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 Mikata trains

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Mikata Uchiha

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PostSubject: Mikata trains   Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:44 am

Kata was going to the training ground with his younger sister Kiri who was sixteen years old." Kataaaa can we just run to the training grounds. I hate walking all the time when I am with you " said Kiri. Kata kept walking thinking of what him and Kiri was going to do today for training." Kata speak up why are you so emotionless " said Kiri. Kata continued walking with nothing in his mind but training. Then a training session came into his mind. White Water Rapids but on feet. " Kiri I here do you really want to hear what we are going to train " said Kata to his sister who he saw visibly gulp knowing that when Kata thinks of training it is life threating." I do not want to ask. But what is it " said Kiri with fear in her voice not from Kata but his training." Kiri we are going to do white water rapids " said Kata with a smirk on his face." Oh god thank you I thought it was going to be some thing life threating " relpied Kiri." We are going to do white water rapids om feet running on the uncontrollable rapids until we perfect our chakra " said Kata. Kata looked back at Kiri who had stopped in her tracks." Kata are you trying to kill us before we even become Genin because that is what it seems like you are doing " said Kiri. Kata looked at Kiri and said " do you think it js easy being a shinobi for any country. No enemy will be easy on you Kiri. They will kill you the first chance they get. It is like the white water rapids make one stupid mistake and your life ends. Point blank period. " said Kata in a leader voice." I understand now Kata but what if one of us make a mistake and fall " said Kiri. Kata thought about it " Kiri as long as you are with me you will not die. So do not feel hopeless when we are training " said Kata to his younger sister he loved very much. Kata saw Kiri began to walk towards him he knew what she was going to do he turned around and waited. A second later Kata felt extra weihht on him." Now are you ok since you do not have to walk anymore " said Kata as he dashed forward to the river where he was going to train at." I guess I am " said Kiri. Kata stopped in his tracks and heard the rushing sound of the river smashing agaisnt the rocks." SWOOOSH BOOOM SWOOOSH BOOM " was the sound of the rocks." Are you ready Kiri " said Kata as he jumped on a tall rock in the river." Yes I am " she said as she followed Kata and jumoed on the rock next to him." Run " said Kata as he jumoed into the stream running over the water as quick as a mouse running away from a cat.

Kata ran over the water so fast the world around him was only but a blur. Kata saw a water fall up ahead and screamed to Kiri " WATERFALL AHEAD KEEP YOUR BALANCE WHILE RUNNING DOWN IT ". Kata heard Kiri scream yes and was now at the water fall. Kata took a step with the flat of his feet connected to the water that was falling. Kata took another step and his next feet was connectted to the water fall. After that last step Kata was rushing down the water fall so fast it felt like he was flying. Kata could not look up to see if Kiri was good because if he did Kata would lose his balance which will end badly. Kata was now at the bottom of the wall of falling water with adrenaline pupping in his body. Kata was now at the bottom of the water fall amd jumped to the side of the river shaking his hair. Kata to be honest loved his hair. Hos mother said it was one of a kind. Kata looked up and saw Kiri rushing dowm the water fall at tremendous speed for a academy student. Kata smiled as an Uchiha he was expected to be really strong. But Kata did not want all the glory he just wanted to help and not be known. Kata saw Kiri get to the middle of the water falk when he saw her foot take a wrong step. Kata knew what was going to happen but he was not fast enough to go to the water fall and catch her. Kata could only watch as he saw her fall screaming. Tears came to Kata's eyes as he saw her body hit the water at an incredidble speed. No this had to be a dream thought Kata as he dropped to his knees. Kata beat the ground eith his fist repeatbly." No this is a dream just wake up " said Mata to him self with tears gushing out his eyes. But Kata knew it was not a dream. Kiri had just fallen off a water fall and he did not do what he promised her." Kiri as long as you are with me you will not die " he only said thirty minutes ago. Kata broke a life risking promise. Kata had gotten his sister killed with a training session. Kata felt his eyes surge with power. Kata looked at his reflection in the water his eyes were now red with a cirlcle that looled like it had a tail. Kata knew ehay just happened. Kata had unlocked the first Tomoe of the sharingan but at the cost of his younder sister." Uhhhh Kata why are you crying " said Kiri. Kata heart had dropped from the sound behind him. Kata got off his knees and turned around standing in front of him was Kiri with the same strange birth markings on his face and the white flowing hair with the glowimg eyes. It was not a problem people pftwn mistaked them as twins. Kata rushed forward and grabbed Kiri and hugged her picking up her lff the ground." Kiri I thought you were dead I am sorry I should have kept watch on you " said Kata while crying." Kata no water fall will kill me plus at the last moment when I was going to hit the ground a surge of speed rushed threw me and I was able to jump to the side of the water fall. You probably did not see me do it because you were to busy crying " said Kiri to her older brother. Kata looked into Kiri's eyes and saw they were red with one tomoe that was black spinning around her small blavk pupil. Kiri had unlocked the first tomoe of Sharingan as long as Kata." Both of us have the first tomoe of Sharingan " said Kata to Kiri while he let go of her and started to smile." OH MY GOD I HAVE SHARINGAN LETS GO TELL MOM AND DAD THEY WILL BE SO PROUD OF US " said Kiri.

Kata laughed and said " before we do that let us do one more training session hand to hand combat with our first tomoe of Sharingan " said Kata to his younger sister." Sure Kata lets go follow me " said Kiri. Kata followled her as they weaved threw the forest by the river makimg sure not to get to closse if they fell in. They came to a small clearing." Let us spar here it has enough space for us both " said Kiri as she jumped to the other side of the clearimg leaving Kata on the other side by him self. Kata remembered what his father said " you activate your Sharingan by sending a surge of chakra into both of your eyez ". Kata did exactly thay sending chakra into his eyes." Lets go " said Kata as he jumped back into the trees and analyzed his opponent like his father thought him. Kiri was standing straight clearly seeing Kata in the tree because of the Sharingan. It did not take long to get accustemed to the eyes. Kata saw the chakra in Kiri's body. Kata saw Kiri rush towards him. Kata jumped threw the trews avoiding her. Kata knew he could knock her out easily if neccasary. But Jata chose not to so she can get used to her eyes. Kata jumoed to the ground as saw Kiri jimp after him. Thag was one mistake Kata thought. Kata put his leg up for a kick instantly kickimg the side of her neck making her go unconcious." Sorry Kiro but if yoi would have hit me I would have died " said Kata as he got her body and picked her up bridal style and running back home deactivating his Sharingan. Kata arrived home in his large house with a gate around it. Kata jumoed over the gate and walked in seeing his mother and father on the coutch watching the tv." What did you two do today " sakd his mother." We did some runnning on water training got Sharimgan and spared " said Kata nonchalantly." So you two have finally got Sharingan that is good " said his father in a deep voice. Kata nodded and took Kiri up to her room layed her in the bed and left closing the door. But before the door closed he heard Kiri say " we should train again some time ". Kata nodded and walked off to his room. Kata arrived in his room and jumped in his bed laying his head back on the head board. Picking up his book thag read " The History of the Uchiha clan " he flipped to the first oage which said " The Uchiha clan descended from Indra Ōtsutsuki, the elder of the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths. Indra inherited the Sage's "eyes", powerful chakra and spiritual energy. When it came time for the Sage to choose a successor, he questioned the two on what course of action they would follow to bring order to the world. Indra believed that power was the way to bring peace, while Asura Ōtsutsuki, the younger son, believed love was the way. The Sage favoured Asura's ideal, and therefore designated him as his successor, causing Indra to be filled with jealousy and hatred. From Asura descended the Senju clan who would be the eternal rivals of the Uchiha. However, the Uchiha suffered another more dangerous curse: a passionate love that can become a bottomless well of emotions ". Yeah that sounded like most of the Uchiha for that last part. Kata throwed the book in his pile of books." Come eat Kata " said his mother. Kata jumped out his bed and headed down stairs towards the dining room. Kata sat at the table and his father said " son next time you go on a training session take me I will show you some things " said his father. Kata nodded and after he was finished eating headed up stairs to take a nice hot shower. In the shower Kata thought of something important. What was his elememt affinity and what jutsus would he learn. Then something else popped in his mind. Uchiha were supposed to be strong but from the curse they had alot of emotions in side of them hurt pain pride and more but those were the main three. Kata had hurt and oain for shre but neber was he pride. Kata never bragged about anyrhing. Some would say he was not even an Uchiha but of course he never intwracyed with anyone but his family much Kata would have to start back spying on some chuunin to see what they know. Kata laughed he rememberd doing that a week ago that time he had got caught and took a break. Maybe Kata would spy on Uchiha this time.

Kata thought about it if he spyed on other Uchiha members he could learn from them and see how they use there Sharingan. That was exactly what he was going to do. Kata was going to spy on Uchiha.

I think I am supposed to do this from the posts I have read

Wordcount is 2012

I am claiming Sharingan 1 Tomoe

Sorry and forgive me if I did it wrong
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Tomoko Satsuma
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Chuunin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Re: Mikata trains   Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:47 am

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Mikata trains
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