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 Is there a problem grandma? (D-Rank)

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Is there a problem grandma? (D-Rank)   Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:24 am

Mission: http://naruto-role-play-rpg.forumotion.com/t15639-d-rank-is-there-a-problem-grandma


Just an ordinary day in the village. Kaito had taken a break from fixing up his gunpla to tackle some missions. If he wanted to continue building his small figures, he was going to have to buy some new parts. And in order to purchase some materials, he'd have to complete missions and earn some income. He stood there at the Mission Board, where he'd examine each sheet posted on the board. With his finger on his chin he grabbed one sheet. "Hmm. What do we have here?" The boy's eyes went side to side as he read the mission details. Something about a grandmother missing out on some brunch. A worried family asking for someone to check her house out. Looks like a job for Kaito! He'd take on the mission and would not fail! 

The boy rolled up the sheet and placed it in his satchel, walking off to the gates of the village. With the location of the house memorized he passed through the village gates, waving at the guards who stood there. "Mission guys! Hehe. I'll be back soon! Wish me luck!" Instead of walking on the main path, which would send him to the borders, he took a path to the right. This one would run through the forest. He walked at a steady pace, taking in the surroundings and marvelling the beauty that was nature. So many animals ran about and watched boy as he walked. In the distance he could see a small hut. "Oh, is that the place?" He reached into the satchel and grabbed the mission paper, checking out the small map at the bottom. 

Whatever was ahead was indeed the house. Kaito would stop and crouch down behind a large rock, peeking over. At this point he'd have to proceed with caution. There was no telling what could be lying in that house. He scanned the outside area, making sure there weren't any people lurking outside. When it looked clear, he slowly crouched over to the front door. The boy checked to see if the door was unlocked, which it was. Bad news. Now he'd have to take another way into the house. "Not good. I'll have to see if there's another way in." Kaito went around the small home and found the back entrance. Now this door was locked. Good. He'd look through the windows and check the lock. They weren't locked. Kaito could enter through the windows to avoid making a lot of noise. 

Placing his hands on the windows, he gently pushed up, opening the window. He then climbed into he house. The boy found himself in the kitchen. It was empty; no one was present. Everything looked to be clean and organized. "Hmmm. Everything seems fine to me." The sound of a slap then alarmed the boy. It came from downstairs, the cellar maybe? Kaito had no choice but to head down there. If worse came to worse, he'd use force to apprehend any villain who was harming the grandmother. He silently tippy-toed down the staircase leading to the cellar.

When he arrived at the bottom he could not believe what he saw. There was a small bed against the wall. A man clad in a latex suit was tied to the bed face-down. Little ol' grandma was whipping the man's exposed buttocks with her whip. "What in the name of...!?" The granny was startled and dropped the whip when she heard the boy. She hid her face in embarrassment, "Oh my! I'm sorry you have to see this!" Kaito's eyebrows twitched from the sight. He covered his eyes, "I apologize for walking in on you, but your family has been worried. They filed a missing report, which became a mission. That mission was to find out why you had not contacted them." She giggled to herself and placed the whip on the bed, turning red as a tomato. "Oh my goodness! I forgot all about that brunch! That was actually the day I met Tite, the man tied to my bed. We had fallen for each other at sight. And here we are now." 

What a weird turn of events. Kaito could not find it in himself to continue speaking. He could not take anymore. He had to get out of here. "Okay, well. I'll inform your family that you're okay! Thank you! Have a good day!" The boy turned around and walked up the stairs, "There's some cookies in the living room!" Although it was a nice offer, Kaito had to decline. "No thank you! Hehe." Reaching the top of the stairs, the boy made his way out the front door. Outside was a group of three men. They appeared to be in their late ages, about 40 years of age. Each one of them carried sticks, like they were ready to gang up on someone. 

"Where is that bastard!? My wife's in trouble! I'm going to get him!" Uh-oh, looks like this man's wife was the granny inside! "They are both inside doing some things I cannot mention. She seems like she's happy. Why are you guys carrying weapons? To harm the man?" Kaito tilted his head. "To kill the bastard! He took my wife from me! That bastard had some evil intentions! What he's going to do to her! He's going to get it! So get out the way kid! Or else you'll get it too!" The man stepped forward but only a few feet. He was stopped when Kaito used Shunshin to appear before him. "I'm afraid I cannot let you do that. Your wife, or ex-wife, seems to be happy with this man. I can't let you go in and sabotage what they're doing, even though it's completely gross." Unfortunately, this guy wasn't willing to listen to Kaito at all. He swung the stick at the boy, aiming for his head. "Oh man." Kaito quickly ducked and sent a jab at his stomach, which would connect and send the man dropping to the floor. The other guys attacked Kaito as well but were easily dealt with. Each one of them were beat good, black-eyed and everything. Kaito stood firmly with his hands at his hips, smiling. "Now you guys get out of here....Or else." 

The men stood up in fear and ran back into the woods. They were bested by the small boy. All that remained was to head back to the village and inform the family of the grandmother's whereabouts. He'd even have to mention the dominatrix that was going on. He walked back to the path, en route to the village. Kaito's first mission was complete! "What a weird day......"

No. Everything wasn't okay. Nor was anything complete. As Kaito walked on the pathway he heard another scream. Now, prior run-ins had their own screams, but this one seemed different. Not to mention that it sounded feminine. She also seemed to be screaming in terror by the sound of it. What exactly was going on here? "Wait just a second...." Kaito turned around and walked back over to the front door, opening it. The door to the cellar was still open. What exactly was going on here? 

Walking over to the door he suddenly realized something the husband had said:

"My wife's in trouble!" and "That bastard had some evil intentions!"

Maybe this guy wasn't just being very salty about his wife cheating on him. Maybe something sinister was going on here. Kaito hurried down the staircase to find the grandmother tied to he bed now, except it looked like she had been getting beaten up. She was bloodied on the face and battered up. "H-Help me...." From behind Kaito, the man lunged at him with a blunt weapon in hand. The boy was way too experienced to be beaten up by the likes of this fool! Kaito ducked to avoid being hit and elbowed the man in his groin, sending him to his knees. "You're sick! I'll get you to safety miss! Just you hold on!"

Kaito turned around to face the evil man, only to notice that he was a wanted criminal. This guy was known for luring in women and killing them! "It's you! I'm taking you in!!!" Kaito sent a right hook in to knock the man out, sending him falling onto his face. He then untied the grandmother, freeing her. "I'll get you back to your family miss!"
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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Fire
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PostSubject: Re: Is there a problem grandma? (D-Rank)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:41 pm

Granny here was suffering from shock, she had passed out while the boy was unknotting the rope that bound her to the bed. Kaito was feeling absolutely uncomfortable doing this, but if it was the only way he'd be able to get the lady to safety he'd have to go through with it. When she was completely free he lifted her from the bed, placing her on his back. Boy, was she heavy! "Oh man! You're a little heavy!" The boy grinmaced and walked over to the staircase, accidently kicking the creep in the face on his way there. He'd struggle up the stairwell, taking small break when reaching the top. Kaito wasn't exactly sure he'd be able to carry her all the way back to Konohagakure. Actually, he was one-hundred percent positive that he wouldn't be able to do it. There must have been some other way of getting her there. Some sort of transportation. 

Walking into the living room, he'd place her on the couch. It'd allow him to look around the house for something to use. He checked the entire house, every single room, and yet he could not find one single thing. Maybe there was something outside he thought. That'd be the best place to check. Kaito stepped out and searched the perimeters, finding what appeared to be a wooden cart. Perfect! He'd be able to use that. "Just what I needed!" Returning to the living room, he'd grab the unconscious woman and place her over his back, slouching to keep her body supported. Like a hunchback, he walked over to the cart and slid her body onto the wooden surface. She'd be okay in here. 

All that remained was a way of actually getting the cart to move. Rubbing his chin, he'd think of something. That's when the rope came to him! The rope that was used to bind the woman could be used to pull the cart! "Good thinking Kaito!" He hurried back into the house and walked downstairs, retreiving what he needed. She was surely safe in his hands now. Kaito'd tie the rope to the front of the cart and begin pulling it. With all of the strength in his small veins, the boy pulled and pulled, slowly, but surely, making his way back home where the grandmother's family awaited. 

It didn't Kaito till nightfall to actually reach the village. He was exhausted; having walked so long. The couldn't go much further, having stopped at the entrance to the village. Fatigue had done its worst, leaving the child drained of his energy. Guards had used body flicker to appear at the child's side, helping him stand. "What's this? Are you okay?" Kaito nodded and pointed to the cart behind him, "Yeah, I'm okay....Granny needs medical attention. She's been missing for quite some time now. Please make sure that her family gets to see her please. Oh, and out to the West, there's a small cottage. Please get the man who is in the basement." It took a while for the guard to actually register what the boy had said; he looked bewildered. As for Kaito, could no longer support himself. The boy collapsed. Guards rushed to his side to aid him. "Get these two some medical attention!"

At the end of the day he was able to get granny back to her family. Yeah, it wasn't an easy task at all but at least he got the job done. Maybe she'll invite him over for some cookies one day. Who knows? For now, Kaito'd just sleep, knowing that he had completed his first mission. 

[Exit; Mission Complete!]
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Ash & Rei Sun
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Is there a problem grandma? (D-Rank)   Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:18 pm

approved for everything but stats. u dont get stats unless its a B or higher mission
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PostSubject: Re: Is there a problem grandma? (D-Rank)   

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Is there a problem grandma? (D-Rank)
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