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 Akuma-lated knowledge

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PostSubject: Akuma-lated knowledge    Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:13 pm

Jun Slid on her slacks. The smooth fabric ran easily up her freshly showered legs. She buckled her pants, up and reached for her shirt. As she did her arm pulsed slightly. She stopped and looked at the thing. She stretched it out a bit, and tried to work out any kinks that she had from exercising she’d been doing the night before. She was really stepping up her training lately. And boy it was showing off, her bod was rocking now a days. The boys and the girls of her village were giving her plenty of hungry stares.

She grabbed her shirt with an arm that was not quite her and put it on. She'd never expected her first year as a ninja to be so hectic, so absolutely strange. She'd never expected to become this strange amalgamation of people that she'd become, but she had. She said amalgamation like she was some sort of hideous monstrosity, but she wasn't. Jun was still cute and girlish. Boys still hit on her all the time to her chagrin. She was still very much Jun, she was just a slightly greyer version of her. The things her friends had given her were gifts and she couldn't think of them as anything less. They'd given up everything just so Jun could have her shot at changing the world. They'd given her a great burden, but also a great power as well. 

She was Jun Tengai, wielder of Samneric, and suppressor of many stats. Look out world! Here she comes!

Fully dressed and with clothes on her back Jun made her way down stairs. Her dark pink hair was neatly combed, and smelled of fresh shampoo. The house's air with thick with the smell of bacon and cooking eggs. Jun's mom was the best cook in all of the Hidden leaf. Too bad her delicious cooking was only for the men and women of the Tengai house. Jun could never get a read on who her mother was. She was a strange creature to Jun. So unusual. Jun knew that she was a heartless monster who physiologically tortured her daughter for twenty years to make her into the perfect weapon, whether she’d succeeded or not Jun didn’t know, but it’s sure messed up her life. Now she was cooking bacon. From monster to betty crocker in a few short days. How was that so? How did a person have such a duality in their head that they could just switch from one to the other without even blinking an eye.

Jun took himself a deep breath as she set foot into the kitchen. Today was the day. Today was the day she was going to find out the truth of the Tengai family, and just who they really were. As usual her mom was at the kitchen, her curvy form wrapped up in a dress and apron. Even more usual with her father hidden away behind a newpaper. Jun often wondered what it was about the news that made Tengai Senior neglect his family. How could staying up to date on the news be so important to a man?

"There you go hun." Jun was shocked out of her brief moment of thought by the sound of a plater clattering on the dinner table. Jun looked down and saw a egg and bacon smiley face looking up at her. She smiled and felt her heart warm. Her mom was such a dork. Her mom set down her own plate and the Tengai clan was assembled once more. Jun and her mom talked and chatted as her father read away at the paper with a laser guided focus. As this went on Jun closed her eyes. When she was in the basement she did everything she could to dream that this would one day be her invorment. It was such a dream to her. Now she finally had it, and she was trying to break it apart. She almost felt bad. But they were keeping something from her, and she needed to know what it was.

Every second of the breakfast Jun thought about how she'd ask it, how she'd say it. The way she'd say it, the tone, the timing, the look she had on her face. It had to be perfect. This was a question that would determine therest of her life, so she had to be very precise and direct about it, while also being cool and subtle. "Are both of you my real parents?" Smooth moves, Jun, smooth moves. It wasa common phantasy for a child to dream that they were the offspring of another family. Something fantastic or something jnust different. Jun was no different.

Mom dropped her fork, and dad dropped the newspaper.

Jun had regretted it all just for the look of pure betrayal that her mother had on her face. Her father just gazed at her with smoldering black eyes. he wasn't mad, she just looked terribly confused. Which Jun certainly was at this moment. They had phsycologically tortured her for years! And now they were making feel guilty! This wasn’t fair!

"Why would you say that?" Her mom whimpered drying her face with a napkin.

Jun gulped. She wanted to wade into the water before going this deep, but it looked like she'd just gone a head and jumped into the shark tank head first. Head first with two bleeding ankles. 

"It's just that recently I discovered I have a power. It's a power that no other Tengai has, and it just makes me wonder."

Her mom sighed. "Your lord of the bit ability is because you’re the scion of the Akuma family. She assured her.

Jun's father shook his head. "That's not what it means, is it Jun?" he slumped forward and looked his girl in the eyes. "What sort of powers do you have?"

Jun gulped again. Here we go. "These." She whispered activating her Akuma. Both of her parents even her father gasped upon seeing them. Haha! They hadn't been expecting that had they? They both felt their bodies being weighed down by Jun’s great charka presence "It's called the superiority sinker, and and no other member of the Tengai family posses it. So Why is it that I can use them?" There it was. All out on the table. Her heart was beating but it is something that she had to know. Even if it changed her family forever she had to know the truth. "Why am I like this?"

Her father said nothing but it was clear he was about to. he had one hand over his mouth and was gazing into Jun's eyes with amazement. There was a brief and very heavy moment of silence in the house before at least the head of the Tengai Clan Spoke. "At the edge of the land of fire towards the Sea there is a single mountain that overlooks a town called Single Bridge. That's where I clan is from. We own and maintain a temple there, your uncle maintains it with her family. Up in that mountain there is a Tengai who is supposed to be more than two hundred years old. The original Tengai some say. No one has seen him in generations because she won't let anyone. She says she'll only meet the Tengai who holds the Akuma. he's been waiting for you Jun. I don't know how or why, but you've been given the greatest gift out clan could hope for. Our founder has been keeping himself alive just to meet you. You're very much our Son, y boy. You just happen to be slightly more blessed than any of us could of dreamed."

Jun felt like she got her in the face by a baseball bat swung by a silver backed gorilla. "Original Tengai? 200 years old? single bridge? destiny? Jun?! Jun? Jun!

Her father nodded sagely. "You leave today. Go pack your things, I'll go grab you something."

Her mother hugged her tightly, squashing her into her breasts. "Oh Hunny I'm so proud of you. Please be safe. We'll be ready for you come back. Oh my little man. I have to go, I think I'm going to cry."

Cry? Man? Destiny? Akuma? Uncle? Mountain? Journey? Thing? Thing!

Jun was looking down at her bag which was now completely packed. When had that gone down. She looked around and noticed that she was now in the middle of her room. Wasn't she just in the kitchen. Oh wow. She'd been so confused that she'd packed up everything in total zombie mode. Dang she'd been like a zombie or something.

She grabbed all of her belonging and ventured down to the living room. Alright time to become a man Jun. Time to become a man! "I'm the man I'm the man, I'm the man. Yes I am yes I am yes I am."

Her parents were waiting for her in the living room with the proudest looks possible on their faces. Her mom had a bento rolled up in her hands, and her father had what looked like a short katana. "Alright guys, I'm ready."

Her father smiled, and went first. This felt like it was the most Jun had ever seen her father smile. "Jun I've taught you every thing I know about the sword, so on your journey to become a man I want you to have this." She held out the sword and presented it to Jun. "This is the Blade of Tengai. Every thing our clan knows about the sword is based upon the original techniques used by the user of her blade. It goes beyond out clans' inception." Jun unsheated the sword and it had a nice blue tint to it. "With this blade our clan has made the world a better place for generations. When you look into the blade you can see the good in people's hearts. It belongs to you now son. I know you have Samneric and I'm very jealous of that, but I want you to have this. While Samneric will let you carve out good in the world. The blade of Tengai will let you realize the good that is already there."


Wise words

Pack over her shoulder and a glimmer in her eye jun set out to take on the world and find her pace in it. Up above the sky was amazingly azure. It’s pure blueness was almost too pure and too true for a mortal mind to truly grasp. However Jun was not a normal human. She was a human who was going on a coming of age story. She needed to know if she was going to commit to being evil, or actually travel down the parth of goodness and virtue, and truth as well. She was a creature in metamorphosis. A butterfly in her crystalizes. So she was more naturally sensitive to things like this. You know. Like how beautiful and blue the sky actually was on her journey. Very. Jun traveled forth under the sapphire canopy of the land of fire, her heart light with hope for the future for the first time in her life. She was the chosen one. Tat was pretty cool. How many people  a day get to say that they’re the chosen one? Not everyone. Hopefully. Other wise the title probably wasn’t something all too special. Still life was good and she was living it.

She travelled through the plains of the land of fire thought the green fields. As she traveled forwards the grass grew higher and higher up her body until she was waist deep in the tall grass. You know, where the raptors go. It was strange it was almost like seeing a hill rise. The grass just went up and up and up until it could swallow an entire human. It was almost like it was alive. Okay it was alive. But sentient in a way. The road was overgrown with grass and a person could easily lose their way. The grass would wrap around Jun before she tugged herself away to freedom. It like like she was in another one of those dive bars. It got so bad that eventually she needed to take out he sword and start chopping away at the high grass. The foliage gave way to her glowing blue sword and it was no use fight at all. Before he blade the blades of grass fell. They didn’t even try to parry or clash blades with her. How pitiful this plant life was. Still the going was slow, and she wasn’t going to get through it anytime soon.

In fact. As she went forward the grass started to get thicker and thicker. Almost fibrous. Yup yup, that’s getting really heavy. The grass started to become woody. Barky. Grass became stick stocks of almost corn. Then it became like wood. Tiny little trees that she was wading through. Isn’t that crazy? Then the trees got bigger. Higher up. Beyond her shoulders, over her head. She was no longer wading through a see of grass. She was now squeezing through the holes that the compressed trees made between one another. Luckily she was a slender little thing this Jun Tengai.

Soon she was wading through a full blown forest. Trees, bushes, vines, lions, tigers bears, everything. And it just hopped out of no where. In the middle of some savanha, then forn field it just popped up. Jun had her blade in her hand and hacked at those vines like a pro adventurer. She leapt over roots, and ducked under three branches. There were the sounds of wild animals all around her, but she wasn’t too worried. As soon as they caught scent of her aura they turned tail and ran like coward cats, what chumps.


It wasn’t long before she was lost. Because this jungle forest was immense and dense. She couldn’t believe that something like this wasn’t on the map. It was titanic. On the map there was just a few acres of woods, this thing went on for miles. It was horrible. She instantly became loss, and just started cutting her way thought trees and plants willy nilly. She had to get out her pent up frustration somehow, because this place was driving her insane with frustration and rage. Then she went face first through a spider web and her entire life changed.

“Hey watch where you’re going!” Came a girls voice not long after Jun found her face covered with white sticky webbing.

Jun freaked out! There was someone else in here with her. Oh god that was so creepy! “Who said that?”

“Me!” Oh god they were invisible! Who was she suppose to fight someone who was invisible? Well her aura affected all so that wasn’t really that big of a worry really. Wait! What’s that a spider on a tree. And it was talking to her! A talking spider, with a voice, a human voice that could talk. English. “You just broke my home with your face! How would you feel if I broke your home with my face.”

“I wouldn’t like that spider lady.” She whispered like she was a naughty school girl. “I don’t think you could either, you’re a tiny spider.

“How would you like it if I bit and poisoned you then.”

“I wouldn’t like that.”

“Then you better start talking to me with some resepct. Do you have any idea who I am?”

“A spider.”

Correct, but what sort of spider.”

“A poisonous one if I’m picking up on these context clues you’re putting down.”

The spider just sighted and but two hands to her face to double face palm Jun. “No. I’m the contract holder for the spider clan. And you owe us now. That was some quality real estate that you just trashed and I’m going to make you pay.”

“I don’t have a lot of money.”

“Not like that. You’re going to pay in service! By bringing glory to the name of spiders! “ Well that sounded easy enough.

“So You’d guys let me summon you in battle?”

“Only if you showed off how cool we are!”

“Yeah sure that sounds cool?”

“That’s as close to enthuisam as we are going to get from you, alright!” eh spider then began to spin a web on the side of a tree. It formed into sort of a piece of paper and it had writing on it. Spider web contract! Jun shrugged slit her thumb signed her name and gave the spider a thumbs up.

“Exit to this place?”

“Over yonder.”


>>> Let's skip ahead to her arrival at One Bridge <<<

"Hahaha." The girl just a little younger than Jun laughed. "That's really funny because I thought you were a boy!"

Jun dropped her face to the ground. People could be so cruel! "No, no, no, no I promise I'm a girl! That's why we can't sleep in the same bed! It'd be. Well it'd be just inappropriate. That's what it would be. "

Her cousin Mercy just laughed. "You're silly Jun. Okay I'll take you to one of the girl's dorms after dinner. You can sleep in my room if you want!" The rest of the Tengai family laughed at the blunder.

"Thank you." Jun sighed finishing off her meal. "Thank you very much for the Dinner Aunt Tan, it was delicious."

"Oh it was my pleasure Jun!" The Plump aunt replied with a smile. "I'm just sorry we couldn't offer more this visit. The weeds have been ferocious this year. They've all but killed off our entire harvest this year. We're going to have to dip into our savings to get through the winter this year I'm afraid." That was true. That was totally true. She reconized it now! The forest on the way here! It was so overgrown with life! Tree upon tree! At first she’d thought it was just a really healthy forest, but now that she thought about it, the whole scene looked a little strange. The wood kind of sickly. That was interesting to say the least.

"Oh I'm sorry to put such a burden on you guys."

Jun's uncle, a Moustached older man just let out a bawdy laugh. "Think nothing of it girl! You're one of our own! Besides you're the Choosen one among us! We should have sacrificed all of our meals just to make sure you were properly fueled up for your climb tomorrow. 

Jun was pretty nervous about that. "Oh there's no need for that!" She laughed nervously. As she did the camera zooms out and sees that that table Jun is sitting out is actually a huuuuge banquet table. "Besides I don't think I could handle eighteen people's meals!"

>>> Up on the Mountian! <<<

Jun had no idea that her uncle had so many children! One thing was for sure here was zero pressure on her to have a child and carry on the family name! She was wrapped up in a light purple winter jacket. With furry over the hood. The mountain was cold and snow this time of year.

It seemed that the closer she got to the tip of the mountain the thicker the forest that grew from it got. Rock had long given away to roots, and branches. Her uncle said that this had only happened in that last decade, but it had happened fast. You could hardly see the mountain under the giant leaf-less tree that was growing off of it. If Jun's guess was right it was all one big organism. A single tree that covered an entire mountain, it was pretty amazing.

She'd been hiking from the time the sun came up until well past it went down. The Moon was high and the sky and Jun was almost at the shrine she knew it. She just needed to go a few more meters and she would be there. 

She knew she was at the right spot because coming out of a cliff side like a door, was the Tengai clan symbol carved into a gargantuan slab of stone. "This is it." Jun thought activating her Akuma. It was time to see just what this destiny of her was. She looked upon the symbol with her Akuma and the clan symbol turned red. It started to fade and was replaced with the demon head of the Akuma. Then when the Akuma was in place they started to spin before the slab split and half and made way for Jun to enter. 

The inside of the mountain smelled musty and damp. It smelled like it hadn't been opened up in decades. Which if the stories were right it hadn't. Which if true meant that the original Tengai was dead. Which if true mean that Jun would have to go tomb raider on this place and find the secrets for himself. Which could be a coming of age type of thing on it's own, if you think about it.

However to everyone's surprise especially Jun's the original Tengai was not dead. She entered into the mountain, walked for what seemed like years down a single corridor. Until she came into a chamber. Inside that chamber was a man encased completely from his waist down in roots. Almost like they were growing out of him. he was ancient beyond reason, and looked nearly like a mummy before they dried out. His long white hair reached the floor, and his breath was heavy and labored. "You've come at last." he creaked with a voice heavy with dust and cobwebs. "That Akuma. I started to think that I would never see one again. Please come into my humble shrine."

"Oh my god, you're real." Jun whispered approaching the man.

"Of course I am." The old man laughed. "I assure you I was much more impressive when I was your age. But no need to dwell on the past. For the future looks so bright now that you're here. Tell me about yourself my sweet."

Jun bowed and got on her knees. "I am Jun Tengai. I'm a ninja of the Village of the Leaf. I have the Akuma branches’ sacred power, and I came here to find my destiny. Find out why I have these powers."

"Tengai eh?" The man growled. "So you all still hold onto that name? I've never hear of this leaf village. I must have been gone for some time. Akuma eh? Then you are far more prolific with them than I could have ever dreamed. Good that'll make awakening your potential all the more easier. Very well young lady. If you're ready to learn the truth about our Clan I will teach you. Are you ready?"

Jun nodded her head. "I am."

The old man nodded her head and began. "Long before I founded your clan I was a Tengai." Gasp! That would explain why Jun was one of his ancestors! Genetics. It all made sense now! They were kin! "Out of my four brothers and sisters I was the only one without a ability. Still I was a noble fight and when my clan went to war with the Senju I joined, and slew man. Despite my disability I became the most renown swordsman in the land. Yet even with my skill I could not defeat one of my siblings even once. With their Abilities they were too far above me. Every other clan fell before the Tengai's all but one The Senju. They were the only clan who could even hold a candle to my own. So I took it. I took the body of one of their clansmen, and ran to One Bridge with my wife and son, Tengai. There we made out roots. With my wood release I created a mighty forest to defend the town from invades and protect my children. But old age is the most patient of all enemies. Before I even had a change to challenge my siblings to battle they were all dead and I was an old man leading a young clan. I knew if I only had the Akuma I could make my Clan one to be respected and feared. I only needed to wait. I passed down my knowledge of the Akuma to my heir. Telling them that if one of our own developed it to send them to me. I went into exile. I used theses roots I'm stuck into to gather nutrients from the mountain to sustain me. I never left, and have only meditated since then. Reflecting on my duty to my family and the world. And with you here I only need one thing."

Wow Jun was stunned. That's how her clan was formed? That's amazing. She was like royalty or something. It was such an everyman story. That's the heritage of the Tengai family. Just an average guy who got delt the wrong hand and still made the best of it! That Was Jun's story too. For not the first time in her life, she felt pride in her family. "What's that?" Jun asked.

"Blood." The man croaked. 

The words of CoRin rung in her ears. That her organs were treasures coveted by all the world. "WHAT?"

She explained the origin of the Tengai and Senju. "These roots that come out of me, are hundreds of years old. Their roots reach for miles in every direction, but I don't have the life force to sustain anything but their craggy roots and thorns. With the Akuma and the power of a demon, I could sprout fruit trees of every kind out of every plant for hundreds of miles. Sustained by the infinite energy of the The Akuma draining ability. It would collect more sunlight than any plant possibly could.  they would never wilt. Never need water, or even sunshine. Winter, Springs, Autum, summer. It would always be harvest time. World hunger would vanish. I've learned that you'll never fight your way to world peace, but we just might be able to grow our way there. I need your blood to achieve that. The blood of my own child."

Jun was in tears. It was so beautiful. This must be where Jun got her pure heart from. "I would love to be a part of that." She was born to be a weapon, so the ultimate F you to the parents would be to become the savior of the world. . "But is there some way we could test it on the small scale first, just to be sure it works?"

The old man sighed. "You don't trust me? Fine if you can afford to let the hungry wait. The roos I control has the power to temporarily transfer it's powers into the body of another. We could use that weaker version to do your small scale test."

"Sounds good."

Jun approached the old man. For ten minutes she would grant her the power of Jun's blood. She hoped this worked. If jun could be a person who helped bring an end to world hunger, and bring about world peace, that'd be incredible! Beyond belief. 

"Thank you my daughter." the old man sighed as she received Jun's Power. "At last I can finally bring the Tengai name out of the dirt. We can hold our heads high."

Jun was taken back by that. She took a step away from the tree dude. "You speak as if the Tengai had something to be Ashamed of."

"Don't we?" The man asked.

Jun gasped! "You're ashamed of the Tengai? Ashamed of your Family?"

"Why wouldn't I be? We're nothing but second rate Tengai's without their powers. Normal people can't hope to match a clanned ninja even with skill like mine!"

"That's not true!" Jun shouted angrily. "I've never once felt inferior to a Ninja with a KKG. Even before I got my powers I..."

The Man snorted and formed the snake hand sign. "Oh don't get all uppity, like you're the chosen one. You getting those eyes was nothing more than a lucky birth. Even if I wasn't born with the Akuma. It was statistically likely that some one in my branch would be eventually. We're Still Tengai by DNA after all. Haha! Luckily Jun had never fooled himself into thinking she was a choosen one. An ego much too small is what Jun had. She was about to retort but the felt roots grab a hold of Jun's lets. She looked down and could see the Bark crawling up her legs. "I can't control them without the Akuma, but with it's power these roots are all an extension of my body. You and everything you and your pathetic little clan has belongs to me. Including you eyes. If you won't give them willingly I'll pluck them from your skull.

Oh hell no! Jun unsheated the blade of Tengai and held it higher.

"Oh my is that my old blade? I'd think the thing to be duller than a Inuzuka by now."

Jun brought blade down upon the roots, and with a heart breaking snap the sword broke in half. 

The old man howled with laughter. "That's awfully symbolic of our clan isn't it. We have this beautiful title, but when we fight anything not mundane we break. Well don't worry Jun. That's all going to come to an end. 

Jun dropped her father's sword and shoved a load of explosive clay into her mouth chewing it up. After she asked the question. "Then what's your real plan?"

The old man shrugged. "It's simple." She announced. "I'll cover the earth with the roots from my tree. Every single inch. Then with the suppression powers of the Akuma  I shall drain energy through all of the wood. Turning this world to ash. Then I'll recreate it with all the energy I collected through the akuma. No KKG no genetic oddities. Just normal humans. Then the Tengai will rise. For among all others we have had to fight for our moment in the sun amongst a sea of Clans."

"You're crazy!" Jun Shouted.

"Cliché." Old Man Tengai countered.

Time to make her move. Jun spat out her explosive tag she kept wadded up in the back of her mouth like chewing gum. disgusting. She tied the explosive tag around the length of the kunai she produced from a pocket "Still have to work on the pottery half of these things. I'll stop you old man! If it's the last thing I do, you're done!" With her Chidori she punched a hole out of the roots and  out of the mountain and out over the forest. Just in time to see the mountain implode on itself thanks to Jun's massive bomb she'd set off. The tip of the mountain collapsed into the core spraying ash into the sky. Okay so Jun may have caused a minor ecological disaster, but she did save the world so everything is square. She Used her spider web powers again to form a path for her down to the forest floor. Dang spiders you were already earning your keep!

And once again the day is saved thanks too...Hark what's that.

A roaring like a monster. The earth trembles like an earth quake. The roots and branches of the trees writed horribly. She turned her gaze upon the mountain and what met her eyes, but a horribly root like monster pulling itself out of the rubble! It was Tengai in his final form! The form of the root monster she'd truly become! "Juuuuuuuun!" She screamed in several voiced all at one. "I will have your blood! This hideous world we live in will come to an end and I will remake it! You'll be the grandest Flower in my garden! Now give me your blood!"

The roots tossed Jun against a tree, and she smacked her head against it with a clunk. "Ow." She whispered. However by complete fate in that same tree was embedded the blade and Hilt of the Blade of Tengai. Jun gazed into it's blue depths, and saw the good deeds that Old Man Tengai had done. They were few, and they were centuries ago. Any goodness in that man's heart had long vanished. Jun carefully grabbed both piece and ran for a clearing. Where She could see Tengai. "Now I see Why my clan has always had so much Darkness!" She shouted placing the piece on the roots then clapping together her hands. "Because yourdarkness is very dark indeed! Ya bastard! Even the nature you make is deadly and ugly. A person like you probably thinks that a forest like this could never be beautiful because these thorns were not born with roses. Well remember this! Even the most mundane of things have potential!" She slammed those hands down and when she did flowers of all breeds and colors began popping up from the root and branches of the trees. They were under her command now! Roses and daphadils puckered all over the forest as it came to life in Jun's hand. Under Tengai Senior the trees were thorny and sharp under Jun they were a blanket of Clover and petals. The silky roots that'd transformed under Jun's care raised her into the sky to oppose Tengai and her Thick Thorny Beast. 

Jun took the two halfs of her father's sword and vines crawled up them. The plant matter held the blade in place. She held the reforged blade above her head, and she felt her Akuma return to her. Better than ever actually. She could feel that it was different now. Like she saw even more than before. She could feel a power surging through her body like never before.

"The Akuma?" The old man gasped. 

Yeah, Jun guessed you could call it that. She held the sword of Tengai above her head and upon the full moon came the images that all the good those who had ever wielded that blade had performed. And it wasn't just the Tengai, it was Corin, Sam, and Eric too"I am Jun Tengai.!" She launched himself forward a surging mass of rainbow colored flowers following her as she did.

Tengai did as well. His torns and roots tearing up the land as he did. Her multitudes of viney tendreils whipped at Jun, but Juns Incredible sight allowed her to dodge them all. Her powers matched with those of CoRin’s shrunk and dispelled every thorn and branch that went out to try and killer her, but it was all in vain! Her depression of the plants was too incredibly strong!

She said through the vines and barbs with something relative to ease. She latched onto a vine and ran up it's length directly towards Old man Tengai. Her long skinny legs making quick work of the length of wood she was running up.

She dashed forward and unleashed her sword. The blade cleaved the ancient man in two. Hhe bleed nothing, only turning to sawdust on his death. He didn't even give any last words, or final moments of realization simply floated away on the wind, him and the rest of his horrid trees. Jun breathed heavily as a large bouquet of flowers caught her fall from the crumbling thorn monster. 

The sun was rising over One Bridge, and the first few rays hit a mountain absolutely covered in flowers of every kind. The fields went on for miles, and while it was incredibly beautiful... Jun fealt sad for anyone who couldn't handle pollen.

>>> Back in One Bridge <<<

"Jun's back everyone!" Mercy shouted running down from the porch to give Jun a big ol' hug. 

Jun blushed just a little. It'd been a busy day, but she was still pretty coy.

"Jun what did you do up here?" Her aunt asked in disbelief. "All of our crops have come back from the dead. They just prung out of the ground along with all of these Tulips!" It was true. The whole of the Tengai temple and complex was covered by Tulips. There were even tulips on the roof!

"Well." Jun began scratching her head with a nervous laugh. "All of my friends always told me that I'd be the one to bring light to the world, but I never really knew what that meant. I met with the Original Tengai, and after a talk with her I think I know what my path has to be now. I learned by road to A better future."

Mercy was sizing Jun up with a steady look. "You know Junny you look kind of different today... you look kind of like a..."

"A woman?" Jun asked with a smile? She let her hair fall out from behind her ears in a feminine way.

"Yeah." Mercy agreed with a smile of her own. "You look like a woman."

(6157, 3k for Advanced Supression, 2k for spider contract, and the rest for superiority sinker mastery)

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What is a missing ninja to do when they’re just wandering around the world with no real purpose in their life? Well Jun wasn’t quite sure. She didn’t really want to commit any crimes against her village, after al she’d only fled in the first place to defend it, now she was just looking for a purpose. Honestly she was thinking about becoming a bounty hunter or something. Hunt down missing nin and take them in for money. That sounded like it could be a challenge but also profitable at the same time. She was born and raised to be the perfect weapon so why not take advantage of that and go all in on the concept? Just full commit to being a weapon use it for your own benefit Jun. She sighed and kicked a rock. She’d been traveling through thte forest of konoha so it was a pretty quite and peaceful. Stuff jun wan’t entirely used to. She liked it she didn’t she couldn’t quite tell. Life was a chaotic and rough thing for Jun. She was looking for a purpose. Looking for some love, revenge, she wanted it all. To be both good and bad all in one. What was life going to be like for jun in the future. She wasn’t entirely sure, but she went on with her life any way. Because if there was one thing that Jun knew about life in her twenty one years of living it it was this. It can be summed up in three word.  It goes on. Get locked in a basement for twenty years. It goes on . Kill a jounin and go rouge? It goes on.

Anyway back to the topic on hand. Jun kicked a the rock and it went flying across the forest. It being, banged, bonged ricocheted across the forests from tree to tree at an unlimited rate. The stone sent hither and thither like they couldn’t be controlled. Befor I t finally hit the ground. Only when it did. The entire section of the forest gave in. Including the ground that Jun was standing on the entire place just collapsed under her. She fell into a vas cavern and seemed to fall for a very long time. Like dude, like man. This fall was intense. She had enough time to right herself. She let out a burst of electrical chakra from her hand and flew over to a large chunk of flying rock. She placed her feet upon the rock and used her chakra to hold on tight. As she fell she noticed something quite interesting about the avern she was falling into and probably going to die in .There was a giant building right in the middle of it. For simplicity sake let’s just say that the taj mahal was hanging out burred underground in this giant gave. Jun’s mouth would have hung upon if it wasn’t fo th efface that she was just completely shocked and screaming about what was going on in the first place. That being that she was going to die falling to her death. She was pretty sure that no Ninja had ever died that way. Well there were a lot worse ninja than her so she wasn’t going to allow herself to just die. She had so much to live for. She didn’t know what those thing were but she knew that they were worth living for if nothing else. Now how does a girl falling on top of a giant rock stop herself from splatting on said giant rcok. Suddenly she felt a shuffling from within her clothing. Oh right her effing Bats that she kept with her at all time. They could fly! They really could.  They bit on to her arms ans started to float their cute little wings rapidly in attempt to take jun up with them And  it worked! Theire super strong bat like bat wings were able to life jun up into the air with plenty of time to spare without her falling, die, and ending her day on a bad not e prematurely. Which was awesome. Jun enjoyed not dying, just as much as she enjoyed living.


Her bats set her down on the ground in front of this giant under ground structure/. They did this because her interests in what the building was far outweighed her interest in getting back to the surface done doing what severe it was that she was owning to do with her day. Adventures of something like that. Oh no right now  she had an interesting murder palace to investigate. So for the moment she was going to go ahead and see what that was all about. Jun didn’t like unsolved mysterstries. She much more liked to solve them. Puzzle books were one of the few things that Jun was allowed in her time in the basement of her parents’ house. They were supposed to keep her mind sharp, and make her more adapt at puzzle solving. At the end of her internment they got pretty crazy, and became more like murder mystery cases than actual puzzles Still she solved every one of them, and love every second of it. This building was just a larger version of a puzzle game and she was going to figure it out. Who would build a building this large in the middle of nowhere? Did that really make any sense? Jun didn’t think so, but it soon would She peel back the layers of mystery that this place held, and would find out exactly what it’s purpose was. But all journeys start with a single stoep, and Jun’s single step would be up the stair case that lead to the building’s entrance. Bright white sets of stairs made for an average person. She quickly rose up them, and came to the door which was made of wood, but had rotted, and had holds in if after some time of neglect and moist air from the cave. Jun easily pushed them open, they weren’t locked, or anything. It was just an open door. Which was ingesting. Not that Jun couldn’t have knocked down a wood door, but it was strange that this building was just open like there was no worries of someone raiding it’s contents. How foolish thy were. Jun Craft was here to show them that she was always willing to invade a ancient facility in hopes of treasure and loot. Good lord Jun knew what she wanted to do now. She was going to become a treasure hunter! Now life was about to get interesting.

Interesting they were, because jun was in for a treat. This was no ordinary ruins buried in a cave. This was a giant library buried in a cave. This was the most amazing discovery of the venture and it was Jun’s all juns. There was only one thing she could do now. Read. She was going to red, and read, and read, until her eyeballs melted away. The building had bookcase up into the celling, and the celling was not low to the ground. it was several stories up. There were two levels of the building but it was all open and under one roof. There were tables and chairs, lounges. What looked like a librarian section, but there was no one there. At least not that Jun could see. Knowing her luck there would be some demonic librarian who sunk tis library in the first place, so that no one could use it’s knowledge for eveil or something silly like that.

For hours she ventured around the library just looking around at what there was to see. There were books on literally everything. Ninjutsu, genjutsu, fuinjutsu, space and time taijutsu, weaponry techniques and spec. it was all here scattered about the library. An archive of infinite knowledge. It was amazing. She was pretty much drooling all over the place. There was something she wanted to learn more than anything else. Fuin. Seals and all that. She’d been really interested in it ever since her time out of the basement. She sighed and grabbed as many books on the topic as she could. Plus she grabbed some parchment and pens, just to make sure that she got everything she needed to for the process.  She was going to make seals in the place or so help her she was going to die in this place. Which could have been an option because the sun was setting and the light in this place wasn’t that great. She needed to go over to a lamp and delight it up over her desk which she’d found. The oil lit up an seemed to be working alright. Which was kind of a surprise to Jun. It was so old she expected it to explode and just light the entire place on fire like the library of Alexandria. She really hoped she wasn’t responsible for destroying one of the biggest depositories of hidden knowledge of the ancient world in recent memory. If she wasn’t already a missing ninja she would be after that.

So she cracked open the books and went to learning what she could about seals and chakra and all sort of super interesting stuff like that. You know. A user of Fuinjutsu could seal items, people and jutsu within a scroll or some other medium to store them for later, or imprison them. Interesting. By using ink infused with chakra a person could make special kinds of jutsu depending on how they manipulated the chaka within the ink. Some people used it to make defensive seals, others could form beats of ink to attack for them. And some simply used it to make barriers to keep their enemy from moving while they went in for the kill. Now that was something that Jun could really get behind. It sounded usper versatile and interesting beyond anything else. It looked easy enough for her to manage, but she could still provide herself with a challenge. If something was easy to get then it wasn’t worth getting. That was Jun’s moto. If not it was now. Because this was going to be fun.

She held a decanter of ink up to her face and took a look at it. Black. Good enough. She moved her chakra into the ink. Infusing it’s balck substance with her own black substance, know as her soul or whatever. She was kind of a demon soul or something like that. Her aura alone could kill many people who came near her. So she really felt for the ink. No one wanted ink on their clothes and no one wanted Jun around. Woah this fuin lesson was getting gkind of heavey, Jun shook her head. She needed to focus. There was  ink to infuse. Which she did wit a bit of effort. She didn’t really know hat she wasd doing at first, but qucily she got the feeling of it. And before she knew ti the container started to boil with energy. Electrical energy.

She she looked over to the books of seals, and started to copy down some of the signs that were listed on the book. She took a brush and started to carefully draw out the pattern. The ink quickly filled up the page and Jun’s neat handwriting page quickly.

She didn’t really know any advanced models or jutsu for this type of thing yet, but if the words were inscribed with her chakra she should have been able to affect it in some way, right? She held her hands together.  Made the tiger seal and moved her chakra from her own body onto the paper, and as expected the seals started to turn a bright purple just like her own charka. Amazing! It was actually working, she was learning how to make seals. Okay with that shimmer of hope she started flipping through the books again in search of new jutsu for her to learn with her new found skill.

(2010, Fuin spec, and stats, and exit)
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Approving 40 stats and training <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

Important information:

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PostSubject: Re: Akuma-lated knowledge    Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:07 pm

Jun the beautiful traveled out from town with just a little bit of swagger radiating off of her form. She had a wide stupid smile on her face as her ventured forward. On her hip she carried her newest book. In her eyes her carried a glint, and in her body language. I duuno. Her carried joy as well. The sky was clouding, things were raining, but in her mind it was all sunshine and rainbows. Dancing flowers, and unicorns led her way to the training field.

So far Jun figured that she had a pretty good bag of tricks going on for her. So far she had a pretty good understanding of weaponry, and Ninjutsu. Even her Fuinjutsu was going pretty well. Still she knew that she could manage to take that Fuinjutsu a little higher than what her had right now. So that was the order on the menu today. She'd be working on Fuinjutsu.

Her canvas sneakers squeaked their way to the training grounds. The ground was a bit muddy so her sneakers kind of stuck to the ground with each and every step her took. She looked down at them with a frown. She wasn't a neat freak, but come on. No one liked having their shoes covered in mud.

She came to the training field. Which while it wasn't dry did have lots of grass which helped to keep the mud and grime off and away from Jun. Her got to the training field and flipped up the hood on her yellow rain jacket, before pulling out her rose tinted kunai. It was a pretty simple Fuinjutsu that she was trying to come up with, but still. Her'd never really tried combining a a jutsu with anything else before, so this was going to be an interesting experiment.

Fuinjutsu are techniques that are employed in the same fashion as ninjutsu, requiring chakra and hand seals. However, the primary difference between the two is that the effects of Fuinjutsu are inky; instead of attacking the victim's body, like taijutsu or ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu techniques manipulate the flow of chakra in objects and space, thus causing a disruption in reality kind of. Jun knew that this particular branch of ninja skills had a great deal of potential within it. Though combined with some handy kunai Play Jun was starting to think that her could be a pretty strong force of the battle field.

Usually Fuinjutsu was used by making hand contact with your target and transferring the chakra that way. However when an opponent refused to be grabbed you couldn’t touch hem then it got a little more risky to use them. So Jun was going about with the idea of using her kunai as the source of her Fuinjutsu. Her'd flow her chakra into it, and anyone who looked at it would be caught within her spell. Haha a person could get away with not looking into your eyes, but not looking at your kunai could get a man killed. So maybe they wouldn't' want to get caught in her Fuinjutsu that was just, fine but a person not looking at her blade would already give her victory regardless of their desires.

Her took her kunai into her hand and took a look at the rose colored metal. Her'd never seen anything quite like it. It almost looked like it was the same color as her hair. Just holding it in her hand, her could tell the strength of the blade, and that shine on the tips? They easily showed that this blade was a bit sharper than most. A fine blade for a fine man indeed.

She knew the desired affect her wished to create. She wanted the blade to blur and distort whenever people saw it. It would leave a nasty after image where ever it passed through, and that image would stay there for several seconds. It should have been an easy enough illusion for Jun to learn how to produce. She wasn't really producing any new images. Simply letting the brain reproduce the things that it'd already known.

Using the power of her david lynch mind fish Jun closed her eyes and considered life and the universe. That is to say that her closed her eyes and sent some chakra into her brain ( Mind Fish ) and felt about. She considered that this was possibly a very good way for a person to kill themselves. You know... putting some unknown infinite power source into their brain and using it to mess up their senses. Yeah actually that sounded like a horrible idea. Why did they even let kids train to be ninjas? Obviously it was a bad idea. Oh well. Jun wasn't about to go around questioning social norms of the world for no reason was her? No her was here to do what her did and to have fun doing it. Word.

Alright open those eyes up and let's see what we see. Her opened up those beautiful brown eyes of her and looked out at the world. Inside her cranial regions of her skull head her felt a heat rise up inside of her as her flooded her head with chakra. Okay the goal was to find a way to distort her vision. Then her'd just have to memorise what buttons her had to push to do that, and badda bing. Problem solved, all is right with the world, and jun has anew jutsu, that her'd probably never use. Life is good.

Okay let's see what we've got here. Oh okay, putting the chakra there makes everything red. Hmm Kind of made Jun a little mad. Her wondered where the term seeing through rose tinted glasses, came from, especially when seeing red is a pretty universal term or being angry. Oh well next up. Oh dear that one seemed to make everything blue. Oh dear. Now Jun was feeling sad, she was feeling... blue if you're feeling a little cheeky about it. Okay no more of that. Maybe? Nope green. Nope yellow, orange, purple, indigo, perrywinkle, I don't even know what to call that colour. Puse? Is that puse? Didn't matter, all that mattered is that it wasn't what they were looking for. Alright clearly that part of the brain was barking up the wrong tree, or lobe if you will. Then the brain scrambling began. All sorts of weird stuff. She started seeing things in reverse. Then upside down. She was pretty sure she'd managed to erase all of her memories from last March. Oh well if it was important her probably wouldn't have forgotten it. Let's see ... that made her arm numb. That made her back itch. Oh dear that one made both of her legs fall to sleep. Man her was almost there, there was just something missing. Oh got it!

She held her hand up to her face, and sure enough it was blurry, and distorted. It felt like there was a five second delay on everything her was doing. Ooooh it was exquisite. Good grief Jun was getting motion sick just looking at her hand. That and getting a bit of a high feeling. But that was probably coming from the lobotomy her'd almost performed on himself earlier. Alright nice! So now she just had to remember that chakra pattern and intensity in her brain, and transfer it to someone else. Okay this much here, that much there, look out for this area only a slight dusting over here. Yup that should be good.

Okay little david just a little bit more find fishing and we should be done.

Jun looked at her blade after her was confident that she'd memorized the pattern her had to do in order to get a person good and confused. Her released her Fuinjutsu and held her breath for a moment as all her sense came back to her. Luckily it didn't take too much time for her to get rid of her vomiting feeling that she had crawling up her throat.

She paused, and looked back at her blade. Man that was one good looking kunai. Any lady kunai would have been lucky to call her it's husband. mmmm kunai wedding. Not that would be a show!

She looked down at the kunai for the third time. This time however she wasn't distracted by all the stupid stuff that her had running around up there. She focused her chakra down on her blade. Enchanting it was a layer of chakra that would effect the brain chesimestry of anyone who looked at it. Now don't ask me how her did that exactly, but just rest assured in knowing that jun was a pretty smart trap and her could handle the logistics of the situation. All you need to know is that her did it, and did it with style at that.

Now just to make sure. She looked down at her blade to make sure. "Oh god!" She shouted throwing the kunai down. "Fuinjutsu in my brain!" Her brought her hands together and dispelled the jutsu. That was awesome.

That's when she heard it. A loud rumbling overly Macho voice calling out her name. "Jun Tengai!" Jun spun on her heel ever the nimble ninja. To her soft brown eyes came the image of a woman who was anything but soft. There was a Genin who could easily pass for a gorilla walking her way with a stride that just screamed purpose. Jun cringed and held herself ready. The woman seemed familiar but Jun was sure that if she'd seen a woman who looked like that then she'd never forget it. She'd certainly remember if she'd ever done something to upset someone like that! The girls face certainly wasn't giving anything away. It was bright read especially around her cheeks, Jun didn't know if that mean that she was mad. Or if it was just a side effect from all the 'roids she was obviously taking.

"Jun. " the woman announced no longer far from her. Ye in fact she was but three feet from Jun and her person. "I've been watching you for a while now." Things never went well when they started like that did them? "And I'm in love with you!" The woman got down on her knee and bowed her head.

"Whaaaaaa?" Jun cried out her jaw dropping to the ground. What was happening?

The woman looked up at Jun her black eyes were sparkling in the artificial light of the pavilion. "Will you marry me?"

The Pavilion all of it even the elders went quite, and people seemed to have made room for the love birds. There were excited giggles from the girls, and even a few jealous sighs from the guys. Jun was burning bright red and was totally and completely humiliated. She held both her hands to her mouth to stop she self from gasping. Was this girl crazy?

"Well there's just one thing wrong with your proposal." Jun paused and let out a sly smile. She had this girl right where she wanted her. "I'm a gril."

The gasps from the pavilion could be heard around the world. "W - Wha - What?" The roided up love bird stammered. "But, but you're so handsome!" She as well as most of the other men in the pavilion were over the moon with surprise. Could someone as out right pretty as Jun really be a boy?

Jun sighed and pulled out her wallet, flipping it open to her Ninja identification card. "See? Jun Tengai, 21 Female." She held it out to the woman and then the crowd. "Confirmed Female!" She announced with a smidgen of pride flipping her wallet and and putting back into her back pocket.

The woman still down on her knee in the proposal stance began to shudder. Poor girl, the shame was too much. "I I don't care!" The Woman shouted grabbing a hold of Jun's hand and holding it to her face. "When I asked you to marry me I didn't just mean in the short term! I meant for all time! For better or worse, in sickness or in health, Male or Female!" She looked back at Jun her eyes shining with hope. "So what do you say."

Jun bit her lip. She'd never been so utterly confused in all her life before. Not to mentioned embarrassed. What could she say? Other than: "Goodbye." Jun gripped a hold of the woman's hand and with a mighty wing, she went flying over Jun's head and through a near bye wall.

Jun brushed her jacket off and straightened it back up. She went to the Mission Desk and grabbed the scroll that'd been set aside for her. After she'd read it and turned to leave the pavilion. Before she was completely gone she held her fist high above the air. "Jun Tengai!" She shouted. "Confined female!" Of course by that time the situation had died down and everyone had lost interest in Jun and her would be fiance'.

Jun floated into her room. Her body felt incredibly heavy. It'd been a long day of ninjaing. Not to mention she'd had some girl propose to her earlier. That was certainly a high light in the day. And not in a good way. She chucked her bag over into a nearby corner and dropped down on her bed with a sigh. Why didn't people see how incredibly awesome she was during her mission today? If the'd seen she in action then they'd certainly be changing their tone now wouldn't they? She turned over in her sheets the threw her shoes off with an agile kick of her feet.

She turned over in her bed once more. She couldn’t find a comfortable spot. She was too antsy. Too high strung she simply couldn't stand still. She kept replaying the scene over and over, and over in her head. She was getting nauseous from it. Compared to the ninja training she'd gone through today that should have been the least of her worries today. You'd think. But Jun couldn't stop thinking about it! How could anyone mistake her for a girl!

She jumped from her bed. Lying down wasn't doing she any good. She walked over to her body length mirror set in on of the her room's corners. She took a look at herself. Okay so she was kind of masculine that she could not deny. She was a buff young woman, with a small waist and hips. She had longs limbs, and her fingers were capped with well horribly abused finger nails. Her lips were oh so thin and her eye lashes could make a horse jealous. Her silky black red hair didn't help she much either. Sure she had some masculine qualities but she was quite obviously female. Right?

She leaned in sticking her tongue out at her reflection. She smiled a bit looking at how silly she'd been today. That girl was an idiot. Jun gave her reflection one last smile and let out a small laugh. She was feeling much better now. It was funny how making funny faces in the Mirror could brighten a person's mood just like that.

"Huh?" Speaking of brightening. There was a spot on the mirror right between her eyes in the reflection. The spot was this bright little thing, and getting brighter every second. But it was weird. It wasn't like the light was being reflected by the mirror, it was like the light was coming from within the mirror. What in the world was that? Or a better question would have been. What out of the world is that? Ho ho ho. If you see what I did there? Jun tenderly pulled her finger upwards to the glowing spot on her mirror. She gently placed her index finger on the spot, careful not to burn her finger in case it ended up being liquid glass or something horrifying like that.

It was like a button. The moment Jun touched that glowing spot, she felt a bolt of lighting fly through her body. She felt herself get jolted back, fly across the room, and slam into the opposite wall. She felt her body feel off from the wall and her her mattress before consciousness left she. Well that'd been rather unexpected.

Jun woke up with a great struggle. It felt like she was pulling her consciousness off of a tar plated street. She wiggled her heavily eye lashed eye lids open and found herself still in her room, just as she'd left it. She'd almost been expecting it to be blown up after whatever had just happened. She rubbed her head, running her hand through her red silky hair. "What the heck was that?" She moaned pulling herself up to her knees. "Huh?" She let out a small squeak. As a ninja Jun had a pretty good idea of her body. It's balance and weight distribution. So when she got on to her knees she noticed that she had some weight missing from ... from her chest. "Eh?" She whispered feeling confused beyond belief. Surely not. Surely not. There was no way. With shaky hands Jun lifted her digits up to her chest, grabbing a hold of nothing! A special certain something on her chest was missing!

Her hands flew away from her chest like they were on fire. "No! no no no no no!" she threw herself up against the wall, and used it as a support to stand herself up on her feet. "There's no way. Eep!" As she stood to her feet she noticed a second change in her weight. A noticeable addition in the crotchial weight if you will. Her family dynasty suddenly robbed of it's most precious of treasures, if you get my drift. Let's just say that now anatomically a man. If you get what I'm putting down. Wait that wasn't allegory, that was actually what happened. Jun brought her hand down to her crotch in shock. "Dear god no." She announced with a shock wheezing of air. Her sweater yams had been there when she'd woken up in the morning!

She didn't even have time to contimplate the ramifications of this situation. At her window came a desperate tapping. "Jun, Jun!" Came a raspy voice from the other side of the window.

"Eep!" Jun squeaked throwing herself under the covers of her bed. "I'm not dressed go away!" She shouted before burrowing her head into her pillow. "Strike me dead right now please." She begged to god or whatever other deity was out there that answered such morbid pleas.

"Jun let me in it's me Samneric!" The raspy voice called from behind the window. Surely not, Surley not! Samneric couldn't speak, she talked telepathically. This couldn't possibly be she! "You love otters, now let me in right now or I'm going to blow your wall down!" Yep that was Samneric.

Jun ran over to her window and peeked out. On the other side of her window was A tall well muscled man standing outside of her window. No gorilla large like the dude from earlier but still pretty buff. She looked at Jun through the window with a pair of dark sharp eyes. Her hair was black and feather. "Samneric?" Jun whispered through the glass.

"Who else would it be? Open up, I'm freaking out!" Jun paused for a moment. While at the moment she was freaking out her self about the sudden loss of one of her x chromosome, seeing her Bat freaking out about a transformation of her own. She couldn't help but take a moment to savor the despair of her proud bat.. "Well?" he growled. Though she was currently in the form of a human, she still maintained her bat's growl.

Jun slid open her window and let Human Samneric crawl through. He fell out of the window and straight on is face as she fell to the floor. "Are you alright?"

Samneric brushed Jun off and stood to her face. "Do I look alright? Something hit me and when I woke up I was like this! this is so disgusting, where are all my powers." he crossed his arms and his biceps bulged. "Well at least you're alright. I was afraid that someone was attacking you. I'm glad you're okay." Samneric was such a big brother. Even if he was a bat he'd always looked after Jun, no matter how much he complained about it.

"Well." Jun announced sheepishly. "I'm not exactly alright." She groaned blushes eleven shades of red, each more hyper saturated than the last. "I sort of had my own transformation..."

Jun stepped forward through the threshold of her house. She kicked off her shoes and ran to her bed room. She'd been unusually unsociable these last few weeks. Both of her parents had noticed this, but they simply waved it off as she becoming a teenage. She was kind of late bloomer, so maybe it was just she going through her angsty phase. Yeah surely that was it. I mean being a bit angsty wasn't the only thing that Jun seemed to have skipped on her trip into adult hood. Neither of her parents were entirely sure they'd seen her shaving before, but her razor seemed to be getting plenty of attention these last few weeks.

Jun closed the door to her room behind it and lead up against it. She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. Being the main character of a transgender comic sure could be tiring. Somehow it always seemed like she was getting into situations where she ended up almost getting found out, juuuuust before some deus ex machina jumped in to save her secret. Thank god. It was going to be hard enough to explian how she ended up as a boy in the first place, but explaining how she'd transformed back into girl would be even worse. That hand't happened yet but she was sure that soon it would. She hadn't given up hope that her willy would vanish from her any day now. She's been reading every book that the academy had on human physiology and, as well as gender psychology and a whole other slew of extremely nitche' categories that no sane person would ever take on as their life works. Jun was sure the the authors she'd been reading for the past four weeks all did their work in a broom closet office at some university, stowed away like a bunch of brooms. That may have been so but she was sure glad they, they were there. When she turned back she'd be sure to write them a thank you card for helping she through her crisis. Of course she'd have to leave out a few details. After all she was thankful but she didn't want them coming to she asking to many personal questions.

"Well?" Samneric stood up from the bed where he'd been taking a nap. he'd been living in Jun's room for the last month. It'd been a pretty awkward living arrangement but she could camp out in a guest room. How was jun supposed to explain away some random boy coming to live with them for an undefined amount of time. If jun was having a hard time living her her changes Samneric was going insane. At least Jun knew how to be human. Samneric was having a difficult time going from a foot tall bat down to a 6 foot human. That was a whole five feet he had to stretch into a human sized body. Jun had given up on buy lamps. It seemed like every time she plugged a new one in Samneric bumped into it and destroyed it.

Jun sighed and rolled her eyes as she pulled herself from the wall. "Do you have to ask that every time I come back into my room?"

Samneric gave a smirk and crossed his arms. Jun hated him so much, somehow even without cheeks he'd been able to smirk as a bat. Now as a human it was just that much more unbearable. "Well until you stop getting yourself into crazy situations yes. I'm your bat. I'm supposed to protect you from everything. I can't do that when you keep me locked in here."

Sure he sounded dissatisfied but Jun wasn't sold. She'd never seen a proud warrior bat become a couch potato so quickly. Jun was starting to regret buying a T.V for her room. Every time she came back into it Samneric was there watching some sort of soap opera. "I'm a ninja I can take care of myself." Jun shrugged her back pack of and let it fall to the floor. With quick hop she landed face first onto her head, and burried her face into her pillow. Letting out a long, and I mean long, sigh.

"Uh oh." Samneric annoced. Jun could hear the smirk even with her head buried into her pillow. "That sigh was much too strong for you to have, had a good day." Jun was about to speak but she felt Samneric's big hand fall down on the small of her back. Jun let out a quick squeak. What did he think he was doing? Touching he like that? "Tell me what happened."

Jun didn't move. "Nothing happened." She announced her voice muffled through the pillow. She sighed again. She felt like she was doing that an awful lot lately. She turned onto her back, accidently forcing Samneric's hand onto her inner tigh. Jun blushed and pulled herself into a sitting position. Forcing Samneric's hand away. "It's just the same old stuff. I'm trying to stay positive. But What if I never turn back into a girl? What if I'm like this forever? What if?" Jun burned a bright red. Tears were forming at the corner of her eyes. "What if I'm like this so long that I get married and have children?" She chocked out the last part.

"Well that's dumb." Samneric announced. She pulled herself up and got on her knees on top of the bed. Her big frame sunk a bit into the matress. "You'll still be you. You're not going to do anything that you don't want to do." Samneric gave a glittering smile and held a thumbs up to her chest. "And I'll make sure of that!"

Jun blushed and smiled. Stupid Bat being so sweet. She was right. This body may not have belonged to her anymore, but her mind was still hers! And her body obeyed her mind! Most of the time... There were however moments, when her body took over. Jun blushed again she didn't want to think about that. "You're a great bat." She announced softly.

Samneric gave another glittering smile, and let out a quite roar. She came crashing down on top of jun. Her eyes glinted. "A terrible human though." She growled sticking his tongue out at his human charge.

"I'll say." Jun giggled pushing away Samneric's face. She too giggled and moved her head back into place. Their faces were a good foot apart. After their giggles stopped the air was suddenly filled with a silent headiness that neither of them had fully expected. A fresh blush crawled up both their faces, and the silence became more than merely awkward. "You should probably get off." Jun whispered moving her face to the side.

Samneric's furrowed her brow in confusion. "What's this feeling? My chest feels tight."

"Maybe you're having a heart attack?" Jun sighed still looking away. This stupid bat had no sense of personal space. She supposed that if he did then she wouldn't have accidentally knocked over every lamp she'd bought in the last month eh. he wasn't just really bad at being human he was terrible at it. It seemed that without her ability to read Jun's mind he was at a loss about what to do with his master. Jun was always catching him looking at her as if he was deep in though. Jun often wondered if he was trying to reestablish their mental link. Before the two of them never seemed to have any trouble understanding each other no matter what the situation was. Of course that was so easy when you knew each other’s every thought. Now Jun could read body language and could pretty easily see what Samneric was thinking. he didn't have much experience hiding her emotions so he usually wore them on her sleeves. Still she wondered if she was the only human he'd ever talked to. Telepathically or not. Jun could only imagine how frustrating just talking to someone was, when you were use to telepathic communication. She'd had to treat Samneric with a lot of patience in this last month. The bat was always getting upset about tripping over his own words. Or just not understanding what Jun was trying to say.

"Maybe." Samneric whispered back. She put her hand on Jun's face and gently pulled her face to face her. "I want to kiss you." he announced matter of factually pulling her face down to her's and bringing the two of them into a lip lock.

Jun's eyes flew from a half open drowsy look to an entirely shocked eyes wide opened look. What was he doing? Why was her heart beating so fast? What was this feeling. What was this sensation? What was this life? Was this person really him? Was this person really her? 'What's happening to me? What's happening to you? Could this be the real be real, Samneric?'

Jun placed both her hands on Samneric's face. One on each cheek. he let out a soft moan and kept on kissing Jun.

With a powerful throw Jun Threw Samneric off of her and onto the floor. She jumped up onto her feet, and felt rage burning within her body. Like actually burning. She thought she was going to be sick. She'd never been so angry in all life! "I'm still a girl!" Jun shouted angrily. Little black markings were starting to form over HER normally soft skin. "And you're right! I'm not going to do anything that I'm not okay with. Got that? So you can either get on board or get out of my way understand?" She fixed Samneric with a fierce some. Gaze. I most of been especially fearsome if it could make a bat like Samneric look light a frightened dog.

She nodded. Fully placated by this time.

Good! Jun stood atop her bed triumphant. Her skin had turned completely grey, She looked down at herself pretty impressed. "Haha!" She announced with a giggle. "I didn't think I had it in me."

She glared at Samneric. That little beasty had crossed the line and now it was time to pay. Just flicked her fingers and brought some chakra into her hand. She’d never tried this jutsu out before but she’d tried it earlier in the library and she had a pretty good idea on how it was going to work out for her. If her theory was right her chakra and Samnerics had simply gotten mixed up which meant that they could switch it again. Alright so this whole situation had started because of a nasty transference of chakra. Through an electrical spark. So this was all electic in anture. That was cool Jun was totally an electric kind of girl so she knew thaow to work around this. She would just use more electricicy than she got to referse their chakra natures again and get the world back to it's proper state! Sure it would be dangerous hitting the two of them with An S-Ranked  lightning jutsu, but it happens. She dropped kicked the bat man and went over his his body. She placed one hand on his stomach and one on her own. Then with a nice little pulsing of chakra she transferred their chakra from one to the other bridging them and bringing them back to their original owners. She channled her chakra and a burst of electrical explosions lifted the room into the light, as lighting  corsed through the two of them.Which meant… yes! A quick pants checked confirmed that Jun was once more a girl! Genders restored to their proper places once more all thanks to the miracle of Chidori Current..

(5299, 26 stats, Chidori Current.)

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Four Symbol seal requires A or higher rank. Also update your rank on your stat page.
You can edit your post and claim other stuff as long as it makes sense, of course.
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(Edited it to make it involve Electricity and not sealing, thanks for letting me edit.)

Up above sparks danced around madly in their containers. Steam floated lazily towards the rafters, and made the outlines of light visible. Massive constructs of steel, and glass creaked under the intense pressure being contained within them. Truly we were in the lair of a genius, or a mad women. You'd actually be surprised by how often those two paths meet! Keeping that in mind do not be surprised if we find that today, is one such day.


For we are in the lair and Lab of Jun Tengai! Inventor, Genius, Journeyman, Lightning master, and all around good guy! This my friends is a fortuitous moment for all of us for we get to view the creation of her crowning achievement. It was nothing really, it was just a simple molecular redistribution device. Nothing to be terribly impressed with. Other than the fact that something like this would be completely impossible to create for anyone who wasn't this genius in front of us! A device that could give a complete one to one conversion of one element to another. It would have sounded impossible to any other scientific mind, but to Jun Tengai? It sounded like a fun little experiment!


Jun stood at a height of five feet five. Her skin was not yet wrinkled or blemished with the passing of time. Though her feathery black hair did indeed have three short streaks of red in them. Up both her arms were long sleeves of tattoos, shaped like the length of a serpent, or a dragon without wings. Her fingers were stained girl oil, and dirt. Suet, coal, and other such dust was distributed along the length of her body as well as her clothing. Her clothing was different shades of blue and red. They were loose silk tunics, and baggy pants. She wore custom made leather boots, and had a sash running diagonally up her body. Coming off of the sash were six long flowing streamers of fabric and danced in the wind. Her face was angular with a strong jaw, and noticeable cheek bones. Her eyes were brown but when she got serious they seemed to glow with a bright red white light.


She was currently in the basement of a large complex. While you might be tempted to think of this place as a cramped little lab for someone living in their mother's basement, it was a truly massive place. More fit to act as a storage facility or warehouse than an actual basement. Every inch of the walls and ceiling were covered in pipes. Some metallic, and glass. Some you could see water rushing through, and some you could see currents of what looked like lightning or even plasma surging forward. There were wheels to control the flow of the steam. Everything was bolted with what looked like three times the necessary amount of bolts, but that was just to be safe, and not the sign of a madman, I swear. Every once in a while the relative calm of the chaotic scene would be disturbed by the sound of a bolt 'pinging' loose and ricocheting around the room like a stray bullet.


Jun Tengai, our hero, protagonist, loveable rouge, and genius beyond measure was running around the room. Checking systems, tightening screws, redirecting the flow of energy, and just being an all around excellent mechanic. She was as comfortable with the workings of this insane complex as a surgeon with the human body, or another analogy suitable for this type of situation. Her bronzed skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweet, from hard work. That and the fact that this room had a hundred percent humidity thanks to all the steam discharging around the place. It was a little uncomfortable but when she unlocked the power of god, she supposed some moist clothes would be well worth the sacrifice. Well some moist clothes, a few hundred thousand ryo, and at least a dozen lab assistants.


Speaking of which here came on now. 'Twitch' the latest in a long line of grad students from the Kumo Institute of technology. She was an intern and seemed pretty knowledgeable for a person's who intellect only dimmed when compared to that of Jun's, but she was sharp for a non Jun. Her real name was Toshiro Hoshagaki or something like that. Jun found that name to be ridiculous, but were you exected to get from a person who was not Jun himself? Jun just called her twitch, because well. She'd seemed to have developed one since she started working with Jun. "Jun, the pressure has been stabilized in sector C, I think we're ready to start." Twitched announced finishing the sentence with her trademark twitch.


"Excellent!" Jun shouted tightening one last screw, before throwing her wrench away. She hopped down from the pipes and landed right in front of twitch, making the girl twitch. She put her hand on the students shoulder causing yet another twitch. "Twitch my girl, let's change the world!"


there was a loud 'Ping!' that came off a nearby pipe. There was a wet crunching sound, and Jun noticed that young Twitch had a bolt sticking out of her skull causing her life to come to a tragically short, and sudden ending.


Jun clicked her tongue for a second. Well that'd been unexpected. "Don't worry I'll be sure to mention your help in my memoirs, and I'll report all your hours to the school." With that she let twitche's body splatter on the ground. She had a world to change after all! No time to be a sad sack over a dead meat sack!


She ran for the central matrix of her entire system. A large tube big enough for an adult elephant to swim around in. This is where the magic happened! Well to call it magic was kind of an understatement. It was less magic and more of a complicated fusion of technology, alchemy, magic, chakra control systems and a huge percentile of guessing. It was perfect.


She stood in front of her device and began to cackle like a mad women. She' been practicing this life for just this occasion. She figured that she was about to change the world so she deserved to let loose a little bit. "Ladies and gentle men! It's a great honor to accept the nobel prize in, everything! Yes, yes I know! Some of you want to think of me as a god, and that's your choice. Just keep in mind that I do have the powers of one, so you're not to far off. But I'm no god, no no no. I'm just a super genius with the mind of one. So build not shrines, and temples in my honor. That's not what I want. A wing in every college named after me, and an entire field of science named after me as well. That's all I require, that's all I ask. Now without further ado I present to you: The seamless transmutation of matter!" She let out another cackle, god it's great being the king. "Twitch pull the lever!" There was a long and frankly a bit of an embarrassing pause before out super genius realized that twitch was in fact dead. "Oh right." She sighed and rubbed her temples. "I guess I'll just do this by myself huh?" She went over to an oversize lever and placed both her hands on it. "Alright people." She announced to no one in particular. "Let's change the world." With that she took her lever and pulled it to the floor!


Yes Yes it was working The cogs were whirling. The pipes where squealing with steam. There was a distinct 'chuga chuga' sounda all about the room. And the Tesla coils! Oh the Tesla coils were going crazy! Lighting every where! It was like a massive rave at the bottom of a very respectable palace. She was going to unlock the very essence of the universe with this you know?


The world was going to shake in awe at the Genius of Jun Tengai!


We find our vision cut to a sky view picture of a Library. We see well-tended grounds, some livestock, the ramparts look beautiful this time of year. We see a flock of birds flying by, and since it's early in the morning there is the sound of a rooster cawing to the arrival of the sun.


Then quite suddenly and with no warning what so ever. we see the entirety of the mansion sucked into a singularity. The mansion and everyone on it's ground just vanish into a single point like water pouring down the drain.


We Find a Mr. Tengai floating in an infinite void. There are bits and pieces of debris floating around the zero gravity of the abyss. "Hmm" Jun announced stroking her chin thoughtfully. "It would appear that I made a miscalculation." She took a moment to consider what that could mean. "Actually upon further review of our situation I'd think it's safe to say that the miscalculation was on Twitches side of the operation." She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Looks like I'll have to give the kid a bad report on her lab hours."


Jun continued to spin around in the zero gravity environment analyzing her options.


She was free floating in some kind of void. There appeared to be some kind of breathable air within the expanse. As well as pressure suitable for a human body. That was nice. No worries about her eyes popping out of her skull or anything messy like that.


Her body did feel weird though. It didn't feel like it had anything to do with the universe she was now trapped in. It felt like it was coming out of her own body. She thought that maybe she'd finally over irradiated himself. Which wasn't too unlikely. Actually she was surprised that she hadn't done it until now. But no that was not the answer. SHE could feel something building up behind her eyes. Some sort of power, it felt immense. It felt like her eyes were going to pop out of her head anyway! God it was this incredible pressie building up in her skull! IT felt like she was going to pop.


Then she did! A wave of energy was unleashed from her eyes and suddenly she could see. See beyond the void at least. It couldn't possibly explain it but it suddenly felt as if her eyes could see past a veil she'd never known was there. She looked around the void and saw these little portholes. And infinite amount, and each porthole lead to a new dimension. A new world for her to explore. Some primitive, some advanced, some of them home, and some of them her demise.


She couldn't even muster shock or any other related emotion to her skull. There was only one thing that she could think of and it was that this was going to be the start of her greatest experiment ever! If only she could get back home to start collecting her resources.


She looked for her world amongst the seas of worlds. She looked for what seemed like an eternity and saw worlds that she could hardly explain but she found it. Found it unchanged since the moment she'd left. Now she just needed to get over to it. It actually wasn't that far away, but she was still stuck in zero gravity.


Not a problem for our little genius!


She took her hands and placed them behind her back, concentrating electricity into the palms of her hands. Not your everyday electricity, oh no straight up plasma, the fourth element ya'll. She unleashed a pulse of the energy and sent himself flying into her plane.


She appeared in the center of where her estate had once been. It seemed that she was the only one... only thing that managed to survive her experiment! Talk about luck! She'd gained unlimited access to a multitudes of dimensions and she managed survive a massive implosion? On any normal day she'd take just one of those, but she'd done good work today, she suppose that it wasn't greedy to think that maybe she deserved a little bit more than normal.


With knowledge of the multiverse under her belt, a gleam in her eye, Jun Tengai set off into town. She had to find some new lab assistants. She had some theories to test!




Peacefully Jun Tengai at at her table sipping a large cup of espresso. She looked out the window of the cafe' and watched the world go by her. The birds were chirping, the kids were laughing, the sky was blue, and everything was just so... un-stimulating. She tapped her left leg anxiously as she awaited the arrival of her guest. There'd been a Genin in the village who'd apparently had quiet the thirst for knowledge as of late. If there was one thing that Jun simply adored it was those into expanding their own minds. Besides after the unfortunate death of Twitch she was in need of a new lab assistant.


A waitress came by and asked if she needed anything else. "Another one of these please." She announced lifting up her cup.


"Sure thing." The be-freckled serving wench announced taking the heavy cup. "What did you have."


"Esspresso." She announced turning her head back to the window.


"You had... in this big of a cup?" She almost gasped.


"That was my second one." She scoffed waving her away.


With her out of the way Jun set her head in her hand and watched the streets bored out of her mind. While she sat in a nearly comatose state waiting for the arrival of is college her mind was hard at working creating a thousand different prototypes for her experiments. She couldn't be sure but she thought that lights that came on when you clap would be an amazing invention. She'd probably forget about it by the time this meeting was over, but that was probably for the best. She'd have a invention a thousand times better thought up to replace that one. Much like life her thought process was an infinite loop of creation and destruction where only the most worthy managed to move onto the next round.


"Where is this guy? I've been waiting an hour. Imagine keeping me waiting!" Jun Grunted to her reflection who looked equally irked. She craned her head, checking the clock on the wall. Oh dear it looks like her own time piece was an hour early! Well that would explain the lad's tardiness. Her watch must have sped up during that last time traveling experiment! Oh the life of a scientist was one big adventure.


After a short length of waiting, in addition to the waiting which had already been preformed on part of the young inventor a women entered the coffee shop. Immediately Jun knew that this was her women. There was just something about her, that Made Jun know. Maybe it was that loosed look. Those pleading eyes. That vacant look that was so often found in dogs and other lesser animals. It was clear the girl had a skull filled with empty brains that were just begging to be filled with the type of knowledge that Jun could provide. She was begging for a tutor. No, not just a tutor a master. Someone to take away the burden of ignorance from her. Oh yes Jun would be that for this girl, she swore she would. Beyond that the girl was fairly standard. Blue collar shirt tucked into a pair of jeans. Slightly messy hair that still showed that the put several minutes into styling it in just such a way that it would look like effort had not been put into it. She was tall like Jun, but not nearly as tall. She was handsome like Jun, but not nearly as so. She was a lesser version of Jun really, and there was nothing wrong with that. Considering that the average human was simply just a lesser. At this this one was a lesser something.

Nervously the new comer approached Jun. Her ivory canvas sneakers padded along the slightly dirty floor of she coffee shop. Hand were firmly in her pockets, but in a nervous manner. She was obviously scared out of her mind in approach of Jun Tengai. Which was no surprise. She was genius without measure! Inventor without parallel. Due beyond comparison. So anyone would be scared when they knew that they had a meeting with the incomparable Jun Tengai.

“Excuse me sir, are you” She paused and took a deep breath, as if trying to search for the proper words to use for the situation that she currently found himself in. “Are you Jun Tengai?”

Jun Nodded excitedly and rose to her feet. “Yes of course I am! It’s good to know that my fame precedes me! She forced her hand into the girl’s and shook it vigorously.  The name is Jun Tengai, but you can call me Jun. I like a good degree of comfortability between me and my underlings.” She gestured for the new comer to take a seat at the table Jun had been sipping coffee at. “Would you like anything? Cofee, scone, hot towl. Coffee?”

The girl shook her head and gave Jun a nervous smile. “No sir, I’m not much of a coffee drinker. Too bitter.” She let out a nervous laugh. This guy was wound far too tight.


“I see.” Jun announced taking out a note pad. She scribbled something disapovingly upon it’s white sheets to blank. “Well we won’t hold that aginst you, but I hope when we’re pulling our famed all nighters you find a way to keep yourself awake. Because I do not tolerate sleeping on the job.”


The girl nodded her head. “I wouldn’t worry about me. “ She announced surely. “I’m a college student after all I’m no stranger to staying up all night.”

Jun smiled at the girl and raised her hand to signal a waiter. “Garson a drink for my good friend…” She paused snapped her fingers several times trying to think up a name for her newest minion. “Um, um, It’s.”


“It’s Toshiro.” The one claiming to be named Toshiro announced.


“You’re kidding!” Jun busted. “You don’t happen to have a weird twitch do you?” ‘Toshiro’ shook her head. “Ah well we’ll give that a few weeks. Now tell the nice lady what you’ll be having.”


“Decaff moca please.” She announced blushing a look over to the waitress. She jotted it down, smacked on her gum, and gave her a smile and a wink before sauntering off.”


“Decaff?” Jun scoffed in the way of a disapproving father. “You’ll learn. Now let’s get down to business. Are you attracted to our waitress?” She gave Twitch a dead serious look.


“What?” Toshioro blushed loudly. “No no no, I just met here, that’s awfully improper question for an intern.”


“Oh no no no, I never said you were my intern. For the moment we are simply friends. Now as far as questions between friends go that one was pretty par for the course. I’m not judging you, infact I encourage it! She does have the shape that males traditionally find attractive. Did you know that Humans are the only great apes that have permanently inflated breast?”




“It’s true. Now if your interested in her, you should give her a big tip when she comes to serve your coffee. I’d say about twenty seven thirty eight.”


“That much?” Toshio gasped already feeling her wallet lighten just from the conversation.


“That’s exactly what she’ll say. At which point you replay that the tip should go to help pay for the nice date you want to take her on next week. It’ll be so smooth she’ll blush, giggle, and accept. It’s fool proof.”

Toshiro eyes glimmered as if she’d just met the god of dating. “Okay I’ll do it. “ She brought out her wallet brought out a few bucks and threw them down on the table. Her heart pounded as she saw the waitress approach.


“One Decaff moca.” She announced setting the porcelain cup down on the table.

“Thank you so much.” Toshioro beamed. She handed her the wad of money. “This if for you, and you can keep the change.” She announced trusting himself with a sly grin.

The waitress looked through the wad for a second, and only grew confused. “Um, thanks dude.” With nothing further to say she turned face and left, like a whisper.


Toshiro grew wide eyed, she had no idea what just happened. “What was that?” She gulped. “She didn’t even, I mean. What? What? You said.”

Jun just sat there was a neutral look on her face. “So that is what we call a Segway. It’s a clean way to transition from one conversational topic, to another less related one. A Segway makes the detour less shocking by linking the two. Now this particular Segway I used so I could explain to you that I won’t be able to pay you for your work with me, at least for a while. That was a trick. I tricked you into paying for my three cups of coffee as well as yours.”


“I thought those numbers were awfully specific.”


“I’m afraid all of my capital got sucked into a black hole earlier today, so I’m hurting as far as money. Goes. However my brain, has so many ideas in it. That, that it would just split your skull open If I shared them all with you. Now I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but let’s just say that I successfully traveled between dimensions. Now that’s all I’ll give you. Well that, aaaaand.” She pulled out a scroll blueprint and scrolled it out on the table, using the coffee mugs to keep it from scrolling up. “This.”

“So I’m not going to be reimbursed for the coffe?”

“Dude, that’s like tweleve sentences ago! I want you to keep up with what I’m saying.”


“I heard you.”


Jun fumed. “Then why are you not bowing on the floor worshipping me as a god? I traveled between dimensions!

Toshiro took a sip from her coffee. “Well you’re obviously crazy.”


Jun fumed for a second time! But could she argue… no. She crossed her arms and turned her head to face the window. “Well you’re entitled to your wrong ass opinion.” Here she was allowing this kid to get out of lab by working with her, showing her the secrets of the universe, not to mention women tips and she was getting treated like this? She was going to punch her to death, yup. Jun had decided it. She just needed to find a quite spot.

“Hey is this a artificial layer of muscles? Hey and enhanced leg springing action.” Oh toshiro only narrowly and by the skin of your teeth did you manage to dance your way around death.


Jun slowly craned her neck back over to it’s original position. “Yes…” She announced evenly, carefully gadging what Toshiro had to say. Not that she cared what a dunce had to say about her inventions. She already knew they were perfect. ‘Please love them, please love them.’


“What is this some sort of combat suit? Are you a ninja?”


“No!” Jun shouted standing up and snatching her blue prings away. She swaddles them up in her arms like they were her babies. “And yes.” She laid a kiss down on her blue prints. “No this isn’t a combat suit, I designed it so I can survive in that pocket dimensions I didn’t mention to you until just now. I don’t even see how you could… oh, oh yeah now I see it. Tottally a battle suit.” Well there you have it. Jun was obviously such a good inventor that she was able to create an excellent combat, and exploration suit. Go figure.


“You designed this yourself?” Toshiro asked amost sounding like she didn’t believe it.


“Of course I did. I travled to a separate dimension do you not think that I couldn’t desing a simple suit? Of course I can! I’m… I’m me! Listen girl. I don’t have to explain myself to you. I’m the most amazing scientist to ever be birthed into this planet.  I mean, I mean, I mean.” She stopped himself from speaking, and gathered her thoughts. “So are you going to help or not?”


Toshiro took a moment of her own and sipped some coffee. “Do you have other designs like this?”


Okay that was enough. Jun stood up, sending her seat fling backwards. She scooped up Toshiro and held her under her armpit like she was a suit case or something. “If you want to see designs oh I’m going to design your ass off women. She would exit the building careless of all of the stares she was collecting by walking off of with a women like she was luggage. She was much to excited about what the future would bring her.



Jun pulls our a ruler, and she checks the room t make sure that all of her employees are playting attentinos to the lecture she is about to present. If course the lecture is being held in front of a blackboard with a suit drawn on it as well as some mathematical formulai which make no sense to anyone who isn’t a super genius like Jun, and possibly Torhio. Though the jury is out on that guy as of yet. And of course the class room is actually just a blackboard in the creater of the palace she’d rented out fro himself. And that class was just Toshiro who currently had smoke coming off of her clothing from the ‘designs’ that Jun had shown her earlier that day. Jun was sure that Toshiro would see her as nothing less than a genius after that little bonding session.

“Which leaves us with one salient problem.” Jun Tengai announced within a few minutes of us seeing her first appearance. She’d been going through boring logistics for a little while, and was now coming to the point of the lecture. Which to an outside observer would be all they really cared about. “Even if we can get that metal from the bandits, we still wouldn’t be able to smelt it into the armor. It’d just be to heavy to be effective. We’d need something strong but light weight. We might have to aim a little higher than robbing bandits of their ill gotten metal.

Toshiro seemed to have finally found her will to speak once more. “Not nessesarily.” Luckily for her, she kept on talking. Jun just hated it in movie when people said stuff like that then let a tense silence occur just so they could feast on the feeling of expectation. Hated it. “If we forge the metal in Dragon fire, we can use a lot less metal, and it will be much stronger, and lighter than it would be other wise.”

“Oh well there we go, Toshiro! There we go! Only gotta get a dragon to agree to help us forge a suit of armor. Shouldn’t be a problem, they’re only the rarest species of animals on earth. Their only the most dangerous species on earth. Let’s just go down the street and ask that kindly old dragon down there if she’ll help us out.”

Toshiro sighed. “I’m no stranger to sarcasm sir.”

“Well I must be because I don’t’ know why you would suggest something so stupid to me without reason. The only reasonable explanation was that, that was a sarcastic answer.”

Toshrio sighed, again. She better get an A for all of the work she was going to be putting gin with this looney bin. “I had a reason for mentioning it.” She announced gritting her teeth. “There is a dragon who inhabits a near by mountain. She is suppose to be some sort of genius, and enjoys seeing and taking apart inventions. If you show her your designs, I’m sure she’d be happy to make a trade for them.”

“I am a genius.” Jun mused as she processed this new information. That sounded like a good plan, even if it wasn’t she was going to have the chance to meet a dragon. What else was there to say? After weighing up the options for a fiercer few seconds Jun At least nodded her head. “Yes, you’re right. That’s our battle plan. Steal the metal from the bandits, and give the metal to the dragon. Smelt the metal from the dragon, and create the suit. “

“What about all the circuits, and gizmos?” Toshrio asked as professionally as a women who just used the word gizmo in a sentence could.

Jun Tengai pffffted and waved her hand. “ I can grind out a few circuit boards, and touch interface systems in like an hours. It’s metal work I’m shotty with. Gotta contract all the work out.” She looked meaningfully at Toshiro who sat on a barrel in the mids of Jun’s last failed experiment. “I suppose I could have you rob the bandits and meet the dragon. Then I could do the circuit boars.” She gave the thought a moments attention before letting it vanish from sight never to be seen again. Of course that ancient old lizard would never belive that you were the one smart enough to create such wonderful works such as the ones I plan to show her. So I suppose the two of use will go together. Unless you want to stay here and work on the boards?” She held her hand up as if to offer her the option.


A cold breeze blew through the crater that had once been Jun’s home. “No thanks I’ll go with you if that’s okay.”


Like an effing boss Jun Tengai swerved around an incoming blade. Around her shoulders was Toshiro slung over like a sack of potatos. Alrighty so this whole meeting could have gone a little better. Not that they weren’t planning to fight these guys but they sort of had a ambush planned. Instead the rock under their feet just gave way and led to them just falling on their faces right in the middle of the bandit camp. Not the best positon to start a battle out on. But Jun was not a person who could be easily defeated, or put down. So the fight ensued. When it started it was eleven Bandits to the two scientists. Well only one really, Toshiro wasn’t much of a help. In fact. Seeing that Jun had the guy wrapped around her shoulders like a boa, she was really more of a hindrance. Which would subtract her from the total. Which would mean we started out with eleven bandits vs, nobody. Those seemed like pretty good odds to Jun.


The fight itself was amazing, and beyond description through the mere use of words. It’s something had simply had to be seen for the mortal eye to believe. It was all a blur of motion, like a ballet ontop of a jet plane. To beautiful and fast to properly process. Instead we simply got to catche eh back end of the fight, where it was just Jun versus three of the remaining bandits. The three bandits all had bo staffs and looked like they were in the mood to beat the genius out of Jun. Ha! Good luck, they’d be beating for quite a while before they could get all of that out of her!

Still she couldn’t fight weapons with just her bare heands. There had to be something she could use to combat the weapons presented to her. What to do, what to do. She was so deep in thoguth that she didn’t even bother to dodge an attack to her back by one of the bandits and their staff. Only it didn’t hit, Jun. It smacked Toshiro, and let out a squawk of agony. That was it! If she used Toshiro as a shield, then she wouldn’t encounter any damage. “Toshiro, you’re a genius.”

Toshiro let out a whimper as she felt a welt swell up on her back. “Ow ow ow, why am I a genius?”

Jun grabbed Toshiro by her collar, and her belt and held her in the most die hard battle positions a person could take while holding a human as a weapon. “Because now we’re going to kick some ass!” She was completely serious. She was going to fight this killers, with a grad student as a weapon.


The three remaning bandits looked at Jun with a sweat drop falling down their faces. “Are you some kind of crazy person?” They asked lowering their weapons a bit.

Jun let out a laught and manic laugh. “I have no doubt, that the history books will think that of me, but we’ll all know the truth. I’m not a looney. I’m a bad ass!” She let loose a battle cry, and launched into battle. While she battle cried, Toshiro was just actually crying. This so wasn’t worth an A in her class.

While two wooden poles would normally make a clanking sound when they collided with one another that was not the case in this battle instead there was a light ‘thud’ followed by a loug ‘Ow!’. The battle would have been almost silent if it wasn’t for Toshiro’s sniveling self. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, OW!” She cried with each parry of the stick. “For the love god women, stop parrying and attack them!”

Jun gritted her teeth and parried another blow with Toshiro. “I’m letting them ware themselves down!”


“You’re killing me!”

Jun rolled her eyes. “Fine, cry baby.” She gave her enemies the stink eye, it was time. “Pow! Hiya! Chop!” Is there any need to even explain what those noises were? Obviously they were three bandits beings smacked in the face, by the Face of Toshiro. It was three swift moves, no problem at all. It was as if Jun had been fighting with Toshiro in her arms for all of her life.

With a ‘thump, thump, thump.’ Three bad bandits, and a mediocre one fell to the ground like a sack of potato’s loser potatos. Jun set Toshiro down on her feet. “Good work. That will go in my report for sure. It’s not every day you meet a women who’s as good of an assistant as she is a weapon. Now I’m not too sure how good of an assistant you are, but so far your use as a weapon is getting a shining review.” She slapped the girl on her shoulder, and sent her toppling to the floor with another thump. “Oh do get up, Toshiro. I victor should stand tall, look to me for your inspiration. Not just on this either, I want you to be able to see me as your inspiration in all things. I’d like for you to think of me… well as sort of a father figure my girl.” There was no response from the unconscious Toshiro. “Oh I’ll let you side on this one. I know natural losers aren’t able to handle victory with as much grace as someone like me is. Rest for now Toshiro. I’ll fine that ore.” Hs sprang into action and tore that camp apart in look for a crate of stolen metal bars. They weren’t under the rug. They weren’t behind the sex slaves. They weren’t hidden behind the priceless stolen paintings. If Jun was a bandit and she stole a whole butt load of industrial metal where would she put it. Eh she wouldn’t put it anywhere. She would have made a righteous suit of power armor out of it. Knaw meh?

Jun sat upon a rock and looked around the bandit camp which she had literally turned upside down. Everything was now standing on it’s head. Dang they were good hiders. Perhaps she was just a bad seeker…

“There only place I haven’t checked was in those crates.” She let loose a forelorn sigh. There was so mch she could do with that precious metal. Why did fate seek to separate her from what she needed most? A badass arsenal of armor, and other super weapons. “Wait a second!” She shouted standing to her feet. “People put things in crates!” She ran up to one of the crates, lifted her custom made boot and with one quck foot jab broke a part the wooden contain. And on the other side of that fiberous wall? Metal! Glorious Glorius metal. The sort of things that a super genius like Jun could make some really cool stuff out of “Toshiro my girl, we’ve hit pay dirt.” Never your mind that our girl Toshiro was actually face first in the dirt. Jun smiled proudly at the passed out grad student. “Ah my little angel. Sleep all you need for now. For soon we meet a dragon.”



The pathway to the Dragon’s lair was a horrendous mazeway of spiked, and jagged rocks. The sheer cliffs left only a small and winding pathway as the viable pay to traverse the landscape. The landscape was barron with nothing in the way of vegetation other than spikey wooden bushes at popped up like horrid oasis’ in the dessert that were these bad lands. Their destianation was a Mountain that jutted out of the earth like a great thorn. It’s tall pointed soul peak towered above everything else in the landscape. It was not a vacation destination.


“Almost There Toshiro, it’s just a little bit farther!” Ah the voice of our fearless leader. The one the only Jun, Tengai. Her custom made boot shattered through a human skull as she scaled her way up the side of the mountain. For dozen or so meters the path ahd been scattered with human remains. Never a good sign. However it did mean that they were getting close to their objective! When life gives you skulls, make lemonade. That being said there were many more skulls than Jun could ever make lemonaid out of . That would be a bit of a problem. Obviously they were hapless fools who had no idea what they were doing. They obviously didn’t have the brains to entertain a Drgon of this caliber, unlike Jun. Unlike Jun who had the greatest super suit known to mankind! “Toshiro! I’ve got a dragon’s praise to be showered in!”

Trailing behid Jun at a considerable distance was our main character Toshiro. Who at this very moment was pulling a create of steel bars by a sled like she was some sort of horse, mule, dog, or team of magical reindeer. Though Horses and mule didn’t really pull sleds all that often so the latter two were the more likely analogies. Toshiro the poor guy, was in a bad way. She was covered in bruises, and a thick sheen of sweat and grime. There was absolutely no reason for her to still be going on with Jun because as of this moment the guy had been completely trash to her. She’d tricked her out of money, lost her a date, and used her as a weapon, and now she had to lug all of this metal up the side of a mountain! And for what? Three science credits. She was seriously thinking about dropping a few classes at this rate. Right now the only thing that was keeping her going was the thought of seeing Jun roasted to death by a great and powerful dragon. Because the guy was obviously an idiot after all that she had witnessed today. There was no way the dragon was going to like any of her designs. Genius though they might be, the guy was an idiot himself. The dragon would probably think that she stole them from an actual genius and kill her just for that. Oh no matter what the reason was Toshiro was going to enjoy seeing Jun die. After all that she’d been through today, it would be pretty good payback  for it all.

At last after their oddessy across the badlands and up the mountain the two Heroes came to the mouth of the cave. It’s darkness beckoned them inside while also telling them to go far away and never come back. That’s just how Jun like her women. She could feel a hot breeze emanating from the mouth of the cave, perfect. That probably meant there was something inside of their just waiting for them. It was a volcano. Both of which would be awesome. Jun turned to Toshiro and frowned. “So what’s the proper way for the two of use to greet a dragon at her own home?”


Toshiro gave a shrug. It was a fair enough question. “Hello Mr. Monster we’ve got some designs for ya.”

Jun Tengai was not overly impressed. ‘Not to self, never put Toshiro in charge of making first contact.’ She placed her hand on Toshiro’s shoulder and shook her head. “No buddy I don’t think we’ll go with that, but I appreciate you putting ideas out there and on our next encounter rI’d like to hear more of your suggestions. I love your passion for theory. No I think we’ll be going with something a little less retarded if ya don’t mind.” She gave her son from another father a slap on the back, then turned to direct himself to face the mouth of the cave. “Greetings my sclared and Eternal Friend. I am Jun Tengai! I’m a famed inventor from my homeland and I wish to trade you my designs for a sample of your dragon’s fire. May I enter your domain so that we may discuss Theory and application?” She bowed himself pretty low and listened for the response.


It took a few seconds. Like the creature from within the cave were thinking it over. Before finally like a low tumbling of thunder on a distant shore came the answer. “You may.”


With a raised eyebrow Jun looked to Toshiro and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, shall we?”

Toshiro was trembling by this point. Almost frozen in fear at the idea of walking into a dragons lair. Obviously others before her had attempted it, and ended up leaving the cave with considerably less skin. Still Right at this moment Jun was charging head long into the cave paying no heed to the fact that her doom could be only moments behind. She held her breath and followed after, still pulling the crate of steel along with her. She was nothing if not dedicated to her work.

The cave was an unepected display for anyone who was not a human. It was an interesting combination of style, taste, and OCD. The cave wasn’t actually a cave it would seem. It had been turned into some sort of art museum slash laboratory. Tesla coils were placed around the cave, and arcs of electricity jumped from one to another in a rhythimic patern. All the while pricless works of art hung on a bare cave wall like they wre on display. Shelfs upon shelfs of bookcases lined the massive hollowed out complex, and each book was perfectly presented in it’s shelf. No book stuck out anymore than the book next to it. In fact it seemed that everything in the cave was arranged just so. Just in such a way that there wasn’t the slightest room for untidiness. There were even what looked like shelfs of inventions. Jun could only being to internalize all of the wonderous loot that was on those shelves. She felt like a kid in a candy store. There was so much in this cave! Centuries of invention and experimentation it was beautiful. Jun could spend her entire life time in this cave looking at inventions, and never truly see them all. Beyond on that in the center of the cave was a bright blue obe that floated above a pedestal. And beyond that there was an actually Dragon laying down on the floor of the cave looking incredibly bored.

“Niv Mizzet I presume.” Toshiro announced giving a bow to the ender dragon, one which Jun quickly followed up on.

The dragon himself was a massive being. Far taller than even the towering height of Jun Tengai. Her skin, or rather her scales were a dark crimson red, that looked smooth and almost moist. Her body was nothing bust muscle, and looked incredibly powerful. Her neck was extremely long, and looked very much like a serpent. Her head had a sort of fan like membrane like a lizard or one of those dinosaurs from Jurrasic park that killed Newman from Seinfeld. You know… the fat guy. Jun had never seen something so imposing in all of her life, she wasn’t sure how she was suppose to continue with this. The beast before her was just so… awesome. She wanted to fan girl all over this over sized lizard. She seemed to embody everything that Jun held dear. She was a genius, and she was powerful . Jun liked serving powerful beings. And this thing certainly counted as one such creature, thought at length the dragon grew tired of the gawking and spoke. When she did the entire mountain rumbled, and the complex was filled with a great heat. “Do not waste my time mortals. Show me your sesigns or I will banish you with Dragon Fire, do you understand.”


“Of course!” Jun announced Raising her finger to the sky. “Toshiro the plans.” Toshiro obeyed and fetched the blue prints that were strapped to the sled. Thorugh she loathed to obey Jun she had to admit that at th moment her best chance of survival was following what she said. “I applogize for how few they are in number. This morning my lab was destroyed when I got sucked into a singularity. These were the only plans I’ve been able to draw up since then.”

The Dragon, Niv Mizzet gave a sympathetic Nod. “I hate it when that happens.” She announced. “This used to be an entire mountain range, but now I’m down to my last mountain.”

“That’s the price we must pay for our genius isn’t it?” She announced with a sly wink. She being Jun Tengai.

Thought the dragon had warmed up, no pun intended she still wasn’t feeling all too chummy with our girl Jun at the moment. “That remains to be seen.” She announced beckoning Toshiro to put the blue prings in her clawed hand? Paw? Claws? Whatever it was Toshiro obeyed reluctantly. Presenting the elder thing with the ingenious designs of Jun Tengai.

The dragon suprisngly daintily opened up the scroll and took a look at their content. She let out a noise that to a human sounded a lot like ‘hmmmm’ Though the way the dragon said it made it sound much more, regal. ‘Hmm’ she announced once more tossing away one blue print and digging into another one. ‘Hmmm.’ She made quick work of the complicated schematics, and before you could say a verse from Ulysses she’d digested everything there was to see on the plans. “A sort of extra dimensional life preservation suit, and some gear to enhance a common human’s utility?”

Jun shot a cocky look in Toshiro’s direction. “Told you it was obvious what it’s true purpose was.”

“Oh wait, it’s a combat suite.” The dragon corrected himself. “Yes, yes, my mistake. Sorry about that.”

Now it was Toshiro’s turn to give Li a smug look, which she happily wore. “You were saying?”

“Shut up.”

Niv mizzet nodded her head. “Not overly impressive but inventive enough for a small boon from me, at least walking away with your life. What favor do you wish of me?”

Jun nodded with gratitude. “Thank you. We have this steel that we would like you to smelt for us. Just a little fire, a few hammers on that forge over there and we’ll be out of your scales in no time. If the arrangement is to your liking.”

The sagely dragon nodded. “Very well, give me that metal, and a few minutes, and I’ll set up the forge.” Toshiro lugged over the great crate of steel, which the dragon simply picked up like it was weightless, now that was strength. Dragon strength. With the steel now in hand the dragon foolishly turned her back on our two heroic idiots. They were pretty much unattended, and had the run of the roost for several minutes. What could possibly happen?


“Hey what’s that?” Toshiro asked as she moved over towards the glowing orb in the middle of the cave. It’s white resonance filled up the entire gave with it’s intense glow.

“ well I’m glad that you asked.” Jun announced flicking her finger up into the air. There was suddenly a chalk board and entire class room set up inside the cave. “That’s a dragon’s stone.” She said with an oh so smug smile on her face. They have their whole soul stored in there and it’s where they get all of their power.



“I’m back!”

lYou wouldn’t think that a dragon would be able to sneak up on someone but this guy somehow managed to do it. He came out with a metal looking suit of armor. “I figured I’d just go ahead and make it for you, no trouble at all.”

“You’re alright for a dragon.”


Jun winked and put herself into the armor.

Her intern gave her a queer look and scratched his head. “It doesn’t look that special to me.”

“That’s because you’re not a ninja butt breath.” With a Wink Jun started to absorb the armor into her body. This was her plan the entire time. She’d with the help of the dragon made a chakra absorbing suit that would help her out in the creation of her new technique. She called it the assimilation of everything. Anything that had earthen metals in it she could absorb into her body and make it a part of herself. The suit was only for a little assistance in that matter. When it was completely absorbed she broke on out of it and came out on the other side a metal woman. The robot fetish folks would be absolutely in love.

With a wink she looked at her intern. “Now this is a pretty cool jutsu.” She turned back into a regular fleshy woman, and put her hand on the ground of the cave transforming a little more stoney. “Oh yes, this is going to be cool.”
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