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 Ascension (P , NK)

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Royalty <3
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 9
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Element(s) : Lightning, Earth, Water
Clan : Yuka
Clan Element : Purification
Bloodline : SME
Ryo : 16800

PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:56 pm

The two young man were at a standstill. No action had been taking place. They had been just staring at one another with the sole intention of having a friendly spar. Royalty was all too ecstatic. This was most likely his first genuine fight. Although it wasn't to be taken too seriously, It still felt a bit of important to the Yuka boy. A great time to display his capabilities as a genin.

Royalty maybe expected too much of himself. As if he could be the embodiment of something super spectacular. It was just those crazy notions that filled young boys' head. They always want to be the best at what they do. The thought of being just like someone. A really great analogy is a young man watching his favorite superhero perform his duties. You watch the show over and over. You have experienced the thrill of seeing countless episodes. In your head, you feel as if you're going to be just like him once you've developed the proper skills. That was Royalty's motivation at this particular moment of time. He knew of how he wanted to be: his father.

So impressed with the kind of man his father was. Despite being oblivious to the true horrors of his occupation, he only knew of the combative aspects of the task force. Royalty, being a naive child, only thought of it as protecting the citizens of their village. He always had a desire to fill his father's shoes. Little did he know, it was far deeper than that. The actions and methods of both his father and his uncle were unspeakable. This caused a disruption in the house often. Though it was to the best of his parents' ability to hide it from Royalty. Best to keep it away from him. Maybe it wasn't a good thing that he aspired to be too much like his father.

While all of these thoughts were ravaging through his head, thinking he was this all high a mighty being who could do anything he put his mind to. Obviously not at this point in his life, but in the distant future, who knows what his life would mold into. He was also wondering why Kyson had not made a move yet. It's only right that he attack next as Royalty's surprise attack was ineffective. He was just staring at the Hozuki boy. Why are you not charging towards me, was the main question he asked himself. He thought maybe he was too afraid for it? No that could not be the reason. He did however get started and accidentally activate his kekkei genkai. What was the hold up.

In the midst of the confusion, unable to pinpoint Kyson's exact reasoning for not attacking, Royalty had prepared to speak to him to motivate the other young genin.

"Hey, why didn't you atta.."

Right as Royalty started to express his words is when Kyson charged. I am always getting cut off, Royalty thought humorously. Them being 10 feet from one another instead of 5 didn't seem like a huge difference but to him it was. When they had been 5 feet from each other, at least Kyson was not expecting Royalty to try and attack him. This new gap had all the expectation from Royalty. He knew what he wanted.

As Kyson was a mere 5 feet from Royalty, the young boy began charging back. He thought maybe he would throw Kyson off. He wouldn't be able to just execute a full on assault if the Yuka boy countered. They got closer and closer. Royalty was prepared for anything. When Kyson had performed his roundhouse kick to Royalty's right shoulder, he used the momentum to briefly slide under Kyson's person. Thinking once again that he had the element of surprise, Royalty then preceded to jab his foot towards the back of Kyson's kneecap.

(648 words)

Last edited by Royalty on Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:46 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Kyson <3

Fame : 68
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Water, Wind, Earth
Clan : Hozuki
Bloodline : Hydrification
Ryo : 38973

PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:23 pm

After Kyson threw his left round kick towards Royalty's right shoulder. Kyson was surprised to see how fast Royalty maneuvered his round kick aimed at him. He never seen anything like it, the way his body naturally just dodged the attack was amazing. Even though, he had never been in a spar or fight, Kyson found this fight to be entertaining. But coming at Royalty with a lot of speed and momentum. Kyson was almost one hundred percent sure his attack would've land, leaving Royalty no other option but to either block or take the hit. But obviously that was not the case. It was as if Royalty already knew exactly what to do after Kyson had thrown his kick. And so, Kyson was being careless to just throwing a kick and not expecting Royalty to counter his attack. Royalty dodged the kick by going under Kyson's kick. And with no hesitation or thought, Royalty threw a quick jab kick aimed to the back of Kyson's left knee cap. Hoping to make him fall off balance. 

"Damn it!! He caught me." Kyson said quickly after getting hit.

After Kyson was hit by Royalty's kick to the back of his knee cap. Kyson began to fall forward a little and he was able to catch his balance with his left foot after missing Royalty. Leaving him on one knee with his right knee on the ground. Kyson was totally shocked because Royalty was able to think and respond quickly to Kyson's kick. Kyson was highly impressed but expected nothing less from not only his friend but his rival. But after failing his first attack. Kyson was still determined to keep attacking Royalty after his miss. So, after Kyson missed his kick and fell forward due to Royalty's kick to the back of the knee cap. Kyson was less than a foot away from Royalty's legs. I guess the saying was true when they said "You have to take a hit in order to get one." And that is exactly what Kyson was thinking

"Take this." Kyson said.

In order to win fights, you have to be able to react fast and always be ready to attack whenever there is an opening. After Kyson was able to catch himself, he quickly saw an opening to attack. So with no hesitation, Kyson immediately threw a back fist punch with his left hand towards Royalty's left thigh. Hoping he could land his first hit. This fight between the two shinobi was more than just a fight or spar. It is sort of like a test. To see what each person is capable of and maybe they could see what the both of them need to work on. It is amazing to see how shinobi at their age have the caliber to react so quickly to attacks and are able to recognize when there is an opening to deliver their blow. Now that Kyson has thrown his left back fist punch aimed at Royalty's left thigh. Lets see how Royalty will react to this attack.

(Words: 510)

(1211 words since last approved, redeeming for +6 stat points)

Last edited by Kyson on Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:04 am; edited 2 times in total
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Royalty <3
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 9
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Lightning, Earth, Water
Clan : Yuka
Clan Element : Purification
Bloodline : SME
Ryo : 16800

PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:19 pm

Having some success with his counter attack, Royalty felt a sense of accomplishment surging within him. For the first time he had been successful with his brain and body working in unison as one to accomplish a task. He felt very good about himself. As Kyson proceeded to fall forward slightly, Royalty let out a smirk. Not because of his sense of winning. The bout was just beginning to commence. Although, Royalty felt good about himself, this would soon change. He would not expect Kyson to make a swift recovery from his attack. That erogenous body part is pretty sensitive to pain. He then responded to Kyson's words.

"Yeah, I did get you ha ha. I did not want to inflict of lot of pain on you, just enough to maybe throw your balance off course. I see I have had some success in my plan"

Royalty may have sounded very serious in his little speech, but it was all fun and games to him. He was so naive to think Kyson would stay subdued like this. Thinking he would need some more time to recover was a foolish mistake on his part. It was quite easy for someone in Kyson's predicament to make a counter attack. This is when Royalty heard Kyson's next word. He was in for a treat in return.

As Royalty received a back fist into his left thigh, he cringed very briefly. A punch in the backwards motion doesn't have enough strength to do much so a person. The thigh was also a very poor choice to attack someone. Royalty quickly turned his caught off guard state into an advantage. Using his left hand he attempted grabbed fist to hold it behind Kyson. This prevented him from retracting his hand back to a comfortable position for the young Hozuki genin. Upon succession, Royalty would then plant his right foot into the back of Kyson's body. The sole of his foot would have now been on the boy's spine. The next move would involve holding the hand while using foot to push his body towards the ground. If he were to succeed, this would indeed hurt immensely. He would not however, use enough force to dislocate or break and bones. This was all along a friendly spar.

Either way it had gone, upon the actions of the two, a voice emanated from the ground entrance.

"That was some smart moves....son,"
said Royalty's father. He was there standing next to a clapping uncle. How long have they been there? Apparently since Royalty had begun to slide under Kyson's leg.

*Clap, clap, clap, clap*

"You've grown so much since I have last seen you in the Village Hidden in the Sand. You have become quite the young man," said Royalty's uncle. It had been so long since he has seen him. Since before the first time he had taken the graduation test and failed. Only his father had been redeployed, so why was his uncle in the Cloud Village. A visit, maybe?

(503 words. 1200 total since last approved. Redeeming for 6 stat points.)
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Lucian Nazar

Fame : 48
Element(s) : Earth, Fire, Steel
Ryo : 13500

PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:04 am

Both of you are approved for stat gains.
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Kyson <3

Fame : 68
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Water, Wind, Earth
Clan : Hozuki
Bloodline : Hydrification
Ryo : 38973

PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:27 am

After Kyson threw his back fist punch towards Royalty's thigh, his punch was successful but didn't do much damage. He didn't want to do something that would injure his friend, so he chose to use a light attack since it was their first spar. After Kyson had successfully hit with his back fist punch, Royalty attempted to grab Kyson's fist and hold it behind Kyson. But as Royalty grabbed his fist, Kyson quickly turned his body towards Royalty to prevent him from bringing his arm behind him and holding it. After he faced towards Royalty with his fist grabbed, he quickly stood up while he was being grabbed to prevent him from trying to put him in a lock or hold. And then suddenly, the two boys heard a voice coming from nearby.

The fight suddenly stopped and the two shinobi put their attention to where the voice was coming from. Kyson was wondering who this man was as he heard him clapping with an impressed look on his face. And the voice was complimenting one of the shinobi's moves. Kyson was real confused to who he may be referring to. Then a few seconds later after the voice complimented one of the boy's moves, the man said "son."

"Son?" Kyson said softly with a puzzled face.

Well it obviously wasn't his father. Kyson looked towards Royalty and saw he didn't have any shocked or surprise look on his face. So it was clear to him that it was Royalty's father. Then Kyson noticed another voice and saw another man speaking. Now who could this one be? His cousin maybe? No, he looked a little too old to be his cousin, though it could be possible. Maybe his uncle, Kyson assumed Then suddenly Royalty's father and the other man approached both of them.

"Hey there, you must be a friend of my nephew. I'm Ashura, his uncle." Ashura said with a smile. 

"So who is this, your friend? He had some pretty nice moves too. You know if that kick had landed, it would've been a ugly sight." His father implied.

"Oh.. umm... My name is Kyson.. Kyson Hozuki and thanks, I've been working on my kicks a lot lately." Kyson said with a nervous look.

"Ahhh the Hozuki Clan huh? I assume you know how to do the Hydrification technique?" The father asked.

"Yeah, I sure do. So you know a lot about my clan? Do you know if there are anymore of them outside the village? Maybe even inside the vill..." Kyson said while getting cut off.

"Hold your horses there kid, I only know the basics. I'm not very sure if there are more of your clan out there. But one day when you get stronger. You can travel the world and explore for them yourself." Royalty's father stated.

"I understand.. thank you." Kyson said.

He was hoping he could get any information about his clan but unfortunately, he did not get much. Kyson was never given any explanation as to what ever happen to his clan and where they could have gone. Or if there are even any more out there and may be the last one. All sorts of unanswered questions swam through this shinobi's mind. When Royalty's father brought up getting stronger and exploring the world, Kyson felt like Royalty's father knew exactly what his intentions were. So that is another reason Kyson would like to get stronger, so he could travel the world to find those unanswered questions himself.

(Words: 586)
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Royalty <3
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 9
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Lightning, Earth, Water
Clan : Yuka
Clan Element : Purification
Bloodline : SME
Ryo : 16800

PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:52 am

Royalty figured his efforts would be enough. He thought that maybe he could get the better hand over his counterpart, Kyson, but was unable to prevail in his attack. Kyson had a brilliant maneuver that countered his whole situation. As Kyson spun his body around the face the boy, Royalty preceded to struggle as the two were grappling with one another. Once again they were evenly matched and at a standstill. This is when Royalty's uncle had walked up to them. Royalty's eyes sparkled in disbelief.

Is there any reason why Ashura was here. This is amazing. Royalty had not seen his uncle in equivalently 2 years. So much had changed after their migration to the Village Hidden in the Clouds. It seems so far from the Village Hidden in the Sand. Maybe because both of the villages had been on two separate ends of the continent. They were a great distance from one another.

As everyone was getting acquainted, Royalty found it hard to speak. He was all choked up. His belief of both of the two men he revered most in life went out of the window. Soon accepting that this was really happening, the Yuka boy calmed down. His heart rate became steady and manageable. Royalty noticed the eagerness of Kyson trying to understand where he came from. To his surprise, his father actually recalled Kyson's hydrification technique. This provoked his thinking. Could his father know about his Shining Medical Eye? Of course, Royalty was way too nervous to bring it up. He figured his father would shun him for any certain reason. He chose to keep quiet about it.

"Thanks Uncle Ash. I've kept up with my training and aspire to be like you and Dad. I also still help Mother out volunteering at the hospital. She thinks I've developed a special niche towards it. It is really fun to help people too,"

"That's extremely wonderful to hear Royalty. Keep pushing yourself. I am sure you'll become like your father and I. But most of all, be your own person and build your own story," Ashura said in a condescending tone. It was as if he did not want Royalty to grow up and be like either of them. It had been because of the shady work they do on their task force. Their jobs were not all fine and dandy as they had told Royalty before. There were much more details that he was too young to find out about. Royalty's father and his uncle were not even sure they would allow Royalty to find out. It would be best to let him revere them for the good he sees in them.

"Do not worry about me Ashura, ha ha," Royalty said while nervously scratching his head. "I am pretty sure my journey will be extraordinary. Because I am not your average person ha ha ha." Royalty's smile was wide. As if the sides of his mouth were touching his ears. His father began to spoke after.

"Well, Ashura and I had came with an agenda to train you. I thought with the both of us, it would be unlike the training you and I have done in the past. But now I see you have another promising young man here. Nice of you to make friends in the Cloud Village son. Maybe you two can be as close as Ashura and I."

"Yeah, Kyson's really cool. I am glad we met. I am also glad you two came at the time you did, because I was about to give him that work. Ha ha ha." Royalty laughed quite loud after saying this. He knew it would trigger a reaction from his fellow genin.

"Well, that cockiness comes from me, Cha Ha," his father laughed. "But listen, since you haven't seen your uncle in quite some time. How about you two go and catch up on some things. He'll teach you a few new things that maybe I did not touch up on. He also has something from your mother. But only when he deems you worthy of it. Kyson, you should come with me. I'll show you a few basics and tips. Maybe you'll get lucky and learn a few more things. You never know Cha Ha," Royalty's father finished my laughing.

"Yes, Royalty, It would be nice to get to talk to you more. I really want to see you strive for greatness. I am going to make sure you're unlike these other shinobi who think they have it all. Remember, the mind is a powerful weapon. It will help greatly in future endeavors. Come with me," said Ashura. He gestured for Royalty to follow him. They were moving to one corner of the training grounds. Royalty waved at his father and Kyson.

"See you guys soon! Kyson, you better not slack and come back prepared to spar again! ha ha."

(818 words)
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Kyson <3

Fame : 68
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Water, Wind, Earth
Clan : Hozuki
Bloodline : Hydrification
Ryo : 38973

PostSubject: Re: Ascension (P , NK)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:07 am

As Kyson and Royalty's father walked towards the other side of the training grounds. He was was ready to train Kyson.

"Now, are you ready for your training?" Royalty's father asked.

This is the first time Kyson has ever been personally trained before. He felt delighted that he was being trained by a shinobi that was a lot stronger than him. But he never thought thought the person that will be training him would be Royalty's dad. Kyson new this training would be tough for him. But he is always determined to get stronger and to further his abilities. So he was more than ready and up for the challenge.

"Yeah I'm ready." Kyson said with determination.

"The move I will be teaching you is called "Water Release: Snakes Mouth." The father implied.

The moment he finished his sentence Kyson's face lit up with with and excitement. He felt as if he was on his way to becoming an Hokage just from learning this one jutsu. Even though, that is highly unlikely, if not impossible. But words couldn't describe how Kyson about what he was being taught. The young shinobi was about to learn his first real jutsu.

"OH MY GOSH! REALLY?! LETS GO I'M READY!!" Kyson should with huge enthusiasm.

"Ha ha, calm down kid I'm, Now let me demonstrate to you. Now listen carefully.. you start of with the hand seal Monkey then Rat then Tiger then Dragon then Horse then Dragon. The jutsu can be performed by being near a large amount of water or expelling water from your mouth. Now what this jutsu is suppose to do is generate a spinning column of water which takes the form of a snake with a gaping jaw. Now when you make the water snake, it can twist and follow your opponent and swallow them. Let me show you a demonstration. I'm going to use the jutsu on that target dummy over there." Royalty's father said to Kyson as he explains the technique to him.

Royalty's father began to the hand signs needed to do the Water Release: Snakes Mouth jutsu. As he was building his chakra, he opened up his mouth preparing to have large amounts of water to start rushing out of his mouth. As water was building up water in his mouth. Suddenly..


A large spinning column of water was generated from the father's mouth forming a huge snake with a high speed force tearing through the air. As the snake was dashing high speed towards the target, it completely obliterated the target dummy leaving nothing but little small scraps behind. It was one of the most amazing things Kyson has ever seen. he can't believe he's being taught this technique at this age. It was a dream come true for him.


"I'm glad your entertained." Royalty's father said with a smile.

"Now, you ready to try it out for yourself?" 

"Yes sir." Kyson said. 

"Great, now remember everything I told you. Since we aren't near any lake or large amounts of water. You must use your chakra to build up the water inside your mouth and shoot it out like a huge cannon." The father replied.

"Right." Kyson said with a lot of enthusiasm.

Kyson stood up straight, took a deep breathe and closed his eyes. Kyson was calm and relaxed as he was prepared to perform the jutsu. As he proceeded to doing the hand signs for the jutsu, he began to build up his chakra and combining it with his water element to shoot it out his mouth. Kyson felt a small amount of water starting to build up in his mouth as he was building up his chakra. After he finished performing his hand signs for the jutsu. He was ready to shoot the water out. And then suddenly...

*Drip drip drip drip*

"Did I miss something?" Kyson said with a confused look.

I seem Kyson had done the just incorrectly and he didn't have nearly the amount of water build up to perform the jutsu. As he sits there with a puzzled look, the father replied...

"Its because you didn't build up enough water using your chakra, I know this is you first time performing the jutsu, so I don't expect for you to perform it on your first try. Concentrate and little more and really push yourself. I know you can do it. My son was never the type of person to have close friends. So for you to be his first person he can actually call a friend, means something. Now lets go again.? " The father implied. 

"Right!" Kyson replied after hearing some inspiration from the father.

Kyson relaxed himself and built up his chakra. He now began to do his hand signs for the jutsu. He began to combine his chakra with his water element. And he is now ready to perform the jutsu again. Here goes nothing.

*Drip drip drip drip*

"Damn it!! Again!?" Kyson said with some anger.

"Your not building enough chakra kid. You have to build up more chakra in order to complete the jutsu. Now lets try again. I have faith in you, we are going to keep trying again until you get it. I want you and my son to get stronger and I'm going to make sure you are not going to be left behind." The father said.

Kyson felt a sense a joy when he heard what Royalty's father said to him. It is as if he treated Kyson like he was his own son as well. Kyson never had anyone in his life that really gave him support after his parents had passed away. It seems as if Kyson is more determined to complete the jutsu the more he fails. Kyson hates the thought of giving up, especially if had to deal with getting stronger. So the young shinobi was ready to try perform the jutsu again.

"Alright lets do this." Kyson said with a serious face.

Kyson repeated the same steps he did before. He relaxed him self, stood tall, and began to build his chakra. Now, began to perform the hand signs again. After he perform the hand signs, he was now ready to do the jutsu. He opened his eyes  getting ready to perform. And then suddenly... water started water-falling out of Kyson's mouth. Even though the jutsu failed again, it was a better result than what he did before.

"Ehhh a little better but you have to really build up your water and chakra and shoot it out of your mouth. I think I know what your problem is. You seemed to be a little too relaxed. It is okay to be relaxed but when your too relaxed you tend to feel a little weaker, lazier  and nonchalant. Stiffin' up a little more." The father suggested.

"Alright." Kyson said.

Repeating the same steps, he stood tall with a little more stiffness and readiness. He was building up his chakra and water as he began to do his hand signs. Now once again, he is ready to perform the technique. Could he do it this time. As he is about to perform the jutsu.


The jutsu was a fail again, but the water that Kyson shot out was more like a water gun then a long column of water. But it was a lot more better results than he had the last few trials.

"Hey you actually got the hang of it a little, now your learning. I am going to be honest with you. This jutsu I am teaching you is really difficult for someone your age to perfect. But again, I have a lot of faith in you and I know you will perfect." The father said with high hopes for the young shinobi.

"I will not leave this training ground until I have perfected the jutsu." Kyson said with determination.

"I like that attitude. Now, you still seem to not be building up enough chakra. This time I want you to really push yourself and really build up a lot of chakra and shoot it out with all the power you got." The father said.

"Okay, I'm ready" Kyson said.

This time he just felt different, he just felt he had the determination to really perform the jutsu perfectly this time. But is it really going to be enough? As he stands tall again building up his chakra and mixing it with his water element, he begins to push his body to build up more chakra and water and adding more force to it. He could feel the chakra building up inside of him getting stronger and stronger. It was a way more different feel than he had last time. He just felt as if he had way more energy built up. As began to do his hand signs and build up his water and chakra even more. He was now once again ready to perform the jutsu. "Here it goes," Kyson says to himself.


The column of spinning water was generated from Kyson's mouth. About half the size of Royalty's father's jutsu. The water snake rammed into the target dummy but not enough to leave it in the same condition Royalty's father left his in.

"WOW! I am actually very impressed Kyson. That was.. well... amazing Cha ha!" Royalty's father said with a surprised look on his face.

"YES I ALMOST DID IT, I ALMOST DID IT!!" Kyson said yelling from the top of his lungs.

"Cha ha, alright kid. Now this time, I need you to pat attention to me." The father said.

Kyson is back to his serious state, and has his eye's locked on to the father preparing to listen to what he is about to say.

"This time, I need you to push yourself pass your limit. I know you built up a lot of chakra on your last time. And I can tell that was a lot for you. But this time I need you to push yourself even harder than that. You have to push yourself to the very limit, if you want to perfect this jutsu." The father said with great importance. 

Kyson nodded his head at the father. More ready than he has ever been. Kyson has more determination than he once ever had. Especially after the last time he tried to perform the jutsu. He had never did anything close to being that powerful. Now He;s prepared to give it everything he's got. He stands with a huge serious look on his face, as if the world had pissed him off and he was fed up with every single thing towards life. So he once again repeated the same steps he did before. As he started building up his chakra he built it up to the point where he left off on his last try. Now his greatest challenge was pushing his chakra even far past that limit. So he pushed and pushed and pushed himself until his chakra and water element was far beyond any limit he has ever reached. He began to sweat due to the amount of pressure he is putting on himself. His body feels like its about to give in but Kyson will not let that ever happen. So he began to build his chakra up even more and he can feel his body reaching his limit as he passes it. So he proceeds on performing his hand signs. After he finished his hand signs, he is now ready to perform the jutsu one last time. Could this be it? Could Kyson actually perform the jutsu this time? He opens his eye's slowly with sharp look of determination. And then he proceeds...


A powerful column of spinning water burst out from his mouth in high speed and such huge power. The water pressure was so powerful, it just barely passed Royalty's father's jutsu. The look on the father's look was explainable, he couldn't even believe what he saw. He was speechless as Kyson was just finishing up his jutsu. The target dummy was left in even more smaller pieces than Royalty's father's jutsu did.

"YESSSSS!!! HA HA, I DID IT!! I PERFORMED THE JUTSU!!" Kyson screamed with total enthusiasm.

"I don't even know what to say. Cha ha you did well kid, I'm proud of you. Come back whenever you want to learn something else you hear me?" Royalty's father said.

"Thanks for everything you done. Ha! And don't worry, I'll be back sooner than you know it." Kyson said with a smirk on his face and a thumbs up.

"Glad to hear it kid, I'll see ya around." The father slowly walks off after putting his and up to tell Kyson goodbye.

Kyson walks off as well after a job well done. He now has learned a new jutsu and is ready to add to the list. But Kyson didn't leave the training ground just yet. He performed the jutsu four more times perfectly in a row to be sure that he had perfected the jutsu. After that, the young shinobi finally went home to rest after a long day of training. What will his next jutsu be?

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Royalty's uncle, Ashura donned an assuring smile. His eyes were vibrantly shining upon the young genin. Time between the two would be exercised to the fullest. Their time apart had been tremendous as a result of Royalty's relocation to the Village Hidden In the Clouds. The contact with his uncle became very subtle. Suna and Kumo were on two ends of the continent. It would have been a miracle for them to have spent equivalent time as Royalty's younger days to when he had finally become a registered shinobi. The bond was definitely still present between Royalty and his father's brother.

"I am so proud of your progress as a young man Royalty. You have grown since you first had difficulty graduating from the academy."

"That was not even my fault, uncle. I had a lot of tasks at hand. I could not have any time to myself. What I needed to do was to sit down and put most of my attention into studying. That is was held me back. You know I had no problem on the test after we moved to the Cloud Village, NONE!"

"I understand that. I am sorry if you thought I meant you were unable to graduate the first time because you were not good enough. That is not the case. Don't be so hasty and jump right into conclusions. That will most certainly hinder your performance as being a great ninja. And it makes for a bad attitude. Ha Ha"

"Oh, well I am sorry I overreacted. I thought you were trying to say something totally different. My apologies, sir," Royalty said while commencing to bow. He had always been very respectful towards his uncle. Their relationship had been flawless. He was his first best friend before Kyson.

"Come one, do not get all sorry and feel discouraged with me, you're still a kid," Ashura said while ruffling Royalty's hair. Royalty donned a frown upon his face. Why did he have to mess up his hair. What the hell.

"Well, what are you going to teach me today?"

"Well first, I want you to show me what you are capable of. I only seen a portion of your fight with your friend, Kyson. Who knows how long you two have been fighting. Now, I want you to come at me, with everything you have got," Ashura let out fake smile. He was baiting the young genin.

"Whatever you say Uncle Ash"

The two shinobi were standing roughly 4 meters from one another. The day had still been beautiful and warm. The lack of sunlight was essential as rays did not burn eithers skin. The beautiful clouds were like they were waltzing gracefully in the sky. Moving with great bliss and serenity. You would only notice their movement if you stood completely still and paid close attention. The ground was firm beneath them. An abundance of grass and a small patch of delicate flowers were to their east, about 10 meters. A tree had been overstretching over them, as branches looked alive and vibrant. Leaves were forest green and this was truly a green environment. Ashura's back had the corner that was previously mentioned.


Royalty charged at Ashura. His speed had been building up. When he was close enough to strike, Royalty threw a high right kick to the left side of Ashura's midsection. Ashura jumped knees up over Royalty's leg. His efforts were nonexistent. He then removed one arm from behind his back. He would then use his left hand to grab Royalty's foot by the heel and use the motion of the kick to spin Royalty in a 360 degree circle using the momentum against him. Royalty had lost his balance and tumbled over.

Not really ever expecting to hit his uncle, Royalty brushed it off and got back up. Ashura's arms were folded behind his back. He signaled for the both to try again. Royalty knew he had to be smart about it. Instead of a straight charge, he needed something more intricate and developed. Royalty started to think. He then came up with a plan. The young Yuka boy proceeded towards Ashura with average speed. At the last second is when he picked it up. He threw a right underhanded punch to Ashura's stomach. It was incomplete however.

Stopping the uppercut the second his arm struck forward, Royalty retracted his fist and swiftly changed his attack to a roundhouse. The way he executed it was so elegant. Royalty basically shifted his bottom backwards and tilted the angle of his body. He was not almost completely upside down. The boy planted his arms on the ground for stability while using his first sweeping leg as a feint to use the second leg as a higher kick towards the neck. It was a quick a smooth motion. Since he twisted his body to the left, Royalty's right foot kicked first but with little power. It was meant to ask as a connector between Ashura and his second leg.

Ashura just smiled at Royalty's futile efforts to strike him. Although he knew it wasn't going to work, the boy continuously tried strike Ashura. As if they were on par. Ashura did not even fall for the first kick. He predicted the unpredictable as Royalty had thought about it for too long. That was his problem. He thought without just doing. Of course it is not always a good thing to do before thinking. But this was a different situation. Ashura was not even planning on hitting Royalty back. This was all a test to see if he had been ready for the training he would receive. Ashura first stepped back out of range to avoid the consecutive roundhouses. Ashura then grabbed the second leg of Royalty's to stop any further spinning from the young boy. His face had been filled with joy. He's been waiting 13 years to the point where he could train Royalty. After all, when they had last spoken, there was a certain level of skill and maturity that Royalty lacked within.

"I like the fact that you switched up your attack midway. Very effective.... Of course not on me ha ha ha," laughed Ashura. He had still been holding the shinobi in his upside down position. "You certainly are bright, Royalty. I can not stress how much I am proud of your progress. When your father invited me to come to see you, I was thrilled. My joy has most certainly exceeded my expectations as of now. Who knew that I would be sparring with the boy whom I watched grow up. Thanks for this moment, Royalty"

"Thanks Ashura, I try ha ha. I am so thrilled too. Even though I know my attacked will not work, it is amazing to even get this opportunity. I revere you so much Ashura, I wish I could save this moment. I most certainly will remember it, But what now?"
Royalty was puzzled. He was not quite sure if Ashura wanted to continue sparring or if this was the end of their training. He had hoped not. It would be amazing if their were more things for them to do together.

"Well, that last move you just used. It reminded me of this one technique. Do you know what Leaf Whirlwind is?"

"Leaf... Whirlwind? Like the Village Hidden in the Leaf? No, I am unfamiliar with the technique. How does it work Ashura."

"Well, it is similar to what you just tried to hit me with. Only , instead of starting with a low kick and ending in a high, you start the other way around. It's a succession of kicks that ends in a low set of kicks."

"Oh cool, so like a sweep at the end?"

"Not necessarily. Here, I'll show you."

Ashura took a deep breath. He then performed seals. A second version of him had popped up next to him after a puff of smoke had appeared seemingly from nowhere.

"Wow, you know the Shadow Clone Technique? That is so cool Ashura,"
Royalty said with much enthusiasm in his voice. This was a popular known technique talked about highly in the Academy. It was the more advanced version of the regular clone jutsu that he had to learn to graduate and become a genin. A lot of students talked about them learning it from their parents when they were older. When Royalty asked his parents, of course it was his mother who got in the way. She figured that the technique was too advanced for her son. It was like she did not want him to evolve as a ninja. What was he going to do? Stay at home and help her in the hospitals all day and night? Certainly not. He could not continue catering to his mother's needs. Being a medical ninja is fun but he could not see it as a career.

"Indeed it is. Now here, allow me to demonstrate the technique. So what you want to do is a few high kicks that distract and disorient your opponent in order to strike low and catch them off guard. It can be a sweeping kick but that is not the main goal."

Ashura jumped back. His shadow clone had been standing there with its guard up. It was prepared for the technique fully. Ashura ran towards his Shadow Clone. He had then jumped into the air, specifically changing the axis of his body so that his legs were forward towards the clone. Like Royalty's last technique, his hands had planted firmly on the ground for support and balance. Ashura's whole body spun this time, unlike Royalty. His feet sweeped the top of his Shadow Clone while still rotating. This is when his kicks lowered until he delivered a few to the midsection, then to the knees, then towards the calves then eventually reaching the ankles. The Shadow Clone dispersed upon the final kick connecting. Ashura did the technique so elegant and fluently. You could tell he was a master at it. It had only been a C-Ranked technique anyhow. Nothing was too special about it. This is why Ashura chose to teach Royalty the technique.

"Boom, do you get how it is similar to your move? It is quite effective if you can land hard and swift kicks in rapid succession."

"Yes, I see. But I do not know how I would come to performing that. It would be hard to spin on my hands while keeping my balance."
Royalty seemed so uncertain of himself.

"Just try it," exclaimed Ashura.Upon saying this, he performed more seals to summon yet another Shadow Clone. It appeared and stood a few meters in front of Royalty. The boy took a deep breath before attempting the technique. He paced himself then charged at the shadow clone. Once in range, Royalty shifted and tilted his body until his feet planted on the ground. Legs are extended outwards as Royalty attempts to spin. His momentum got the best of him though. He uncontrollably spun out before he could get his kicks in and crashed into the clone. Although, this did not disperse it. The clone had a guard up and did not fall with Royalty.

"You're thinking about it too hard Royalty. Also, when you charged, you did not stop before were ready to plant your hands. If you do not slow your roll a bit, your momentum will get the best of you and take over. That is most certainly something you do not want. Now try again. But this time, stop thinking about it so hard and just do it."

"Okay, sir"

Royalty walked back to his starting point. He then took a deep breath and ran towards the clone for the second time. Without really thinking about it, Royalty then, within range, twisted his body to the left. His hands were neatly planted on the floor. His legs were smoothly in motion. A series of kicks attacked the clone at the height of it's neck. The clone had been blocking it's face however. That is when Royalty's kicks became lower and lower, hitting at points such as the waistline, thigh, knee, and shin. Not totally as his Uncle had demonstrated, but it was certainly close. When the clone dispersed is when Royalty heard a familiar clapping noise.

*Clap, clap, clap, clap.*

Royalty then stopped spinning and landed his feet on the ground. He was slightly dizzy.

"Bravo Royalty, you are now a wielder of Leaf Whirlwind. Use at your own discrepancy. You do, however, need slight more practice before you master it. You'll get there in time."
Ashura smiled at Royalty's success.

"Thank you for believing in me. I knew I was not going to let you down Uncle Ash." Through the lightly heavier breathing, Royalty found a way to still smile at Ashura.

"Don't think that is the end nephew. There is plenty more I have to teach you. By the time we're down, I want you to use these techniques in combination to spar with me once more. I hope you will have more success in the future."

"Do not worry Uncle Ash, I will."

"Now let's go get something to eat. Ha ha, I'm hungry. Let's go. My treat."

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Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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It's the next morning after a hard day of training yesterday and Kyson is up and ready to train again. He is going to meet Royalty's father at the training grounds again to learn another jutsu. What will this next jutsu be? And will it be a harder jutsu than the one Kyson just learned yesterday? Kyson quickly gets up from his bed, brushes his teeth and puts on his clothes. He toasts his whole-wheat bread and drinks his water and he is now on his way to the training grounds to meet with the father. He sprints to the training ground due to his excitement for mastering the "Water Release: Snake's Mouth" jutsu. Now he is ready to learn his next one. As Kyson arrives at the training grounds, he see's Royalty's father standing there with his back against the gate with his arm cross. The father quickly see's Kyson and his face went to a smile quickly. He had a sense of proudness on his face after Kyson was able to successfully perform the jutsu better than he did.

"Hey there Kid, what's up." The father said.

"Hey, and nothing much." Kyson said with a smile.

"I see you came here ready to train huh." The father said.

"Hell yeah!" Kyson said with a smirk and his thumb up.

"Well lets get started immediately, I hope you have no plans for today. Because this next technique isn't no pushover. Follow me.." The father said.

They started walking towards an open field area where there was nothing but open area and no equipment around. About what the father said about learning this jutsu and how it was not a pushover. It made Kyson even more excited to learn it bu at the same time he felt a bit nervous because even the last jutsu he perfected wasn't no push over. He had to really push his limits to perform it the way he did. As they arrived to the open field, Kyson looked around curiously, as to what kind of jutsu is getting ready to perform if he needs to be in an open field. Maybe I will be able a army of water dragons or maybe even summon a huge ocean. Those were the thoughts that were going through Kyson's head.

"Now, the technique I will be teaching you is called "Hiding in the Rain." The father said.

"Hiding in the rain?" Kyson asked.

"Yes, for this jutsu you will be able to summon rain thirty meters around your current position." The father explained.

"What can I benefit from summoning rain?" Kyson asked.

"Think about it. Your main element is water, right? So summoning rain combined with your hydrification technique could really benefit you in battle. This technique allows the users to blend in with the rain at a speed of 50 miles per hour to be near by the enemy, undetected. You may blend or solidify your body with the rain at will. And because this technique is fused with your chakra, it is almost impossible for an enemy to find your exact location." The father explained.

"Wow, I didn't even think of it like that. But wait a second, what if it was already raining? Wouldn't the technique be a waste then?" Kyson asked.

"That is true, you could blend in with the rain at anytime when it is not water you created. But if an opponent as jutsu that can detect your chakra signal. Normal doesn't have chakra so the opponent couldn't physically see you, but they could sense you because your chakra would stand out in normal rain. Whereas, if you created the rain yourself with your own chakra. The enemy would have a hard time detecting you because your chakra is infused with the rain and it camouflages your exact location throwing the enemy off." The father explained.

"This jutsu can be extremely helpful in a fight." Kyson said.

There are so many possible stealth and counter attacks Kyson can use by just learning this one jutsu mixed with his hydrification technique.

"Your right, that is why this jutsu is very important and will take time to learn. Now, lets begin. While doing this jutsu yous must concentrate on fusing your chakra with your water element. After that concentrate on mixing those components with the air around and you must sort of imagine and make into the shape of rain. If that makes sense, well here is a demonstration." The father said.

He made the required hand seals needed to perform the jutsu. He stood there calm and relaxed as if he has done this jutsu a million time before. Which isn't something to be surprised about. Especially coming from a shinobi of his caliber. As he stood there for a couple seconds preparing the technique. It happened...

*Drip drip drip drip*

Going from a light drizzle to a medium rain capacity in just seconds. Thirty meters around the him was pouring with rain with Kyson inside of it as well, wetting the both of them.

"Cooooool." Said Kyson with a lot of excitement on his face.

"This is amazing how it is pouring over  here and nothing happening over there. Hey sensei... sensei?"

Kyson had trouble looking for Royalty's father as he blended in with the rain just as he said while he was explaining the jutsu. Kyson could not pinpoint his location and was lost to where he was at. Then all of a sudden Kyson felt a hand on his shoulder as the rain began to weaken. It was Royalty's father's hand that was touching Kyson. He blended in with the rain and sneaked up behind Kyson.

"See how efficient this jutsu? There's hundreds of ways you can use this technique to benefit you. Especially you because of your main element is water and because of your Hozuki bloodline. Now, you try." The father implied.

"Alright, lets do it." Kyson said with a bit of excitement.

Kyson stands tall with a little bit of relaxation in his movement. As he stands there, he is concentrating on fusing his chakra with his water element. After he feels as that he has fused enough of those two components. he then begins to preform the hand seals required for the jutsu. As he finishes performing the hand seals, he now his getting ready to perform the technique for the first time. And he begins...


Kyson opens his eyes to discover if he had done his jutsu correctly or not. He did not feel or hear any signs of raining coming from the sky. He sits there with confusion and wondering why the jutsu didn't work.

"How comes it didn't work? I swear I did everything correctly." Kyson said as he was confused.

"When you are performing this jutsu, it is more than just fusing your chakra and water element. You have to combine it with the air around you as well to transform it into rain. Imagine like a sprinkler hitting you from above or like you are in the shower." The father said.

"Oh okay, I kind of get it now. I'm going to try again." Kyson said with a determined look on his face. 

So he is ready to perform the jutsu again after failing it last time. He stands tall again, getting to fuse his water element and chakra. As he focuses on fusing those two components. He imagines that he is getting hit by a sprinkler to help him fuse the two components with the air around him. Now, he begins to perform the hand seals once more. He is now ready to execute the jutsu.

*Drip... Drip*

It wasn't much but the young shinobi was finally getting somewhere. He was able to make a couple rain drops fall from the sky. But compared to Royalty's father using the jutsu. He still had some ways to go. It seems not enough chakra nor water was added for him to make the amount of rain needed.

"Not bad, but your getting the gist of it. Now, just like the training we did from yesterday when you were doing the Water Release: Snake's Mouth jutsu. Push yourself past your limits. Lets go I know you can do it." The father said as he nodded.

"Right!" Kyson said while he nodded.

"Okay now, lets do it again. Exceed my limit." Kyson said soft to himself.

He stands tall once again. Getting ready to fuse his two components again. Kyson takes a little longer to fuse his chakra and water element this time so he can create more rain than he did last time. As he builds up more water and chakra, he begins to do the hand seals again. After he he finished his hand seals, he retries to perform the jutsu again. 

*Drip Drip Drip Drip*

light rain was beginning to develop. Kyson had executed the jutsu correctly but it still did not have the same caliber has Royalty's dad had. 

"Heyy, I did it." Kyson says while he puts his hands out feeling the rain he created with his chakra.

"Nice job kid, but do not get too happy. You did it half correctly, Cha ha. This rain is good, but you need at least medium to heavy rain in order for the jutsu to be highly effective. Now this time, I need you to exceed past the limit you just did. You have to go further than you ever been and really really push yourself. COME ON I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!" The father yelled with enthusiasm.

Kyson knew he was asking for a lot and maybe it was more than what Kyson could handle. But that definitely was not stopping Kyson. Kyson was always determined to get stronger and made a promise to himself that nothing was going to get in his way. So Kyson look towards the sky with a face of determination and he knew what he had to do.

"Right, I'm ready now. More ready than I ever been." Kyson said with a chuckle.

"Cha Ha, I like the attitude kid. Reminds me of myself from back in the day, Cha ha. Now! Lets go again!" The father shouted.

Kyson began to repeat the same steps immediately after Royalty's father had finished talking. Now he's concentrating on his chakra and water again. Trying to fuse it more and more with each other until he has the right amount to execute the jutsu. But Kyson is still struggling to make the amount of water needed for the jutsu. But still, he needs to push himself to his very limits to perform the jutsu effectively. After he finishes building up the needed amount of water and chakra, he's just about ready to perform the hand seals. The young shinobi is feeling a bit of fatigue kicking in and is starting to sweat from exhaustion. But Kyson is determined and will not let up that easy. Now he is performing the hand seals required for the jutsu. As he begins to form the water, he can feel that there will be more rain this time. As he feels there is enough water built up, he lets it all go like a sprinkler or a shower.

*Drip Drip Drip Drip*

The field went from light rain to medium rain, in just a matter of seconds. Kyson has just successfully completed the jutsu and had better results than his last. The field was beginning to be really muddy due to all the rain the two were creating. 

"Ha! There, I did it." Kyson said with a big smirk on his face."

He began to blend in and out of the rain. Learning to move and maneuver through it with ease. Royalty's father is really impressed with the results Kyson has shown with these past couple days. But this was not the end of their training. Royalty's father wanted Kyson to make his rain even heavier. Even though he had already performed the jutsu successfully. He wants him to really push his limits further than he himself could do. That is how much faith and confidence he had in Kyson. He treated Kyson as if he was his own son and this was the first time Kyson ever felt like he had someone to play as a father figure to him. But it still was not the same knowing it was not his real father. 

"Cha ha, good job kid. You did good. Now, i know this might seem like a little much but this training after all. I need you to go even further than that, okay? I want you to give it all you got and everything inside you." The father said.

"What!? I don't know if I can do more, I mean that is kind of a lot." Kyson said with a shocked look.

"I know I Know what I am asking for is a bit much. If you want we can end the training right here if you want?" The father implied.

But knowing Kyson, giving up is never an option. No matter how hard the job was, he would always make sure he came out on top and successful. And so he said...

"Ha! I never give up. I'll do anything I need to do in order to get stronger. Just watch, I'll make this whole damn world flood if I have to" Kyson with a serious face.

"Cha ha, I love this kid's enthusiasm. Lets see if your really about you say kid. Now! Show me something!" The father yelled.

Kyson started preparing for the jutsu immediately. Building up the chakra and water needed once again. This will be Kyson's biggest challenge yet because to take his limits further than they were already at seemed almost impossible to the young shinobi. He put everything he had into his last success. And now he has to even exceed that. He begins to fuse his chakra and water element. He feels a great amount of fatigue due to his last attempt. Could he really exceed past his past limit? It may have been a little to much for a shinobi of his age and caliber. He continued to fuse the two components, but he feels his chakra and water fusion getting weaker because of the many times he used the jutsu and exceeding his limits. It was like Kyson was drowning and he was on his last breathe. With his chakra and water level simultaneously decreasing and increasing, Kyson is still able to maintain it from the last time he performed the jutsu.

"COME ON, COME ON!!" Kyson yelled while trying to execute his jutsu.

Suddenly, Kyson has finally exceeded his limits from the last time he performed the jutsu. But can he control it? He is struggling to keep it stable as he begins to keep it stable enough for him to do the hand seals. As his hand begin to swear, Kyson beings to perform the required hand seals. As he finished his last hand seal, Kyson felt the jutsu was about to be incomplete due to him not being able to control it. And Kyson screamed...

"AHHHHHHHHHH NOT THIS TIME!!!!" He yelled from the top of his lungs.

*Splash* *Drip drip drip drip drip*

Kyson had exceeded his limit's limit once again and created real heavy rain. He was getting soaked quickly from the rains heavy capacity. Royalty's father was highly impressed but not surprised. He knew the young shinobi would push through. As he smirked at Kyson's succession, he said...

"Hm, I knew you can do it. I never doubted you not one time. You got a bright future behind you kid and i really mean that. You shown amazing progress in just two days. For someone your age, that is incredible. I can see why my son chose you to be his friend. I Hope you two can far and even surpass me and Ashura someday. I have high hopes for you kid." The father said proudly. 

"Thank you, that means a lot coming from my rival's father." Kyson said with a cocky smirk.

"Rival ehh, Cha ha. But I need you to do one last thing before we call it a day. I want to come at me stealth without me detecting where you a..." The father said while feeling a hand on his shoulder.

Kyson had sneaked up on the father while he was midway in his sentence. Combining his Hydrification jutsu with his "Hiding in the Rain" Technique. 

"Already ahead of you sensei, ha ha." Kyson said with a smirk.

"Your special kid, It is clear that you got what it takes to be a strong shinobi. Lets see if you can keep up this work ethic in the future when I am no longer teaching you anymore. And who knows, maybe one day we will have a little friendly spar." The father implied.

"Ha! You can count on that. And who knows,maybe that day will come sooner than you think." Kyson said with a cocky tone.

"Cha! We'll see about that kid," the father said while laughing.

As the two shinobi laughed and having a great student and teacher talk with one another. Kyson undid his jutsu and the rain began to stop. They both said their goodbyes as they began to go their separate ways home. Kyson being in a great mood because he was able to go past limits he never could have imagined. And to learn a B-Rank skilled jutsu at the age of 12 was extraordinary. It is obvious that Kyson and Royalty will become strong shinobi and neither of them will let up and let the other one pass them. 

As Kyson heads back home after a longer day than yesterday. He knows this is only the beginning and he still has a long way to go. Determined to be one of the strongest shinobi in the world. He will train everyday with no sleep if it is needed to become the best. As the shinobi reaches his home and walking to his bedroom. He immediately passes out on his bed after reaching his limit after today's training.

(Words: 3037/3000 for "Hiding in the Rain" Jutsu)

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Ascension (P , NK)
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