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 A Dreamer's Persistence

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Water
Clan : Hyuuga
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PostSubject: A Dreamer's Persistence   Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:23 am

[Sorry For The Wall Of Text]
[Training for Body Flicker, Water Release: Snake's Mouth & Water Release: Water Whip(Mastery) ]

With his newly acquired rank as Genin, Lyoid was determined to increase his power to make himself a more formidable ninja. He wanted an early advantage over competition. His parents were quite happy with his graduating to Genin. But if there’s one thing true about the ninja world, it is that ranks don’t determine everything. Tactics and strategies does. In terms of justu arsenal, Lyoid didn’t have many offensive techniques. He will be trying to gradually fix that starting from today. He already had everything with him, and that included his justu encyclopedia that he was given when he was a student.

 Surprisingly, it covered very high ranking Justus too. Lyoid was already walking to his familiar training grounds. He hadn’t seen the spider that he fought with from before for some decent time. Along the seen-many-times pass, Lyoid could spot every difference from the new trees growing to flowers that had just blossomed. Lyoid was that type of ninja who played well solo. But, a team was a great asset to him also. Lyoid neared the training gate. Grabbing the wire fence as he had done many times before, Lyoid tapped it closed behind him. Now, he would build his offensive justu collection. Lyoid made his way into the center of clearing. He sat down while watching the grass rustle from the heavy windows around him. To begin, Lyoid scrambled through his backpack until finding his justu and technique encyclopedia. He actually hadn’t decided what Justus he wanted to try today. He tends to try going with the flow. Gripping the large book in his hand, he began soaring through the pages. Lyoid found one justu that interested him already.

 It was called body flicker. It read “Move at very high speeds by vitalizing your body with chakra to increase speed from point A to point B.” Underneath, it showed a few examples. Lyoid was all about speed. There was only one thing that hyped him up more than beating a strong opponent, and that was dodging and counters. These all fell into speed for him. Lyoid looked up and a look of future use and speculation waved over his face. Lyoid sat up from his reading position and took in his environment. From the description of the justu, Lyoid would need to fill up his body with chakra to increase his movement speed. Sounded simple enough.

 It also said that the justu’s speed needed no build up. Being a Hyuuga, Lyoid had a good knack for chakra control. He directly stood straight in the center of the clearing. Lyoid wanted to get from the center of the training grounds to the tree line on the circumference of it. He began charging up chakra. With what felt like chakra distributed throughout his body within him, Lyoid attempted dashing to the tree line. His running speed was just as normal as always. Lyoid remembered many Justus just don’t work if you add too much or give too little chakra. It was time to try different amounts. Lyoid walked back to his position and began charging up more chakra this time. With this newly generated energy circulating within him, he tried again. He moved slightly faster this time, but nothing very noticeable. Lyoid tripped down into the ground from it, or he would have if he didn’t push himself up at the last second. Once more and this time with more chakra.

 Once charged, it felt a little overload for such a justu. Lyoid attempted his prior movement exactly as before. His speed was faster this time around. Roughly, it was around a 10% increase, but that was still not anything special. To dodge the moves of his future foes, he would need to be faster than that. He would need to be…. Lyoid of the body flicker. Lyoid had decided that was enough experimenting with increasing the chakra. It was time to lower it. Only charging up nearly as much chakra as he had before, He attempted his dash similar to before.

 A slight improvement was observed as before, but this time it appeared around a 20% increase. Maybe, less chakra was the way to go if one wanted this justu to be successful. Another attempt followed. This time, it was done with even less chakra than before. Lyoid tensed himself slightly more than he had done before in the hopes that less body movement from the initial start would inadvertently make successfully performing the justu easier. He tried to imagine his viewpoint if he was already at his destination too. Another attempt was performed. This time no speed was increased, and the end result ended up being a normal running pace.

 Then, Lyoid thought maybe some extra motivation would help. Some flying boulders or trees would work nicely enough. To be on the safe side of things, he decided to propel a log before using boulders and trees. Lyoid searched around the tree line until founding a few large branches or logs. He gathered them near the center of the clearing. Picking up the largest one first, Lyoid summoned all his strength and bolted it up into the air. As it rose to its peak, the log began plummeting. Lyoid lined himself up with the falling object so that if he couldn’t move fast enough, it would hit him. The log began closing distance fast. With a few seconds left to relax, Lyoid attempted what should be the nearly instantaneous dash. He movement speed again wasn’t increased. He barely managed a done using his normal speed.

 Luckily, he didn’t get hit by the flying projectile. Forgetting safety, Lyoid said “all or nothing” as the wind rolled over him. Lyoid picked up the full size log and threw it up into the air. This rose less and flew down faster. With a few seconds to react to this hurling mass of potential damage, Lyoid attempted the technique once more with full knowledge of if he didn’t move fast enough even with his normal speed. He couldn’t dodge it. Finally, it worked. Lyoid moved extremely fast to the side. This resulted in a full dodge of the log. To anyone who could have spectated, it would have looked as if Lyoid just vanished from existence. This technique would prove to be useful in his future and likely his Chuunin Exams. After a few more test of the Justu’s reliability and uses, Lyoid returned to encyclopedia to search for more justu. Body flicker wasn’t much of an offensive technique, but it could be threaded together with other powerful justu to create devastating combinations. It only required one hand seal also.  Lyoid rolled through the seemingly endless pages of his encyclopedia. He found something that struck his interest. Water Release: Snake’s Mouth. It read “Generates a spinning column of water that takes the form of a snake with a gaping jaw. This snake can twist and follow its target as well as swallow them. This can be done with a source of water or by expelling it from the user’s mouth.” Lyoid labeled it the definite next object of training. He assumed it would be easier to start with if he was by a water source.

 He trekked out the training grounds and down the main mountain until finding a river than ran along the side of it. Lyoid dropped his backpack beside the river and walked along the river side. This justu that he was about to practice utilized the water element. Lyoid admired the water element due to its versatility. It could serve as defensive, offensive, and neutral as well as take on many forms, shapes, and sizes. It was as simple as manipulate your chakra to manipulate the water. However, he did need to make it spiral as a perfect column and also form into a snake’s mouth. First attempt was to go. Lyoid performed the hand seals. Monkey. Rat. Tiger. Dragon. Horse. Dragon. Looking at the circulating and flowing water of the river, Lyoid watched a tiny sprout of water that was almost flower sized flow up from the river’s surface.

 It wasn’t spinning either. This justu was too complicated for the try and try technique at least for now until he grasped a better understanding of how to have his outcome be a little more successful. Taking extreme task in steps and gradually advancing them seemed to be a reasonable alternative for that. Lyoid said aloud “When you can’t even get close to the coast, take a different approach.” It was a saying he learned from a book about a historical war that involved sea combat and the failed raiding of a nation’s coast. The attackers eventually succeeded by attacking from air using futon transportation Justus. A different approach. Lyoid decided to just get the water to rise straight up first. Using his surface walking technique, Lyoid walked into the center of the moving river. An optical illusion was made upon him doing so. He slowly slid with the water along the path of the river. To counter this, he had to take short steps forward every now and then. This made he feel like he was gliding backwards. Lyoid knelt down and locked his eyes on the positon that he intended to sprout what he called a water rod from.

Performing the required hand seals, Lyoid managed to sprout this cylinder of water about 5 inches into the air. Sadly, it nearly instantly was absorbed back into the water as if a fish had just pushed up a little splash and all the water inevitably came back to its home. It was slightly bigger than the last one he made so he considered is progress. A little progression is better than no progression. Lyoid attempted another cylinder; this time he was farther back on the river where there was a slightly higher abundance of usable water due to the deepness increasing. Performing the hand seals again, Lyoid pushed up another clear cylinder of water. This time it was just slightly stabilizing until it fell back through the river’s flowing surface. It was still better than last time. Being the resilient person he was, Lyoid attempted again.

 The water shot slightly higher than last time, but this time it curved into an arc heading right down into the opposed to it’s before falling directly down. It was getting pretty hopeless. Lyoid thought that maybe a little meditation to free the mind while in a nature environment would do him well. Lyoid got off the chilling river and made his way over to where his backpack was. Rustling up the grass, Lyoid sat down and stretched himself into his signature meditation pose. With knees crossed over and palms connected seamlessly, Lyoid began to feel the chakra around him. Chakra was everywhere. It flowed through the air around him through the trees that he once climbed through the water that he stood upon. It was just about having the ability to notice and successfully harness it. Lyoid thought of it as something he read before. If he could recall properly, it was something used by sages. It was too advanced for him at the time. He could look into it in the future. While meditating, Lyoid returned to his mental zone of thought. Here, he could make and do anything. Lyoid visualized him using the justu to water an entire dying forest. His mastery in the mental zone was far above anything achievable in real life. Or was it. Only his future would hold the truth. The water whirled into a column and spun like a coin spun on its side. It grew into a snake’s mouth with fangs of jet speed water. 

Something snapped Lyoid out of his concentration. It was the urge to recreate what he had envisioned. Lyoid returned to the river that held only failure at that time. It was his job to reverse that. He stepped into the center of the river as the streams ran rapidly. Lyoid first connected both of his palms and pushed them on the chakra solidified surface of the water beneath him. Lifting his hands back, he zipped through the required hand seals. Almost as if using his chakra to attack the river, Lyoid put in all force but still little chakra. From the lake sprouted a column of water raising high above Lyoid. It remained as if it cloaked itself in invisible stone. To make sure it wasn’t, Lyoid punched straight through the tall pillar of floating water that defied normal physics. His hand slipped through the pillar’s surface and lost speed in the zero current water. His water stood tall now, but it still didn’t spin like it supposed to. Lyoid let go of his chakra hold on the pillar.

 It collapsed back into the river with a violent splash. Sitting on the river now, Lyoid perfectly flattened a section of water. He removed a coin from his pocket and placed it on the section. Using a constant shield of chakra over the water, Lyoid made anything in the section act as if water was a solid for it. Grabbing the coin with his hands, Lyoid spun it on the flat water. It spun and spun and spun until losing all momentum and speed. Eventually, it fell flat on its side by succumbing to the wind. Lyoid picked it back up and this time, he wanted to see how long that he could the coin spinning for. Using small droplets of water on the edges of the coin, Lyoid kept the coin spinning. Every time that it would slightly stumble or drift in one direction, Lyoid would counter it with a lower or increasing of the chakra on either side. After nearly perfecting this technique, Lyoid wanted to try and up the difficulty lever. He began rising small column of water beneath the coin. Gradually, the speeding and spinning coin rose with the column of water. To maintain both of these, Concentration needed to be used far beyond the normal. At least for Lyoid, it had to. Here and there, the coin would slip into the water column and would have to be lifted up to the top to regain balance and then stabilized again. Lyoid while using only the water that was spinning around the coin managed to maneuver it into his hand. Lyoid canceled the small pillar of water that had been made personally for the coin. It was time to take another hit at the big deal. The real thing. 

Spinning chakra was a part of his clan or at least one of the moves used in it. The rotation where the user would emit chakra out from every point in their body and then spin to create a chakra spinning and overlaying half circle shield. If he would eventually be doing that, than that water column justu should be a piece of cake. Lyoid stood up on his river once more. Clenching his hands together, he performed the justu. A column of water roared from the surface and begin spinning at a high speed rate. It looked as if someone touched it. They would get their fingers sliced off. But this still was not the justu at full power. Lyoid would have to practice controlling it to follow targets and form into the mouth of a snake. Only then would that be the full completion of the justu. “Back to my old ways…” Lyoid said aloud to himself as he removed the training coin from his pocket. Placing it on the surface of the river, Lyoid would try to knock the coin around in the air using one very small column of spinning water. Getting it in the air was the hardest part. If the initial hit to push it upwards wasn’t accurate then it would just knock the coin in random directions and send it off the river surface. 

After much trial and error, Lyoid managed to get the first hit of the coin to send it directly up into the air. He sped a flowing snake rod of water out of the river. It swirled and spun after the coin hitting it each time and bouncing it back and forth in a melodic pattern. It was an odd time to do this, but Lyoid was also practicing taijustu. Whenever the coin would fly out to far, Lyoid would knock it back into range with a well-placed kick or a gentle fist tap in the right direction. Being the mind of weird collaborations and mixtures, Lyoid decided to mix this training with his recently learned justu, body flicker. Lyoid hit the coin extremely hard now, and he moved the water rod much quicker. The coin would fly away extremely fast; to compensate this, Lyoid used body flicker to move quicker enough to get to the location of where the coin would land to kick it back. Every use of the justu became easier as he did it more. 

He was also being exceptionally accurate with the small spinning water rod. Lyoid was some distance from the river he was training at now. With a powerful kick, Lyoid flung the coin all the way back to the river where it bounced along the water until coming to a frictional stop on the grass. Lyoid was ready for his next attempt on the full justu. This time he would correct his past mistakes. For him, this was just another step to causing ripples across the ninja world. He would be known. Lyoid smashed his hands down into the river and lifted them back while wet to perform the justu. A swirling large spinning column of water emerged from the surface.

 It formed into a snake head with fangs that appeared sharp enough to cut the hard head attitude of missing ninjas. It fully formed and sped forward until Lyoid began control its direction with chakra. The snake spun around and crash through a tree. Lyoid performed another and sent this one straight back at him. With it flying towards him. Nearly 5 inches away. Lyoid used body flicker to sidestep the speeding damage rod. Another justu down. After drying off from the huge splash that the water snake made behind him, Lyoid ran around for his justu encyclopedia. He found it again and decided that learning one more justu would be enough for a day. He already had one in mind. It was the water whip justu. It could be used for attacking or subduing an opponent or even multiple.

 Lyoid planned early to use this in conjunction with some gentle fist moves that he would learn later. Having a subdued target made everything easier. To effectively use this technique to its maximum however, Lyoid would have to master it. He knew what it was supposed to look like, but of course, getting it to that state would be rather troublesome at least. Lyoid ran about until he found his encyclopedia again. He found the page of the justu that he wanted to learn at the time. After reading the instructions on how to perform, Lyoid got ready to begin his long run of training for this justu. Since his job in this was to create a controllable whip of water, he began with practicing different ways to mold and generate the water. Lyoid knew that if he was going to use this justu in future combat, he wouldn’t always have a source of water. For this reason, Lyoid trekked back to his usual spot in the training grounds to practice without a natural water source. With all his gear that he brought earlier with him, Lyoid got ready to begin his training. With his supplies on the ground behind him, he thought of what should be his first step. 

Lyoid decided that learning to hold water first would be effective. Lyoid got into a semi squat positon and put his hands out in front of him as if he was holding a ball of something that was light weight. He began to channel his chakra. Lyoid wanted to transfer his chakra into water so that it could become the source for his justu by molding it into a long strand and eventually a whip. As he channeled his chakra, he felt it flow through his arms and into his hands. Small drops of water formed near his palm. They’d slip and drip away instantly. 

This made them unusable to create the whip simply because they would fall too quickly. Lyoid tried this time with more chakra being applied to the initial start of the justu. This time, more water formed and fell less slowly almost as if Lyoid’s chakra had held some sort of gravity to the water. But still, the water quickly withered down to the ground almost as if it was poured. It dampened the grass beneath. Lyoid tried adding difference space between his hands this time in attempt to fix the prior errors. 

This time, Lyoid added around 1.5x the amount of space between his hands compared to the original time that he used the technique. More water was formed this time around, and it remained in the air alongside Lyoid’s hands a lot longer. In nearly polar opposite, Lyoid attempted this time with the use of around .5x as much hand distance compared to his original attempt. Once the technique was executed, the chakra felt more condensed for reason. Either way, more chakra was converted to usable water. This water didn’t slip down Lyoid’s hands or plummet into the ground below. It just stayed there. More and more water accumulated in between his hands. Until he was met with a full sized ball of liquid water that was from an eye’s guess around 5 inches in diameter. Once the ball was fully formed, he stopped sending chakra to be converted there. Lyoid tried moving the sphere around while still maintaining the hand distance around its surface. He spun and tried a few flips, and the sphere seemed perfectly fixed to his entity. Moving it with chakra manipulation seemed to not work at the time though. 

More practice with that would be required. Lyoid attempted moving one of his hands to be able to simply hold the water sphere. Being right handed, Lyoid moved his left hand away from the sphere. As soon as he did that, it fell down bursting in a roaring splash on the ground. Lyoid instinctively swatted and threw his hands around trying to grab it before he remembered it wasn’t actually grabble yet. He proceeded to form another one. This time, with only the assistance of one hand. Lyoid stretched his right arm out to his side and held his palm facing up into the infinite sky. He channeled his chakra through his arm and up to his hand. Water began accumulating at the base of his sturdy palm. It rose up from it then took the shape of a sphere. Lyoid began moving his hand around. The sphere nearly fell down onto the ground again, but Lyoid put his left hand back into the situation and began stabilizing the sphere.  It became fixed once again. Even the heavy wind around the training grounds couldn’t shake the water sphere. Lyoid attempted in the final use of forming and holding the water using only once hand. He willingly dropped the last sphere that he had formed and put his right arm out to his side once more. His palm faced the endless sky and his chakra rushed its position. 

The chakra transformed into the water the rose into the air that was slightly above his hand into the shape of a sphere. He felt a chakra forced grip on his hand. Lyoid attempted to move around with the sphere in his hand. This time, it was perfectly fixed as before and did not shake around, sway, fall, slip, drip, or anything of the sort. It was pretty cold on the mountains of Kumogakure. The sphere was around room temperature despite that. Lyoid now had to ability to form and hold the water. Next up was the process of being able to stretch it into an around 20 meter long rope and move it only by chakra. Lyoid stretched his arm that was holding the sphere out in front of him. 

He put his left hand on the opposite of the sphere that his right hand was on. With his left hand, Lyoid tried to pull and elongate the sphere into a cylinder shape. It held a high resistance to the shape changing. It was slowly and gradually elongating before it began vibrating rapidly back and forth until the point of self-destruction. The water collapsed and fell to the ground once more. The wetness flew onto Lyoid’s pants. That attempt was a failure nevertheless, however it did show some properties and insight on what did work and what did not. 

Once the sphere was made, it held a strict resistance to being molding in different shapes. That was most likely because it was pre-molded to be a sphere from the accumulation of Lyoid’s chakra. He would need to form the whip beforehand and in that skip the forming of the sphere. Lyoid put his hand out and attempted to form a whip directly. The chakra turned into pure water near his palm. It began slowly shifting into a more cylindrical shape. As the water neared become a short spear or a decently sized rod, the water collapsed along Lyoid’s hand and through the air until making connect with the ground once more. Focus isn’t the only aspect that was required in this situation. Lyoid knelt down and got into a meditating position on the grass. He held one hand out and began forming the well versed technique again.

 The water began forming once more. Nearly forgetting, Lyoid moved the water into the shape of a sphere before shaping it into a spear. The spear was similar to a trident. It was probably a functional weapon, but it wasn’t solid enough for Lyoid to use it without needing to maintain its form with chakra. Lyoid spun the pure water weapon in his hands to get a feel of the chakra created water’s weight. Lyoid wasn’t used to holding many weapons as he mainly relied on hand to hand taijustu as well as some small tools such as kunais, shurikens, and paper seals or bombs. It was surprisingly light. It was just slightly heavier than paper bombs. Lyoid held the spear with one hand into the air and began gripping it heavily. Its height was around 3 feet. Lyoid began shifting it with the aid of visualization from his mind this time. 

Lyoid’s hand held the center of the spear. The bottom of it began retracting until forming a water handle held by Lyoid’s hand. Finally, the rest of the water trident was shaped into a pole that began slightly smaller near the tip of the spear. Looking up, Lyoid could see that it fully took the look and dimensions of a long whip. 

However moments after, it collapsed onto the ground once more. At least this time, he was able to form the whip itself. It seemed to be a constant problematic property that whatever Lyoid made with his chakra in the use of this certain techinique ended up falling to the ground. His chakra made water seemed to be very unstable and he would need to find a way around this before his justu would be battle ready and rendered completely functional. Dropping random water on enemies and foes normally did not go as of plan or did much of anything. 

Or at least, this was what was concluded by Lyoid. Lyoid decided to take a short break and do a little jogging around the outskirts of the training grounds near the tree line. Hearing the leaves and branches rustle in the wind helped with the relaxing of his mind. It made performing task easier too, but sadly nice and graceful nature wouldn’t be able to be found on every mission that he did. Some could be in dirty and vile swamps out in lands undiscovered. Or some could be in a village hidden in the clouds that soared through the sky by some use of very powerful gravity justu. After his jog, it was time to get back to training.

Lyoid hopped back to his prior position and pushed out his right hand. From it he formed the whip that he had made before. It fell to the ground just like its similar predecessor. Before the water could even touch the grass, Lyoid strengthened his chakra grip and lifted the water back to level with his hand. It accumulated at his palm from being drawn there. From it, sprouted up a whip of water. The water began vibrating again upon the shapes full completion. Surely enough, it plummeted from Lyoid’s grip and smashed into the grass below. From, every attempt that is successful or not comes experience and new strategy.

 But, what hadn’t Lyoid not tried by now. As of now, he could form the whip, but he could not keep it stabilized. The air was cold around him now. So much work for just one justu. The cold gust ran over the training grounds and caused Lyoid to slightly shiver in place. Normally, he would take another break at this point, but Lyoid felt that he neared completion of his justu adversary. With a face full of determination, Lyoid stretched out his arm and hand once more. He channeled his chakra along the path ways.

 From it, rose a whip of water after around 10 seconds. The water within the whip began to vibrate once more. This time, Lyoid released all chakra grip on the spear and the vibrating instantly ceased. It seemed to be solid now and did not fall. Lyoid called it a whip, but it was more like a long strand of converted chakra water. It was still too rigid to be thrown and swung like a normal whip would able to be used. Lyoid had now successfully fully formed his whip, but not in the one hundred percent intended way. To use the technique to its fullest power, Lyoid would have to create it with no hand seals and within the time span of nearly a few or two seconds. He could expel the water from his mouth using chakra. That was next up on the training block for this justu.

 Lyoid deformed the rigid water whip and let it fall to the ground collapsing into water like it had annoyingly done before. Lyoid prepared for his next experimental practice of this justu. He wanted to generate the water from his chakra, but release it from his mouth instead of his palms. He channeled his chakra differently this time. Instead of circling through the various networks of the torso region until reaching the arms and travelling to the hands, Lyoid channeled the chakra up his torso until it reach the center of his neck. He began the changing of chakra into usable water. The water spawned into reality in the back of his throat.

 This caused Lyoid to slightly cough and gag a little. After a few pounds to the chest and a knee down to the ground, Lyoid was fine and ready for another attempt. The reason Lyoid wanted to master to justu so dearly is because if Lyoid can perform the justu without the need of hand seals or in general just his hands, he could easily follow up on his opponent with a barrage of ninjustu or taijustu. “The possibilities of simple techniques are only limited to the creativity and imagination of the shinobi who wields them” is what his sensei would have said if he were there. Lyoid had heard of old old old oooooold documents that were saved from the prior history of the world. It read of a shinobi named… Naru – something. He used the base technique rasengan and made over 20 personal variations that he always used in his justu arsenal. Or at least that is what the text says. Lyoid pulled himself back up and got back into his justu position. He began inching his chakra up his next until it reached a little higher than it had before when the water appeared too deep in his throat. With the use of his chakra, Lyoid lifted the water out of his mouth and it appeared in a long strand like stream similar to the whip before. Upon further moving out of Lyoid’s mouth, the wide and long strand of water circled around Lyoid’s neck until arcing upwards behind his back and facing forward almost like a single horn of a dragon hanging above him right down the center. It took a long while to do this sadly.

 Lyoid’s forming and movement speed of the justu were near snail pace. However, from that viewpoint with the water horn above him the justu seemed more offensive than it appeared compared to the use of it in the picture and description from earlier. Now that Lyoid could successfully form the justu without the need of hand seals next, he would need to find a sufficient way to form the justu quicker because what is the point of a justu that is used to restraint a target when it’s so slow that nearly anyone could dodge it? He could try having the chakra needed for that justu already ready in his neck in a stored away type style. No… That wouldn’t work because he remembered a Hyuuga justu that he was going to learn later required pushing chakra from all points possible in the body.

 That would cancel this justu out. Suddenly in the midst of deep thought and speculation, Lyoid knew what he wanted his name to be known as. He didn’t want to a Kage like all the other uprising ninjas. He wanted be an Anbu and later a Sage. He wanted to be known as…. The white eyed serpent of Kumogakure. His mere shadow would cast a binding affliction on opposing villages and missing ninjas. Big dreams for a Genin at the time. After some more thinking, Lyoid decided to try a technique well utilized by the Hyuuga. Chakra burst but at a less advanced level. He would practice bursting up exactly the right amount of chakra needed for the justu. To simulate needing to quick use the justu, Lyoid threw a log towards his prior position and used body flicker to fly back to it. The log was flying at him. This would replicate an impending enemy pouncing in for the final or initial attack. A quick knot around the torso with the water whip, and Lyoid would practically have him in his fingers. As the log moved faster toward him, Lyoid quickly released a burst of his chakra nearly instantly. It felt like a beating heart, but separate as this resonated from the center of his chakra network. The water jet flew from Lyoid’s mouth and it solidified in front of him. Lyoid had forgotten that he couldn’t full move the water quickly enough now.  The Log bashed into the slow moving rigid water whip. Barely managing to protect himself, Lyoid flew back onto the grass behind him rolling a few feet before stopping.

 He managed to form it quickly and that was all that mattered for at least that moment. The log ruffled along the ground behind him, and it kept rolling. Once Lyoid nearly completed the learning of a hard justu for him at the time, he normally enter his mental training zone and envision a battle that included him using the related technique on something that was battling him. A wise ninja once told him that training the body was just as important as the mind and that the body can be trained within the mind as well. Once getting up and dusting off the grass from his leg, Lyoid kneeled back down in a leg crane position that furthered into a meditation stance.

Beginning the initial thought to create a new mental training zone was very difficult. It required an instant dismissal of all outside distractions. And for Lyoid, that even meant nature. As his mind emptied it also filled but with a landscape constructed from pure imagination opposed to reality. It reminded him of lucid dreaming. In reality ironically, it could and would be classified as a dream. Lyoid’s eyes shifted to those of the character that replicated himself in his minds. He floated in an endless void with no gravity, no time, and no value. 

He pulled his palms together. There was a heavy resistance to this. Mental Restraints stopped him from doing so. Once they connected, strong gust of wind began flying from the closed palms. It repelled Lyoid’s hands away instantly. From it the mental plane which he had been imaging exploded into existence. It was like a compacted item expanded far beyond its original size. Lyoid stood on a hill in a large green grass plane. All the grass waved in one direction from the perfectly centered mild wind. As far as his mental eye could see, he was on a planet of plains. Deep trenches and holes marked the land around him. Water rose up them forming lakes and rivers.

 In the distance, Lyoid could see something heading towards him in a blazing speed strong enough to blind dojustu users. It was a ninja dressed in full purple. Even though this was within Lyoid’s mind, he could not control the actions of people created within it consciously. They were complete devoted to his subconscious mind. The figure came closer. It was a man. From a distance of around 40 meters, the figure threw a volleying barrage of shuriken at him that flew straight even in the densest wind.  Lyoid quickly deflecting them with a kunai that he materialized in his hand. The opponent closed more distance, and he was faster than what Lyoid had expected. His movements were unpredictable yet still very precise. Now, the figure was falling down towards him from high up in the cloudless sky. Lyoid flipped backwards and dodged a downward sliding kunai attack. Lyoid performed the snake mouth water column justu. It traveled after the blinding speed of the target and snagged him near the very bottom of his leg gripping one of his ankles and sending him directly to the green grass sea below. As his body smashed into the dirt and grass cushion, Lyoid instantly used his water whip. It appeared nearly automatically without much thought and with great speed. The whip flew after the target that was still regaining his footing and grabbed around his torso. 

The water whip constricted itself on the torso like a coil being crunched down. The mental mission was completed. The floor beneath Lyoid collapsed. In large letters, the sky said “Success.” The mental plane fell back to a plane of nothingness. Lyoid floated in it once more. With a slight amount of strength required, Lyoid regained his physical body’s control and opened his eyes. Now that he envisioned his action. He could actualize his vision. Lyoid stood up with great speed. If in his mind he could perform the technique then surely, he could also do it in reality. He could already form the whip and form it quickly enough for it to be a threat to any opposing foe. He only needed to be able to move it. You would think a core fundamental such as moving the whip would have been achieved before learning to create to whip quickly. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. Lyoid ran around until finding another decent sized log to throw at himself. He ended up finding a large one with spiky blisters on the side for extra encouragement and reasoning or maybe really just extra danger. He lifted the wood brick up and got into position. As it flew back at him, Lyoid instantly generated the liquid water whip from his mouth. It was ready to attack but still wouldn’t move.

 The log neared closer. Lyoid dropped the water whip and dove off to the side darting to his left. The log rolled past him and this time unlike the other one stopped on a few perfectly angled for the job trees. Lyoid landed standing up as he dove up into the air. Another attempt down the drain. Lyoid remembered. When he was in his mental training zone, he felt as if not holding his breath made him able to move the whip as if instead of breathing into his own lungs, he was breathing into the lungs of the whip and controlling it from there.

 Lyoid paused and checked to see how long he could hold his breath for if it was necessary. He maxed around four minutes and twelve seconds which was pretty decent for a ninja. Lyoid’s determination mode initiated. Now that he had fully analyzed what made him fail and succeed in his task. He could fully max out his success rate until he performed it nearly perfect every time. Lyoid found another log and flung it extremely high into the air using the help of a few welly placed trees that were bendable. It reached its peak of height and began plummeting down. Anyone around could hear the ripple of sound from the speeding object. Lyoid held his ground in front of the object’s shadow. He planted his feet firmly into the ground. From the center of his back came a long extending strand of water that near instantly appeared. Lyoid held his breath and began controlling the serpent. It sped above and in front of him and wrapped itself around the falling log stopping it completely.

 Only when Lyoid had put the log down, did he realize that he extended the chakra water whip from his back. Being that Hyuugas had great chakra control, this made sense for it to be possible. Not to mention the justu never said that the user had to use a certain spot on his or her body. It was just chakra to water. Lyoid had fully mastered this justu. His day of training was successful and tiresome, and at that point, he just wanted to go straight back to home.

 Lyoid gathered all his things and paced around to make sure that he hadn’t forgotten anything by mistake. Once everything was back on his person, he walked home slowly and swiftly at the same time. Watching the dragon flies glow like floating lanterns around him and the trees sloping over time in the darkness. This was nature, it was the nature of him. The training wore him out today. To make up for it, Lyoid took an extremely long sleep upon arriving home. His parents knew what he had been doing the whole day so they didn’t wake up for anything. The only problem was that he was late to training for the next day. But hey. It was all in a day’s work. 


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