the chest of the clone causing it to disperse. He easily performed the technique on the first try. After he was finished, he noticed Ashura clapping for him. Royalty then turned to his sensei.

*Clap, clap, clap*
“You have gotten a lot of things done today Royalty. I am super proud of your progress. You have learned two great A ranked jutsu, a nice b rank and another d ranked jutsu. I think that is almost your cap for jutsus at the moment. A genin is only capable of knowing 5 A ranked jutsus, 5 B ranked jutsus, and 5 C ranked jutsus until he had achieved a chuunin rank. Unfortunately, you are unable to learn an S ranked jutsu at the moment. Those are certainly hell to learn. S ranked jutsus require mass concentration and chakra control unlike no other. These jutsus are certainly worth the work though. They are the most deadly or beneficial techniques a shinobi could learn. Most of them are forbidden however due to the fact that that can cause so much destruction. I am not even talking about to other people. A lot of techniques have so much stain on the user that they could result in death. An example are the 8 gates. Only taijutsu masters can use this technique. It involves opening the gates in your body to pass any human limitations possible. The user is granted immense speed and power. It is said that if you can open these gates, you can rival that of a kage. Even if you are a mere genin, you will be able to fight a kage with ease. That is how powerful the technique is. It is forbidden because if you open the last gate, you could die. Anyway, let us get back home. We have gotten a lot done today.”

“Wow Ashura, the gates sound like a scary technique to go up against, or to even use. I woud not even imagine the depths of its power. Sounds very interesting. But yes, we can go now. I am pretty tired after all. Ha ha.” Royalty had laughed and scratched the back of his head. This is when the two had walked away from the training grounds. Ashura and Royalty walked through the training grounds threshold. They disappeared into the horizon. The two had been a great team. Together, they would make sure that Royalty grows up to become a great ninja.

(Continued from previous post. WC - 4,967 = 12450/12450. Redeeming for Poison Mist 3k/3k, Mystical Palm 4k/4k, Yin Healing Wound Destruction 4k/4k, Dynamic Entry 1k/1k & 61 Stat Points)
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*Ring ring ring ring*

The loud routine alarm wakes up Kyson again early in the morning. Kyson can not stand that alarm, but it does get the job done. Yesterday, Kyson learned a jutsu called "Hiding With the Camouflage" Technique. That jutsu was able to make his scent and shadow disappear. It also was able to make him turn invisible. After he learned the first part of the jutsu, he learned the Null Version of it. The null version of the jutsu allowed him to completely erase his chakra signature so that even someone with rinnegan, sharingan, and byakugan will not be able to sense him. It would basically be impossible for anyone to sense him. And to spice things up, Kyson learned a skill called "Silent footsteps" which was able to let him focus chakra to his feet and sort of mold the surface beneath his feet. So that his foot steps were silent and can not be heard. This is probably the most hardest jutsu but yet most efficient jutsu Kyson has learned up to date. But after he wakes up, he turns off his loud alarm before it irritates him even more. Kyson is still feeling a bit tired from his last training but he is still more than ready to begin his training. Kyson finally gets up out of bed and is now getting ready for his routine training with Royalty's father. After he finally gets his head together and is up out of his bed, he takes a trip into the bathroom. He then begins to brush his teeth and takes a long hot shower. After his shower and brushing his teeth, he goes to the kitchen and toast his bread. Then, he drinks a glass of water and made sure everything he needed for today's training, he had. Now he finally walks out of the door.

It was a really nice and gorgeous day today. The sun light was really shining bright and there were bright white cloud flying and cruising through the sky as the air looked clear and golden. The wind was starting to blow a cool and calm breeze. The gust wasn't hard at all, it was not enough to make you want to get a jacket or anything. But instead it was perfect and calm enough to cool your body down while the hot sun rays shined hard on you during the day. Days like this make it real ideal for training. It is the perfect weather to get a perfect work out in. The weather is not too hot and not too cold but just perfect. Kyson loved the weather when it was like this, it had a real cool feeling all over his body because his body is somewhat made out of water. After Kyson had left his household, he figured that he should stretch out before he started to head out to the training grounds, after that thought he made to himself, he looked to see what time it was a noticed that he had plenty of time to stretch. So he is going to use this time to stretch his body out before he starts his training with his sensei. Kyson rarely stretches before his training. Even though it is something that he should be doing before every training session. Kyson has not been really doing anything physical in his training. It is more on concentrating his chakra and learning how to control it. A lot of jutsu does not require physical strength in order to perform the jutsu. Now Kyson is ready to begin his stretching on the body.  He will first starts by stretching his arms and by pulling both of them back and moving both of them in a circle while the both of his arms are extended. Then, he started to stretch both of his legs. He started with both of his hamstring, he began to lean to the left so that he can stretch out his left hamstring first. And then he lean over to the right to stretch out his right hamstring. Then he began to bend over to touch the tip of his toes and started stretching the rest of his muscles and joints that are in his legs. Finally, Kyson sat on the floor exactly where he stood and began to extend both of his legs out making a letter "V" with both of his legs. Then he stretched both of his legs and touched his toes with both of his hands as they were extended. After that good stretch out he has not done in a long time. He finally got up and began to be on his way to the training grounds to meet with Royalty's father.

As Kyson began to arrive at the training grounds for his training, he noticed he did not see Royalty's father waiting for him like he usually does for his daily training. Kyson was rally confused as to why he was not here today. This is not the first time he did this either. Last time he was late, it was simply an overslept, which Kyson was kind of upset about because he thought something may have happened to him between yesterdays training and this morning . Kyson coming up with numerous possibilities as to why his sensei was late today. But all the assumptions he made yesterday were all wrong and the last thing Kyson thought he would do was over slept. 

But because Kyson is a impatient shinobi when it comes to his training to make himself stronger. Kyson did not want to waste time and wait on him. So he decided to start working on the jutsu he learned yesterday. He starts to concentrate his chakra for a short period of time. As he stands straight up and tall, he begins doing the tiger hand seal. He stands there with his eyes closed and concentrates on focusing his chakra in a  to make his shadow and scent disappear. Kyson has to remember from yesterday that he will have to keep a certain angle according to the sun light to make his shadow disappear and keep disappeared. Kyson has practiced this jutsu a couple times after he had learned it. And he is finally getting the hang of it. While Kyson is practicing the jutsu he learned yesterday, he wonders what his sensei will teach him today after that hard jutsu. Hopefully something useful and cool but not as hard as the one from yesterday because he is still a bit tired from that last training session. His sensei begins to approach the training grounds and he notices Kyson is there already practicing without him. It is music to a teachers ears to watch their student train on their own when they are not looking. He does not approach Kyson yet, in fact he waits until Kyson has finally performed the jutsu easily without making a mistake, just to see if he actually practices by himself. Now that he's been concentrating on his chakra and blocking his sense for a while now, he begins to start on the second part of the jutsu, the null version.  Kyson begins to start on the null version of the jutsu by completely hiding his chakra signature, it is obvious that Kyson has been practicing his "Hiding with the camouflage" technique since yesterday, even though he was highly exhausted. As he finishes up the final touches of the jutsu, his body begins to lose its chakra signature and it becomes completely hidden. His sense finally noticed that he was not able to sense it either. And this showed that Kyson was working on mastering the jutsu without his sensei knowing. Royalty's dad was really proud of him. After Kyson successfully performed the jutsu, he began to walk towards the training grounds again. Kyson looked over to his right and notices his teach is approaching the training grounds. Kyson is glad he is alright and nothing life threatening happened to him.

"Hey teach, were you watching me the whole time?" Kyson said as he notices his sensei was approaching the training ground and he is alright. Kyson was beginning to get worried again, but not that worried. Because this is the second time he had done this.

"Yup, I was watching the entire thing. I see you are getting the hang of that new jutsu you learned yesterday kid. I see you been keeping up on your training and not slacking off while I am not around." His sensei says as he is proud to see Kyson took time after being exhausted to practice his "Hiding With the Camouflage" jutsu. 

"Yeah, even though I was tired yesterday. After a few hours, I was actually feeling okay. So then I got bored and decided well... hey. Let me practice that invisible jutsu I learned. I can actually practice it, just about anywhere." Kyson said with a passionate look on his face, he was sort of glad his sensei saw everything. That would Kyson is serious about being a ninja and his training.

"Oh, and teach. Look what I taught myself. I remembered you said it would be important to learn with my "Hiding With the Camouflage" Jutsu. So I thought I teach myself how to do it yesterday." Kyson says as he begins to show his teacher what he taught himself yesterday.

Kyson stands up straight looking forward. He begins to send the flow of chakra to his feet. As the chakra starts the mold the surface of the ground and that is below both of his feet. Kyson made it so that his footsteps were silent. Yesterday he had practiced and learned the silent footsteps skill. It will be very useful with his "Hiding With the Camouflage" Technique. Other opponents will not be able to sense his movements or hear his footsteps as well. It is the perfect combination for this jutsu.

"Hey! you learned the silent footsteps skill on your own. You was really training and practicing yesterday after you left huh. But I am not surprised you learned that skill though. It probably took you a couple minutes to learn. I mean your chakra control is amazing now, so focusing your chakra perfectly below your feet would be fairly easy for you at this point." His sensei said as he noticed Kyson was performing the silent footstep skill. He was glad Kyson learned it all by himself instead of waiting for his sensei to teach it for him instead. That show a good sign of maturity and that he is growing to be a fine shinobi.

"Ha ha, yea it did take me a couple minutes to learn actually. It was very easy to learn. Since it was easy, I said why not, and just decided to learn it. So what we doing today teach?" Kyson said as he told his teacher that he learned the skill very quick with no problem at all and wonders how today's training will go.

"Well today we will learn the shadow clone jutsu. Not the clone jutsu that you learned in the academy. Real shadow clones, these clones are exact replicas of you and they can help you in battle and fight for you. You will be making two clones of yourself and will sort of train with them to get used to it. Making shadow clones is similar to making just a clone of yourself. You are adding more chakra to them so they can be an exact replica of you instead of just an illusion. Your chakra will be split evenly between these two clones and they can act on their own free will. They can take damage but if taken enough damage, they will disappear or poof. The clones can also dispel on their own if they want to. And when they go back to your body, all their chakra remaining will come back to you and any information they gathered will come back to you as well." His sensei said as he explained to Kyson how is training for today was going to work. Kyson will be learning the shadow clone jutsu, which is a way better version than the clone jutsu he learned at the academy.

"Cool, replicas of myself. That sounds a little fun, but being able to act on their own free will is kind of.. I do not know how to say it. I hope they do not do anything stupid in a battle." Kyson says as he is worried the shadow clones might get in his way in a battle.

"Trust me, they will have somewhat of your personality. So you do not have to worry about that as much. If you get in battle, they will try to save themselves as well, so they will have no choice to work with you. Now, ready to get started? I know you are, so lets begins." His sensei said as him and Kyson are getting ready to begin their training.

"Right!" Kyson says as he begins to perform the shadow clone jutsu.

Kyson begins to perform the shadow clone jutsu. He stands still with his eyes closed as he begins to form the clone hand seal. He concentrates his chakra on creating a replica of himself. Kyson should perform this jutsu very well because all of the other jutsu he has learned in the past couple weeks focused on a lot of chakra control. So learning something as simple as two shadow clones should be no problem. As Kyson concentrated on creating a shadow clone, he was able to form the first one. There were identical Kyson's standing right next to each other and it were impossible to recognize who the original one was unless you saw him use the jutsu. Kyson was looking a bit confused and nervous because he never made a shadow clone before and this one had a mind of its own.

"Umm, what's up Kyson." Kyson said as he looks at the first clone. The clone looked at at Kyson after he spoke to him.

"Yeah hey what is up." Clone number one said in response to Kyson. 

"Its kind of weird having an exact replica right next to you." Kyson said as he was feeling uncertain as to what to do next.

"I can say the same thing for you, ya know." Clone number one said after hearing what Kyson about clones.

"That is true, your right. I am about to summon the second clone and see how this goes." Kyson said as he prepares to do the shadow clone jutsu again.

Once again, Kyson stands straight up with his eyes closed as he begins to form the second clone by putting up the clone hand seal. He concentrates his chakra on creating a second replica of himself. Kyson concentrated on creating the second shadow clone, after he was able to form the first one. A few seconds later now there are two identical Kyson's standing side by side and next to each other. All three of them looked at each other as they were uncertain what to say.

"Oh hey guy's. What is up." Clone two said with a innocent smile like Kyson.

"Nothing much, just standing around I guess." Kyson said.

"Oh well that's boring, Can we at least do something." Clone number two said.

"Any suggestions?" Clone number one said with a lazy look on his face.

As Royalty's father look at Kyson's clone and it is obvious that he completed the jutsu. It is no surprise the clones are as confused as Kyson because they never met before and they do not have anything to do. Kyson just summoned them just to test them out.

"Well kid, at least you finally got the hang of it. the training for today is done. I will see you tomorrow. You guys have fun now." His sensei said as he walked away from the training ground after Kyson was successfully able to complete the shadow clone jutsu.

"Well, that is it for my training. I am going home." Kyson said as he began to walk away from his clones.

"HEY KYSON WAIT FOR US TOO, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR HOME." Clone number two said as he ran towards Kyson leaving the training grounds.

"Yeah, I want to see you home too. I am getting sort of tired myself." Clone number one said as he followed the original Kyson and clone number two.

"Wait... What! You can not sleep at my place. Don't you guys have like homes or something. Plus there is no room." Kyson began to run away from the clones as he was heading towards his house direction.

"Hey clone number one, lets catch him ha ha." Clone number two says as he chases the original Kyson.

"Lets do it." Clone number one says as he agrees with clone number two.

"Sorry guys, but I am going to have to dispel you. But it was nice talking to you guys." Kyson said as he dispels both of the clones and makes them disappear.

Kyson was relieved he made them disappear. But he did kind of like how they had different personalities. Clone number one had a more calm and cool personality, sort of like Kyson when he is with other people when he is not really around as much. And clone number two had a more energetic personalty and he usually acted like Kyson when he would be with his friend Royalty. Kyson was glad he was able to learn these jutsu fairly quick. But after a good day of training, he begins to head home. Even though it is still very early, Kyson will take a quick rest at his house and go for his daily walk around Kumogakure and train by himself for a little bit. Kyson has learned two useful tactics in less than two days. He learned his "Hiding With the Camouflage" technique, silent footsteps, and now his shadow clones.

Kyson finally reaches his house and opens the front door. After he enters his house, he heads towards his room and puts his stuff down. Then he jumps on his bed and takes a quick rest. Kyson rests in his bed and falls asleep for about two hours. He then wakes up and begins to get ready and leave the house again. But this time when he leaves the house, he will be going on a walk then will continue his training. As Kyson leaves the house, he begins to take a walk around Kumogakure. He likes taking a walk around his village because he feels he needs to get very familiar with it and he like seeing civilians live their everyday lives in the village. One of the reasons why Kyson became a shinobi is because he wants to protect the people of the village. His father died because of an invasion of the village and was killed in battle. Kyson was one years old when that happen. Because Kyson had experience with that, he did not want anyone to have to go through that like he did. That one incident changed Kyson's entire life.

Kyson even thought about becoming part of the anbu, he thought it would be a good experience for him and he would be deeper within the village. He could constantly trying to protect it and taking orders from the Raikage himself. Kyson wanted a job similar to like a police officer in the village and protect everyone no matter what the cost was. Kyson's father gave up his life to try and save the village, and Kyson would die for for this village as well. Just like his father did. Kyson did not know his father very well, but he had no doubt in his mind that he was a good man. he does not care what anyone says. But that is also one of the reasons Kyson wants to leave his village, so he can learn move about his clan and its history. But in order to do any of this, Kyson is going to have to get stronger, if he wants to be able to do all the things he wants to do for his village. 

After Kyson went on his daily walk around his village. Kyson is going to go train at the training grounds. He might even call in his shadow clones to come help him with it. Kyson is now approaching the training grounds. As he enters the training grounds he walks over to the same spot him and his sensei was training at this morning. Kyson is now getting ready to begin his training. Kyson is now going to perform the shadow clone jutsu and summon his two clones. He stands still like he was before with his eyes closed as he begins to concentrate and form the two clones at the same time and he does the clone hand seal. He concentrates his chakra and creates the two replicas of himself.

*Poof poof*

As the two clones appeared.

"Hey what is up?" Clone number two said after he was brought apon by Kyson.

"Hey can you guys help me train?" Kyson requested after he summoned the two clones.

"Yeah sure, it is about time we got to the fun stuff." The first clone said with a smirk on his face.

"Ha ha, I like that attitude, reminds me of myself... even though you are me." Kyson said while laughing and scratching the back of his head.

Kyson wants to learn a jutsu that increases his speed tremendously. The body flicker technique is a high speed movement technique that allows you to vitalizing your body with chakra to greatly increase your speed. Kyson will be training this technique with the clones.

"I will be learning this jutsu that will allow me to greatly increase my speed by using my chakra and when I learn it, I want you guys to come at me and I will dodge your attacks." Kyson explained to the clones.

"Sounds easy enough." Both the clones said at the same time.

Kyson begins to concentrate his chakra as he starts to build it up. This jutsu increases your speed based on your chakra, so Kyson would be moving a unheard of speeds when he build up his chakra. Kyson has a lot more chakra than the average genin. He was able to build it up with the training he has been doing with his sensei. Kyson is quickly building up his chakra as he begins to feel a lot of t flow through him. The clones are starting to have a surprised look on their face because Kyson has so much Chakra built up.

"Woah, so like... how do you feel..." Clone number two said as he has an amazed look on his face.

"Wait.. we are your clones. So everything you can do. We can do as well." Clone number one said as he remembered they can do anything Kyson can do.

"Oh yeah, that is right ha ha, you guys can learn this too if you want." Kyson said as he tells the clones they may join him.

Kyson and his clones begin to build up chakra within themselves to try and increase their speed. They are starting to feel a large amount of chakra flow within them. There is a tremendous amount of chakra flowing at the same time as they are all right next to each other. 

"How do you guys feel." Kyson says as he asks the clones.

"I feel fast.. if that makes any sense." Clones number two says.

"Yeah, I feel like I can move really quick as well even though I have not moved yet." Clone number one said after he finished building up his chakra.

"Ha, I feel the same way. Now lets try moving and running in the training grounds to test our new speed, but we are going to do it one at a time." Kyson says as he tells the clones all three of them are going to test their speed.

"Alright lets do it. you go first Kyson." Clone number two says to Kyson.

Kyson feels the great amount of chakra within him and he is going to test it out in the training grounds. Kyson stands in a ready position as he begins to prepare himself and run towards the gate that is fifty meters away. Kyson stands still and he looks over to his clones. Both of the clones looked at him as well and give him a head nod. To signal him that he can go whenever he is ready. And just like that in a split second, Kyson was already at the fence of the training grounds in just a blink of an eye. It was so fast after the clones nodded their head, Kyson was already at the fence waiting for them. Kyson was surprised himself of how fast he can go just like that. He had never moved any where at that speed before. Kyson is already a tremendously fast ninja and he was able to move twice as fast as he normally do.

"Hey! Now it is your turn clone number on!" Kyson yells as he tells clone number one to do exactly what he just did.

Clone number one and two looks at each other. As clone number one looks forward again, he begins to get in a racing position, similar to the one Kyson was in as he gets ready to run to the fence. He has just the same amount of chakra as Kyson had. As he begins to stand still for about three more seconds. Then suddenly, he disappeared into thin air and just like Kyson he was already at the fence. He was standing right next to Kyson. Kyson was amazed of how fast he was moving. Even though Kyson did that same exact thing he was doing. He did not see it from a view where he was watching someone else do it. Kyson was amazingly shocked that he was able to move in just a blink of an eye. And he knows he could have went further, the only reason why he did not was because there was a fence in the way.

"Alright clone number two, it is now your turn!" Kyson yelled to clone number two. 

"Alright here I come!" Clone number two yelled as he began to get ready to do exactly what Kyson and clone number one did.

Clone number two is getting ready to run to the fence as they did. He gets set in a ready position after he built up as much chakra as Kyson. After he was set to go, in just an instant. He was already at the fence standing next to the two of them. Clone number two was also amazed as to how fast they were able to run.

"Wow that was cool! Can not believe how fast I was going, it felt so unreal ha ha." Clone number two said after he used body flicker to run to the fence.

"Ha ha, I know right. Well you guys, I am about to head home. It was really fun training with the two of you." Kyson after he finished up his training.

"Yeah, we should do this more often and train with each other." The second clone suggested.

"Yeah. I seconded that." Clone number one said as he agrees with clone number two.

"Do not worry, I will make sure we do this more often, that is a promise. Well I will see you guys later." Kyson says as he dispels the two clones and they poof into thin air.

Kyson begins to leave the training grounds and head home after learning another technique. He learned a jutsu that will make him move twice as fast instantly. this will be the second jutsu that Kyson learned without his sensei being around. But what Kyson did not know was that his sensei saw him training from a far and was happy to see Kyson training with his shadow clones. After his sensei saw Kyson beginning to walk away from the training ground, his sensei begins to walk away as well as he will congratulate Kyson on his solo training tomorrow for his training.

(Words:4734/4000, 12,235/11,500 since last approved to redeem "Hiding With the Camouflage (Null Version)," "Silent Footsteps," "Shadow Clones," "Body Flicker" and +61 stat points)


Health: 40 (+25)
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Speed: 100
Strength: 35

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Ascension (P , NK)
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