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 Fall Like the Rain, Rise Like the Mist

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Arashi Tekiatsu <3

Fame : 18
Home Village :
  • Cloud
  • Star

Element(s) : Water, Wind, Lightning
Clan : Tekiatsu
Clan Element : Cloud
Bloodline : Kumonikutai
Ryo : 21000

PostSubject: Fall Like the Rain, Rise Like the Mist   Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:13 pm

"Arashi, pay attention, and I will show you one more time."

The young boy nodded, standing in the river near the training grounds, as his uncle stood across from him.  He was dressed like the Kumo jounin he was, only he also wore a silky scarf around his neck, and currently had his pants rolled up as he also stood in the river.  This was the second stage of Arashi's training to use his bloodline.  Now that he passed the previous test of endurance to prove he could handle the bloodline, it was time to start slowly merging his current element with the opposite for the Cloud release.  And in order to do so, he needed to learn some of the techniques that can be merged.

His uncle took a deep breath and activated his Kumonikutai before making the sign of the Tiger.  The water around him seemed to bubble and shot up, almost hiding the explosion that seemed to come out of his uncle's body.  Before long, the area around them was shrouded in a thick mist, making the area dimmer and clouded.  If it wasn't for the fact that he had seen this multiple times before, he would have been unsure of where everything is. 

A sloshing of water alerted him to the fact that his uncle was walking towards the young man, and before long his image appeared in front of him, hands in pockets.  He looked perfectly normal, except for his eyes being a sharp blue with little lightning bolts around the pupils. 

"As a user of the kumonikutai, you would be able to use the water you carry, as well as your own body, to create the Hidden Mist, but for now, you need to learn the way it was intended with Kirigakure.  Feel the water around you, coax it to bend to your will, and then pull them apart drop by drop.  You can also use the water inside, you just use the same principle.  Suspend it, and expel it." he said, before giving a half jutsu sign and giving the order 'Condense' to cause the water suspended to fall back to the earth as rain.  Just as quickly as the mist appeared, it was gone.

"Now you try, Arashi.  But without kumonikutai, just do the command."

Arashi nodded and closed his eyes, feeling the water around his feet, the water that was contained in his body and the satchel on his back, even the moisture in the air, though that was much more faint.  Arashi took a deep breath, shutting out the world, and then did the Tiger sign.  He felt his chakra push out, but it only touched the water, it didn't do anything with it. 

"Arashi, this isn't like the academy techniques.  You cannot learn them easily.  You need to release the jutsu in order to use it.  Try again."

Arashi let go of his hands and shook them out, before closing his eyes and trying again.  He made the Tiger and then opened his mouth.  "Water Art: Hidden Mist jutsu!"  This time, he felt the water rise around him, swirling a little, and moving out, but it was still in a solid form.  A slosh made him open his eyes and the water fell back into the river, having lost the control.  His uncle frowned, and shook his head.

"No, no, Arashi, you were trying to raise the entire river.  If you were moving a pile, do you grab the whole thing, or do you grab only what you can carry, a piece at a time?"

"Oh, I see... alright, let me try." Arashi said, biting his lower lip and doing Tiger again.  He took a breath, shut his eyes and concentrated hard.  "Water Art! Hidden Mist Jutsu!" he said, focusing on pulling the water from the top instead of the bottom.  Instead of hearing the water move, he heard a small sound of steam, and opened his eyes to see a mist growing from the water surrounding him, moving up and then fading above his eyes.  He closed his eyes and concentrated harder, shaking slightly, and the mist grew to a foot around him, and extended a foot above him before evaporating.  He opened his eyes to see his uncle smiling, and clapping his hands.

"Good, good start.  Remember that it comes from you, which means it starts from you and spreads out.  As the justu starts, sends it out.  It will take practice, but you can do it." 

For the next couple of days, Arashi trained with his uncle, learning to create a mist with the water around him, and sending it farther and farther out.  His uncle measured it each time by standing farther and farther away, until he was just over 25 meters.  On the 5th day, the mists finally reached the 25 meter point, and his uncle jumped back to Arashi.

"Good, good, you can send it out.  Now you need to learn to concentrate it, make it as thick or as thin as you like.  Watch." he said, making a tiger with his hands and then opening his eyes to the kumonikutai.  Around him, the mists got thicker and thinner, fluctuating unnaturally fast.  He released his hands, and the mists returned to a near transparent state. 

"Now, you try.  I want you to make a mist think enough to hide in, and you will know if you fail by my kunai." his uncle said, releasing the mists and making Arashi start over again.

Again, in the next few days, Arashi trained with the mists, making them thicker and thicker each time, but each time it was the same: he moved a couple of feet in a random direction, even up, and the kunai would sail through and hit near his bare feet.  Finally, on the 3rd day, Arashi created a mist so thick he had problems moving through it, and he moved for over an hour and a half until he realized that there was no kunai.  He stopped and wondered if his uncle left, but when Arashi released the mist, his uncle was slowly moving through the tree in a random direction, obviously searching.  He turned when the mists vanished and smiled at Arashi. 

"Good job, young man.  Now we can work on the second jutsu."

Arashi was back in the river, barefoot, and his uncle stood across like before.  But this time, it wasn't for the mists.  It was another water technique.

"Alright, the namesake to the kumonikutai is the Cloud Body technique, but it has other applications.  The favorite of ours is the Cloud Clone.  It works like Shadow Clone, Wood Clone, Water Clone, etc., but uses a cloud.  You won't be able to use that yet, however, not until you can use Wind and create the Cloud Release.  Plus, the Cloud Clone is one of our most dangerous.  But to give you the base, you need to learn a lesser art.  This one is a variation of the substitution art, however it uses a body of water to mimic your look and actions.  The downside; it can only work for a very short time, so we use it like an escape art.  Observe.  Come at me and attack." he said, doing five signs: Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog, and Snake. 

Arashi did so without hesitation, running through the river and doing a jump kick to his uncle's head.  His uncle made no move to dodge it, but when his foot came into contact, the face turned into water, slowly draining back into the river as his body shifted to water.  Arashi stared in amazement as his uncle seemed to just dissolve into the river, when he heard a small slosh behind him.  He swung around and saw his uncle there, hands on his hips.  "Arashi, I said attack me."

Arashi swung around with his fists and impacted his uncle's chest.. only for his hand to go through as the body once again turned into water.  He heard a movement behind him again.

"Arashi, hit me."

This time, he swung fast, both fist and leg, but instead his uncle blocked both and brought his own leg down to knock Arashi into the river.  Arashi sputtered up and looked into his uncle's eyes. 

"Five signs.  Tiger.  Boar.  Ox.  Dog.  Snake." he said, doing each sign.  "The faster you can do them, the better, as long as the opponent does not see them.  Then, think of it like the substitution jutsu, but will the body of water instead of a solid object.  Now try it."

Arashi got into stance and did the 5 signs, shooting his eyes open.  "Water Art! Water Replacement jutsu!" he said, picturing a body of water in his shape.  Before he could react, however, his father brought his foot up, and kicked Arashi right in the forehead.  The young man flew back, leaving a thin water shell in his place for a moment.

"You need more, you can't switch places if you don't use enough.  Do it again." he said, getting into a fighting stance.  His uncle meant to test the jutsu with attacks, so Arashi had to get it right.  Within the next hours, Arashi went with the same routine.  He used the jutsu, didn't replace the water, and was kicked back.  Or punched back.  Each time, the remaining shell was thicker and thicker, but since he was unable to take the place of the water, he was mercilessly beaten.

By the end of the day, Arashi was sore, and his uncle called it quits.  "This one is the harder of the two in mastering, but the mists were needed to know first.  Take this salve, it will help." he said, tossing a small container and turning away.

"You need to rest before I hit you again, so I'll head home.  See you later tonight." he said, walking away.

Arashi considered for a moment headed home, as the sun went down, but as he took a step, his foot hit a puddle on the shore.  Here was a pile of water that moved, and now took up a spot that air held.  It was symbolic as to what he was trying to do, only he was trying to replace a solid object with water.  That's when it hit him.  He treated himself like a tree, strong and unmoving.  When he should have remembered who he was.  He was like the wind, and therefore he had to act like the wind.

Arashi turned back to the river and stepped in, the water feeling colder in the night mountain air.  He did his signs, and started practicing, picturing the water taking his place as he blew out of the way.  He would know how close he got by where he was, and at first he still didn't move much, only having the cold water fall off him.  But slowly and surely as the night went on, he started getting better and better.  Unbeknownst to him, both his uncle and his father stood nearby, hidden in the trees, watching their young man try again and again. 

The next morning, Arashi woke up half in the river, not remembering where he was or why he was here.  He sat up, pulling his feet out of the cold water, and looked around.  He was practicing all night... that's what he remembered, but he thought he stayed up, and would head home if he got too tired.  As he stood up, he realized he wasn't in the same spot, and instead was farther down the river. 

Arashi ran back to where he started, and saw his uncle there, cooking a breakfast.  He looked up when the young man came by and smiled, moving food around. 

"Morning... did you have a good sleep?" he said, serving up a small plate.  Arashi sat down and started eating, not realizing how hungry he was.  As he ate, his uncle started talking about when he was a genin, and how he learned such tricks, being an early water user himself. Arashi said nothing but listened, eating his fill before handing the plate back. 

"Alright, you decided to continue on last night, so get back in the river, and show me what you got." his uncle said, as the two took their places.  Arashi took a breath again, having worked on his speed and chakra all night to do this jutsu.  He stretched his hands, and brought them together in the first sign, as his uncle moved in with an attack.  Arashi waited, knowing his own speed, and then with quick reflexes finished all five signs as his uncle kicked the man in the chest. 

This time, the genin looked down at the hold in his chest, as he turned into water and went back in, to the surprise of his uncle.  He swung around as Arashi flew in from behind, and punched the kid, only to find another water clone that slashed over him.  Finally he grabbed his kunai and shot them at Arashi on the riverbank, only for those to pass through him and go into a tree.  The water shrank back into the river from the shore, and Arashi flew in from the other side, barely missing his uncle as the young man landed in the river, and stood up shakily.  He tried to impress his uncle, and it took a lot out of him.

"Three?  That's actually pretty good, especially in such short a time.  Don't even try to use it more than that.  If you need to replace yourself more than 3 times, then you are not going to be able to turn your back to him.  You did very well Arashi.  Master those two, and you should be fine when it comes to the bloodline jutsus.  Water has already been traditionally more difficult, since its denser stuff to work with.  Learning Wind will be more difficult, but once you do, the jutsus are much easier to master.  Let's head home, nephew." he said, while Arashi gave his thanks and grabbed his stuff, turning back to the river one more time.  At least when in the field, he would always have water on him. 

Next step was something very difficult for any genin... learning another chakra nature.  But he needed to find someone outside the clan for that.  It was the rules of the clan, after all.

(Words: 2402)
(Stats Gained: 12)
(Jutsus Learned: Water Replacement, Hidden Mist)
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Akihana Akari

Fame : 540
Home Village :
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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
Bloodline : Golden Eye
Ryo : 47000

PostSubject: Re: Fall Like the Rain, Rise Like the Mist   Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:57 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Fall Like the Rain, Rise Like the Mist
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