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 Water Dragon Training

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Ryugia Uchiha

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Element(s) : Lightning-Fire-Wind
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : Fire
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PostSubject: Water Dragon Training   Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:51 pm

Ryugia had come back from his summoning training early to restock on supplies, but he had gotten caught back up in village life. With the upcoming chunin exams his team needed him, but he also needed to train and get stronger, so he had decided he would work on summoning here. This would be one of the hardest parts. Taming his first summon. He had already decided which one he wanted to start summoning, but he had to get the summon to except him.

The dragon's name was Mitsu. He was a water dragon, which would n turn compliment Ryugia's lightning style. He had to get the dragon to except him as his master, but that's easier said than done.

Ryugia had prepared heavily. He had picked a spot far from the village. It was a large water fall, with a pool of water big enough for the dragon. Though he didn't require water, he thought it would make him more comfortable. Ryugia had heard though that this dragon was particularly stubborn. He sighed. "Why did I have to pick a dragon known for it's stubborn nature, and unwillingness to serve. Though it wasn't the strongest dragon summon, no other summoner had ever gotten it to except them. This was gonna be a challenge.

Ryugia bit his right thumb, weaving the handsigns for a summoning jutsu. He placed his hand on the ground, and called forth mitsu. There was a large blast of smoke, pushing Ryugia back a few inches. He activated his sharingan, peering through the smoke. His eyes widened. The dragon was huge! As the smoke cleared he could see the dragons golden scales shining in the sun. It instantly keyed in on him.

"Did you summon me here? I don't think so. You look far to weak."

"I did. my name is Ry-"

"Child no language on known to you, has a word for how little I care. I will not obey you, nor anyone else. Now send me back, or I will be forced to kill you."

" Lord Mitsu. I believe I am more then strong enough to be your master. Please except me, and lend me your strength."

" What an annoying pest. You leave me no choice."

Ryugia saw it coming. The dragon's tale flicked out of the water, coming down on his head. Ryugia easily dodged it, his sharingan allowing him to predict every move.

"That wasn't half bad, and a Uchiha is almost worthy of me, but as I have said I will not except a master. So be gone."

Mitsu shot forth a jet stream of water from his mouth. Ryugia got caught up in the blast, but thinking on his feet quickly wove the signs for a jutsu.

"Lightning style! Electromagnetic murder!"

The lightning shot right back up the stream of water. Giving the dragon a very unpleasant shock. Ryugia had dialed back the power, so as not to cause any real harm.

"Grraahhh! Petulant boy! How dare you!"

"Except my strength and allow me to use you."

"I refuse to be another tool in your, and anyone's' arsenal."

"Then I'll just have to make you! Chidori!"

Lightning sprung to life in Ryugia's palm. He took off towards the dragon. Mitsu swung his tale in a furious flurry to try to knock Ryugia down, but thanks to his sharignan he could dodge them easily. He closed distance, and once he felt he was close enough he sprung up towards the dragons midsection. There was a quick blur, and as ryugia realized what happened, it was already to late. The dragon had jumped from the water, and was now behind him, on dry land. With a whack of his tale, he sent Ryugia spiraling into the water. Ryugia had a resistance to lightning style, but it still stung a little as the lightning dispersed through the water.

"That was clever. This dragon is smarter than he seems." Ryugia thought to himself, as he surfaced, and saw the smug look on the beasts face.

"You have no right to own me. I shall never give my self to you. Not in a hundred years. "

He lunged for Ryugia, maw gaping. Ryugia quickly sprung onto the waters surface, and tried to get away, but the dragon was already ontop of him. He dove into the water, grabbing Ryugia in his mouth. It shut with a snap, leaving Ryugia in the dark. No not totally in the dark. The inside of his mouth was glowing blue.

"Great.... Thanks to bioluminescence I can see how gross it is in here. Let me out now!"

He got no answer, instead the dragons tongue tilted back, and he began to slide down towards the throat.

"Damn! No! I can't die!"

Ryugia quickly tied off some wire to a kunai , and threw it, wraping it around an odd tooth, that was slightly out of place. It tiedthe other end to a kunai, so he could hold onto it, but as he slid backwards, his hand lost it's grip, and he fell back.

The ride down was anything but pleasant. He was squished, and wet, and it smelled like rotting fish. He fell from the ceiling into a reeking pool of god knows what. He tried to climb back up to the hole from which he came, but his chakra wouldn't adhere to the walls. He was left alone to think on all that had happened. He thought about if there was anything he could have done differently. After long enough, he began to wonder why he hadn't begun digesting. in fact he wasn't even in any pain.

"Wait a minute... He kept saying he didn't want to become a tool. That's it! Maybe an electric charge will cause the muscles in the mouth and throat to spasm, that might cause my kunai to fall down.... No that won't work, butttt.. Shadow clone Jutsu!"

Ryugia continued to multiply his clones, constantly. The numbers grew and grew, until the stomach was now almost completely filled. He could hear the moans of the dragon. It wouldn't be much longer now. Suddenly everything got a lot tighter, and all his clones and him were moving upwards. Out was a lot faster than in. He was expelled from the dragons mouth along with the rest of his clones, who all began disappearing on contact with the ground. there was of course the pool of vomit that came with him, but that was of no consequence. He had escaped, and could speak to the beast. 

"That was very clever boy."

"If you would please be quite I would like to speak. I have thought about all you said, and I realize that I was wrong. I don't want to be your master. I want to be your equal. I don't want to make you a tool, I would like you to be a comrade, and a friend, who will lend me their strength, and I shall lend mine. together we can be stronger than one can be alone. I only ask that you help me as a comrade, not as a servant to do my every whim. Please... Mizu. Will you help me."

The dragon smiled down at him. "You know I have done exactly what I did to you today to countless others, and not one has ever come to the conclusion you have. All others have sought a weapon, or slave to do whatever they asked. You are different young one.... I will help you when you call for me. I only ask that you treat me as a friend, and listen to what I say from time to time."

Ryugia looked up at the dragon. "I will. Thank you Mizu."

"No thank you Ryugia for finally giving me someone I want to fight with, and get to know."

"Wait. I never told you my name."

"Did you honestly think while you were looking into dragons, I wasn't looking into you. I knew you had lightning style, and would probably come to me at some point, so I wanted to be ready."

"You're an interesting dragon, and I'm sure you'll make an even better friend. Would you like to go home?"

"I think perhaps I'll stay here for awhile, and keep you company. Beside you really need a bath."

"Well whose fault Is that!"

The dragon took a sniff. "Man it get's worse every time."

"Wait, so does everyone always escape."

"No, but I always let them out eventually. Now get in the water, and clean yourself off! I can't take it anymore!"

Mizu wacked Ryugia into the water, and they both begin to laugh. Ryugia had finally earned the trust of his first summon. He was now on the road to becoming stronger. They played for a while, and just relaxed. They both shot witty remarks at each other, and surprisingly, they got along well. Ryugia was making good on his promise, he treated Mizu, not as a tool, but as a friend. After regaining their energy fro their first fight, they decided to do some training, to get some cooperative moves down. Just some simple maneuvers like Ryugia adding lightning to one of mizu's water jets. It took some time before Ryugia was able to keep the lightning from shocking mizu, but eventually they were in perfect sinc. Ryugia had even begun learning to electricaly chrge individual bursts of water. The two trained for a long while, until both were exhausted. Ryugia at the request of Mizu set up camp, and spent the night out in the woods, next to the dragon. 

"Hmph for such a tough guy, he really is a big softie." Ryugia thought as he looked at Mizu sleeping curled up around the camp. 
"He's so protective. Oh well, It's comforting to know I got him on my side."

With that Ryugia too drifted off to sleep.

((Claims: Summoning Mizu-2000 words for Chidori, and 10 stat points))

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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Re: Water Dragon Training   Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:11 am


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Ryugia Uchiha

Fame : 1
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Element(s) : Lightning-Fire-Wind
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : Fire
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 8500

PostSubject: Re: Water Dragon Training   Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:04 am

((Yea hi. I'm ryugia. Since this is a very old thread and it ended a while ago I would appreciate if you wouldn't go killing me. Especially with no warning. If you would like to try again fairly sure thing, but I would appreciate a heads up.))

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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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Element(s) : Lightning
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PostSubject: Re: Water Dragon Training   Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:37 am

lol totally thought you were inactive, withdrawn.
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PostSubject: Re: Water Dragon Training   

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Water Dragon Training
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