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 Strength in Patience

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Arashi Tekiatsu <3

Fame : 15
Home Village :
  • Cloud
  • Star

Element(s) : Water, Wind, Lightning
Clan : Tekiatsu
Clan Element : Cloud
Bloodline : Kumonikutai
Ryo : 16000

PostSubject: Strength in Patience   Wed May 06, 2015 12:09 am

He was there.. well, almost there.  Arashi had finally been able to fire a water bullet with the Water Fang Bullet jutsu, but that was not the end of the it.  It took a lot of training to do it the first time, but he needed to be able to do it without clones, and without having to do them one at a time.  It was supposed to be similar to a bullet barrage than just a single shot. 

This is why Arashi found himself still in the same spot in the mountains, behind his family home, again at the break of dawn.  He would achieve the true jutsu before sundown.. or even noon if he could spare it.  It was all just part of the plan.  All that he needed.  Most of his current jutsus were more defensive.  This one would be a true offensive one.  And for that, it really needed to be perfect. 

As the sun began to break the horizon, Arashi was already in a sweat, breathing hard.  He stood as still as he could with such fatigue, and kept his fingers crossed.

"Mizu Bushin no Jutsu!"

Arashi created 4 clones, two on each side, and all 5 were facing their own tree.  This is exactly what he had been doing for the last couple of hours.  "Alright.. let's try it again!"

All five of the figures took a deep breath and all made their signs at the same time.

"Water Release!  Water Fang Bullet!"

The water churned at the feet of all five boys, but only just barely started to life.  Arashi tried to force more chakra into the water, and his clones followed suit.  The water below them bubbles and then erupted, sending a single shot of water out and at the trees.  He was breathing hard, but turned to the others.  "Again!"

Once again the 5 summoned their chakra and forced the water to churn, and finally, another shot came out and hit the tree.  This time, though, the two on the far points dropped to their knees, and then splashed back into the water.  Arashi responded by releasing the jutsu for the other two, and then sat down at the water.  "At least now I can fire two with all clones.  Let's try just by myself."

Arashi took a drink as the sun began to reach higher than the peaks.  He stood up, and made his sign.

"Water Release!  Water Fang Bullet!"

The water around him churned and two points began to rise.  He grinned and then forced more chakra in, causing both to shoot out and hit the tree, snapping the trunk.  He dropped his hands and chuckled.  "I got it!  Now to make is easier."

For the next couple of hours, Arashi spent his time on the river, forcing himself to the stretch of his limits, until he was able to fluidly activate the bullet, and send at least two.  The max he was able to summon was 4 at once, but only two were really effective.  Finally too tired to keep standing, Arashi dropped into the river with a splash, and let the cool water relax him as he floated down the stream.  After a while, he would be strong enough to get out and head home, but for now, he chose to revel in the fact that for now, he learned an offensive weapon, one that he could use his water sack with. 


A familiar voice got him up, and the boy quickly climbed out of the river to see his mother.  "Yes mother?"

"You have something from Akihana, she found a trainer for you."

That made his evening, and as he dashed home, he read the notice from the Raikage's secretary.  Tomorrow, he would meet this trainer for his lessons on wind element chakra.  Tomorrow he would finally be ready for his clan.

Tomorrow he would meet Kaos.

(w/c: 652, 3488/3000)
(+3 stats, Water Fang Bullet)
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Akihana Akari

Fame : 454
Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
Bloodline : Golden Eye
Ryo : 47000

PostSubject: Re: Strength in Patience   Wed May 06, 2015 12:35 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"It was only a sunny smile, and little did it cost in the giving.
But like morning light it scattered the night, and made the day worth living ."

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Strength in Patience
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