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 Learning new ways to fight

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Koga <3
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Learning new ways to fight   Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:22 pm

Koga woke up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat, having had a bad dream. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, and then rubbed his eyes. He grabbed his forehead protector and stared at it while rubbing his thumb on the metal plaque. "I...must...get better, I did not receive this for nothing!" Koga grabbed the band of the forehead protector and tied it around his head, and started to dress. As he tied his shoes, he started breathing heavily. Inside he felt the need to rampage, but deeper he just wanted to be better. He got up and hopped out the window, and landed quietly onto the ground with haste. He began running towards the training ground, a nice pre-workout for the intense training again. As he jogged toward the training grounds a woman got in the way of his path causing Koga to run directly into her. This caused Koga to trip falling toward his face. As Koga fell to the floor he could hear inside his mind "Tch, worthless." The voice caught him off guard and due to his surprise he forgot to safety himself from the fall landing directly on his face. Koga freaked out, and apologized to the woman, who also apologized for not looking where she was going. He got up, and said with a grin on his face "I gotta train, bye!" He waved as he continued off into the distance jogging again. As Koga began to close in on the training grounds he started feeling alone. Not the kind of alone where you don't have friends, the kind of alone where no one understands you. His teeth gritted and he grunted slightly. He started jogging again sprinting towards the training grounds. "I will get stronger, and I will reach the standards valued as a shinobi!" As he showed up to the training grounds he was beyond excited to training even harder.

Koga grabbed the punching bag dummy, a small dummy that sits a top a wooden stand. He grabbed the dummy, and dragged the dummy over to the middle of the room. Koga went and stationed the dummy in the middle of the floor, and starts circling the dummy like a wolf stalking its prey on a hunt. He stopped and stood there staring the dummy in the face. Obviously it couldn't hit back but that was no matter for this training. He decided he was going to try and get a little more speed and acrobatics. He began stretching. Koga then kneeled down with his back straight, then he stepped forward with his right leg while keeping the other knee on the floor. After which he slid his back leg behind him until he felt the stretch in the front of his hip. To intensify the leg stretches, he pushed his hip forward, straighten his body, and put his hands on his front knee. Holding the stretch  for 10-12 seconds before changing sides to do the same in the other direction. He could feel the stretch, a light warmth in his muscles followed by a feeling of a rubber band sound creaking with elasticity. 

Next, Koga had to stretch the rest of his legs. Standing tall with his left foot a few inches in front of his right foot and his left toes lifted. He Bent hit right knee slightly and pulled his abdominal muscles smoothly inward. Koga leaned forward from his hips, and then he rested both palms on top of his right thigh for balance and support. Making sure to keep his shoulders down and relaxed, and held it trying not to his round his lower back. Then he repeated the entire process on the opposite leg. He was now ready to get this training under way. He looked back towards the dummy and started measuring the distance between his hip and the dummy to see exactly what the distance was to reach a full bound kick. After which, to size it up he stretched leg out till he was just barely touching the dummy with his foot. Now the he was in kicking range, he began to kick the dummy. Aiming each kick at the dummy, trying to focus on extreme precision, each kick was performed lightly with very little force applied. Once he began focusing each kick with extreme precision he decided it was time to apply true force.

He aimed his kick high at the dummy's head region and with brute force his kick made contact directly with the dummy's head knocking it directly causing the dummy to rock side to side. Koga then continuously repeated the action, each kick getting stronger and stronger as he focused to his the perfect spot. He was sure he was getting it perfect, until one of his kicks missed. The force he applied caused him to over kick, and his only standing leg slipped causing him to fall on the floor. This caused oga to get a slight careful, and a little bit fearful of attempting that high kick again. He felt it would have been proficient to go for mid-ranged to low kicks. So he began focusing on mid-ranged kicks while rapidly dropping to the floor for leg sweeps, and low kicks.This proved to be more his style, although he easily performed these he still thought a high kick would be more helpful in combat since it focused on the head of a person and could easily knock them out if hit in the temple with enough force. He decided he was going to aim for it once more, after a high succession in lower kicks he jumped in the air aiming a kick to the head, but he never launched the kick. It seemed as though the first missed traumatized him slightly, fearing him of performing it again. "If I can't pull it off, then what makes me a ninja? I am not even in combat and I can't do a simple move. I am not ready for it. I'm useless" He said to himself as he quietly contemplated his actions. Suddenly, the voice appeared again in his head. "That is what I've been saying all along, you're useless, before I thought a little less, but this has assured me you do not deserve power!" Koga grunted stood straight and tightened his forehead protector headband, and continued backing away from the dummy.

He got down in a runner's stance and blew air out of his nose. For some reason he felt like a bull about to completely pummel the dummy. He ran at the dummy extremely fast, as fast as his body would allow him to run. He jumped high in the air, and kicked the dummy on the side of the head, a perfect temple shot. Still though, although it was a perfect kick, he need a way to recover in the case he couldn't land the kick on his command. He sat down and in front of his he placed his hands on the floor with his left hand in a fist representing the dummy, and his right hand he used his index and middle finger to represent his legs. He ran at the dummy and kicked to miss purposely. Same reaction, he'd fall after slipping. So, he had an idea of placing his hand on the floor and using the momentum to spin and low kick the opponent which would catch them off guard, and if he could do it faster by increasing the speed mid-kick he'd really get them. He got up, ran at the dummy did a high kick, but it was a feint in a flash Koga was seen low-kicking the dummy. "I did it, I am a beast!" That was it, a new jutsu.

Word Count: [1293 words]
Learned new Jutsu: Leaf whirlwind
6 Stats gained

Current Stat Points: 107

Health: 15
Chakra: 25
Stamina: 13
Speed: 33
Strength: 21

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Tomoko Satsuma
Chuunin of Hoshi
Chuunin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Re: Learning new ways to fight   Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:39 pm

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Learning new ways to fight
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