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 Hunting (NK)

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Yukimura Uchiha
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharigan
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PostSubject: Hunting (NK)   Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:29 pm

Yukimura left the village gates and headed towards his favorite spot in the forest.  He walked by the village gates, ignoring any warning to go stray too far by the village guards.  He was hungry and had no money.  He had to resort to hunting his food, like usual.  To Yuki, it was just another day in his life.  He needed a reason to just be in the forest again.
His stomach growled in protest as he took each step into the forest.  He searched and searched for the remedy to his situation.  After a few hours of wandering the forest, he had little luck finding anything edible.  
"Looks like plants are out of the question," he sighed to himself, feeling the hopelessness of finding easy edible stuff this day.

He sat down, holding his stomach and squirmed around in pain.  All of a sudden, a rabbit scurried by Yuki's feet.  His eyes opened wide in surprise as he watched the rabbit sniff the ground next to him.  Yuki jumped at it with all of his speed, but he clumsily missed the rabbit by a few inches.  The rabbit screamed in surprise and started to hop away, fleeing as fast as it could from Yuki.  Yuki rubbed his head, a tear falling down his face as the rabbit escaped his grasp.
In fustration, Yuki pulled out his jutsu encyclopedia and flipped through the pages of the book to see if there was a jutsu that would help him catch dinner.

There was a hunting section in the pages of the academy student:
Mark Seal was one of the more useful ones he saw. All he had to do was touch a subject or target and expel your chakra.  Once this jutsu was done, you would be able to track the target's movements; the touched target's footprints will glow with chakra that the user can see.
"Perfect," Yuki said out loud, still on the ground and smiling, "I think I touched it!"  Yuki, still on the ground smiling now.  Confidence seemed to run through his body like a chill as he swelled his chakra throughout his body.  He felt like his eyes could finally see better.  He saw footprints, which shined brighter the more he focused on the soon to be dinner.
With renewed spirit, Yuki clutched the dirt on the ground, struggling to pick himself up off the floor.  He knew he was going to catch the damned rabbit now if he was ever going to be stronger. 
The retreating rabbit glowed a deep red glow in the distance.  He could even see the glow of his target through the trees and bushes. 
"You're mine now!" Yuki yelled out at the rabbit as he rose up, clutching one knee to support him as he rose to the challenge.  He started running toward the rabbit while doing the hand seals for flicker movement.      He ran towards the rabbit at 16 speed.  He bobbed and weaved past the trees that impeded his pursuit of the rabbit.  It looked back, almost with personality for a second, looking startled at the kid sprinting at it.  It jumped to the right at the last moment, leaving the Uchiha running in a different direction for a few moments. 

Yuki sucked his teeth in fustration as he sprinted past his prey.  He never ran so fast in his life and with the momentum he was going at, it was extremely difficult to stop.  He slammed his boots into the ground, grinding up dirt as he came to a screeching halt.  He felt himself slowly slow down to a complete halt, dirt being brought up by the heels of his boots.  He swiveled his footing, reaching down as he continued to come to a complete stop.  He gripped the dirt on the floor as he stopped and pushed off the ground with both hands, boosting himself the opposite way toward his prey once again.  He had the Mark Seal jutsu still active, tracking the position of the rabbit in the distance. 
"The little guy seemed to have been running quite a bit away since I turned around," he grumbled in a bitter tone, his stomach grumbling along side with him.  He dispelled his flicker movement jutsu for a moment, catching his breath as he started to run back towards the rabbit.  It gained a ton of ground on him since he screwed up, he was planning on taking this hunt to a close the next time he was upon it. 

His hunt brought him to a river nearby, which the rabbit somehow made it across by hoping on small pebbles, which it knocked into the river after it jumped off of each one.  Yuki saw this all since he had the mark seal jutsu active.  He sucked his teeth once again in fustration.  He slid to a halt a few feet before the river.  The rabbit at the other side seemed to be smirking and laughing at him.  It shook it's tail, claiming victory over this interaction between them both. 

Yuki wasn't going to let it have the so called victory it wanted.  He gritted his teeth as he reached into his pouch, pulling out his reliable jutsu book.  He flipped through the pages to the academy student section, quickly scanning the book but never taking his eyes off the taunting creature for a moment. 
He finally found the perfect page, the surface walking jutsu.  He was supposed to learn this from the teachers in the academy, he cared not for teachers.  He taught himself how to survive out here in the wilderness and this was no different than any other time in his life.  The instructions were simple, put one's chakra into one's feet and travel at will on any surface!  Yuki thought he could handle it, he was smarter than all the kids in the academy anyway.  He stood there for a moment, feet shoulder with apart and channeled his chakra throughout his body.  He swelled it downward towards his feet, slowly and surely pulling his chakra downward.  He closed the book, noticing the rabbit was still on the other side of the river, shaking it's tail at him. 
He tucked the book back into his pocket while channeling chakra into his feet. 

He wasn't sure if he did the jutsu correctly but he was brave enough to travel across the river regardless.  He took one step forward, stepping lightly on the surface of water.  To his surprise, his foot touched the tip of the water.  The feeling was extremely weird to him, every step was as if he was stepping into a puddle of water instead of into a giant pot hole of water.  He let go of his fear or anxiety and took a second step onto the water, bracing for himself to fall into the river and carry him downstream away from his prey.  He took another step and his worries disappeared from himself.  He stepped faster and faster toward the unsuspecting rabbit.  He felt like he was floating on the water.  He went into a full sprint, knowing this was his chance to capture the rabbit who was taunting his will to win. 
He did the hand seals to do flicker movement, putting his leftover chakra into the jutsu.  He felt his body increase with speed as he gained ground on the rabbit who had it's back turned toward him.  He jumped in desperation, his after image showing his determination behind him.  His body almost felt like he was flying in the single last ditch effort to obtain his target.  He spun around in circles, in a spiral formation, hoping he was going to knock his prey out with a single attack. 

Unfortunately for him, the rabbit hopped up with all of its might, somehow knowing he was going to jump at it.  Yuki flew past it, slamming into a tree a few feet away from the river.  Yuki's back hit the tree, all of his after images seemed to copy this misfortune  move as well.  Yuki's forehead began to bleed as he slowly slid down the tree.  His vision blurred as his head roughly hit the ground.  Yuki could have sworn he heard the rabbit laugh at his misery in the distance.  His body started to become limp, his vision was erratic and slowly filling with a white light.  Tears swelled down his face in fustration at the fact that he was unable to capture the rabbit who once again fled the scene.  Upside down he felt his power drain from his body.  Tears continued to drip down his face, running upward onto his forehead and into his hair. 
Despair.  Dishonor.  Disease.  He was filled with great and utter crushing sadness.  He would never become stronger he thought to himself.  His stomach growled accordingly in response to this fact. 
There was no hope to get food, he thought before things suddenly became more and more hazy.  He closed his teary eyes to shut out anymore bad thoughts he would have.  His mind soon slipped toward nothingness. 

His thoughts of crushing defeat would be a distant memory in the future but this day and this year he would remember this feeling.  This feeling would soon make him become stronger than he can ever imagine it ever would.  But this night, he would be a weakling, crying that he couldn't catch a lowly rabbit.  He didn't realize that in this ninja world, he was the lowest of the lowest ranking ninja, not even an academy student yet.  He was the most powerful academy student and only his eyes would tell him down the line.  For now, he would rest with an empty stomach.

TWC: 1620
+8 stats
Learned Surface Walking Technique
Learned Mark Seal Jutsu
Remaining 620 going towards Bloodline First Tomoe

Yukimura Uchiha's stat page
Yukimura Uchiha's bio

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Hunting (NK)   Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:28 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Hunting (NK)
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