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 the myth within myths

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Yensung Aburame <3
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Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: the myth within myths   Mon May 11, 2015 12:12 am

the myths within myths

Yen looked out towards the horizon on a early morning. The dew still fresh yet he awoke from a deep slumber hearing his father and mothers voice lately within his dreams. Yen watched the grey mist thinking of the past and how he wished to make amends for his parents lost lives. Yet this day he felt that perhaps in his life as a shinobi and hunger for self-improvement yen needed to find something he could call upon in his time of need. water and the dew how it sooths me yet reminds me of them and their love, A  pure love that flowed like rivers  with finess some rough parts but they were purely in love. yen thought to himself as he looked over at hotaru who still was asleep. With a nod and acceptance yen figured that if he could perhaps get something that resembled water close to him he would be able to fell at ease. Yen thought to those who could summon beings of  like animals who were as powerful as the greatest shinobi. The contract that resembled unbreakable bounds between man and the other races that existed within the ninja world. Yen thought to himself this as he gazed out at the morning mist wondering what being could truly resemble the embodiment of water.

“Most beings of water must live within water to exist on land and even then require specific terms met to call them from their home. A Clam can be fun and they often show the greatest treasure within but what I seek is even deeper than that. Perhaps a being is possible where they are composed completely of water.?” yen headed to the library and began his research on such beings. Yet to yen the limited information of such beings lay within the myths of history even then the tales of the singing waters of rivers and the seas only speak of the speculations of sirens. Beings who’s voices hypnotize those unfortunate to fall to their voices to a doom often unsaid and illusions. The proof through knowledge and theory didn’t add up. But yet yen felt that the true embodiment of water came from such beings. However the further question that plagued yen as he gazed at the various scrolls of legends and myths was where to find these such beings.

Yen researched and searched for hours till the sun was near noon till he folded the scrolls with a  disappointed sigh. The quests of these mythical beings to yen at first seemed simple a water source of great importance and power could perhaps lead him with an answer to his question. Yet even within the forest of the leaf occasional springs could be found natural ones with fresh cool water unless of course there was the ocean and perhaps even the last valley. Yet within the confines of his village his answer could only be answered with speculations of possibilities. Yen decided to take a trip within the forest itself to find such springs and within it figure a way to call upon one of these mythical beings.

In hindsight yen thought to let hota know but he needed to find this on his own for a journey of his own and of self-discovery. Yen however left hota a offer to join him at her earliest time of availability. Within the forest yen quieted his mind and began to breathe as he felt the ground under his feet and the wind around him in a form of meditation to hear for a source of water. Silence filled yens ears as he walked listening for the faintest trace of water not with his chakra but his 5 senses. Yen eventually lost track of where he was feeling that he was walking deeper and deeper into the forest where the trees were older then he could even guess some were twisted and turned. Others have fallen and other wise died. Yet yen listened closely to the area around him as the hours passed from walking. Finally a faint trickling could be heard in the distance yet the woods seemed to die out further north as yen gazed out to the north yen could feel his bugs humming an unusual sound of fear.

A spring was within sight with dead trees around it in a full circle and the ground grey. However yen shook his head to make sure he wasn’t seeing anything yet it still was there with crystal clear water in the contents. The wind began to pick up from the north as a slight hum could be heard from where the water was located further up north the sound is yet there is a spring here? how unusual. Yens thoughts were when a voice soft and airy filled his ears and spoke. take a drink and follow me! yen turned and there was a girl right behind him staring at him with a sweet innocent smile On her face wearing a long white robe.  Her long golden blonde hair waving in the wind as she stepped around with a inhumane grace that made yen tilt his head in curiosity. I swear I would’ve already known she was there unless… she was a ninja? Or something? Yen was taken aback as the girl walked over to him and placed  a soft hand under his chin and spoke up in a voice that was soft and flowed like a river. Her words rolling over her tongue bewitched yen “take a swim? Nah it isn’t even hot out plus plenty of dead trees her-“ yen looked around as his words caught his tongue  as the forest was vivid and green around him with birds chirping and the sun beaming a brilliant yellow.
Hang on it was all dead here and nothing was supposed to be alive yet it’s all alive and the sun isn’t grey? Yen thought as the girl spoke once again catching him off guard once again asking him a question come swim with me and my sisters! yen looked at the girl as she had taken off her robe to reveal swimming wear and a top slightly revealing which surprised yen along with several other female voices  behind him at where the spring was. And sure enough there were three other girls in swim suits giggling in a high cute giggle that made yen blush a little. One had a slight tan but with dark blue hair and grey eyes that looked like mirrors, another had firery red hair and dark skin with purple lipstick, the third sat on a rock with silver hair and tipped a baisen of water on to the others with a playful giggle.

Yen was knocked flat footed beliving he was lucky enough to run into a swimsuit paradise ans in his giddiness a chuckle ame from yen spoke up “ well interesting! I could take a swim in the waters with you since I am able to and such it feels very warm for sure so it’ll be perfect to coo-“ what was he saying? Yen stopped mid-sentence realizing his words for a moment he broke free of the effect of the girls and the forest turned from vivid green to grey. However  the sound of splashing water from the girls pulled him back into the reality that was being weaved by them. Yet a inkling of his conscious still battling the illusion and slowly losing yet it still brought up the questions to yen as he struggled to find the logic behind such a reality. Why is it that these girls are here and still pulling me towards that water? it must be a genjutsu! Or something of that sort? I think? Or could this be reality?

The question filled yen as he began to put up a fight against an uphill battle between the illusion. Yen struggled to put his hands up to form the sign yet his hands shook in the difficulty required as the girls began to hum in unison and sing his name softly singing his name crushing his attempt to release from the genjutsu.  “Yen oh yensung aburame lord of the insects and man of konoha come dance come dance with thee! Dance with use of yen come please!” yen tried his hardest to resist the words and the giggles as they filled his head but then he gave in. Yen took off his shirt and it took a lot of will to not take off his pants as he neared the water and the girls reached up to yen stroking the side of his face the hands felt cool like a stream and a sigh escaped his lips.
Within the deep consciousness of himself yen felt that unless he didn’t do anything he would be doomed under the genjutsu as his body wouldn’t react to his command. Yet a faint hope glittered deep within him as he thought to his beloved insects and their warning buzz. They knew and perhaps they could help me free myself from this grand illusion. As normal means would not free me unless this requires a massive shock like my insects breaking me out by bursting out my body. Please my insects free me by whatever means and break me free from this. My arm I need 10 of you to burst out my arm and free me! Please!. The insects buzzed as several of them heard the cry of their host from the telepathic link of host and kilkikaichu.  

Suddenly yens insects ripped out of his skin of his arm causing excruciating pain through his arm as the hypnotizing effect of the beings faded away as he cursed from the pain to realize that the woods were once again dead and the girls in front of him were smiling and had their hands outstretched, and each in turn spoke up. “Well now you broke free of our nice genjutsu! And we were just getting started on the fun!  Ah well our time to play with the hearts of mortal men are by means broken by your insects… We are those of water ones with water and while we tease and prance we exist to live our lives. But since your bugs broke you free and helped you see the truth we now wonder what is it you seek that brings you here to the edge of our home?”

The girls giggled and yen took a moment to realize they were indeed what he seeked and knelt to the water and looked inside closing his eyes as he struggled to find the words to describe the ones he was seeking. “Indeed you guys got me and I am thankful for your test of will and humbleness to allow me the words to speak even if I may fall to another genjutsu created by thee I wish to seek a contract with a race perhaps known to us humans as sirens or the singers of the sea and the lakes. I wish to reach out and in trust and honor of the way of a ninja to offer never a means to restrict but by the blood of the shinobi to ask for a opportunity which I will honor in my life and the purity of my intentions an opportunity to call upon your amazing powers in a time of need. To learn your ways as one with water and to open a clearer bridge to the world to you. With this I give you my eternal gratitude and the vow to keep your home and family safe from harm in during and after the call. Your secrets will live with me and never will be known to any other unless they sign with you. This I do not swear I vow as my honor of a Shinobi”

The sirens looked at yen surprised at his honor and straight forwardness In his request and his honor of heart. The girls giggled and through a few screeches they conversed among one another after around a hour of screeches and communication the girls turned back to yen as they nodded and spoke to yen directly. “Your words humble us and your intentions are pure to us.  Luckily zephra there Is the holder of the scroll that enables the contract to us. Perhaps you should understand what we are before you accept. Yes we are in a sense mythical as we are physical for water is our being yet we look into the hearts and desires of men as we were created from the desires and hunger of men. We give them their wildest dreams while we drive them to their deaths that are true. Yet when broken from our charm we must work even harder to use our talents to convince them of our illusions. Alas no matter what our powerful water jutsu can be learned but through work that even you will find insane. Still if you hope to call on us in the time of need sign your blood and hand print of zephra there.” The girls in the pool of water giggled and pointed at the girl behind yen who had revealed her bare back as the sign and contract seal was on her back.

Yen cut his hand and dabbed his blood hon zephras back signing his name and his hand print on her back before zephra glowed and wrapped herself in her white robe covering her body once more and smiling at yen. Before speaking. “Very few have ever broken our genjutsu and only one has managed to contract us. We might not show it the best but are honored to have such a pure man one with us. And are confident that your words could be trusted and followed through since you sir have a kind and reasonable heart. We cannot wait to see what you will do with us in the future yensung and are proud to open contract of summoning with us. However be ready to work for your ability to summon us and work even harder to summon those beyond my sisters and mother behind you.” Zephra giggled as the other women giggled and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Yen blinked as the water was gone and inside of it was a bunch of skeletons and bones from those who have fallen prey to the sirens tricks. Yet yen had passed their test and he felt the sense of accomplishment for now he realized he was in the middle of a dead part of the leaf village woods and the sun was setting low to the west. Yen headed back through the forest and into the konohugure as the moon rose with a smile. He had met the myths and lived with now what was considered a myth as his allies yen smiled in hopes that someday hota would see such beings and understand what he had to go through to gain their trust.

(TWC: 2,515) Unlocked siren summon contract and +12 stats

who said it was easy?

yensung aburame

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PostSubject: Re: the myth within myths   Mon May 11, 2015 12:15 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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the myth within myths
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