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 The Men In Tattoos

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PostSubject: The Men In Tattoos   Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:27 pm

And so he walks, with great strength in his legs as he makes his way across the white snowy Alps of the Iron Country. It spans for miles on end, with gust of great winds pushing towards Ganki’s path. He wraps his arms around from the front of his body, desperate to gather a bit of heat in his journey. The thin like coat did not help one bit, for if he wasn’t as conditioned as he was now, he might have perished on this trail. He stops suddenly, viewing a large mountain miles ahead from his location, he takes in the scenery. This seemed like the very mountain the old man spoke of. The tallest mountain of the east, he fixes the scarf wrapped around his face before continuing on any further.

All of this, all for some flower. He pulls the silver rose from his satchel, hanging down to his waist. His reasons for doing so was unclear, whether it was out of the need for purpose in his new life of wandering, or out of the fact that he was purely tired of roaming the lands like a lost soul. He thinks back to the elder man’s words, for that was to be his future. A cast shinobi, a man who was once a shinobi, forced to drift till the end of his time. This thought truly frightened him, he was not about to die such a horrible death. He continues onward, searching for some settlement, or town which he plans to begin his search.

Along the path he took, he finally reaches a town nearby, the gates were empty of patrol, yet he felt as if he was being watched. He looks upward, towards the many cliffs that surrounded the town. The entire settlement was built with a deep plateau. Who knows whether the unsuspected could be watched at any time? This prompted Ganki to keep his guard up at all times.  

As he walks into the town, covered in snow from the roof tops to the hood citizens, he walks towards the nearest building he saw. However, the closed front doors leading into the building were accompanied by two figures, two hooded figures. As he walked up towards the two, lowering his own hood to seem less intimidating, he pulls out the silver rose. He displays it towards the two figures. “Do anyone of you know where I can find Usoitsuwari, I have something for her”, the two simply stared towards him. “You see that building over there, the third one over to the left, she will be in there.” He turned back towards the building that he pointed, to see what he was talking about. They all looked the same, the color of the wood, the style of the building, everything. Not one building look different from the other. Ganki turned back to now yet a single figure, “Hey, where did the other one go?” The other raised his eyebrow, “None of your business, now get out of my face”, he said. “Whatever”, Ganki retorted, now making his way towards the building.

Something just didn’t seem right; his mind was set on the building s. They were lined up in rows, like barracks. Even the windows were barred shut, with black wooden planks. Towns have a center, with an assortment of stores and few living quarters. Gankis breathing got heavier, as shown as it was made known through the cold air he breathed. He watches two other figures stop in front of the door, their chest bare in the cold day. The various tattoos on their bodies look similar to the old man. “These building are lined up like holding ce-“, he stops his tongue and walk. He surveys his surroundings, for now he was surrounded by armed swordsman. All sharing the same tattoos, with various artworks.
“Damn”, he said. He was cornered. Screams began to get lowered with each passing second, for they came from the buildings. This was definitely not a town, these were holding cells, and from the sound of it, all of them were girls. “Slave trading…”, a single member of the opposing party leaped forwards towards Ganki, Ganki draws his sword from the sheath, wrapped in cloth, from his waist. And parries the slash attack. He spins slowly to parry off any other attack. While he did so, he noticed the chip on his katana. Those were some strong weapons, he glances towards the weapons, his eyes widen.

“The  Transmetal Katana, wait, is that the Hardforge Kunai? Hey, that’s my Savar suit, these are my weapons!!!”, he said in disbelief.
“How right you are, Mr. Sakura”, a man dressed in an all-white three piece suit appeared on top of the roof tops, His image nearly blended in with the snow. How long he was up there, he thought. Ganki was puzzled at how he knew who he was. Though, the more he thought about it, it didn’t seem muc of a surprise as to how these people got a hold of his weapons. Ganki authorized the sale of his weapons to so many buyers; it would be strange if criminals had not bought weapons from him. If you had the cash, the cache is yours, one of Sakura Corp’s business mottos.

“The Yakuza would like to show its appreciations for your gifts of war, as they have provided us with many victories in battle.”
Ganki tightened the grip on the handle pof the blade, when all of them rushed towards him. Ganki’s form began to glow with a bluish light, which then expanded outwards with a burst of electricity, stunning all those who tried to touch them. A few stayed back, which Ganki took note, He raised his sword as he dashed towards his first victim. His senses well aware picked up a object heading right for him, which swiped towards with his sword. However, both the katana and kunai hit the floor, well, a large piece of the katana did.

What was Ganki going to do now? He could teleport out, but if he did, he would end up right back where he started. Roaming the lands with no purposes, like some damned spirit. He couldn’t even go to any village because he didn’t want to deal with any kage what so ever. Was this it? This whole thing was a ruse, he cured the old man’s name. A state of depression fell upon Ganki, “Im done”, he said slowly. He raised his hands, high above in defeat. Perhaps death would end it all?

The suited man smiled, “My my my, well isn’t this a site. How ironic, the man who created such perfect instruments of war, will not meet his end by the vary weapons he created. Any la-“, the man stopped. He catches the silver rose within the man’s hand. “Is that…”, he leaps down from the building, making his way towards Ganki. “It is”, he takes the rose and eyes it thoroughly. He stares Ganki down, before eyeing his incompetent swordsman, for not noticing it. “It seems I’ll need my katana today, to slice off each and every ones’ pinky, for failing to notice this. However he said this with a soft tone, for only him and Ganki to hear. The next set of words he would say loudly for all to hear. “Take him, we will bring him to the master”, he turns quickly while Ganki was hand cuffed with a chakra construct of some kind. It was obviously the “Chakra Ring V1”, another one of Sakura Corp’s technology. Ganki did not struggle one bit, still confused as to what had happened.
They all now made their way to the hideout, Ganki was now blind folded.

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The Men In Tattoos
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