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 Becoming a true shinobi: step 1(solo)

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Angel Aburame

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  • Cloud

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Clan : Aburame
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PostSubject: Becoming a true shinobi: step 1(solo)   Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:29 pm

You will remember me. My Name will go down in history.

Angel always poured her thought into training but she had never really branched out into her own unique style. But that ended today. With the potential of an attack coming to the Lightning village Angel needed to reach a new level. She had recently achieved Anbu status so she was expected to be on a different level.

Angel sat in the middle of the training field. She was meditating on what made her unique. She was for the most part just an amalgamation of other techniques that she had learned or developed from what she learned from other people's techniques. She wanted to be entirely her own person. Angel focused her mind and then the answer hit her. Her mind and her ability to adapt had been the thing that had pushed her to advance through the ranks. She had worked hard and she had learned from it. Through many of her techniques she had been able to learn many things, but mainly it was Medical ninjutsu that had taught her that a persons mind was not nessecarily their own. Information could be past from person to person, usually being one peron taking it from another. But what if she was able to develop a technique to give information to people.

She smirked and stood up but continued to focus. Now for the practical section. Putting the theoretical to work. Angel focused on her mind and her chakra flow. She ran the chakra through her mind while attempting to open it and have the chakra collect and then move to her hand which she would try to solidify into something she could apply to tranfer her knowledge to an ally or someone. It would be a usefull technique but little did she know she had failed it.

Upon applying the created sphere to her arm she saw the sphere enter her body in a strange release of chakral gas. Once in the arm it seemed as if she had lost the sphere entirely. “Tch. Damn.” Closing her eyes she began again. This time was different when she focused on her chakra she saw the orb in her arm and it was absorbing the chakra. Angel seemed confused but after a moment of focusing the orb suddenly lit up showing brightly in her minds eye but also straight through the skin. Panicing and angel tugged at the glowing ball inside her arm and to her surprise it came right out. She was now holding a green glowing ball. Angel was confused. Thinking on the jutsu she decided that she was not adding information to the jutsu but removing it. She was literally casting a jutsu with no form. Being she was using her Mako chakra to preform the feat it created a ball of condensed chakra storage that allowed the user to invest a jutsu into the ball though it made little sense to do that. However upon returning the ball to her arm and attempting the jutsu yet again she fould that this time the jutsu was pulled from the ball instead of her chakra. Hmm this could definitely be of some use.

wc 534
200 ryo and learning Mako Creation: Materia

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"This time... I'LL fight"
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Shibuya Shoko
Missing-Nin C
Missing-Nin C

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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a true shinobi: step 1(solo)   Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:40 pm


Only cowards are afraid of their demons. Real men? We become our demons
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Becoming a true shinobi: step 1(solo)
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