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 Mitsui is a con-man (Solo mission)

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The Arugula
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PostSubject: Mitsui is a con-man (Solo mission)   Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:17 pm

Denkiteki Hayato <3 wrote:
Mission Name:Assassinate a Drug Lord
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Assassination
Character Requirements: Mercenary/MN
Mission Location: Land of Iron
Word Count Requirements: 10,000 words
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 5,000 Ryo

Task: You've been hired by a drug lord to take out some of his competition, he doesn't care how you do it as long a she isn't linked to the man's death.

The mission

Mitsui decided to take up a contract, to get 5000 ryo. This was apparently a good mission to try. It was called kill a drug lord. Mitsui thought it would be an interesting thing. Mitsui would look and find that this drug lord, was the leader of the dragon gang. He was apparently also running a casino. He also was really good at poker. Mitsui also found that this person enjoyed doing scary things. He liked killing. Also, Mitsui found the picture of this dude. Mitsui thought that he would easily make him out. Mitsui also knew one more interesting thing. This guy was apparently often at the casino, but with many body guards. Mitsui thought that it would be a good idea to try well, finding him there. Mitsui would then wonder about how he intended to really get to this guy. Apparently, he is very secretive. However, Mitsui only had to kill him. Mitsui thought that the man might be rather interested in playing a lot of poker, or something. Mitsui thought that the man might also be a little bit muscular.

Mitsui thought about where to start. Mitsui would seal all of his stuff into that pocket dimension, so he would be readily able to grab it. Mitsui would be rather inclined to go and kill quickly, so that he would be able to leave, else many guards would be ready for Mitsui. Mitsui would wonder about how he would intend to deal with the massive amount of guards who might come. He thought that the best way to do that, was to go and sneak out.

Mitsui would go to the casino. It was the one that this man ran. Mitsui would see the interesting thing about this. A lot more guards than normal were there. This probably meant that something might be wrong. Mitsui would decide to first go and find where the poker tables were. Mitsui full well, was able to cheat, he could use eye mind reading, to steal information about hands, this man he was supposed to kill, and how they play among other things. Mitsui decided, that it would be a really good idea, to go and see, if he could get to the poker tables. Mitsui would walk towards the entrance, and would see security check points. A lot of them. This was also a little bit worrying. Mitsui would not normally expect to see so many people armed outside and a security check point. Mitsui also looked and saw everyone was in a suit and tie. Mitsui would immediately turn around and go to his apartment to get changed. He saw a lot of wrinkles on his suit, but he thought that he could probably not need to worry. Mitsui would forget how to tie a tie, for a bit, until he would remember after a long period of messing up and trying again.

Mitsui would go back to the casino, to see what was up. It was a creepy place. There was so much stuff there, and it was clear, that the place made a lot of money. Mitsui would go into the casino again, and there would be all manner of metal detectors and such. Mitsui having sealed his stuff into his pocket dimension, would be fine, and would not need to worry about such a metal detector. Mitsui would then be asked to fill out about 20 pages of forms. That really sucked. Mitsui would proceed to go and see what these were about. Mitsui had to write almost all his personal information. Mitsui decided to go and lie. It took about 2 and a half hours, to go and make such a lovely mess called those forms. Mitsui had managed to write probably about 2 school reports worth of information on these forms. After that, Mitsui would finally get back into the casino. Mitsui would go to the nearest poker table to see what he could find. Mitsui would suspect that the drug lord would be at the high stakes table. Also, Mitsui would realize, that the eye mind reading tech, that he used for cheating ryo, would also be helpful in obtaining information on both the poker game, and the players and his target.

Mitsui would sit down and think about what might happen. He would look around the table and find that the person to his left was full of money. He had about 2x the amount of money at the table. Mitsui saw the person on his right leaving rather sad. Mitsui would see the other 8 not that interesting. Mitsui would proceed to by a few chips with his ryo. Mitsui thought that it would likely mean, that he would have to cheat in order to know what would be in the lovely hands of other players. Mitsui would proceed to wait for his cards. Mitsui would wait, as the dealer would pass around 2 cards to each player. Mitsui would see his cards and wonder how this will go. Mitsui got 2 jacks, one of hearts and one of spades. Mitsui would think about this and wonder, how should he react? Mitsui would think that it was likely a good idea to raise. Mitsui would first check everyone out using eye mind reading. Mitsui would see the big stack bully on his left raise. Mitsui decided to start with his left. Mitsui would see the person had an Ace of hearts and a Queen of diamonds. Mitsui would not be too worried, but it was a little bit strange to raise. Mitsui would see the next person fold. Mitsui would soon realize, that the guy bet the money that Mitsui had. Basically, Mitsui would have to play an all in or he would be forced to fold. Mitsui would look to the next person, who would be number 5. None of the other ones called, but this one did. Mitsui would uses eye mind reading, and look to find that this dude was probably going to accept the bet, because he had a pair of queens. The person had the queen of hearts and the queen of spades. Mitsui would look to the people who had folded. One of them had an Ace of spades and a 6 of clubs. The other had a queen of clubs. Mitsui was relieved, but he did not show it. Mitsui had found that the person with the pair of queens will not get a 3 of a kind with these queens. Mitsui would also look and find that the high roller was a high ranking person in the drug gang. Mitsui would think that it would be quite likely, that Mitsui would be able to get more information on him. So person number 4, the one sitting next to the person with the queen pair, had 2 aces. Mitsui would decide, to fold when time came around. Mitsui would think about all the people there, and realize that all of them were actually henchmen for this dude that Mitsui was supposed to kill. All of them were watching Mitsui too. Mitsui was pretty worried. Mitsui would proceed to wait for the next hand to come around. The person with double ace would win the hand. It was all expected. Mitsui would wait for the next one. Mitsui decided not to play this hand. It was by no means good, and it was quite clear, that the hand would not win. Mitsui had gotten a 3 and a 10 in different suites. Mitsui was definitely going to fold. Mitsui would then when time came around, fold. He was glad he did. He saw in that person he was looking into the mind of, that he had double king. Mitsui wondered if they shuffled the deck, to have more advantage to those who were henchmen. Mitsui would wonder about what these people would do next. Mitsui would decide to next go and wait for the next hand. Mitsui would throw that next hand too. It had a 7 and a 4 on it. Still was bad. Mitsui would go through these hands over and over. Probably about 15 or so of them, until he managed to finally find an Ace. Mitsui would be kind of annoyed. He had an Ace and a 2. Mitsui would fold that. After about another 20 hands, Mitsui would find ace pair. Mitsui would be pretty happy. It seemed that he would be able to win this hand. Mitsui would wonder if he should activate byakugan yet. Mitsui thought that they might recognize this as some form of cheating, and Mitsui would not be able to play anymore. Mitsui would proceed to look again, and it seemed, he would win. Mitsui had already got a full house. Ace and 2 kings. Mitsui would look and it seemed, that the person to his left had 2 kings. Mitsui thought he had to use the byakugan. Mitsui would proceed to use that and find, that the second card from the top was the last ace. Mitsui would stay calm, and put all in. The other dude did too. Mitsui looked, and saw nobody else call that bet. It was clear, that they did not want to play this hand. It was a shame, cause Mitsui did not get that chance to go and win the hand with everyone on it. Mitsui would proceed to see a 10 and an Ace. Mitsui would show his ace pair, and show that he had a quad ace. Mitsui would then manage to have gotten his money again. Mitsui wondered about what would happen next. Mitsui thought that he might be able to pay for a talk with the crime boss, if he could bribe someone. So Mitsui would have to continue betting and cheating until he would be rich. Mitsui would proceed to sit back and wait. It would be clear that some people would wonder how 2 four of a kinds happened. It seemed that there was a mistake in the betting process. Mitsui would watch the next hand get dealt. Mitsui would look at his cards and fold again. Mitsui got a kind and a 2. Mitsui was clearly not interested in such a hand that is so weak. Mitsui thought that he could get better hands then that. Mitsui would proceed to continue to wait. He would after another 20 or so hands, find another pair, this time, of kings. Mitsui would not raise, he would wait and call normal blind, for the hand. Mitsui would look, and he would see what he did not want to see. He saw a pair of aces, and a queen. Mitsui would not be too happy, cause it was clear, that he was not likely to win. Mitsui would look at the person who he continued to look at the mind of, and would see it clearly, that the person had cheated the hands. The person had an ace. Mitsui did not have any confidence, however, he used his byakugan and saw that there was 1 kind in the 2 next cards. The thing was, that kind would not help enough, as it would be quite obvious, that the hand would still lose to that triple ace. Mitsui would decide to wait for the next hand. The next hand was interesting. Mitsui got a 7 of hearts and an 8 of hearts. Mitsui would decide to play this hand too. Mitsui would proceed to see a 6, and a 5,  and an ace. Mitsui would proceed to wait. He looked in the next 2 cards to see a king and a 4. Mitsui knew that he got that good hand again. Mitsui would proceed to wait calmly again. He was clearly making a lot of money, and suspicion was soon to rise. Mitsui decided, that after this, he would need to lose a bit. Mitsui would never the less, win this hand. Mitsui had now 400 ryo. Mitsui probably needed 4000 or so at least.

Mitsui thought that he might bribe that high ranking dude next to him for a meeting with the boss. Mitsui needed to kill him, but it was not exactly a good idea to do it in public. Mitsui also needed to be close to him in order to kill the man. Mitsui decided that it would be the best course of action to go and see about bribing him. Mitsui would tap the man next to him on the shoulder, and ask him, how he can get a meeting with his boss. His boss was the man that Mitsui needed to kill. Mitsui was told, that he had to pay about 20000 ryo to join the man's club, and then be able to meet him in person. Mitsui decided to go on, and well, see how much money he could make. Mitsui had his track all planned out. So he had to repeat this playing style, until he got that 20000 ryo. Mitsui decided, to do some more cheating. Mitsui would go to the bathroom, and make 4 shadow clones. Then they would all transform into different people, and would proceed to walk out. Mitsui would then go back to his table, and all of them would sit down at other tables. Mitsui would proceed to continue playing. The other ones would too, except they discovered another way to cheat it. He could use the loans. Mitsui proceed to get a loan of 5000 ryo. That would massively save trouble on it. Mitsui would proceed to buy more chips, to have about 5400 ryo on his side of the table. Mitsui would proceed to wait for his table to give Mitsui another 2 cards. This time, it would be interesting. The 2 cards Mitsui got, were a pair of queens. The 2 cards that the man next to Mitsui got, were a pair of jacks. However, 2 of the other players had those same cards in different suites. Mitsui would use his byakugan to sneakily find out what cards others had. It seemed, that someone had a pair of kings. That one was definitely going to win. Mitsui would proceed to fold his hand. He would then wait for the next hand. Mitsui would dismiss the following combinations of hands. Seven and two, 8 and 4, 6 and 2, 9 and 4, King and 6. Mitsui would then find a more interesting hand. Ace and King. This was definitely a better hand, and it would be interesting how that went. Mitsui would proceed to see what would happen next. He would see an Ace and a king on the top 3 cards of the deck, however, someone had a queen and a 10. Mitsui was a little worried about that. Mitsui also found that he should fold this hand, as he had managed to find that the dealer had put a jack in it. The jack was the 4th card from the top. Mitsui was starting to get suspicious on these plays. It was clear, that he was able to get some really strange things on the hands that would be considered good. Mitsui knew, that a Ace, King, Queen, Jack and a 10, equaled a straight. Mitsui would proceed to look at the other cards. He had his cards in the same suite. The Jack was also in that suite, and the 6 and 2 were in that same suite. Mitsui's luck really was getting better. Mitsui would decide, that it was considered to be true, that a flush beats a straight, and a nut flush is the strongest possible flush. Mitsui actually remembered, that the actual strongest kind of flush, was a royal flush. Mitsui would take back what he said previously. Mitsui would put an all in. Of course, that other dude would too. Mitsui would see one more person accept this all in. Mitsui would look at that man's hand. It had 2 aces. Mitsui noticed that no other aces, or other pairs were there, so Mitsui had a legitimately won hand. Mitsui's money would be tripled. Instead of 5400, Mitsui would now have 16200 ryo. Mitsui would proceed to wait to see about what the next hands were.

Meanwhile, Mitsui's next clone would be gathering more information upon the wearabouts of this target. Mitsui's clone would find, that the person who was sitting next to Mitsui, who was that high ranking individual, was not actually the immediate person who was under that boss, there was another 2 people. Mitsui's clone thought that would be interesting. However, it seemed, that it would be more difficult to talk to this man, since it seemed, that that high ranking person would need more money, in order to use his one call, for this other person. Mitsui's clone guessed it would be maybe 35000 at least. Mitsui's clone would find it interesting, but it seemed, that there would need to possible be more work for this annoyingly long time. Mitsui's clone would proceed to find, that there needed to be at least 20 guards who were escorting someone at any time in that club. That was not fun, but it would definitely be necessary.

Mitsui's third clone, would also be looking around, this one would be wondering why it is, that the waiters are paid, to put these strange pills into the drinks. Mitsui's clone would find it strange, cause these pills are clearly meant to either kill, or at least do some strange things. Mitsui's third clone would wonder what these were for. Mitsui's clone however decided to find out.

The fourth clone, would be walking out side, in pursuit of someone, who had a large suit case. Mitsui's fourth clone, had walked out quickly, after another person, and it seemed, that this dude was clearly suspicious. The person's suit case, had a huge amount of money, and was actually running away. Like he stole something. That was also suspicious. Mitsui's fourth clone, would try to say stuff to him, but the man was clearly not willing to answer, and he continued running. Mitsui's clone decided to tail him. He was getting farther and farther away though.

Mitsui would continue playing. This time, he would have to go through more hands. These seemed to be made, so that the player would have a major disadvantage. Mitsui thought it was weird, that they were trying to make it hard for the player. If Mitsui did not have these cheating abilities, then, he would not be able to get all this information. Mitsui would wonder if this was how funds were raised for that gang. It was really quite suspicious, since most non-cheating players, would end up losing basically all of their money on this, and it seemed totally unfair. Mitsui however seemed to have managed to get the deck on his side. Whenever that person to the left got a good hand, Mitsui would have managed to get an even better hand. Mitsui would look around, he had about half as much money as the dude to his right. Mitsui had the second highest amount of money at the table.

Mitsui's second clone would find it strange, he needed to tell Mitsui at some point, but nobody else would be able to hear, nor would anybody else be able to see that Mitsui was supposed to know this. Mitsui's clone would find it weird, it was strange that the person needed so much money, to simply talk to that boss. What was up with that? Mitsui's clone decided to go investigate. He saw that many people were clearly not winning any money, and he also knew that money is generally not made in a Casino. Mitsui was clearly cheating, but it was a bad idea to say it now. Mitsui's clone also thought, that it would not be possible to do this well, if he was basically giving this man's chips back. Mitsui's clone thought that it would be better if he paid a different person of that man's rank.

Mitsui's third clone would now be asking a waiter about these packets. Although they looked like flavor packets, they were not exactly looking like flavor. For one thing, they were sorted out. One of the boxes of them had the word cyanide. Mitsui's clone looked, another said, ground opium. Mitsui's clone wondered what these meant. It clearly was not meant for good purpose, and it seemed, that these were meant to be used to spike drinks and have people either die, or do stupid stuff. Mitsui's clone would see guards coming around. Probably, it was time to fight, as it seemed totally strange, as to why they would come otherwise. The waiter that Mitsui's clone was talking to would not really give any information on this. It seemed that he was not keen on it, and called guards in. Mitsui's clone would proceed to wonder what to think of this.

Mitsui's fourth clone would be running after the man. After a bit, Mitsui's fourth clone would decide to use eye mind reading as well. He would start looking through the man's mind, to find some interesting facts. This man was actually the right hand man of this crime boss. Mitsui should actually find a way of using this man. However, he seemed in a hurry, and it seemed, that he was hiding something else. Mitsui's clone then deduced, that he was going to try to run before police would get in. Apparently, he was trying to get out as police were chasing him. Mitsui's fourth clone decided to tell the man that he can protect him from the police. However, they were about 300 meters from the casino.

Mitsui would use his eye mind reading still, and find that the man was not going to be satisfied with 20000 as he thought, but instead, it would be 35000. Mitsui would proceed to look at him more, and find more clues. The waiters were spiking drinks. Mitsui would see the waiter come. Mitsui would decline to get a drink. Mitsui's one had cyanide in it. It was clear, that he would not want to drink it. However, the person on his right had an un-spiked drink. Mitsui did not want him dead. Mitsui's let person also had an un-spiked drink. However, Mitsui wondered how he would remove that cyanide. Mitsui thought that he might go ask the waiter. Mitsui would be about to mention the cyanide, but he would find, that it was clearly not a good idea, since they all knew, and it was intentional. Mitsui would realize, that he had managed to find, that they were really suspicious of him even if facial expressions would not see this.

Mitsui's second clone would proceed to go and follow this person down an elevator. Mitsui would read his mind, and find that this man was actually in the same power as this man who was sitting to Mitsui's left. Mitsui's second clone would proceed to be denied access to the elevator. Mitsui's clone decided to shake hands with the man, and put a mark seal on this man's hand, so he could summon him back quickly, if needed. Mitsui's second clone would sit down and wait to see what would happen next. It was getting awfully suspicious.  Mitsui's second clone would look and see a bunch of guards, but they were not chasing him. That was good, since it was clear, that the guards were not intending on arresting Mitsui's clone yet.

Mitsui's third clone would see a lot of guards. Mitsui's third clone would see about 20 or so. That was interesting. He was thinking of trying something. Although it seemed, that it would be dumb to ruin it for others, by going and seeing if he could fight the guards off. Mitsui's third clone would proceed to look at the guards and then the waiter before the guards would attack Mitsui's third clone. That would be before Mitsui's third clone would draw his sword. It was going to be fun fighting these people. They were probably wondering how Mitsui's third clone got a sword in. They did not know his relationship to Mitsui. Mitsui's clone would find this odd. He had 20 or so guards, but they were so easy. Mitsui's clone would turn on his byakugan, and would see it quite obvious, that the waiter was going to try to inject something into Mitsui's third clone. Mitsui's third clone would immediately turn around and slash the man behind him, who was the waiter, in half. Mitsui's clone would turn around again, and would be slashing against the many guards.

Mitsui's forth clone, would now be walking just behind the other man. He was clearly not going to talk to Mitsui's clone unless he was forced. Mitsui's clone did not mind that. He would proceed to continue mind reading. Apparently, this person was originally intending to go to the boss' mansion. Mitsui's fourth clone would soon find that out, but first, he would stab the man in the heart, and bring back the money in that huge suit case.
Mitsui's first clone would proceed to wonder what was going on. He had managed to go and find the guards. They were at a certain place, and that place had a lot of interrogations going on. It was odd, since it seemed weird that they were interrogating part time. It was strange, but it seemed that these guards were trying to get more information out of people. Mitsui's first clone however found that it was odd, that he had managed to find the place, without anyone noticing. It was totally strange that they were able to go and kidnap people and hide them in that place without anyone knowing. Apparently, they were doing strange experiments. However, he would soon be surprised, as the fourth clone would come back, and tell him, that they needed to get together. They would go to the third one, who was still fighting the guards. The guards would soon be overwhelmed, as 2 more Mitsui clones would go fight them. The second one would hear noise, and would soon go and help them. Now for the main one. Mitsui was up stairs, however, the casino suspected Mitsui of cheating and would decide to quit the lovely game. He had so much money now, that they decided to deny Mitsui getting his cash in. However, the fourth shadow clone had found all the whereabouts of his other man. Mitsui now had to go there. Mitsui would go into the bathroom with his other clones. Then he would dispel them, and then walk back out. Mitsui would proceed to go down the stairs, and would then go out of the building. Since he got all the info of the other place,  that casino was no longer needed. He would proceed to turn towards the building and then see a gas tank. It was probably there to heat the building. Mitsui would quickly use a few hand seals, and then the guards would see what Mitsui was going to do. Mitsui would send a wind missile against the tank, and soon, there would be a huge explosion, as the casino would be in flames. The massive amount of gas would be ignited by the spark, and that spark would proceed to make a huge explosion. Mitsui would turn around and run, as people would attempt to flee the burning building. Mitsui probably had managed to raise his bounty that way, but well, he did not care anymore. Mitsui would proceed to run, as fire men, hospital men, and police men would all rush to the scene, in an attempt to save the burning building. Mitsui would do it one more time, lower to the ground this time, to go and basically collapse the building. He would then turn around and start walking to that other mansion. Mitsui would think that he probably made a name for himself now. These people probably lost track of Mitsui, since they were so focused on the burning building that was behind them. Mitsui would proceed to manage to finally get to go to that mansion. This time, using hiding with camouflage. Mitsui would get to the gates. There were all manner of guards there. They seemed to have been alerted already of the burning building, probably cause they saw it. He heard noises about the boss being really mad. It seemed, that there would probably be a fight soon, so he had to be ready. Mitsui would proceed to go and see what might happen next in that. It seemed, that the guards were all over the place, and that they were not going to move with any amount of fight or such. They had to be killed, but Mitsui did not want to reveal his presence there yet. Mitsui would proceed to stay back and wait. It seemed, that they were watching everywhere, even looking down, to see if people were coming. Mitsui was suspicious, that it was probably true, that they expected someone to come. Mitsui wondered whether it would be a good idea to go and barge in, or if he should wait. Mitsui would use his byakugan, and see all around the place. It seemed, like they had people in there doing strange things. One of them was the boss. He was disciplining one of his men, probable because of the Casino explosion. Mitsui would wonder how he would be able to get through. Then, he saw that he could probably go in point blank. They seemed to have made a path so people could walk through but, only if they let them. They were definitely not going to let Mitsui in now. They would be way to suspicious. Mitsui wondered, what he could do instead. It was pretty darn strange, that the guards would be so alerted. Mitsui would then see police coming. Mitsui thought it would be a good idea to stay behind and watch. He would see guards and police fighting, as the guards would put their lives on the line in order to defend their boss. Mitsui would wonder what they would do if he went in the middle and killed them. It was not smart Mitsui thought, as it was quite clear, that there would be too many coming in to be able to stop them from eventually getting Mitsui. Mitsui then realized, that he could probably sneak in over the back gate if he could find one. Mitsui would walk around, to see what might happen in there. It was quite obvious, that there were many guards at the back, actually as many as at the front, however, it seemed that he would probably be able to get in, cause none of them looked in Mitsui's direction. Mitsui would proceed to jump over, and then hide behind a nearby pillar. The guards were alerted by the noise, but they saw nothing interesting, so they turned around again and continued watching the people in front fight. Mitsui would wonder how he was to get in, there was so much space in between the gate and the mansion. Mitsui also saw a moat. It was clear, that they did not want people going across unexpectedly, cause there was also a draw bridge. Mitsui thought that he might not want to make an uproar, so he would stay back and watch. He say that there was clearly guards inside too. All the windows and doors had at least 2 guards there. Mitsui would hear noise again, this time from the back gate. Police would be running all over, and would proceed to now try to invade the back. The guards would then turn their attention there. It seemed, that the police had found that they needed to fight all sides. Mitsui thought then, that there was a basement. Mitsui noticed it, and would proceed to use hiding like a mole from behind the pillar. Mitsui would notice, that people noticed he went underground, but nobody knew where Mitsui was going. He was underground, but the thing was, he was going to the basement. Mitsui would wait quietly, to examine what was down there. It seemed, that there was nobody there. It was dead quiet there.

Mitsui went into that basement. It seemed dead quiet, and he noticed a lot of corpses. He walked up the stair way and found the door was locked. He would proceed to let out a thread, and would proceed to walk in, and close the door behind him. Mitsui still had a lot to do. He had got into the house. Mitsui would proceed to look around, guards were buzzing around, and unfortunately, one saw that door open. Mitsui would see the guard charge towards Mitsui. Mitsui did not want a fight, so he proceeded to draw his sword, and would swing it to cut the man's head off. Since the sword was really really sharp, it would easily cut through the man's 50 health and sharpness sword and would end up getting the head off too. Mitsui would then continue on his way. Mitsui would proceed to look around to see what he could find. It seemed odd, but there was a weird feeling about this place. He heard a lot of yelling, a lot of fighting, and a lot of footsteps. Mitsui would proceed to turn on the hiding with camouflage again, and would look around. It seemed, that there were more guards coming. They would be gathered around the dead body of the guard, and they would be talking to each other and basically saying that someone got in via the basement. They would then wonder, how did he do that? Mitsui would proceed to sneak around, and would see a little office. This was different from the rest of the place, cause the office looked clean, and well, non-violent, unlike the rest of the place. Mitsui would hide under a desk, as people would run all over the place looking for this intruder. Mitsui would wonder about this and thought that it might be true, that they know where he was, cause all the people were starting to close in on the door of that office that Mitsui fled in to. Mitsui would look around, and saw that they were all confused, they noticed someone came in, but they also did not see anyone coming. All they saw, was stuff was being disturbed in there. It was clear to Mitsui, that it was not safe to stay there. He thought it might be that they could leave though, and lock the door. Mitsui would proceed to go up, and would look to see what might be happening up there. It seemed, that they would not be able to find anyone and that Mitsui was safe. Mitsui then would proceed to watch, as they would run all over. Mitsui would then run out side, and then slam the door. They people inside would then hear the noise and basically think, oh crap. Mitsui would proceed to put a thread in, and would then lock the door. It would basically mean, that the people inside could not get out. Mitsui would then continue sneaking around, and would look to see guards racing towards the door that people were locked in with, and quickly pulling out keys to unlock the door. Mitsui however, would see a stair case and would wonder what that was fore. Mitsui would run up it and look to find that he had reached a balcony. It was a really long stair case, and guards heard noises there, so they would start running up too. Mitsui would look as he would see this thin door, so Mitsui decided to go and make it hard for them. Mitsui would proceed to lock this door, and he would use moving earth core, to make a wall in front of the door, so that they would open the door finally, into a wall. Mitsui would then wonder about what would happen next. It seemed that the only way to get off that balcony, was to jump off. This was a tiny place, and the noise from the guards got louder and louder until they finally found in. Mitsui would proceed to realize, that he was trapped. He would summon Rakdos, and the people looking up would see this massive demonic figure. Mitsui noticed that he was almost out of energy. Rakdos would proceed to drop down, and would crash and land on a whole bunch of unfortunate guards. These guards would end up dying as they would be easily crushed and killed in almost an instant. Rakdos would proceed to crash through many walls, as he would be intending to go and find this drug lord that Mitsui told Rakdos about. Rakdos would then look down to find police getting in now. It seemed that the guards were put into disarray from Mitsui's infiltration. The mansion was basically become a huge mess. These guards and policemen were trying to stop the Rakdos, but he continued to smash through walls. Mitsui would then wonder what all were doing. Mitsui soon realized, that the actual crime boss was running down a secret passageway, to go out all the way to the next building. Mitsui wondered about what would happen next. It seemed, that Rakdos had managed to get the target out of the mansion. After about half an hour of Rakdos smashing stuff, it seemed, that the boss was going to blow up the place. Mitsui would decide to get Rakdos out. Mitsui would proceed to tell Rakdos to smash through the wall. The policemen and such were trying to chase Rakdos, but Rakdos would barely get out, when Mitsui would see a bright orange fire ball, which would soon engulf Rakdos and Mitsui. That crime boss was getting into that secret passage way, and it seemed, that he would be able to get rather safely away from it. Mitsui would see that the police were mostly inside, and the guards were all inside, so basically all of them died. Mitsui would proceed to start flying with Rakdos, and Rakdos would be hit by the explosion. Fortunately, they were only the fire part, so Rakdos would still fly. They were looking down and were now in hot pursuit of the drug lord. The drug lord had managed to find out, into another place. He was running dang quickly, and it seemed, that was most of what he had, but not all. He had another place. Mitsui would proceed to fly towards this other place. This other place had even more guards, and this time, the police did not find the boss. The boss had managed to get away, most of them were dead anyway. Mitsui would proceed to follow this person into his next place. this place had even more guards, and was basically a safe house.

Mitsui was running out of energy, and thus decided, to let the guy rest. Mitsui was tired too. Mitsui would proceed to let rakdos sit outside of the restaurant, and would proceed to stand guard. Mitsui would proceed to rest, and would then go and eat basically all the food at the buffet. Mitsui was really hungry, and basically nothing would stop him from eating everything. Mitsui would eat his ramen, and would soon see that there was no more food. Mitsui had eaten quite a lot. Mitsui would then rest for a while. It seemed that the crime boss needed a rest too. Mitsui would however, get back on his feet again, after his rest. He would then continue flying towards that crime boss. He would soon be there after a long flight.

Mitsui would get there, and he would find the final part of the fight. He would realize, that he had to win now, or it will come to nothing. It would probably take a while to win, as more guards are there, but he would be able to do it. He still had that Demon there. Mitsui thought about how it will go, it seemed, that it would take a long time to get it working well, as it was clearly not going to work to just be able to go and attack the man there. The doors and windows were all well fortified, and it seemed that Rakdos would have to put a lot more effort into simply invading the place. Mitsui decided to make it known that he was there by making a really grand entrance. He decided to do this by going and making another wind missile. This time, exploding it on top of the building. However, much to Mitsui's surprise, when he turned on the byakugan before doing that, he saw that it was nothing up there, and that it was really deep. It seemed the man was well prepared, and that he would be ready for Mitsui to come, when he did. It seemed, that Mitsui would have to do a much more complicated thing to get that to work.

Undeterred, Mitsui would proceed into the lovely building. Mitsui would proceed to pick the lock of that building and eventually open it. Mitsui thought though, that it would not be very safe to go in, but he had the byakugan in case any kind of trap would be there. Mitsui would look around, and find that there was an interesting thing, which allowed Mitsui to go and sneak down. Mitsui would see that there was no traps. Mitsui would go down the tunnel and find that there was light, noise and chatter at the bottom. Mitsui would go down more, and find that someone had went and put a fire in it to deter people from going down. Mitsui would look, and find that he had to jump across the fire. Mitsui would instead use the hiding like a mole technique, to go and quietly go and sneak around inside. There was this massive room and the leader was in the middle. He really was not happy. Mitsui thought that the man was not very happy, because he had managed to lose basically everything except this safe house. He was probably going to do some strange things. The guards here, though, had much larger chakra signatures. Rakdos would not be able to come, but Mitsui figured that he would be well able to kill the man, given the chance. Mitsui decided that it would be best to go and see about how to fight him. Mitsui would make not of the huge number of people here, and the explosives. Mitsui thought it might be a good idea to set off the explosives. Mitsui would decide to do that after finding out who would be there. There were hostages, but how was Mitsui going to make that work. Mitsui thought back about killing those other people in the casino. Mitsui had clearly done a lot of damage there, so what would be wrong about killing the people here? Mitsui thought that it would be best to simply kill those who were here and all of them. Mitsui would decide, it was time to kill them. Mitsui would go through the ground to look around and find that he had managed to find a lot of places in order to blow up, but he had to light the fuse from one area. Mitsui thought that the one place that was, was the control device that the man was holding. Mitsui decided to go down and fight first. Mitsui would go over where the man was, and Mitsui would proceed to pop down from above, startling most of the people there. Mitsui would then do 3 hand seals as they would watch, and then suddenly use the wind missile tech, to go and basically blow up the leader of the men. Mitsui would have done this except, he noticed how dangerous this would be, and that there would be no evidence. Mitsui would then drop down, and summon Rakdos again. Rakdos would proceed to start slashing around, and so would Mitsui. The 2 would find that there were huge amounts of people down here. Mitsui figured that it would take forever to get this done, and it would seem, that Mitsui would have to simply say screw it, as he would eventually be forced to blow the crap out of the hideout. Mitsui would look around and see that the place had basically possible never ending people. Mitsui and Rakdos would be full of defeated foes, but the people would still come. It seemed, that there was something else to this place. Mitsui would proceed to wonder what would be creating these endless numbers of people. It seemed that he could not have possible hired this many of them. How would he have enough money? It seemed that there was something else up with this. Mitsui would proceed to find the button with the explosives. Mitsui thought that he could probably survive if he pressed the button. Mitsui thought that well, Rakdos would die in it so he thought that it would be a good idea to go and un-summon him. Mitsui would then proceed to wait for the people to come closer. Mitsui would then realize that the crime boss had escaped already somehow. He had closed the exit off and was basically trying to run away again. Mitsui thought that it probably meant that the crime boss was desperate. Mitsui was glad he had the byakugan on again. Mitsui would look around one more time. It seemed that there was still no end to this place. There were still people coming. Mitsui would then press the button to blow up the place. Mitsui would see massive amounts of explosions, and it would seem that he would die. Mitsui would see people still running at him. Mitsui would jump into the ground to his left and would proceed to rise upwards. When Mitsui would get to the surface, it seemed, that he had managed to kill everyone in there. It was a massive ground collapse, but the truth was, not everyone died immediately. Mitsui would proceed to look up and see that the ground was still collapsing, and that he was still in a sink hole. Mitsui would proceed to summon Rakdos and would fly upwards as the ground collapsed under him. Mitsui would wonder about that thing, it felt surreal. Mitsui thought that he had safely got away but the crime boss was still running. Mitsui would proceed to run after the man. It seemed weird that he had all these people. Mitsui had still not killed that man even though he killed maybe 500 or more people along the way. Mitsui would look he was 250 meters away. Dang, that was far.

Mitsui would look around. He had managed to get closer to the man as he ran. He was dang good at running. He managed to survive all this way. He had escaped many places. Mitsui would look around and find that he had managed to destroy everything the man had. Just to kill the man. Mitsui would keep chasing him. It seemed weird that he was still 224 meters away. The man was well about to die. Mitsui thought that he would be able to kill the man if he got closer. The man would proceed to start killing people too. Mitsui had managed to catch a bit more, he was moving a lot more slowly. He had pulled out his sword and he had been slicing the heads off those in his way. Mitsui would proceed to chase after him and would see he would be about 200 meters away. It was still far away. Mitsui would see him run into another place. Mitsui would decide to destroy that building. Mitsui would proceed to send a wind missile at the building. Mitsui would look and see the building fall down. Mitsui had managed to kill more people and see that the person was not really in the building. He already managed to escape the building and Mitsui had managed to only injure the person a bit. Mitsui had not managed to do a lot of damage to the person and he was still alive. Mitsui would proceed to run more, and he would find that he was about 75 meters. Mitsui thought that he could probably recharge the technique again. It seemed that he would be able to catch up if he was max stats, but he was not, so he was almost there. Mitsui would soon be closer. Mitsui would try it again, but the man was really good at dodging. Mitsui would be too far away to use his earth techniques. Mitsui thought that the best way to fight the man was to go and catch up. Mitsui would remember his defeat at Amegakure and that it seemed that he had managed to go and run off into yet another building. Mitsui would end up shooting another wind missile. Mitsui would have managed to go and blow that one up too. Mitsui wondered what the body count was. It was probably a question that one would never want answered. Mitsui would be way too tired to go and think about that. Mitsui would look and the man continued to run. Mitsui was only 30 meters away. Mitsui would see the man run into another building. Mitsui would proceed to do the final wind missile. Mitsui would finally be able to get that missile to turn, and it managed to explode within range of the man. Mitsui would look, he finally killed the man. This was after about 500-600 kills. Mitsui would not be happy, but he was a missing nin, he was already supposed to die, so how was he supposed to not do more damage.

Mitsui thought that he now had to carry that body of the crime boss. Mitsui would run off and try to find the person he was supposed to give this body too. Mitsui would walk around looking for the lovely body. It was so far away that he had to go and summon Rakdos. Mitsui would summon Rakdos. Mitsui and the body would go onto Rakdos' back and Mitsui would start flying back to the collection office. Mitsui thought that it would be a good idea to go and see if he could get any closer to this place. Mitsui would be almost there. It was clearly taking a long time. Mitsui would finally reach that place. It was full of bodies. It stank really bad in there. Mitsui knew full well why. Mitsui thought that it might be a good idea to leave as quick as he could. It seemed that he would be able to leave soon though. It was not going to take that long to get the body to the collection office. Mitsui would then realize, that he was not supposed to get there. Mitsui would proceed to go to the collection office with a body slung over him. Mitsui would look and see he had all manner of strange looks. Mitsui would look and find that the person he was supposed to show that he killed this crime boss was not here. Mitsui would be very pissed about this since he had managed to now have to wait. Mitsui would then go to the meeting point between contract makers and the people who did them. Mitsui would eventually find the other drug lord that he was supposed to kill for. Mitsui was supposed to murder the competition for this person. Mitsui would then proceed to go and give the body to this other drug lord. This other drug lord gave Mitsui 5000 ryo for the contract. Mitsui would be happy about this, but he had to go home.

Mitsui would go wash his hands and would go back to his apartment. Mitsui would proceed to see how good he was at using the wind missile. Mitsui would go outside. Mitsui would proceed to do it up in the air. Mitsui would look and then he made it change direction a bit. Mitsui thought that it was a bit funny, but somehow, he had managed to find out how to go and make that technique blow up after a turn. Mitsui thought that he would probably be able to get this working without hand seals. Mitsui would try doing it, but it seemed weird, he was not able to do it. Mitsui then thought a bit more. IT seemed, that he had a way to do it. It seemed weird to not be able to this with hand seals. Mitsui thought that he should be able to go and get this working without hand seals, but as much as he tried to do it, he was not able to get it working. Mitsui thought it was totally odd. Mitsui would then soon get an idea. It was a jutsu that he learned a long time ago, and it was something that he thought that he should use more often. Mitsui used the masked beast technique. Mitsui would proceed to make the masked beast unstitch and would proceed to come outwards and stand up. The masked beast would then proceed to try the jutsu. The jutsu would proceed to fly outwards. The masked beast would be well able to shoot the jutsu. It seemed that Mitsui would be well able to that jutsu to work well. It seemed weird, but the masked beast was able to do it better than Mitsui was able to do it. Mitsui thought that it was weird. Mitsui would spend a while thinking about this since it seemed totally strange. Mitsui could understand why that was the case. Mitsui would wonder what would happen.

Mitsui would proceed to go to the ramen place again. It was a while. He had to get some food as he was getting really hungry and he had used a lot of energy to go and make this jutsu and do that mission. Mitsui was basically done with it. It seemed that he would not need to worry about what would come next. He had managed to do a mission with a lot of worry and risk to it. Mitsui had all manner of people who were trying to fight Mitsui. Mitsui thought that the mission was not going to take this long because he expected to only kill that one person, not a few hundreds. Mitsui thought it was strange that explosions were so easy to do. Mitsui thought that he liked doing it. It was a fun thing to go and explode huge building but it would take a long time to normally happen. Mitsui thought that it was totally funny that the mission ended up with a massive death toll. Mitsui had been responsible for a huge number of the man's henchmen and police men. Mitsui thought that it was totally funny that it would be so much work. It was different from any other mission that he did. It seemed more dangerous, more work. It really was hard. It was not normal to be able to kill this many people, but it was a lot more fun with the freedom of the missing nin life. Mitsui knew that he had to do endless amounts of compromising among other thing to be able to be a missing nin. Mitsui would know that he does not have village ties. IT seemed that the life of missing nin was starting to get slightly harder. He knew that this would catch up to him eventually even if he had managed to survive the life. He finally understood that missing nin generally survived for much less time than the normal nin. Mitsui thought that he would probably be more famous as well more infamous. Mitsui thought that it would take a long time to die, but it would happen. Mitsui started having more regrets of doing this mission, but Mitsui needed money. HE really did need it since it would take a long time to get done with this mission and it was dangerous, but 100 ryo is not exactly a good amount of money to have so 5100 ryo is a lot easier to do. Mitsui would be well ready to fight now. It seemed that he still needed to train. Mitsui thought that such would take a long time, but he was doing it quickly. That was good fortunately. Mitsui would wonder how the jutsu he had not spent that much time on would be so effective. Mitsui knew that he had a lot of talent. Mitsui thought that it would not be hard to get his next technique working soon. Mitsui would soon be able to go and his technique more powerful. Mitsui thought that the mission was a good success. Mitsui would wonder about what he would do next. He had been good, but the long ranged attack fighting was not something he was good at. Mitsui probably wanted to go and get the jutsu working. Mitsui wondered how well this would have worked without that wind missile tech. It seemed that it was really necessary to use that technique a lot. It seemed to be weird because he had to use it in many places that he thought that he could do without all that trouble. Mitsui thought that it was funny to need to do all this weird stuff. Mitsui would probably want to work on more stuff. It was not hard to do this stuff. Mitsui had learned many of these lovely techniques. It seemed weird but he thought that he probably should go back to Amegakure and finish his work there. Mitsui was by no means happy to see Kozai until then. Mitsui was not about to grovel, but it also seemed to be true that Kozai was not going to be very happy about Mitsui not managing to kill Aios. Mitsui thought that he had a second chance. Mitsui thought that he needed to go and kill her. Mitsui thought that he needed to finish training before he would go and try again. Mitsui would see that he could probably do it again. Mitsui wondered what it would be like to see Li Dian again. Mitsui thought that the man might be a lot stronger. Mitsui thought that it would not be too hard though. It would be soon, that he would be able to go and raise his ability more. Mitsui thought that he needed to tackle the problem with running out of energy. Mitsui realized that he had to get more energy. Mitsui thought that he might try to work on another technique to increase stamina. Mitsui thought that he would have to find a way to do that at some point. Mitsui was really close to getting that done. Mitsui had one way to do it with Cell Optimziation. Mitsui thought that he needed to get another tech that could increase stamina. Mitsui thought that such a technique would only be possible to go and do if he went and did some stuff with his digestive system. It was not totally expected, but it seemed that even the amount he had was not enough. Mitsui would proceed to stop worrying about all of this stuff. He would proceed to go to sleep. It seemed that he would not really be able to sleep deep anymore cause he probably has a lot more people who hate him. Mitsui thought that it was possible that soon, it could happen that someone would come knocking on his door with a contract to kill Mitsui. Mitsui also knew he could get another contract.

(10001 words, + 10 stats, + 5000 ryo, + 15 ap, and all towards completing and mastering http://naruto-role-play-rpg.forumotion.com/t28122-wind-missile?highlight=missile)
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Mitsui is a con-man (Solo mission)
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