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Kozata Shinkou
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 6
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  • Mist

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning
Clan : Shinkou
Clan Element : Meiton
Bloodline : Yuumei
Ryo : 650

PostSubject: Loser Angles   Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:03 pm

Kozata awoke, not even realising that as he had lain there in the grove of silent trees, he had fallen asleep. Groaning, he got up slowly, while the mansion chided him for his sleepiness and sloth. He stretched his arms, breathing in the early morning air of the Land of Fire. He felt charged and ready to go. Wait, why had he fallen asleep? Oh, right. He had been playing around with chakra last evening, something which had ended up draining him and knocking him out, almost. He had fallen asleep soon afterwards, which made him more than a little upset.
Well, now the world was before him. He headed out of the grove, playing with pulses of his chakra the whole time. It was almost starting to become subconcious for him, the chakra control. The walking had become a thing for him a long time ago. Well, as it was, he needed to start working on the project that the mansion had given him. That is, yesterday, he had discovered this interesting property on a seal... that it was indeed capable of absorbing chakra.... from him. Yup, that was the mistake he had made, but apparently the mansion told him it was supposed to be a weapon of sorts.
Well, in that case, better to try and find a living target to use it on. But first, he needed to repurpose the seal. That is, he had to prime the jutsu in order to keep it from sapping his chakra. Well, that should be easy to do. Ausloschen fit nicely on his shoulder, but this jutsu isn't one he wanted to put on him.... yet. Besides, he had to learn things about it. He found himself by a river soon, the water quietly gurgling by. The land of fire seemed to be a pretty nice place naturally, though Kozata hadn't really seen the leaf village yet. He didn't want to either, he just wanted to go home. Kirigakure, chilly and wet as it was, had been Kozata's home all his life. Even with its now cruel environment, he still needed to get home... if not, they might send someone after him. That waas a scary thought to Kozata. He hadn't met many of the other ninja, but they seemed pretty scary as a whole. The tengakure ones who had come in recently were pretty scary too... maybe they would send that spooky lady after him! Now, there was a thought.
The only thing to do now was to repurpose the seal, and hope that no one came after him. In that case, he thought, better to get started. He focused his chakra down on the ground, and made the seal. He tuned it to the frequency of his chakra, with help from the mansion to fine tune the technique. Yeah, this would be good. The mansion's easy guidance made it pretty simple to do this, as it was aware of his chakra siganture and such, being inside of him since birth.
Kozata didn't stop to think of the joke implications of that very statement, but rather, continued tuning the seal. It was actually pretty fast, and before long, the seal was done. Now, he thought, as he dispersed the seal and the chakra within, time to find a willing victim. He looked around. The riverside seemed pretty empty, but that just meant he would have to search a bit harder. Well, he ventured into the forest slightly, where the sunlight grew dimmer due to its diffraction through the leaves of the tall woody trees aorund him. In that case, it might be harder to find a....
No, there it was. A sleeping bear. Well, he knew that this might work.... he crept up, and placed the seal under the bear quietly. After a few seconds of intense chakra draining awesomeness, the bear woke up, feeling ennervated. It had had quite a bit of chakra drained from it, and now its hibernation was thoroughly ruined. It roared weakly, before falling unconcious. Well, that was a success, he thought. Kozata, that is, not the bear. He dispersed the seal, and felt some of his chakra refill. That was a good sign, wasn't it?
-The subject needs to be human, boy.-
Well, why? The mansion's recommendation seemed unethical. However, it was right... after all, humans were the ones with the most interesting chakra, at least as far as his doujutsu could see. Elemental things.... well, he wondered if this seal would work on specific things. That might be something he would need to work on later. He climbed a tree with surface walking and looked out.... hey, there was a man sitting by the river. What was he doing? Well, then, time to check it out. Kozata quickly climbed down and started walking.
-He'll do, boy.-
The mansion's command was terse, but Kozata knew what he had to do. He crept up silently on the man, holding his breath. The man was fishing, his rod coming out straight up...
-Stop that boy. You're going to make me vomit in your mind, and you won't like how that feels.-
Right, time to concentrate. He put his hands on the ground, and placed the seal. Immediately, the man fell asleep. Well, looks like this old man didn't have much chakra. Kozata drained some more, and then dispersed the seal... except he didn't. Hey, this was a good idea. He looked at the seal, then at his arm. Hey, what if...
-You've got the right idea, boy!-
The mansion's tone was victorious, and slightly prideful. But not in himself.... but in Kozata. Hey, were they actually starting to bond? Surely, that couldn't be a thing, right?
Well, regardless, he had a good notion of what to do now. If that was indeed a thing....
Kozata touched the seal, using Fuuin Sousa to pull it up and onto his hand. The seal would now be centered on the palm of his hand, the outward rays curling up his arm. With that, he would tap it, and with a brief pulse of chakra, turn it invisible.
[WC 1000
5 stats
1000 to chakra draining seal, that's 3000/3000 learned.
Put the CDS on my hand.]
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Akihana Akari

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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
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Bloodline : Golden Eye
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PostSubject: Re: Loser Angles   Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:53 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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