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 the veil in plain sight (open,nk)

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Yensung Aburame <3
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 57
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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, earth
Clan Element : none
Bloodline : Aburame
Ryo : 2550

PostSubject: Re: the veil in plain sight (open,nk)   Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:58 pm

Yen nodded with a smile and approval as kagusa left "thank you and 've safe my friend" yen would state as he observed the man silently leave. Yen then gazed at the tree as he smiled and continued thought on kagusa and his ability. Hope that ability pans out well he made quiet some progress and surely he will make even more progress. Still it was impressive yet now I must complete this technique. Yen thought to himself as soon the man's presense was beyond him. Taking in account of the progress of the technique yen would scratch his head as to direct a genjutsu fully it would have to have some way  to fully become wether subtle was not best word but capeable to successfully rapidly change in a inhibiting manner.  As such a technique would not be able to lock down an opponent completely it would suit better as an inhibitation.

Effects always vary when a genjutsu and as yin yang release its to my will and choice so perhaps the fact that one is used to the dimensions of a predictable life pattern natural to the senses and second nature to us as is talking and communication, although if one were to break this order it would disrupt ones normal balence and further more personal perception. As a genjutsu lasts it often gives way yet as do all , yet I want to keep the madness dancing for throes who dare to stand before me as the grandest challenge to overcome is themselves and taking stand of their reality. This technique will arrest that option by reversing the way their mind and body works to such a degree should not be handled a tragic slip worth the legends occurs. It is only natural to react to the unknown in fear and uncertainty, this is what this technique works for as only a mad man would do this.

Yens barrage of thoughts went through as he finished taking a moment of rest as he glared his chakra and further enforcing the force behind it putting the power into his chakra as the wave escaped the animals around sensed the chakra and scattered as some were caught looking at yen twitched as in their confusion ran forward, yet to yens surprise they began to trip as it seemed their sense of direction was compromised as a moment later the animals around him spazimed as the bird had expired in its fright and confusion the animals began to feel their own freedom compromised beyond something they couldn't see eyes bugging out and confused yen released such a technique as many animals limped away some layed there unsure of their sorroundings while they confirmed their world was normal and their own.

Even the animals sense the change as it would be quiet challenging to handle such a technique despite the power it's properties are truly chaotic in the works as the gears begin to turn in the fundamental aspects of existance as the seizing of control only berates further to a resistance of that which lies beyond others. Truely frightful yet this is the cost of melding mind and body with illusion. To cheat the individual with a lie told by other sources  just to confirm so with their own body and mind. The way the body reacts to such changes is madness like the loss of a loved one. Truely sad as the fact remains the loss of something important shocks the body and mind. That there lies the power of changing with this technique not only does one question their body but the world and that it is that made it. Such said the madness of the world. A truely terrifying cost as many would've wondered what is it that drives one to make this? Now I ask myself like pandemonium before it when the madness seeps into one's  heart where is it that the madness comes from? I can only assume that it comes from the basis of many things yet power is a loop in which many encounter and choose to embrace not only as a clutch but a validation of existence to some. Now I stand here digging beyond myself to control what few control but many know. Yet it requires balence a balence that one wave causes many yet just as many come back to the orgin. What fire burns from nothing yet after consumption it returns to whence it came? The wind moves with the  company of days where most wonder if the wind died. or yet if  the earth  and all that live within and out on top were it not hold life is it living? Questions answered through our lives and actions. Now further speaking as there is a balence yet not only physical but in its element. Truely to hold the scale up its madness yet incredible at the same time.

Yen thought to himself as his humility got to him as he came to terms with what he is touching. "Truely makes me appreciate all that stands before me and all I can do is thanks to another. Now to follow down a grey path where turns are truely treacherous yet possibilities are equal and great. I cannot wait to see my next development." Yen smiled as he built up chakra and like before he hummed the poem before As he made the the handsigns for his mad world. "Bird as flight be stopped for its freedom, monkey for the wise made fools and fools made wise as they looked on their works in life, monkey as they look onward they further fall down their deceptions for fear of change, ram for the enduring madness that ensures the mad dance, tiger for the fierce retribution that comes across the victims that feel this, Dragon for the mythical dream of their never ending madness." 

Yen released a large wave of grey chakra at the last handsign and smiled it truly was quiet a technique as he noted  that its full strength had indeed a limit of 50 meters confirmed by the animals watching with beady eyes beyond the tree where kagusa placed his make shift target. The loss from practicing was minimal to yen yet the training took its toll with bending light and darkness chakra  to his effect and will. Glancing at the sky yen noted the sun heading west ward towards its decent and that indeed he worked the effect was powerful and truely a marvel as yen noted the time. Most his day had gone by and the time he spent making the technique and talking to kagusa was grand as yen once more looked back in reflection to kagusa in thought.  Yet it appears time runs short till I must get home. Yet I wonder what is it that he will choose and what his paths will will be as there are no wrong answers but consequences to our actions should he not falter and stead fast there are even no consequences that are damaging unless remorse. I hope he makes the choices with the responsibility of such power though. Yen thought to himself as he headed through the woods and into the gates yen thought on another technique as the power of such a technique almost left yen wondering the next step in a new technique. It was quiet a challenge to make one yet how far to go was the question in making such things? It perplexed the aburame as it was quiet the fact. Yet yen as he neared home finally came up with a technique to make as his thought on the spectrum of yin yang release was truely impressive. "Theres a call now for a yang to further the clock. Or I can do something quiet impressive that will make this yet another stepping stone. The more I test the boundaries the wider the path becomes yet the dangers still lurkl even more pressing as the path is more fragile then straw in the field. I am confident that this will be a fun' adventure." 

Yen chuckled as he entered as hota wasn't home yet he had time to set through with the notes of his genjutsu and a comparison and contrast of both pandemonium and the genjutsu he called mad world. The true startle to yen was his dedication to the genjutsu opened a nice new door as throes who made and specialized in genjutsu would find quiet  a possibility of making earth shattering techniques.  and to think that this release is a it will be quiet a marvel of another were to make their own techniques with this. Shame  while so many deal damage these do quiet the opposite perhaps my next one can be to my fullest imagination and truely take the prize as one that drives people into madness I wonder what universally makes a ninja go mad? Everything going wrong? Perhaps that's true. Seems like I have another technique on my hands as the works ah the gears keep turning as the veils unravel before my eyes doors lead to other doors as the challenge truely breaks free. My next one will be a true challenge for this is my ambition to open the doors and explore the unknown.  Yen thought to himself as he finished the last of his notes and took to memorize the facts before destroying the notes.

Wc: 4,544/4500 for mad world

(Exit claiming 2,400 ryo and learning mad world)

who said it was easy?

yensung aburame

insect stats:

yens stats:
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Akihana Akari

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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
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Clan Element : Light
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Ryo : 47000

PostSubject: Re: the veil in plain sight (open,nk)   Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:59 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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the veil in plain sight (open,nk)
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